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Night Stand is one of the best rated alarm application on iPhone and iPad worldwide!

- new OS addition and fixes

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Night Stand for iPhone transforms your iPhone in a multifunctional and visually appealing Alarm Clock with iPod music. Including worldwide weather forecast, RSS, Twitter and Facebook, full screen movies and private image slide shows.

Amazing and Free! Replace your Alarm Clock with a stunning desktop. The best Night Stand available!

Night Stand for iPhone gives you all information you need in one screen: The time, the date, your local weather and a worldwide weather forecast. It will find almost every city on this planet. Night Stand for iPhone combines this useful information with stunning full-screen video loops on the background.

Night Stand for iPhone has an innovative interface with unique slider tabs presenting you your personal Facebook Newsfeed, Twitter Timeline and the latest articles of a customizable array of RSS feeds right on the Night Stand screen. Just slide the tabs on screen with your finger to read the latest news or have a quick glance at your Facebook friends. This will become your morning ritual. And with the possibility to post on your wall or tweet directly from within the app Night Stand for iPhone will surely become your daily companion!

You can choose to view a slide show of images from your iPhone image library at the background of Night Stand for iPhone. Managing the slide show is really easy. Just add or delete images to the slide show by picking them from your image library.

Night Stand for iPhone allows you to set an unlimited amount of iPod music alarms. You can select your own iPod music as alarm sound but you are also able to choose from a list of several built-in alarm sounds. Alarms will also fire when the application is closed using Local Notifications in iOS 4.0!

Fall asleep easily and have a quiet night time using the built-in sleep timer of Night Stand for iPhone. The sleep timer allows you to select a list of songs from your iPod library and to play this list for a given time period. After the selected time period the music will quietly fade away letting you sleep gently...

Night Stand for iPhone offers you a lot more than the features described above alone! Please find the full features list below.
- Post on Twitter
- Post on Facebook
- Read Twitter Timeline
- Read Facebook Newsfeed
- Integrate RSS Feeds
- Open detailed RSS Articles
- Choose between a large or a small digital clock
- Choose between eight background motion videos or buy more awesome movie packs from within the app!
- Create a slide show of images from your image library as background.
- A slide show can contain an unlimited amount of images.
- It is very easy to add or delete them from the list.
- Set the interval time of the images in the slide show.
- Add an unlimited amount of alarms
- With an alarm you can also choose its alarm music or sound.
- Choose if it should repeat and which weekdays it should repeat.
- Choose its volume and enter a label.
- Choose to shuffle the alarms music play list
- You can set the snooze duration of the alarms
- Select to fade in alarms and the duration of the fading.
- Shuffle the sleep timer play list
- Dim the screen after the sleep timer has finished
- Change the weather location
- Toggle the temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius
- You can also toggle the distance unit between Miles and Kilometers
- Enable or disable auto lock of the iPhone's screen
- Choose the style of the Flip Clock ( black / white )
- Toggle weather display
- Also toggle weather forecast display
- Toggle date display
- You can also toggle to show seconds

Night Stand for iPhone is the perfect night stand solution for your iPhone with a unique social media integration. This free version is ad supported.

Customer Reviews

  • Review

    by Yayacmann

    I love how it changes the background & keeps the phone lit

  • Great App

    by Sprklincase

    Great and Awesome⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Klanca

    by Kenneth Lan

    Nice, a little better than TWC.

  • GREAT!!

    by RABBIT1742

    Love this app.

  • Wow

    by Aviddv

    This app is unreal it looks better than a real clock and sets the weather for u it's amazing

  • Love it

    by QueenMememe

    Easy to use, simple to set up. Love it!

  • Super

    by Gamefreaksk1


  • This awesome app


    I used to have Rise alarm clock ,and it worked great! But I updated it and it wouldn't let me on the app so I ended up getting this awesome app. It replaces Rise alarm clock really good. But it is even better! I like how it tells you the weather too so you don't have to get a weather app to. Also you can wake up to your choice of music. This is a great app for me! I suggest you trying it out! I hope you become as satisfied as I am with this app. Good luck!

  • Great App

    by JemMise

    I use this all the time. For alarms and for sure the weather and more Thanks so much !

