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Alarm Clock 4 Free - The most beautiful Alarm Clock... for Free!

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Get it now before you get late!

Alarm Clock 4 Free is setting a new standard for alarm applications and combines all functions you would expect in one modern free alarm app!
You can support us and have all functions with the in-app upgrade!

Set your own alarms, daily alarms, weekly alarms, etc. You can let the alarm sound or music fade in gently and set the fade in duration when the alarm fires.

Wake up with your favorite iPod Music. Add one song, two songs or whole playlists to alarms.

Receive alarms even when application is closed using the iOS local notifications.

The application automatically retrieves and displays local weather information. You will see your local temperature, a weather description and wind details. You don't need to select a location manually!

Play your iPod music for a given time period and let the music stop playing when you fall asleep. The sleep timer will fade out the music gently so you won't wake up from sudden sound level changes.

Easy turn your iPhone into a flashlight by shaking it. The flashlight also illuminates the flash LED on the iPhone 4.

Slide the clock screen up and down to control the background brightness. Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness.

This is the best designed alarm clock in the App Store. Choose between thirteen (!) themes or design the digital clock like you prefer!

The clock optionally displays battery level information and date information.

Fully adjust the snooze function and length.

Automatic integration of your all iPhone clock settings, like AM/PM settings and 24/12 hour clock format.

All functions of this alarm clock are fully adjustable.

Alarm Clock 4 Free
Sleep and wake up your way, every day!

Customer Reviews

  • Ok app

    by Eddy A Garcia

    Could have more song options to wake up, more wallpapers and the size of the information like temperature be bigger.

  • Good for music

    by Roman Aliaskarov

    Turns on music via headphones/speakers

  • Awesome

    by Geniusprincess

    Best alarm clock for when you cell phone charger goes missing.

  • Good not great

    by Gabi Demon

    I do like this app; it has a lot of great features. However if you forget to open the app before you nod off to sleep AND turn the volume up, it is pointless. Wish it could run in the background for my forgetful butt.

  • Love It

    by Zaviour

    Used it everyday!!!

  • Love it!

    by almostdonna

    Excellent app!


    by Nikilinn star

    I love this alarm because I can set any one of my iPhones iTunes songs as alarms! Can set a lot of alarms too! Nikkie P

  • This is my only alarm clock

    by Watsontribe

    Really! I have this app on my iPhone and iPad! Dependable and practical.

  • The clock

    by Alabe745

    This is amazing it glows,tells how full your battery is and it tells you the weather outside!

  • Omar

    by Omar Thiban

    God I like it

  • Great!

    by Mr. Nick 10

    This application works as represented. The alarm is a pleasant sound and it's always been reliable. I highly recommend it.

  • Cool and simple

    by Mojo wire

    Nice features

  • Not bad at all

    by Irishcantina

    I dig it

  • Clock

    by robertdrums

    It's nice but the letters is to be bigger.

  • Amazing

    by Pretty girl kik

    Great for school and things if you don't already have a alarm clock

  • Duchess

    by PlatoLover

    Easy to use and reliable. It looks good too.

  • Totally love this app

    by Mrs Tomlinson 123

    I needed a clock in my room so bad because I always sleep in but this app helps me so much to wake me up in the morning I just love this app so much I use it every day who ever made this app thank you so much

  • Works well

    by Pcore

    Works fine. I have used it once and i am writing this becausei am being bugged by popups to review it after one use.

  • Easy to use

    by TinaBB

    Easy to use, especially when traveling. Can charge at night and serves as my travel alarm clock.

  • Mr

    by Jhnallington

    App is ok but alarm didn't go off twice now

  • Bad for you

    by Annoyed2014111111111

    This app screws up your phones OS more specifically it's ability to regulate battery life and every so often the app crashes and you have to re download it

  • Lacking basic features!

    by Tinybrown

    This alarm has some great, kind of annoying sounds that wake me up. But the alarm rings once! Why doesn't it sound until I hit the snooze button? And why no timer function? Sometimes I want to nap for 20 mins -- I have to use a different app, instead of just loading up a "nap" alarm. This just doesn't seem to be finished, as an app.

  • Bad update

    by Ads fogfdsa

    i use this app for many years, liked it. Got to where could not adjust screen brightness. I made the update and now I hate this app. Will be deleting it. Sad!

  • It's cool

    by Daytona Dru

    It works I'm down with it.

  • Great app

    by Redalyn

    Gets the job done, looks cool too

  • Great App!!

    by Paper n haters


  • Nice

    by J123456789000

    It does the job of alarm clock well.

  • Nice app

    by 10sUmp

    Worth the $2.00


    by All_is_on_9916

    I gave a four star because it's missing something I really wanted! When the alarm goes off the flashlight on the back if ur phone should light up/go off. If that's added then it's a five star.

  • Nice

    by Mistress Rage

    Just what I was looking for- setting up my alarms for the week and weather at a glance. Great app.

  • Great app . . .

    by jlbtru30

    Really like this but wish it required less keystrokes to set up reminders. Otherwise, it's far better than most and I turn to it quite often.

  • Adjust the light, sleep all night,

    by Deck7000

    I love the way you can adjust the light three different ways. after just within the app next I go to settings and turn down the brightness from the settings. Then the light from clock doesn't disturb my sleep while I sleep. Yet, when I do wake up I can easily see the time.

