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Alarm Clock HD: The most reliable way to wake up with your own music!

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Alarm Clock HD brings Music to your Bedroom and keeps your iPhone&iPad Connected to the News and your Social Media Friends!

With built-in Weather information, RSS and Social Media integration like Facebook & Twitter, Alarm Clock HD keeps you informed all night long!
- Flashlight - Sleep Timer - iPod Music Alarms - Weather - Facebook - Twitter - RSS - Battery Level - Fully functional Alarm Clock - Universal Application


- Play your favorite iPod music or playlist to wake you up gently
- Automatically read the latest posts of your Facebook friends
- Automatically read the latest tweets from your friends in Twitter
- Automatically read the latest news from RSS Google Reader
- Fall asleep with relaxing songs, podcasts and audiobooks using the built-in Sleep Timer.
- Instant flashlight option by shaking the device
- Unlimited colors to personalize you clock
- Universal Application (Pay once to get Alarm Clock HD on your iPhone AND your iPad!)


Set your own alarms, daily alarms, weekly alarms, etc. You can let the alarm sound or music fade in gently and set the fade in duration when the alarm fires.

Read the latest news from your friend and family. Stay up-to-date with RSS feeds and Twitter posts. All in one screen and easy to manage to your personal interests.

Wake up with your favorite iPod Music. Add one song, two songs or whole playlists to your alarms.

Receive alarms even when application is closed using the iOS local notifications.

The application automatically retrieves and displays local weather information. You will see your local temperature, a weather description and wind details. You don't need to select a location manually!

Play your iPod music for a given time period and let the music stop playing when you fall asleep. The sleep timer will fade out the music gently so you won't wake up from sudden sound level changes.

Easy turn your iPhone or iPad into a flashlight by shaking it. The flashlight also illuminates the flash LED on devices with a LED, like the iPhone 4.

Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness.

Monitor your battery level from within the app.

Fully adjust the snooze function and length.

Automatic integration of your all iPhone clock settings, like AM/PM settings and 24/12 hour clock format.

All functions of this alarm clock are fully adjustable.

Customer Reviews

  • Multi-talented.

    by Steevlee

    Really works like you said it would. I can get news items, weather, and even a battery meter. Have a look, there's even more.

  • Works as expected

    by DJ Annoyance

    Gives a nice feel to the whole alarm clock layout. All I would suggest is to add a radio of some sort for the people without a whole lot of music on it, other than that 2 thumbs up lol

  • Well made

    by Revan1123

    great app!

  • Not bad

    by Corky1189

    I love this app. It's loud but not to loud.

  • Good app

    by Anguish676

    So far so good, will see if I'm late for work or not!

  • The best!!

    by Bona IP

    The best clock App ever!

  • Great app

    by Cathy A.

    I just wish the alarm worked even if the app is closed. Other then that, this app is fantatsic.

  • Review

    by Rgavina

    Works good

  • Nice

    by Fishing813

    Love it

  • by Marzuccakids

    LOVE lT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice

    by Iago_mrsi



    by SweetieHammy

    It wakes me up perfect for school, keep up the good work!

  • Lots of great sounds to choose from

    by Grand elf

    Keep up the great work

  • Raddman

    by Hoglicker

    Great app!!!!

  • It's great!!

    by Sbella1711

    Its what wakes me up in the morning!!!!!!!

  • Great app

    by Meteelee

    Love this app

  • Love this

    by Aim#1

    This is an awesome app. It really wakes me up in the morning and is really loud in a good way! I still love the apple alarm clock but this is a really good app to have around. It has very good wake up noises!

  • Excellent App

    by Spuncop1

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  • Awesome!!

    by Kristi Grotenrath

    Wakes me up every night on time!

  • Reliable app

    by cppipad

    I use this app for my alarm while I'm traveling. No complaints.

  • Sleeper's asleep

    by Lifelinx

    I tried the sleeptimer and it didn't work so I didn't bother trying the slarm. Oh well. Maybe it only works on the IOS 7?

  • Best Alarm Program

    by luv2sledd

    Easy and instant use!

  • Alarm

    by Pamunderhill

    This app is awesome! Nothing bad about this one!

  • Love it

    by Kitluvr

    I use this for my alarm clock because it's compact enough to throw in my over night bag because I have it downloaded to my iPad and it can go everywhere with me without annoying plugs to deal with.

  • Ms.


    Sleek, Slick & User friendly. Good job on the interface.

  • Kills battery

    by +|~|€

    Love the app but I'm looking for a new alarm app as this one drains my battery. I'll close everything but the alarm. Also I have to open it then lock my device just for it to actually work.

