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- Airconsole support improvements
- Fix bug in iPad scrolling of Script Manager, Commands and Saved Passwords

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Get Console is a powerful and complete terminal app that provides physical serial console access to network and other equipment as well as SSHv2, Telnet, Scripting, TFTP Server, full logging, integration with Dropbox and instant Screen Sharing. Please read below for Full information.


- Serial Connectivity: Use our Airconsole, or Redpark C2-RJ45 and C2-RJ45V cables to provide direct Serial Console port access to supported equipment (Adapt C2-RJ45 Cable to DB9 or DB25 with adaptors available at
- Above Redpark serial cables work with iPhone 5 Lightning connector, via the Apple 30 pin-to-Lightning Adaptor (available from Apple store). Only use Apple adaptor- clone ones will NOT work.

- Full Terminal: Also provides Telnet and SSH(v2) terminal (over Wifi or 3G). VT100 emulation. Supports password authentication, generate or import SSH Keys easily via clipboard

- Multi Session: run concurrent SSH and Telnet sessions in conjunction with Serial session in tabs, and cut/paste between sessions

Many Many Advanced Terminal Features:
- Powerful Scripting of terminal sessions allows for automation of many common terminal tasks, including auto-responding to terminal output and auto-upload of log files.

- Easily share your iPad/iPhones terminal window with remote web users to provide remote access to your console sessions - useful for remote support, teaching or for Disaster Recovery

- Connection Manager for organizing Serial / Telnet / SSH saved sessions which can be imported/exported via iTunes

- Free web based conversion utility to convert existing PuTTY and SecureCRT(r) saved connections into Get Console format.

- Fully configurable terminal settings including baud rate, parity, flow control, scroll buffer and column width

- Integrated Cut/Copy/Paste directly from terminal window and slide-out clipboard viewer

- Integrated TFTP Server for WIFI/3G upload and download of files

- Rapid configuration of common configuration tasks via shortcuts (common command drop down) and pre-configured (and user changeable) shortcut buttons

- Free integrated cloud storage on or for log files and configuration scripts - integrates directly into your iPad or iPhone ready for pasting to console window

- full logging of terminal session to individual session files that can be attached to emails, downloaded via iTunes or uploaded to your own repository on the website

***NOTE*** Serial Connectivity requires either our Airconsole Adaptor, or a supported Redpark cable to work - part code C2-RJ45V - purchase from or from directly. Does NOT work with Redpark C2-DB9 cable. If DB9, Null Modem or DB-25 connectivity is required, use an adaptor also available from our website.

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic Job!

    by i_heart_k-fed

    I can connect wirelessly with Aircosole and this app. You guys did a great job, huge time saver! Nothing else like it on the market.

  • Fragile cable, glitchy keyboard

    by SitWalkStand

    The Cable I bought is very fragile where it connects to the iPad. Also, the latency in typing will drive you crazy. The best part of this app is I can capture the console out put and email it to my computer.

  • Great app

    by Cisconetworkadmin

    This app is wonderful. Ive been using it with ipad mini and redpark lightning console cable. Not only is it great for console use but its by far the best telnet app I've seen on any tablet. The ability to create your own scripts is amazing and makes for quick and easy logons, not to mention you can arrange all the saved connections by folder. It can log activity, allow remote seasions, and act as a tftp server. What more could you ask for? The reviews complaining about the keyboard being in front of the active command line just need to dock the keyboard. This app is worth the money no doubt about it. If you work with switches and routers often then there is no reason to hesitate about buying this app and the redpark cable.

  • Great app

    by AI_IT

    I highly recommend this app for any consultant, sys admin, network admin, or anyone in need of a serial connection. This app is great when used with the Redpark C2-RJ45V cable and adapter to serial. I used to cringe when I needed to take out my laptop and USB to serial adaptor. Great job on the app.

  • Great product

    by Skymeat

    There are so many great things its hard to list. What I like best is to be able to join a remote console connection over 3G. I wish the cable were cheaper, it really should be 5$ or so. The price of the app is totally justified. With cheap cables I'd give one to everyone with a phone - remote console on demand...

