80,000+ Wallpapers HD Utilities App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: deng jinfeng

-change the new server,solve crash
-optimize the picture load
-add categories

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More than 80,000+ HD Wallpapers For you!

Regular online updates!!

Dozens of categories, more than 80,000 iPhone / iPad Touch wallpapers(HD). Produced by a professional team, regularly updated! With it, you can always find your favorite wallpapers.

* Sex Stunner
* Funny
* Animation
* 640x960 (Retina)
* Icon Skin
* Shelf Skin
* 3D
* Fighter
* Mysterious Universe
* Car World
* Girl
* Ocean Wizard
* Enjoy Holiday
* Q Race
* Cool Gun
* Christmas
* Animal-Reptile
* Conland
* Animal-Mammal
* Nice Sea
* Insect
* Travel
* Animal-Fly
* Beautiful scenery
* Abstract
* Vector Illustration
* Creative Design
* Fireworks
* Non-mainstream
* Cute beauty
* Blessing
* Hot
* Animal
* Hand-painted
* Waterfall
* Fashion
* Constellation
* Warship
* Create
* Chariot
* Art
* Landscape
* Plant
* Game
* Abstract
* Music
* Nature
* Basketball
* Individuality
* FootBall

And so on update online...

We will regular updates. We continue to add more beautiful pictures for you, hope you like it.

Waiting for?
Enjoy it ~ ~ ~

Customer Reviews

  • So nice!

    by walk-man

    I look very nice, the wallpapers are beautiful!

  • Worth!

    by appliker88

    So many pictures,worth!

  • OW! So many images

    by greateLive

    It is so many images, I like animals, it is very beautiful!

  • Awesome!

    by James.tang

    Awesome, there are so many beautiful wallpapers. Only 0.99,Well worth!!!

  • Wow

    by CatonMR

    You really need to fix this. Your app never works. Can't understand how you could sell something if it never works!

  • Blows!

    by Gideey

    I bought this and it sucked! I went to app support and it is in a different language without the option of English. When you download this app, it will flash and then turn off! What a waste of time and money!!

  • Worst App Ever!!

    by AlyssaLovesIt

    This app crashes every time I open it! It's a total waste of money! Ugh! Don't buy it! It's not worth it!

  • worst ever!!

    by beeeachbum19

    awful app! crashes every time you open it. waste of money! don't download! I wish I had read the reviews before I downloaded it!

  • Want my money back!!

    by davidbell31

    What kind of bs operation are you running here? It won't even load, it's a crasher. This is garbage, I want my dough back!!!


    by Tonio88

    Waste of money the other users are not just complaining about spending money but this app actually doesn't work.. I wish I didn't have to give a star.

  • JUNK

    by kenneth farr

    Doesn't work. Don't buy I want my money back too.

  • Don't waste the money

    by Lllllaaaaahhhhhh

    This app doesn't even load so I wouldn't know about any of the pictures and how good they are This app is horrible do not buy it

  • Do not buy

    by Kikilamm

    DO NOT buy this, biggest waste of money. There is barely anything on it and only a few categories. The free one actually has more.


    by Drew1266

    Nowhere near 80,000 wallpapers! Barely any categories. The app description lies. I want my money back

  • Don't buy

    by Garrett211093

    Total rip off want my money back

  • wont load

    by <3Tara<3

    Wont load the free one has probably same pics

  • Don't bother

    by Beighley

    While the pictures are beautiful, this app keeps crashing. Not worth the money.

  • I should have known

    by Madfu

    I'm not sure where they came up with 80000, but not even close. Maybe they meant 800+. That would be much closer to the truth. I have a couple of free wallpaper apps that are way better. Not even one star

  • I got robbed!

    by Gerald Shaon

    As other posted in here. There are not all the wallpaper as they offer. I want my money back. ITunes needs to check first the application so costumer can trust it and we don't get rob neither believing that apple is part of this.

  • Dont buy

    by daniel Clites-Cartagena

    There are only 1600 or so no where near 80,000

  • Give me my money back

    by Geraszombie

    This Is not good is a pice sh...

  • Rip off!

    by Clj3861

    Only has a few catagories

  • Misleading

    by rickylopez

    There is no 80000 pictures and the categories are much fewer that announced. False advertising! Doesn't deserve one star...

  • I want my money back!!!

    by HaPpY.yAnYaN

    Nothing special, the other free retina wallpaper apps are much better than this. 80,000+ wallpapers? Not even close. Doesn't worth buying it. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!

  • Did they upload the wrong app?

    by HappyCamper2

    80,000 photos? HD? Large category selection?? Not even close! Why does Apple allow something like this into the app store? There are only 11 categories with a little over 1100 objects at most. I say objects because a great many of them are cartoon drawings or line art. And none of the photos I looked at rate as HD! I doubt a return of my money is an option. But I hate being ripped off so I will be reporting this one to Apple. Apps like this should not be available for any more than free  One star is one star too many.

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