Adobe Edge Inspect CC Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: Adobe
  • Updated: Feb, 14 2012
  • Version: 1.0.441
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Languages: English, French, Japanese

Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc.

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Adobe Edge Inspect is for web designers and developers who are targeting mobile browsers. After installing Edge Inspect on your computer, you’ll be able to pair your devices, have them browse in sync with your computer, and perform remote inspection and debugging so you can see HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes instantly on your device.


* Wirelessly pair your iOS devices to your computer
* Synchronously browse with your computer
* Target a device for debugging, select an element in the DOM, then:
** Make changes to your HTML markup
** Tweak your CSS rules
** See changes instantly, on your device
* Take screenshots of devices, saved on your computer
* JS Bin integration
* Clear the cache on your devices and refresh the page
* localhost,, and machine.local support
* HTTP authentication support
* HTTPS/SSL support

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Customer Reviews

  • Upside Down (180˚ rotation) support please

    by cborgia

    I’m a CC subscriber, and use Edge Inspect on 5+ devices at a time. Works as intended, one gripe: Does not allow you to rotate your device 180˚, which makes no sense to me. I rotate my iPad 180 so the charging port is on top. The debs just have to allow it to. Please do.

  • Extremely useful app!

    by Ratyrell

    Most important, this app lives up to the hype. Once it is installed, the user is able to connect to mobile devices on the same network, push we pages to the devices and take screen shots. Unfortunately, Adobe simply does a poor job of getting you started. The key is that this all comes together through a Google Chrome extension. While Adobe clearly states this, if you are not familiar with Chrome extension, after firing up the Edge Inspector and the opening the app on all devices, you may find yourself scratching your head and asking, "What come next?" 1) Open a chrome browser, and click the drop down me use to the right of the address field. The Edge Inspector is located here. Select it and enter the pass code provided in the mobile app. You are in business.

  • Works perfectly

    by gw5815

    Works perfectly in all of my projects. The screen grab feature is awesome.

  • Good viewer

    by royalsmartperson

    Works well. Requires cloud, but not paid version, free version of cloud is all you need. Would be nice if direct rather than needing chrome extension. But not a deal breaker.

  • Huge time saver!

    by Tytech V

    I use it daily in my web work

  • Fast, Clean, But won't work with local pages,

    by Vosvilsta

    This is a great app, as it is fast, nice and clean, but it will not work with local files.

  • Works great...has saved my butt!

    by Gdwiz

    Awesome for mobile dev

  • Does exactly what it's supposed to

    by zaidhaque

    Great app! Does exactly what it says - shows you how your web page will look on different devices. Only thing you need to keep in mind is that the app can only load pages that are stored online, not on your computer. And you need to download the shadow application on your computer *and* the chrome extension.

  • Useful, fun and close to perfect

    by JizzleJ

    Indispensable tool for designers and web developers alike. Only real issue seems to be with JavaScript based frameworks or any other custom scrolling mechanic. If it could somehow track that scrolling too- it'd be completely perfect. All in all, Adobe brought a gem out for anyone that finds themselves having to debug 10+ different device OS's. A+

  • Extremely useful for web testing

    by Ashlimarie Dong

    This app is a dream come true for web developers testing websites cross-platform! Instead of manually configuring each device you want to test on, Adobe Shadow makes the process efficient by showing whatever your viewing on your computer to all your devices running this app. Some highlights: - supports localhost (use your IP instead of "localhost") - devices do NOT need to be connected to your computer for it to work - debugging tool to check out why your code is faulty on device X

  • Fantastic! with one bug

    by Devin Dombrowski

    This is a fantastic app that will make debugging the mobile experience so much easier. The only "bug" that I have come across so far is that once you have navigated into a secured area on the computers browser the mobile browser can't follow you. This is sensible for security reasons but annoying. You can of course log in to the secure site on the mobile devise to get around this.

  • Surprisingly good

    by Quality reviewer

    Things I like: * If a webpage supports both a desktop view and a mobile view (however that is accomplished), this app does a good job of supporting that. * If you have multiple devices and have to manually refresh all of them when testing out new pages, this app will help you accomplish that with ease and refresh them all automatically. * They incorporate weinre support so you can remotely debug code on your mobile devices. Feature requests: * They eventually promise localhost support…. hopefully sooner rather than later. * Sometimes for whatever reason, the app will not render as up to date as mobile safari will (like if I change the css, not all the time but sometime randomly the page won't reflect the current css). * More devices. Would like to see the Kindle Fire and / or other mainstream devices supported.

  • Wonderful!

    by TooSikWiTIt

    Designing responsive site has gotten sooo much easier with this tool. Love it!

  • Amazing

    by AaronLH

    This thing is fantastic, makes testing multiple-target, web application functionality and compatibility much easier when you are targeting multiple devices and device classes. Would love to see a Safari extension on the desktop so it isn't totally tied to Chrome.

  • Great Concept but Keeps Crashing

    by jogjayr

    The pluses: 1. Makes Weinre setup a breeze. No need to include scripts or anything. Very painless 2. Attractive interface Minus: Crashes repeatedly on iPod Touch, so I haven't been able to get any real work done

  • Adobe has filled a big gap in mobile web development

    by stonehippoisme

    Adobe Shadow is an excellent tool in you at a mobile web developer. The combination of a simple remote driver for multiple devices with the Weinre remote console is a winner.

