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Seller: VersaEdge Software, LLC

• Completely Redesigned for iOS 7
• Added Support for Dynamic Text Sizes (iOS 7 only)
• Added Search
• Added iPhone Landscape Support
• Added Select Favorites Editor
• Removed iOS 5 Support
• Updated Information

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Attraction wait times for Disneyland Park and California Adventure.

• Ride wait times viewable by park, GPS, search or your favorites
• See recent times submitted for each ride
• Submit a ride wait time if you are in the park
• Displayed times are based on app user submitted times
• Free app updates to get new data and new features
• Works with VoiceOver Accessibility for the blind

The paid version without ads has more viewable space.

Customer Reviews

  • Must have app!

    by Boyyyyyysysyysy

    This app is great for going in to the parks. It is so simple, but very accurate, so it doesn't take away from the experience. I just wish it had park hours on it too.

  • Awesome app

    by Fit Dude

    Nuff said

  • Great app!!

    by Unique602

    Love being able to plan our day by looking at the wait times. Pretty accurate too!

  • Fantasmic☀️

    by Madelyn7201


  • Don't go to the park without it!

    by QueenCoyote

    I love this app!

  • Simple and Effective

    by TX Joe

    Just used on very recent trip. Super simple and great way to know where to go in the park to avoid long waits and know when rides are broken down.

  • A great tool.

    by Enjayjo

    I loved this app. Efficient and effective. I did download another wait time app to cross check the times. Between this one and the other one, the times were really accurate. This app was the best laid out and most easy to navigate without a bunch of $$ added on features to get the job done.

  • Does what it's supposed to!

    by P90X user

    Times are updated by other Disney-goers. It'd be cool if they did fast pass times too

  • Best thing on my phone.

    by Pyrokaji

    I check this app at work and I live in Utah. Highly useful in the parks!!

  • Pimpn

    by Kidd1121

    Very accurate as to what the real wait times are. I don't know how they track it and update them but the creators did. Thank you

  • Very useful!

    by Superskipppy

    This app made it very easy for me to quickly browse wait times so I could plan my day more efficiently and in the moment. Instead of walking to a ride to see how long the wait was, I just scrolled through the app to find out instantly.

  • Really useful

    by sydney Love

    This is the second trip to Disneyland that I've used this app, and I will keep on using it! It's usually off by 5 or 10 minutes, which is fine. The more people who use it, the more accurate it will be.

  • Great app!!

    by Zzzzxzxxxx34554688533

    Very accurate, made the Disney trip easier to plan with the correct wait times!! Download it and take advantage of the app!!

  • Really useful

    by Scoop776

    No one can go to Disney without this app. It was really useful during our last trip. A great addition would be to provide analytics on top of the wait time data to show trends for wait times during the year. Then you could decide on the best time to go to avoid the crowds.

  • Great app!!

    by Personwithaniphone

    Serves it's purpose, comes in handy when trying to strategize which ride to go to next. Also is great to have after visiting to catch a glimpse when to plan the next trip! The only thing I'd change would be if they could say why the ride is closed.

  • So helpful!!!

    by EBA25

    Fantastic App! So helpful!

  • Disneyland

    by Disneygirl1235

    Very convenient.

  • Simple and works well

    by Terpojet84

    Gets the job done.

  • Update rocks!

    by achrisnaples

    The most recent iOS 7 update for this app is great! Love the new GUI!

  • Slow to update

    by Greneyegirl

    I was excited to finally find this app to be disappointed on the sloooow updates. I'm some instances it didn't update for 45 minutes. It help but for me it wasn't great ;(

  • Not accurate!

    by WaitingCauseThisAppLies

    Times are falsified. One ride said 15 minutes. We stood there 70+ Other rides said 120+ and were actually about 60-70

  • Not accurate at all

    by Frustratedmommyo

    We spent the day at the park and not a single time the app was accurate or even close, when it said 25 min sometimes it was 65.

  • A huge help

    by Rsrchgal

    Made the visit really good. We could organize better and see how wait times were changing on the fly. Pretty good updates. Thanks!

  • Most accurate app

    by Egjivxdjvx

    Very accurate. Minimal ads.

  • A must-have ap for Disneyland


    This is an awesome ap. Great because it lists height requirements and you can use the near me feature to plan your next ride by proximity and wait times. Awesome that guests can update wait time for realtime info. Saved tons of time and frustration. I am not a patient person.

  • Great

    by Mud


  • Excellent

    by Abbas fave

    Can't wait to use this app next week!

  • Time saver! Accurate!

    by Lauramaep


  • Wait times

    by Neoforcedude

    This app does what it needs to do. And it does it well

  • Fair

    by Alienr7

    Very inaccurate at times

  • Great

    by Strenoman

    Times are close to perfect

  • Great App

    by AbadOhana

    As long as people report the correct wait times you will love this App. I used it all day and the wait times listed were correct!

  • Love it

    by Jmann7737


  • Super accurate

    by Dustin Diaz

    Don't go to DL without it. Wait times were spot on.

  • Good but not always accurate.

    by Caitybaby18

    The wait times aren't always correct

  • Only App I Use at Disneyland

    by RonofTroy

    Simple to use and extremely useful. A no-brainer to download.

  • Cool

    by Traci Cross

    pretty accurate times. Saves park goers a lot of walking time and helps you plan out your adventure.

  • Better than the rest

    by mickey_grana

    In my opinion this app is more easily organizable than its competitors.

  • Good app for Disneyland

    by BLDAZ

    This app is great for checking those wait times. It was always right on the money too. Another way to optimize your day

  • Awesome

    by Roger Escobedo

    Helps out a lot!

  • Accurate wait times

    by Sue Unzen

    The wait times are always accurate. Very simple and helpful. Great app!

  • Fantastic

    by Calred5x5

    I love it.

  • Very Helpful

    by BaconWalrus

    Just like this comment.

  • Good overview

    by NinersOrNothing

    As accurate as the park signs. Would be nice to have ability to input fast pass times as well.

  • The best of the bunch

    by PBongo

    I downloaded several Disney wait time apps. This was the most accurate and easiest to use.

  • Pretty accurate.

    by cdp1267

    Helped us plan our day.

  • Good app

    by Worlds234

    Poor updates, not always accurate, sometimes close to the real time but could take some improvement

  • Great

    by TTTAAYYwghdlbgd

    Really helpful and easy to access!!

  • Must have

    by redfoxrm

    We rely on this app when visiting the parks. And we use it at home to reminisce.

  • Robert C

    by Bad Action Bob

    Excellent app! Big help in planning our rides and routes. Thank you!!

  • Not accurate

    by 1/2 way mad

    I'm not sure if I got this app on an off day but none of the wait times were accurate it said Peter Pan was 25 min wait but it was 50 ...big difference

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