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Updated Red Flag display; Searching improvements; General bug fixes.

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** FOR SCHOOL-DISTRCT PERSONNEL ONLY! ** This app is not intended for the general public, and cannot be used to check student information by anyone other than school-district personnel.

Aeries EMT (Emergency Management Tool) provides remote access to student information contained in the Aeries Student Information System. This application is designed to interface with AeriesCS (SQL Server based version only).

Aeries EMT provides school-site personnel access to basic student, contact, discipline, medical, class and attendance information. This is useful during emergency situations where access to a computer is not available.

** Please contact Eagle Software ( if you are a school district that would like to use Aeries EMT. This application requires additional components to be installed before use. **

For Demo Access, simply start the application and login using the user name and password "demo".

The initial download of data may take a few minutes in certain cases, but subsequent access should be faster as certain data is cached for overall application performance and the use in a disconnected environment.

Customer Reviews

  • Important Info

    by Coach v physics

    I asked my district person why this app doesn't work. Said that this is an added feature and they did not opt to pay for it. This may explain why everyone is having trouble

  • Great addition!!!

    by Febwaterbearer

    This app is a great addition to an already great software. Who else offers an app for a software such as this?! By far better SIS than other schools I've been at.

  • Aeries Mobile is Great

    by qcomer

    @ Green Roger - Please remember that this must be setup and configured by your district. Aeries Mobile comes with a sample database when you download it from the iTunes Stores but to use it with your district the district must have Aeries Mobile for iDevices setup and configured. This product is still in beta by Aeries so chances are your district does not have it installed or setup. Even when it is available it is an additional cost so not all district will necessarily purchase it. Check with your district.

  • 

    by znunez

    Bull i rate this 5 stars bcs I feel sirry for this app 

  • Stupid

    by torchwood11

    This app doesnt do didly squat it doesnt work! Speaking for a student cause!

  • Disappointed

    by Christine Graham

    I was really excited to see an app for aeries...only to read its for personnel only. They should really make one for students.

  • Shame Shame Shame

    by Tytrgt

    It doesn't even support minimal thing at all. What use of this app is ?

  • Not Applicable

    by Pia Louise Salcedo

    People! It says FOR SCHOOL DISTRICT PERSONNEL ONLY in the description! Unfortunately that means parents and students cannot access it. I say they should make another app so people who actually want to access the site can.

  • Fail!!!!

    by HDtran


  • App doesn't work AT ALL!!

    by aforaustin

    I was super excited to see that Aeries was accessible from my iPhone but it isn't! I know my login information is correct but for some reason it's wrong on the mobile app. This NEEDS to be fixed!!

  • Disappointed It Doesn't Work!

    by Tiffnic7

    I just was talking with another parent that Aeries should have an app I just noticed they did and got excited. However once I downloaded it my login doesn't work. I notice after reading other reviews everyone else is having the same problem. Very disappointing I wish that they would fix it, would be great to have!

  • ?????

    by Erinshopper

    Opened the app, went to you site, and still so confused? Why doesn't my log in I've been using for 3 years now work? I've been waiting for an app to keep tabs on my kids grades. This is disappointing. Is there a step I'm missing?

  • You puting app on the iTunes Store which are not working?

    by Uily


  • by Kouroshfar

    Stupidest app ever. Why would we pay if we can just use the Internet for free. I got so happy when I saw this but then I found out its really stupid. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bad app

    by IsaacCastrooooo

    Whenever I try logging into my account it pulls up this school called Screaming Eagle High School and there is no other options and it is not my school.

  • Lame.

    by Jack-bill-bob

    That's all there is to say.



    This app has been out for a while now and it still does not work! Fix it already!

  • I wish it worked

    by Bbbbbooooooooooooo

    Everytime i tried to log in, it would either crash or tell me my time ran out. I was so happy when i found this, but now im telling you not to but this or to waste your time!!

  • Boo

    by ijayybee

    Why should my school have to pay a fee on top of what they are already paying?

  • Heh

    by Leslie Von Wiesenberger

    If I went to that eagle school that'd be the best app for me but I don't... I doubt anyone who has an iPhone does

  • Useless

    by Roger, Gone Green

    Does not work with my school site . Too bad, as I use an iPod for daily attendance. Currently I have a bookmark with the primary login page for my site. That works ok once you get used to enlarging and shrinking the browser. This app is pointless.

  • Worst app ever

    by Diane Diaz

    Worst thing I have ever wasted no money on. 

  • It's Not Free

    by Perez Studios

    We went to use this in our school district and after we installed the app and then went to try the program with our school's data we kept getting the run around from Aeries. I kept putting in calls so that we could actually get it implemented. They wouldnt return my calls. Finally, my boss asked them about the solution and it turns out you have to pay money to install the feature on your Student Information Server. Not cool for saying its free! They should mention that you have to buy the $1000's of dollar software on your SIS before you can actually use it.

  • Not good

    by Pueblo knows

    Only one school to view not very good

  • Really?

    by Cleatus7ate9

    I logged in to Aeries using my username and password, and I also logged in using the Demo account Same thing I then logged on using username "g" and password "g" and I got the same thing, too. Also, takes too long to load and can only view Screaming Eagle High School. 1*

  • Takes too long

    by Chunkster15243

    Takes to long

  • You can tell Eagle Soft wrote this app

    by EclipseEmpire

    This falls in line with Eagle Software. Very buggy, items take forever to load (using the demo account). I can't see myself using this app , would take too long. Defiantly try this app using the demo account before making any changes to your real database.

  • by Game Killa


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