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Bug Fixes
Missing cursor in some input text fields
Notes Text not saving.

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The ALPA Part 117 Flight Time Duty Time calculator assists pilots in determining their rest period, max duty day and max flight time based on individual criteria entered by the pilot. The App also includes the FAR Part 117 Regulation and ALPA’s Part 117 Guide.

Previous Versions

*Bug fix affecting iOS5 users, setting the timezone fields has no effect.

* Added FDP End time picker to all operation types regardless of flight segment count.
* Added Flight Segment Start date and time zone when displaying Flight Segment information in the Flight Time Limit Screen.

Bugs Squished
* Problem calculating Flight Segment duration while crossing international dateline when using local block times.
* Intermittent Problem when setting flight segment start and end dates accurately when start time is before 0000 and end time is after 0000.
* Last 672 hours & of 100 hours returning a negative value when only part of the flight segment is within range.
* Cumulative screen not updating time when app is resumed from background.
* Accuracy was off by indeterminate amount of seconds when calculating cumulative limitations.

Squashed Bugs
* Incorrect data returned for Augmented - Augmented Reserve with a report 1300 - 1659 for a three pilot crew and rest class of 2.
*Flight hours at a future date where being counted in the cumulative section.
*Fixed Export button not functioning.

*Capability to edit concluded Flight Duty Periods and Flight Segments.
*Check possible FDP limits with out initiating a FDP.
*Enter time zone offset for flight segments.
*Setting added to always use ZULU time values for Flight Segments instead of time zone offset.
*Updated Airport database location service to include international airports & airport time zone zulu offset.
*Automatically select block in and block out time zones based on the airport time zone offset.
*Capability to enter a note and flag FDP's as extended.
*Notifies user if the last arrival point is more than 60° longitude from current location when calculating new FDP, when location services is enabled.
*Allow reserve operation to conclude FDP's without Flight Segments when on airport standby and without an assignment.
*Auto fills city pair info when possible.
*ALPA FTDT Guide auto updates when a revision is published.
*Fixed problem when migrating data from local storage to iCloud storage.

*Updated FAR 117 Language to reflect Nov 19th 2013 FAA update.
*Updated ALPA Part 117 Guide to Edition 2
*Fixed cumulative calculation bug

* iOS 5 compatibility

Customer Reviews

  • Has potential

    by patc737

    Gonna be a helpful app once we learn & get used to it. As with a lot of other techno-wizardry, the designers could do a much better job with directions for the idiots among us! Thorough, detailed instructions would shallow out the learning curve and alleviate a great deal of frustration.

  • Glad I hit the "Update" button

    by 737JT

    Guys... I was initially as frustrated as you were with the initial app, lacking the ability to log flight time in Zulu and not being able to anchor a base time zone - the whole idea behind 117. It was a very confusing app with good potential. However, the latest update has drastically improved this app, allowing for pilots to set a base time zone and log in Zulu (changes made under Settings). This equates to less math conversion and less confusion overall. Also, I was glad to see that my previous flight data was saved when I updated the app - good tutorial as well (bottom right). Also liked the added ability to edit past entries - much more flexibility this time around. Glad I hit the "update" button!

  • Needs a lot of improvement

    by SeaWolf20

    Took a long time to figure out how to make it reflect accurate information. Info is basic and unclear. FAR info is adequate. The real issue is you have to convert all block times to the time zone you start the FDP that day. This is really not user friendly, especially when landing in multiple time zones. Either allow a leg to leg UTC conversion or better yet allow all entries to be made in UTC, like we do on everything else. No way to reflect legal 30 min FDP extensions without getting a violation message.

  • still crashes when it open

    by User new432

    not usable crashes as soon as it opens on IOS 7.04 on iPhone 4. Still not fixed. this is the third consecutive update that crashes. how about you people fix it. Is anybody listening?

  • Awful

    by Kevin NJ

    Crashes immediately on startup. Nice job ALPA!

  • Updates erase all previous data

    by Cheaterme

    Twice now when I've updated the app, it erased all the data I had previously input. It takes too much time to use.

  • Pilot

    by DPApilot

    Needs Deadhead input to accurately show FDP

  • Terrible, doesn't even open now

    by Sir Q.

    Latest update just gets stuck at "loading iCloud storage....." And then closes. So completely unusable. All my other apps operate properly,

  • UAL to decertify

    by Decertify ALPA

    Yet another fine job by ALPA. This app stinks!!

