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Languages: English

Seller: VersaEdge Software, LLC

• Completely Redesigned for iOS 7
• Added iPhone Landscape Support
• Removed iOS 5 Support
• Updated Information

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Park maps with wait times, GPS, compass, zoom, search and photos make it easy to navigate the parks and find restaurants, bathrooms, and attractions.

• Guide maps for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney
• Wait Times on attraction pins
• Your GPS location and compass orientation
• Zoom in to see attractions, restaurants and bathrooms
• Zoom out to see park layout
• Search for an attraction or restaurant by name
• Select a pin for details such as photo, description and restaurant info
• No network connection required except for Wait Times data
• Free app updates to get new data and new features

The paid version without ads has more viewable space.

Customer Reviews

  • Does what it says

    by Ciamspeed

    The wait times are estimated. You can ask a say member for accuracy.

  • Good ap

    by Dedicated169

    Real time updates to wait times. Great ap

  • You won't need a printed map again

    by Aaaacccceeee

    Great app! Thank you! We used this to navigate everywhere around the park.

  • Helped a ton for last minute and day of planning

    by Jayyyyy12345

    Not the prettiest app, but it definitely helped us a lot with getting info about park and wait times. Helped me determine where to get fast passes instead of waiting.

  • Get it Now

    by Odowd

    Far better than the Disney experience app. Loads fast and has a map with actual labels with wait times. This app makes it so much quicker to figure out where you are and where you're going. