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Languages: English, French, German

Seller: VersaEdge Software, LLC

• Completely Redesigned for iOS 7
• Added Support for Dynamic Text Sizes (iOS 7 only)
• Added Search
• Added iPhone Landscape Support
• Added Select Favorites Editor
• Removed iOS 5 Support
• Updated Information

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“I hope the rest of you will join me in using this particular wait times app. Even the interface for inputting a recent wait time is intuitive and actually kind of fun."
- miceage.micechat.com

"It will be the most valuable of all the WDW apps. Planning ones day is the biggest challenge anyone runs into in the parks. A few missteps can waste valuable hours."
- tuaw.com

Attraction wait times for Disney World covering the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

• Ride wait times viewable by park, GPS, search or your favorites
• See recent times submitted for each ride
• Submit a ride wait time if you are in the park
• Displayed times are based on app user submitted times
• Free app updates to get new data and new features
• Works with VoiceOver Accessibility for the blind

The paid version without ads has more viewable space.

Customer Reviews

  • Not too accurate

    by Scl8712

    Relies on people to input times and then takes the average of the times inputted, so not always accurate. I wish Disney would take over this app and the workers would update it instead of people.

  • Nice supplement

    by KatwomanWA

    I used this in conjunction with the official WDW app to get a pretty good estimate of wait times. My biggest problem with this app was that when I submitted an updated time, it didn't apply it. There were rides I was waiting on for 5-10 minutes and listed time was still 30 minutes, despite submitting updated times. Otherwise, I used it to confirm the WDW listed times.

  • Great app!

    by Soccer star436

    Best app for seeing the wait times for WDW! This is the app to get!

  • Great app

    by Lovesports2

    We used this app for our recent trip to Walt Disney World. It was really helpful and the estimated wait times were correct.

  • Excellent

    by Kmaniac1954

    What else can I say.....great, useful, real-time info.

  • Handy App

    by Rigel

    Nice app to have on ur phone as you plan the day at each park.

  • Accurate and helpful

    by Adamtrix

    This is most of the time more accurate than the boards in the park and lets you plan ahead if you're going to another side of a park instead of showing up and finding out the ride is 2 hours long.

  • Great tool!

    by Shanc1985

    This app is a great tool while in the parks. It helped my family & I navigate are day based on wait times. Very simple & easy to use.

  • Fantastic app !

    by Bowen.T

    This is a great resource to have while in the parks. Accurate and easy.

  • Great app

    by Greatmnbt

    Awesome and accurate app, great for planning your trip to Disney

  • using to plan my trip

    by Dboy587

    I am taking my iPad with me to Epcot in a few days. this is a great way to let me know which rides to get the fast passes for as soon as we walk in!

  • Great ap.

    by Jaij7

    This ap served its purpose at Disney.

  • Disney wait time app

    by Cowgirl1227

    This app is awesome. Easy to click on each park and find wait times. Highly recommend it.

  • Disney wait times app review

    by Wrightcj22

    Great tool very helpful

  • Love it

    by Dodisneyswim

    Love this! Must have for Disney

  • Amazing!!

    by Hashslingingslasherr

    Works fantastically! If you see 5-10 min wait time that usually means there no wait just takes forever to walk through the line barriers!

  • Very helpful

    by Abbi in Portland

    Because theres so much walking, understanding wait times helped us plan accordingly. Don't underestimate the need to plan!

  • Works like a charm

    by Snicknoots

    Love the app! No more running around like before!

  • Really really really helpful

    by AG-gers

    It's great because u don't have to see the ride to know the wait time. Very accurate!

  • Excellent

    by TC409

    Great app and easy to use. Very accurate and great with iOS 7

  • Wrong

    by Girl u rock

    This app is almost always wrong. As in Splash Mountain could be closed, but it would say 65 minutes on it. If you want accurate wait times get the Disney App. This is just not helpful....

  • Good app!

    by LKPwine

    Accurate and easy to use. Would like to see more info for each attraction - like hours etc.

  • Great App

    by OK Keators

    This is a great app and very helpful! Thanks

  • Great!

    by OutDoorsman2

    This is a great app to have. Wait times are very accurate and it loads quicker than the Disney app.

  • Awesome

    by ShaunCoppola919

    Excellent new interface combined with outstanding new feature for ios 7! Two thumbs all the way up and five stars all day long!!

  • Great help

    by Robczy

    Great App

  • Great app


    A very helpful app while at Walt Disney World, very accurate.

  • Awesome

    by ke$ha-addict

    Yes get it

  • Reviews101

    by Panda lover 1013

    This app is great for knowing times for rides and for knowing what they look like and how close the ride is !!!!!

  • Disney wait times

    by Woopyding

    We are here now and using this regularly. Great to plan fast passes and park route.

  • Great app!

    by buckfarmdude

    Very informative and easy to use. I like it very much.

  • Works good

    by OPA fm MD

    Used this all the time we were at WDW for granddaughter's 16th birthday. Along with Fast Pass, this app saved us alot of time. A must have if you don't want to wait in line.

  • Nice app

    by MJM7963

    Easy to see, but needs everyone to update.

  • Helpful

    by 2bridges

    Great app to check waits on all attractions. Gives you an idea how crowded the park is.

  • Artist

    by Artcat22

    Love this app! It's clear, simple, and so easy to use.

  • Awesome

    by Thomas more30


  • Team leader

    by Lynn Lowther


  • Wait time notification.

    by Waterbug1970

    Great app.

  • Better than WDW app

    by saint0wen

    Although I found greater accuracy with the Universal Studios app, I still found this to be more reliable than the Disney app. Best feature is still the GPS that helps you navigate the parks.

  • Best out there

    by Douglas Burchard

    Much better than Disney's own MDE app. Intuitive, easy, responsive, works every time. A must for any WDW trip.

  • Great

    by 25th anniversary

    Helping me plan for our trip

  • Awesome app

    by Disneyfreak91

    This app is so convenient! I'm a Disney annual pass holder and it makes my trips so much better!!!

  • Most accurate wait times & GPS App!

    by James Palmer

    This was the best app I used for wait times, I tried some of the other apps but they were off by 15-30 minute updates so they were always wrong... Super simple to use and fast accurate GPS! Over all awesome! Wish it had a map or gps of all their quick service meal places etc but awesome non the less!

  • Yup

    by Crash 129

    Very helpful... Have a magical day!

  • Wait Time App

    by Newsforcats212

    LOVE IT!!

  • Inaccurate App

    by aquarias75

    Wait times are constantly wrong. The app will not update correct times when the user submits them. Poor app for planning your wait times.

  • Wdw times

    by Nicosuarz

    Muy útil, muy preciso.

  • Best of

    by GatorDan15

    I found (in almost every case) that this was the most accurate app for WDW wait times. The official wait times, which are used for the official app, are frequently off. This app simply uses user times. The interface is in no way spectacular, but that is perfectly fine by me. This app is simple, easy to navigate, and accurate. If all you need is wait times, this is the app.

  • Great app

    by Hbsvgzhs

    Helped plan our day on hot summer day.

  • Awesome

    by Awesum10

    Used it through out Disney. So great. Very accurate

  • Interesting

    by Michael Bean

    Like app. Fun to check times, even if you're not there.

  • Very helpful!

    by rcater

    So easy to use, and almost always accurate !

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