  • Houston, we have a game changer

    by CujoJpN

    For an initial release, this is simply stunning. Couldn't have found a more useful mobile debugging tool.

  • Simply fabulous for mobile web app developers

    by Cloudwhale

    Wow! It was so easy to setup and get my iPhone synced up with the Chrome browser on my PC.

  • Amazing!

    by Firesketch

    Exactly what I've been waiting for! Thanks! :)

  • Recommend!

    by @fliptheweb

    Awesome app for fast mobile site developing. I hope future version will support "hot" debugging from dev tools, firebug etc

  • Doesn't work

    by Jingle Himer

    Adobe has permeated it's spot in the market, that the company feels it doesn't need to produce a quality mobile product. I know it's a work in progress with edge tools and friends, but come on. Adapt or die Adobe...

  • Fogware

    by xcskitrekker

    Murky instructions, reliance on dead end forum threads, buggy app. I get white mobile screens, connections that hang and no Chrome previews of the code I wrote in Sublime Text 2. More frustrating because, back a few years, when it was called Shadow, I used it often.

  • Vaporware

    by danisaacstron

    If this is the best Adobe can do... This is yet another example of what happens when a company's marketing department becomes bigger than it's engineering department. Install the iOS app, Win App, Chrome Extension, local testing web server, etc all so I can click the refresh button on my computer... Is this a joke?? Please tell me I'm missing something amazing...

  • Not working

    by Quercusv

    After much fidgeting I was able to to a sample working that was included with edge code. But, I'm not able to get my project to display in connected devices. All I get is a white screen. Very disappointing. Otherwise the edge tools are nice to work with.

  • Just another buggy Adobe app

    by Smosh That

    This is just another in a long list of buggy, under supported, over priced Adobe products. It was great for the first few iterations when it worked consistently but Adobe made it as buggy and bloated as the rest of their products. I'd recommend finding another way to test your sites on your mobile devices.

  • Inspect what exactly?

    by djmtype

    This use to work. So, I decided to troubleshoot, start fresh and removed Inspect on all iOS devices as well as the Chrome extension. It fails to see any iOS device on my network. Chrome extension seems defunct, too.

  • HA!

    by unfunny_nickname

    funny that I thought this would be free service. Joke's on me. This app only lets you link ONE mobile device to your computer unless you upgrade to a paid creative cloud service or upgrade this app itself (which is basically ten bucks a month in the USA). Only being able to link one mobile device is pretty much useless and defeats the point of the app, so I guess this is actually a paid app. I would maybe (MAYBE) pay $10 ONCE for this app, but $10 a month? No way!

  • Worthless

    by Veraxus

    The app doesn't work at all with local development sites that use the .dev TLD postfix (a necessity on Mac sine Bonjour causes .local to perform horribly). This is just another example of how out-of-touch Adobe is with creative professions of all varieties.

  • This "utility" is worthless

    by Jasonsee

    There are better debugging tools bundled with Mountain Lion Safari and iOS 6 than this has to offer. Plus the need to have it linked to your Adobe account is a sham. This is not a time saver at all.

  • Why?

    by iPodian

    I'll have to agree with the guy from the first post. There are many developers out there that have free products and offer great service. Those are the people who deserve getting donations or payment for their products. Just when you think Adobe is doing something cool, they cripple the product to work on a single device unless you pay. What good is that? After I raved about Shadow to my coworkers, I can't say I'll do the same for this. So sad!

  • Adobe Shadow now Inspect better called Adobe Abandonment

    by DrBermant

    Warning Only permitted to install on one device unless you pay for Cloud. Great scam using phrase Devices without warning about additional costs. Once called Adobe Shadow, now called Inspect. True name should be Adobe Abandonment. Truly Adobe is only a shadow of the company that stimulated me with their PostScript and a desktop revolution decades ago. Be careful to inspect Adobe motives before wasting your time too. Again Adobe screws their loyal users. They just moved the parent download application to the cloud. If you have bought and purchased their Adobe Creative Suite and do not want nor use the Cloud product, you are out on your own again. Adobe, you bought Macromedia and made it a monopoly company controlling the industry. Then you try to force your loyal users into a more expensive Cloud solution that they do not want. I for one will not. Use at your own risk. It was buggy and poor to use to begin with. They do not even have an uninstaller for the computer version. What a mess. Do not get involved. I have deleted my versions, but had to do it manually from Chrome (would only run there not other browsers), then Applications, then iTunes Store, then iPad, iPhones. Certainly did not get any real use out of this "trial" product. Not sure if they DID offer a version for their users who paid for the computer versions of their suite from the beginning of when Adobe first started, if I would waste my time again to look at this mess. How did Adobe reward their testers? Abandonment: pay us more we are greedy and do not want to make you productive or work outside ourselves, the iPhone iPad modules need the missing component Adobe removed for those not willing to cough up more beyond the fees for their biggest creative packages. What happened to the company? I do not know. This product is for those willing to be abused. Try at your own risk if even works. I can't tell, they left me behind.

  • Terrible

    by AlyssaZ123

    Does not let me use it

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