  • Poor

    by Bart niet blij

    Working with it for a week now, but have been unable to make it work

  • Back up

    by 11Jake

    It would be great if we could back up our data in the event of the systems crash. One of your latest updates cost me 2 1/2 months worth of data that I had to reenter. Other than that, I believe the app has great potential.

  • Not intuitive at all.

    by Hdveuzb

    Time zone entry and correction a real pain. Zulu - really?

  • Needs a lot of work to be a good app!

    by yoflyboy

    This app needs a ton of work before it becomes worthwhile. Way too much mental gymnastics are required to determine where you are "acclimated" to. The app should figure that out based on your inputs of location and local times of on duty, block out and block in. Plus, there is no way to account for any deadhead time because you can't input duty time without adding a flying segment. Don't rely on this app to keep you legal.

  • Fix Split Duty!

    by Pt3erodactyl

    Split duty incorrectly requires rest between 2200-0500 when it should be 0200-0500. We cannot accurately calculate duty times for standups outside of table B without this fixed!

  • Data keeps getting lost

    by Jet757

    So I type all my info into this program a SECOND time and it seems to be working and then the next day the info is missing and/or not correctly totaling. This program has great potential but it is difficult to use and the loss of data is lousy.

  • Worst app maid by the worst union.

    by Philbert81

    Why would we expect a union that gives eagle management such horrible concession to make a good app.

  • Crap

    by Jflyer

    Gives erroneous warnings that I have exceeded FDP and I had only been on duty 5 hours. Crashes. Don't waste time inputing flight data because it will disappear.

  • Deletes all data

    by FLBusdrvr

    Have reloaded a months worth of flights only to lose all data twice. Useless right now.

  • Crashed, data wiped

    by NKS ORD

    A little clunky (kinda like 117). Had it going good there 'til today when I launched to find all previous data dumped.

  • Needs improvement.

    by Cwhcfi

    Constantly dumps data. Does not offer the ability to go back and edit times.

  • Work in Progress

    by JetJock_FL

    The App has improved but is still unusable for line operations. Missing: 1) I can't add RAP only duty periods. You have to be able to track your RAPS for 30 hour lookback requirements. 2) Can't designate a leg as Deadhead only. 3) App doesn't handle Diversions well. If you divert and subsequently go into rest then the diversion leg back to the original destination has been moved to the next FDP how do you account for that? Is it a leg for Table B? Does the App know? Just a few of the problems.

  • Captain

    by Upperwinds

    Look elsewhere; every other app out there has to be better than this one! Split duty area does not work at all. The app will not let you enter rest periods that do not start and end on the hour, the app also says you have exceeded you flight duty limits after the first segment in the split duty. The entries for the app are NOT user friendly and the tutorial does not even talk about the split duty area; they obviously do not know what they are doing.


    by JR 711

    This app is unusable. App crashes every time I open it. I love the concept... there is a large demand for this app. ALPA please fix!!!! Version 1.3 iOS 7.0.2

  • Data resets

    by F16Lambo

    App appears to calculate correctly, but data resets to default values when closed and re-opened. The iTunes file sharing option is broken on the iPad mini with iOS 7.04, please fix.

  • Can't even seem to write a review on this app

    by Hhskfodb

    Erased all data on a revision that did/does not work......Why can Zulu times not be used for everything, since they are the same time everywhere. All my other apps save the history/data, even candy Crush..... What a joke

  • Crashes

    by Cat5alan

    Crashes..won't even open!! Tried deleting and re-installing several times. I have an iPhone 5 with ios 7. Can't wait for APDL!!

  • Crashes and Deletes Data

    by Airsense00

    Nice try but app will delete your data randomly. Is crashing a lot too.

  • 117 app no help

    by Tired pilot

    Would have been a nice app if it worked. Calculator wont give correct flt time when switching time zones. Not easy to figure out how to use.

  • Crashes constantly

    by DadRockz

    Crashes every time I open it.

  • Erased all prior entries

    by Capt Pops

    When updated latest revision all prior trips erased. Settings for time zone and Zulu is under device settings, not on app.

  • Hhhggf

    by 6532689764235

    Worse than worthless. Deletes all previous data every time app is reopened.

  • Not usable

    by sugarnuts

    Crashes when you try to do anything

  • Did United's IT department develop this app?

    by CaptainOver

    App worked on the fourth. I did the update after my trip and now it crashes every time I open it. Thanks provider of the world's most expensive magazine subscription.