  • Great app

    by Richard.w.3

    1) App works as advertised. There are plenty of great features that assists and automates many tasks such as passwords and scripting. I have used the app for SSH, telnet and serial connections on many devices and physical equipment. 2). I am sure that the only reason that they do not provide support for the DB9 connector is a restriction levied by apple and not Amix Capitol. 3) Please add xmodem, zmodem, ymodem, and Kermit. I know that these are generally regarded as legacy apps however, there are still uses for these especially with cisco rmon. 4) If there is any merit to the statement regarding a monthly fee as stated in rawr11111115's review, then I will drop this app in a heartbeat. However, I do not believe that Amix Capitol would charge such a fee.

  • Best terminal emulator for iOS- by a long way

    by JohnJames305

    After testing all the main Pad and iPhone SSH clients - Get Console is by far the best - why? it does SERIAL connections upto 115200 with the Redpark C2- RJ45V cable that none of the others do, and then after that its SSH support and features exceed apps that JUST do SSH or Telnet. Its a single app solution for a terminal client - like SecureCRT or Putty is for PC. When you add in the ability to create and run scripts in the terminal (ie like login scripts), integration with Dropbox, and the use-your-phone-as-an-out-of-band-terminal-server feature (screen sharing) you have a very very good value app. Id be happy to use this on my PC if only they made it.

  • Very good Serial and SSH, Telnet client

    by CCIEharry

    Ive used pretty much all the iPad and iPhone SSH clients- Get Console is by far the best. it does serial connections upto 115200 with the Redpark RJ45V cable that none of the others do, and now in this version its SSH support is better than other apps which that is ALL they do! Add to that the ability to create and run scripts, integration with Dropbox, really good cut/paste support and you have a very comprehensive and good value app. Id be very happy to get this on mac osx - SecureCRT is like $99!!. The only thing I would like to see the Bluetooth keyboard support improve (it supports BT keyboards, just not the arrow keys which is a bit of a pain at times). I know the devs read these reviews so hopefully that will be in the next release. Highly recommended.

  • Very useful

    by JoeGuru

    One of the most useful geek apps ever written

  • Buy buy buy!

    by Jo0oshhhh

    Amazing, say good bye to carrying my laptop around to fix all my access points and Cisco switches. Works smoothly as promised and is customizable. Would recommend strongly.

  • Close to perfection

    by Archain07

    This app works as advertised for the most part however clipboard support for loading config files is a little tedious, the copy to clipboard option does not work. You have to open a switch config for example in another program and then paste to console. Support from dev via website e-mail is also painfully slow.

  • Great for serial connectivity

    by Bo1963

    For serial connectivity (only feature of app I tested), this app works flawlessly. I was able to make a quick terminal game (ASCII Space Invaders!) via UART connectivity with an ARM LPC2148 micro controller. Printing on iPad made it that much more fun.

  • Good App with More on the Way

    by UpstateChris

    When I first purchased this app and the cable I ran in to a couple issues. The first, and in my opinion most important part of any app, thing I discovered is that the developer is both actively working on improvements and very responsive to issues and ideas. You can feel comfortable knowing that your $65 investment in the app and cable are going to be viable for some time to come. That said, the limitation in the current version is with the particular SSH implementation. It does not support v1, which yes, I do run in to. The dev has informed me this is changing soon though with more features on the way. That is about the only limitation I have found. The tie in to Dropbox, ability to script, import putty and SecureCRT profiles, built in password manager, etc. all set this app apart from anything else in the app store. Another cool feature also unique is the ability to share a session over the web with an engineer that is sitting remote. In the real world that can be very useful. I look forward to future improvements and would not hesitate to recommend this app to anyone.

  • Sr. Network Engineer

    by JonhR

    I would give it five stars if it would save IP addresses. When you SSH or Telnet to a switch or router, you use IP addresses and not Hostnames. Hostnames are good for websites and not switches or routers. You can use IP addresses, but it does not save them.