  • Love

    by Kratose832124678

    I love this app never buying another stupid alarm clock

  • Clock

    by End user 57

    Does the job for me

  • Killer app

    by Wanderlilly

    Wakes me up without scaring the crap out of me, lol...

  • Cool app

    by Gazzy1234

    It's so much better than your mom waking you up

  • Good Night...

    by Hobo One

    Excellent, all my night tools in one, Alarm, Clock, Timer & Light.

  • Very good

    by erbefi

    Does what it's says ... Use it everyday at work and so glad the ads go away after a min :) ... Finally a app that does what it says it does :)

  • Very good

    by erbefi

    Does what it's says ... Use it everyday at work and so glad the ads go away after a min :) ... Finally a app that does what it says it does :)

  • Very good

    by erbefi

    Does what it's says ... Use it everyday at work and so glad the ads go away after a min :) ... Finally a app that does what it says it does :)

  • great time saver

    by bz_waze

    good app

  • Rating

    by Hebshiba

    Very nice

  • Love it

    by Mselan

    Works like a charm and easy too!

  • Simply Does Not Function

    by Rod Morrow

    Set my first alarm, it did not go off on time. Set second one, same issue.

  • Very nice, non-jarring alarm

    by CHFluff

    I am a light sleeper so this app is perfect for me. The nightlight is sitting but visible and the alarm is perfect.

  • Useless

    by Funtraders

    The ads are annoying and the setting controls don't exist!

  • Good App

    by TeeSweet58

    It is a good app, haven't had issues like with some similar apps.

  • I needed this!

    by Cbemjb

    I don't fall or stay asleep well. I'm pretty wiped out by the am and none of the alarms consistently woke me up. With this app, I dropped from using 2 alarms on phone and a hotel wake up call to just using this one. Switching the alarm tones is easy and its what I needed to make sure I wake up. Have been using it for almost 2 far so good!

  • Great alarm!

    by J434088

    Has some good features, too!

  • Alarm Clock 4

    by Cole Appelt

    I LOVED IT!!!!!

  • Option to add all songs missing

    by Arul kurinji

    Hi pls add the option to add all songs in sleep timer as its difficult to add more songs

  • Awesome

    by Emalye

    This is a very nice app

  • Awesome

    by Blue_Digit14

    Perfectly made.

  • Love it!!

    by Princessblu29

    I think it's great and easy to use... My husband on the other hand wishes the display would be darker

  • Kyler

    by Kyler Jansen

    Love it

  • Alarm Automatic Shuttoff

    by jhh97

    I like the app because of its obnoxiously loud alarm sound Crystal Drops. It always wakes me up better than the app that comes with the iPod. What I don't like about this app is the alarms automatically shut off after a little while. It usually takes me a little while to wake up, so I let the sound keep playing so I don't fall back asleep. But then I end up falling asleep again because the sound stops playing. I would recommend this app... but it's that one flaw that burned my toast about liking it, because I need a reliable, annoying alarm clock that won't shut off on it's own.


    by Ponch54xxx

    Since using this app I no longer need or use a bedside or travel clock. Love that it dims to almost black, among many other features.

  • Alarm clock

    by Alvin and Fenway

    Great application . A very useful and convenient travel alarm .

  • Clock

    by Jmo1829

    This is a great app. I use it all the time. It is very accurate.

  • 5 Star Alarm Clock

    by TacoBeast40

    This is the only alarm I need I use everyday best app I ever got!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Easy to use.

    by Norman Stokes

    It is very easy to use. It is better than I standards Alarm clock. I like how you can use it as a night light.

  • Great. Just great

    by BCCajun

    Looks like an alarm should look. Love the dimming function by sliding along the edge of the screen.

  • Good app.

    by WW Music

    This app was easy to setup and use.

  • Great

    by Kita Raptor

    Love choosing music. A little delay when choosing screen brightness. Overall nothing too bad to complain about.

  • Clock

    by Guana€o

    Great app!!!!!

  • Works

    by mcm4ss

    Why is it so boring? But it works

  • Alarm Clock 4 Review

    by Tpr775

    Great App that has good features. Look no more, this has everything you would need!

  • iPhone 4S

    by Rbc@nt

    So far no issues seems to work great!

  • Good app

    by Green Wump

    This is a good app it woke me up on time and you can turn the brightness on it down so u don't get woken up before hand, or there is a nightlight. The only thing is check the volume on the app it is different then your volume!!

  • I appreciate it

    by debbiebigd

    Thank you

  • Easy and clean

    by capt.stinky2

    Ease too use, only problem is the music timer starts playing music automatically not when goes off

  • Great

    by Lafeverfever

    Great app use it every day

  • Really works

    by Barbarian babe

    This app works really well and wakes me up I love how easy it is to use and I love how it shows whether also thank you-xoxoxo

  • It works Great!!!

    by Jacob the best!!!!

    I do recommend this app with all of the settings! It's Amazing!!!

  • Great alarm clock. I like it. Thank you.

    by Eric (Arizona)

    This is a great alarm clock. I like it. Thank you for your good work.

  • Amazing

    by Katniss everdeen 1

    I just got I and it's pretty cool so far


    by Ryleeturner

    It's perfect for me I'm a heavy sleeper and It has the perfect alarm for me

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