  • Review

    by EmMustachio

    I personally didn't really this app bc it didn't wake me up. But however I did like the setup. I will give u 2 stars.

  • Live

    by Mato87

    Love it

  • Love it

    by TammyW67

    This has been the best alarm download ever.

  • Great app

    by Hxidjjsj oxj

    Great app -- I use it frequently for all sorts of things!

  • Useful App

    by Shhhhh apple

    Good app

  • Sweg

    by That Sweg

    Straightforward and easy to use

  • digital clock

    by Sebastian Ormeo

    this is amazing digital clock ,i like it very clear,and it is clear. I would like to recommend this to everyone definitely.

  • Great!

    by A superior gal

    Works great!

  • Cool

    by MarsGT1

    I like the cool green

  • Amazing app

    by Gage123214

    Mind blowing

  • Great app

    by Heyoohhhh

    It is a great app

  • Love it!

    by Poolapeach

    So easy to use...great variety of sounds for alarms!

  • Great app

    by Vivilv

    Just fantastic!!!!!!

  • Great

    by Anthony Fasolo


  • Great

    by TraciMonster


  • Awesom

    by Ffucj

    Helps and plays my iPod I love it DOWNLOAD

  • Love it!

    by Michelle Lippin

    This is a great app!

  • Great alarm clock

    by Angelchris714

    Awesome! Nothing ever asked me up! This does.

  • Nice

    by Simsim999

    Really useful

  • Best Thing Ever !

    by Jam-*

    this app actually wakes me up in the mornings, other alarms yea they're pretty good but not as great as this one :)

  • Great

    by Squirrel1hunter


  • Alarm clock

    by DorceyTroutner

    I-pad has to be plugged in or your battery goes dead. Not very good as mine was plugged in but had come loose during the night and I didn't know it had so No Wake up for me.

  • Drains battery

    by jellikit

    Easy to use. But, drains battery. Even with all of the extras turned off. I can't figure out why. But it does. Anywhere from 25%-40% in 7-8 hours. I'll stick with the alarm that comes with the phone.....

  • Really cool app

    by Super duper neat app

    This app is really neat I use it as a alarm clock and just a plain old clock in my bedroom

  • Great

    by Anttttt79


  • Awesome

    by Jturner1006

    Great app. I use it everyday

  • I'm up!

    by Blexacon

    Putting this app to test tonight!

  • Alarm clock!

    by Johnny de Los Pantalones

    What I like about this app is that it is an alarm clock. Great work!

  • Works great!

    by Lock_1

    Use it while camping.

  • Everything you need

    by Alice45973

    Great bedside alarm clock for traveling. Easy to use.

  • Love waking up!

    by Dahmom2

    I love this app. The chiming bells are so soothing. I love how start out , low and then slowly get louder but not to the point of annoying. Trust me you will love it!

  • Did not work

    by jaytp11

    I set the alarm, and it never went off. So much for this app....

  • good but glitchy

    by kit-fallen

    I love the setup but it refuses to login to my twitter or my facebook even when I give it permission. Plus the sleep timer completely refuses to play music or even set itself to the correct amount of time.

  • I...


    Have to work in the morning :(

  • Cold in Houston

    by Sleepy2013 in Texas

    Like the app. However, I can't change the weather for my city. Definitely not the high of 82. Can that be fixed? Otherwise, great app.

  • Great

    by Muzy fan

    Works well

  • I like this app

    by Plush flower

    I like this app cause it reminds me of a real bedside the wake up tones are wonderful.

  • Cool

    by Mritchie5332


  • Nice

    by I Love Puppies123

    This app is food if you are not a morning person!!!!

  • Just what I needed.

    by joer

    Works great.

  • Thanks for the great app

    by Deliberating

    App has very good features and us easy to use. I use it every day!

  • Pretty cool

    by Seawife 1

    I'm am really like it . As a older adult I use the on the front of my IPhone because the numbers are bigger to see. Instead of struggling to see clock numbers small ! Nice app & Pretty Cool .

  • Awesome app!

    by TWBIII...

    Totally awesome! I use it all the time and like it a lot. Totally recommended!

  • So happy

    by Me13579102233445566778899

    This works great

  • Great app!!

    by TheUnks

    Easy to use and just overall great!

  • Simply rocks.

    by Rob_Ace

    Thank for you for making this app so useful and simple. Nostalgic yet relevant.