  • Get Console is very good

    by horation

    This is hands down the best terminal app out there - ive pretty much tried them all of them now - does serial connections, telnet, ssh - imports your existing sessions from SecureCRT and Putty (I had 300 saved connections in SecureCRT on my laptop - now all in Get Console). I havent had it crash on me yet. This latest version does Dropbox for log files etc, and also finally does multisession, and also does full terminal scripting. Ive used the fancy screen sharing thing as well which worked well. All in all very good. Keep up the good work.

  • Great App

    by Mrs. DG

    I am a Cisco Academy Instructor and this app has opened many doors for instuction. I just got the app yesterday....and the students barely let ME play with it! I teach 11th and 12th graders and it is pretty hard to actually impress them since they have grown up using technology but they LOVED this app. Some of their comments: It was AWESOME! Easy to use, pretty cool. Can we all get iPads now and get rid of the computers? I plan to use this to view student configs while they are doing labs. I can check for correctness, change configs as desired without them seeing what I am doing, and allow students to troubleshoot other students' configs.

  • Awesome Console Application

    by Cisco Nate

    I've tried many console applications for iOS, but none that combine a hardware serial adapter with an excellent telnet/SSH implementation. The features within the console software are clearly well thought out and the product of working with people who actually need and use this type of software.

  • Some cool features coming

    by Fritzplace

    I have this app, but it doesn't currently support 115,200 baud. I have been told this will be supported with the next cable using USB. This will be a great asset to the design engineering community replacing putty and USB to Serial cables on laptops. Good Job, Chris

  • It just works....

    by Andre Jr Forestal

    This app is very neat and simply does the job. As a heavy iPad user, this saves me from having to carry a laptop to the datacenter.

  • Fantastic App

    by dcrichter

    This app is a fantastic console app for the ipad / iphone. Works great on all my equipment and while i know theres a lot of comments to the use of redpark rj45 cable, i prefer that cable as its a smaller easier to pack cable. Its easy to have some adapters at hand for it. Also good to mention this works on Motorola tut system's. Direct serial works amazing, telnet and ssh both do as well. As a future improvement it would be great to see an option to proxy for individual saved telnet / ssh configs.

  • Yet another ssh app that doesn't work

    by VictimTinyTerm

    Installed on an iPhone 4S with ios6 and it doesn't work at all. It feels like a fake app. No character echo of what I type, app crashes, app doesn't connect. Ripped off for 10 dollars, similar experience with tinyterm older version that shouldn't even be in the store. All very disappointing.

  • Clitchy keyboard

    by Runaground

    Only reason I have iPad was to use this app. Unfortunately it seems you need an external keyboard to prevent on screen keyboard from sitting on top of active cursor. If you lower screen rollback and use in portrait mode it works - but I need the scroll back. Great program other than the fact that it is useless to me.

  • positively will not work with redpark cables

    by HiroReason

    Ssh, etc nice. Love the cut and paste. Bought it to use with serial console cable, and it does not recognize the cable. The app store blurb references the db9 cable, but when you go to their website,zoops, sorry, only works with the rj cable.

  • Ok app

    by XxzxX

    Does not support 115200 baud rate. I can't use this app for what I wanted to so I'm not happy with it. Maybe they will add this in a later release.

  • 1.5 disappointing !!!

    by Lt.Worf

    I tested 1.3 successful, both on the iphone and ipad. Unfortunately, Apple's "red buttons" (aka notifications) made me update exactly 4days before the 1st field use (leaving the brick in the hotel). It was a desaster. Ipad version kept crashing and iphone version was almost unresponsive. Had to call in co-worker to be my eye and fingers. I would have expected an app aiming for the professional in the field more tested before launching. So beware and test after each new version has been released !!!

  • Yay!

    by Thoddiver

    Alt and CTRL on Bluetooth yay!

  • Free from a laptop at last

    by SteveBlizzard

    I can finally stop carrying a laptop everywhere I go. This app works better than advertised and performance is outstanding. The devs are constantly updating and enhancing this app. Love the telnet and ssh support and look forward to the new features incoming versions. Seriously, if you work with Cisco (and now HP, Foundry, and Brocade) buy this app. You won't be sorry.