  • Unusable

    by R. M.

    App crashes every time I open it!

  • Erased a month's entries

    by Amigammon

    Wait until at least a 4 star average rating until you waste your time with this app.

  • Crashes constantly

    by txcrj

    This app crashes very often on my iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4.

  • Far 117

    by Mark Cavalieri

    Version: 1.3 Can't find where to set default time zone offset . Still don't understand what offset to use, I'm based in DTW, do I use 0, or do I use -5 for standard time/-4 for daylight time, ie Zulu time, what if I'm on day 2 starting in LAX This app is an ALPA joke unless someone can tell me how to use the time zone offset. Sent from my iPhone

  • Needs work, not intuitive

    by Cap' n

    Not intuitive enough. Doesn't flow well.

  • Jim Carter

    by Cubflyer1

    Cumbersome to use, needs ability to import schedule.

  • Useless with current bugs

    by N7033E

    Report before midnight, block out after, yields a negative FDP time. To update from scheduled to actual, you must delete and re-enter everything instead of just updating actual times.

  • Junk

    by WWmber

    Just crashes

  • Union dues not well spent

    by Airbus320pilot

    When entering flight segments you have to enter your block times in the format of the zone you started. You can't use Zulu as that would skew your info on what your max FDP for that day would be, ie imputing 2200z as a report time in LA will limit you to 11hrs for a FDP with one segment rather than 12hr for a 2pm report. Why is it not possible to use just Zulu time, or state I flew BOS-LAX and have the app calculate the correct flight time using local time at the stations. And get rid of the "slot machine screen" to set times. Use a keyboard!

  • Fly Much?

    by thompson411

    For an Intn'l guy(the designer) it's fine, but for domestic it's pretty bad. -This app should download my schedule automatically -It shows I have exceeded time when no times have been added .I should be able to pre load schedule, without times and not have the exceeded time message come up. -I should be able to set an aircraft without reloading every time. Another function that was set up for Intn'l and not domestic. -I shouldn't have to delete STX every time. This APP should have been coordinated with the company and/or icrew mobile in order to be truly functional. As it stands, this APP is not useful for tracking your limits for a day, which is the one function that it absolutely must do correctly.

  • Wow, this app was not designed by a crew member!!!

    by Delta Sky King

    First of all - get rid of the freaking rolling wheels to enter block times!!! Give us a simple keyboard with a “next” key to go from entry field to entry field. Get rid of the default “STX” airport in the departure airport field! Can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to erase something before entering the airport I.D. Next, if this app is going to survive, you’ve got to implement a way that we can edit legs flown after they are saved for a flight duty period. Otherwise, how can you project if the time flown so far will conflict with your next projected flights? Someone really didn’t think this through. Next, when all flight legs are entered for a FDP they are displayed in reverse order, as in the last flight first. My suggestion is to have them displayed in chronological order. I like others echo my disappointment with this app - we’ve known about these changes for so long and this is the best ALPA can do? Next to be fixed fast, or I won’t hesitate to delete it.

  • Horrible App!

    by TurnHeading360

    Very confusing to use, and numerous bugs!

  • Pretty icons but long way to go

    by tbarn

    Virtually unusable. Needs to show tables and rules more clearly with regards to input data. Otherwise it's just worthless numbers

  • Needs lots of work

    by MSP local

    A good start but not developed by someone who flies a full schedule. Needs streamlining and ease of use improvements. Importing your trip from iCrew would be good feature to mitigate excessive typing. Needs a 10hr rest lookback calculation. Very close to deleting app if next update is not a substantial improvement.

  • Why need internet connection?

    by Chaz3@33

    If your logged out and don't have internet access then then it's worthless. We need a stand alone app that does not require internet access in order to use. That should not be a problem, unless of course this is simply a piece of ALPA propaganda.

  • No ALPA no work

    by RussWardle

    You have to be part of the ALPA union to log in and use the program. Useless otherwise.

  • 117calculator

    by Kkesp

    Off to a good start, I find the calculator easy to use and understand, I would however suggest in future updates that it remembers where I start and inputs that time zone when I conclude my duty period. Sometimes I have four flight segments that are in and out of three time zones and conclude in a fourth. It would be nice not to have to remember which one I started in. Also an "earliest report time" so when I conclude my duty period I can see at that time when the earliest I could report the next duty period and compare with my scheduled report.

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