  • Good app

    by Johnnyreb66

    Does what it says it does. Good app.

  • Alarm

    by Cheyenne2u

    Works great! Live the background motion colors and podcast alarm setting option!

  • Slick

    by mysonjohn

    And quick!!

  • Works

    by Charskem

    Works as expected plus it rotates as well. Others do not.

  • Outstanding app

    by Cano1844

    Seriously, this is the best alarm app that I have found. Recommended.

  • Great App

    by CDommeti

    Woke up to my favourite iPod songs

  • Awsome

    by Vpsu


  • Love it!

    by Jen Marcantuno

    Great night stand clock. Love that it also shows weather and other important info.

  • Alfa like it!!!

    by Alfa_Dog

    Good app!!

  • BB

    by Ms.BGB

    Very good.

  • Get it now!

    by Averie 101

    It really works you can do your own little slideshow for your screensaver you will love it you can also connect to Facebook and twitter I totally recommend this to everyone so get it now!

  • Great

    by Beamerism101

    Used this for a year. Works great!

  • Works great

    by Stormy681

    No problems works great

  • Very useful!!

    by Byeargentina

    Easy settings, useful info...

  • Very useful!!

    by Byeargentina

    Easy settings, useful info...

  • Good

    by Jxpychp hj

    I really don't like that there is a weather tab and it wont tell me what the weather is.

  • Weather

    by BearALR

    Good! I use it a lot

  • Nice

    by Lordnima

    Nice job

  • Thumbs up

    by Theresa2674

    Its the only alarm clock I use :). I like how it allows me to set multiple times so each of us can wake when needed. I also like how it allows me to wake to my iTunes Library.

  • Doesn't add music

    by zenblue66

    Like the app but it won't add anything from iTunes. That's a bummer because I like to wake up to music.

  • Great App

    by Gijddihc

    Love the backgrounds and movies! The choices of wake up sounds are very pleasant but best of all is being able to choose from my music. I would like to be able to change the clock position and a timer would be nice! Otherwise love it!

  • App

    by Skippy busman

    Like it.

  • Night Stand

    by Weasel209

    Great app only 3 stars because it wont connect to Facebook and the background slideshow keeps going black. if thats fixed ill give it 5 stars

  • Love it!!

    by SteveWVSCA

    Best clock app!!

  • Amazing app

    by Meakah

    I think this app is soo good

  • Good Alarm App

    by Oldfdman

    I use the app for my alarm and works very well. I like that fact I can choose the music to wake up to.

  • Night stand

    by Discogold

    I am really enjoying this app so far. Hope to continue liking will let everyone know.

  • Great App

    by Darknluvlydeb

    A must have

  • Wake to Podcast

    by Saelanu

    Native alarm in iOS 7 won't wake to podcast playlist, this one does.

  • Ok


    Must have

  • Sigh!

    by Bizarre JC

    When this app works it is great. However there are times when the alarm does not goes off and there is no real reason behind it. I have to set a backup alarm just in case this one does not go off as expected. I like being able to set several different alarms.

  • User

    by JLD6561

    The best

  • Great clock

    by Leah's Valentine

    Use it every day as a desk clock. Love the design.

  • Good

    by Uashokp


  • Yep.

    by Little t truth

    Loveeee it.

  • Great app

    by Law abider

    I use it every single day.

  • Awesome!

    by BethL58ne

    Couldn't be better ! It never let's me over sleep! ;)

  • Cc0259

    by Cic15

    Love it!!!

  • Happy!!!!

    by Mojohobo

    Been using for a short time. So far the best weather/alarm App I've found'

  • Mr

    by Geo14741

    Ok not the best

  • So Easy to Read

    by Technowoman

    I tried a popular digital alarm clock from the App Store but had a hard time reading the information, and I wear glasses. This is the best so far and I have only been using it for a day.

  • Cool

    by Cheesefreak221

    I don't really need to use the alarm or Facebook or anything, but I do love the background Settings and I might switch to the alarm on this app instead of the clock app. This app is really Helpful it shows the time at night in the correct time pretty much all my clocks are wrong.

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