  • It Works Great

    by Edgar Valdes

    I was initially disapointed over the fact that the DB9 cable from redpark would not work with this app. After having to send it back for an exchange of the RJ45 console cable I was pleased to see how well it worked. As silly as it sounds, data loading across the screen loads smoothly. Having played with it for about a week, I already see myself using it more and more with my ipad to do quick configs. I have a zagg bluetooth keyboard for my ipad, as such it's turning into my cisco gear toolkit, being able to quickly ssh to any router/firewall/linux machine. You have your stand stuff you'd expect including saved connections, configuring the look/feel and more. Overall its a win for me mainly for the RJ45 console cable. Just dont make the same mistake most of us did and get the DB9 cable first as it just wont work due to apple policy.

  • Best Networking App

    by Kratos-Q

    This is the best app for a Network Engineer. Why the negative reviews.. The app does exactly what it says, my only suggestion to the developers would be to add drop box support and allow multiple files selection when uploading cmd scripts.

  • please don't limit it

    by positiveuser

    Lots of us want this app to work with both Redpark cables, including the C2-db9. Please enable it. Your comments now at least confine red park compatibility as to the c2-rj45, but they did not make that clear.

  • Does not work with Redpark c2db9

    by n5zipper

    It seems to work with 1 model of Redpark serial device but not the other. It is worthless to me.

  • Works well

    by KF7EEC

    It's a touch slow but works well. Better than carrying a laptop all around!

  • Ok but some concerns!!!

    by N3t Aholic

    Works ok but there are 2 problems. 1. Causes a iPhone notification alert that keeps popping up that say "this accessory not optimized for this device" on iPhone 4. 2. It needs to have the option to disable the remote logging function completely. Maybe there is some funny business going on here with sending log file to some remote server. Who knows!

  • Great App

    by Netwrk_eng203

    I have been looking for an app that would allow me to carry only my iPad to do minor config changes on switches, routers, and access points. So far I'm happy with the results of Get Console. Keep up the good work.

  • Extremely handy app

    by KidGloves

    This app and cable combo are awesome (I bought two). It allows me to very easily stage lab and customer equipment (I am a Cisco field SE) without dragging around my laptop and serial adapter. Worth every penny.

  • Take a pass on thus until they make it a TRUE console cable

    by deanmass

    The proprietary check for Cisco only is bs. Will not connect to HP, which I found out after I popped for it and the 'special' cable. Got me once, never again. Off to roll my own!

  • Exactly as advertised.... and a little more.

    by EmbraceNext

    When I first tried it on my 2924 switch, nothing came up so I was a bit worried. So then I tried it with my 2610 routers and all worked well. Found out my console port on the 2924 doesn't work anymore. I brought it to work and tested it on my Brocade 4802-POE switches and FWS 648 GB switches. All worked awesome. I love this app. This is fantastic!

  • Not a terminal

    by genep

    Only works on consoles that act like cisco devices. It will not work as a general terminal to a serial port (although it should be trivial for them to fix that)

  • Just in time

    by Txrjohnson

    Works like a charm, even on Dell switches. I expect the shared connection will only work with Cisco switches though as I can connect, but no commands work on the Dell. Still a fantastic product.

  • It works "so far"

    by Ray Brittner

    I know this is a pricey console solution just for Cisco devices. So I tested it with Juniper SSG and Juniper M40. It works on them as well. So I'm guessing the combination of console app and redpark cable will work with other network gear that has RJ45 console connection. I will keep you posted on my progress.

  • Wow

    by Rawr11111115

    You have to buy the app, then pay for the use monthly in the future, and the app checks to see if you are using their cable. You can do all of this for just the price of a cable with a jail broken iPad

  • Need to have a $70 cable

    by Kr1pto

    You can't use a standard cable (camera connection kit + USB cable for the newer devices) The app also checks to see if you have their cable..

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