  • Completely Flawed

    by rumproast13

    This is the worst app I have ever used. If you think apple's default alarm was bad for only ringing once, this app 1ups it by making no sound whatsoever if you happened to forget you put your iphone on silent mode so you can take pictures quietly. Seriously, did they not consider some people flip that switch on the side of their phone? I'm guessing they didn't even have beta testers, who would have immediately found this crippling design flaw and walked away laughing.

  • Great app

    by Peter mayco carl

    The alarm on my ipod won't sound off so this app help me not to be late to school ..

  • Alarm Clock Review

    by Spencsam1

    I love this APP! I have it on both my iPhone and iPad and wake up to it every morning. Having the current weather along with that days weather is an added bonus! This is a must download for those having a reason to wake up in the morning...

  • Okay

    by PSG Epic Vortex

    I've had some issues with this app. I even paid for the upgrade. All in all it's a good app. Would recommend it.

  • Great app

    by Snow& ice

    I really like this app, the alarm is great. Great volume. Very informational.

  • Alarm clock

    by Jean Pisasale

    Love,love,love this app. Replaces my traditional "clock radio" but with instant news and weather on my time.

  • by HannahBaileyAnderson

    I love how we can use our itunes music! I just wish that the alarm would go off when I'm not in the app.

  • Well made app

    by chasehazel

    Does what it says and does it well. Plus its very customizable. I would recommend this over the other alarm apps

  • Wake up

    by lonbo

    I use to if I'm out of town

  • I like

    by D.Bradley

    It's accurate and bright. The time is right and the alarm really wakes you up. I recommend it to others.

  • Updates ruined this app

    by slavicdiva

    I have had this app for several years, and it worked beautifully. Imagine my (unpleasant) surprise and disappointment when I attended a corporate retreat this past week, and dutifully set this, my go-to alarm, only to have nothing happen at the designated alarm time. The banners for “sot/snooze” came up, but no music or sound played. I resorted to the unpleasantness of a wake-up call from the hotel desk for the remainder of the week. When I came home, I decided to play with it a bit. I set a new alarm, which worked fine. Apparently, it was only my older, saved alarms that were messed up by the updates. It would have been nice to know that I would need to delete and re-do all my alarms after updates - notifications, please?

  • Unreliable.

    by S. Pigzilla

    It's got a lot of nice bells and whistles like an rss need feed, Facebook (which I couldn't get to work), the colors change etc etc etc. But I'm glad I didn't ACTUALLY need it for work this morning. Heaven forbid I fall asleep doing anything besides staring at that clock. Because this app wasn't what popped up when I unlocked my phone, it just didn't go off. Think I'll stick with my built-in alarm. The only snooze option might be long enough for me to get back to a dead sleep, but at least I know it'll go off every time.

  • Wonderfull

    by Ochozias

    You could Add More information feeds


    by Nikilinn star

    I Love this app!! Although, Sometimes it don't work properly..Like the volume will be 2low!? But, It's still great tho..

  • Looks beautiful

    by Charity1011

    Looks and works great! I love that not only does the clock look beautiful but the weather and other info is so useful. I recommend.

  • Perfect alarm clock!

    by Seascape57

    Everything you need, nothing you don't!

  • Alarm clock

    by Ivanhoes

    Love it!!

  • Very good app

    by Saulw224

    Just would love it calendar or notifications would pop up over clock when open

  • Love it

    by Amy jhon


  • Multiple Alarms

    by NonaDW

    I love this app! It has served me well as a travel alarm. There is one improvement that I would like to see for people who take multiple medications or need multiple reminders each day. As the app currently functions one needs to enter a separate alarm for each function in the day. For those who need several reminders in one day there currently is no option for that. As a Hospice care giver, I am try to keep track of several medications that need to give at different times through to the day. Yes, as it stands this app serves that function, but would be much handier with the option of several alarms in each day of the week!

  • Great for those who need multiple alarms

    by Spacerace27

    Will alarm through your headphones so you won't wake your roomie.

  • Bad app

    by Campus life founder

    It didn't wake me up it didn't work bad app

  • Awesome

    by stlricky

    Love the options AND it wakes u too!

  • More sounds?

    by Kittyluuver

    I think the alarm clock needs more sounds

  • Great Alarm!

    by GW12345678

    One of the most useful apps I have loaded.

  • Great travel clock

    by Bubba Jay

    Enjoy waking to my now music and being able to set my iPad up to read from across the suite.

  • Silly

    by me8729

    Won't alarm with sound if your ringer is turned off.

  • Love this sweet little app!

    by LisaF2

    I use this alarm app every day when traveling on business. Its never let me down. Love, love, love it!

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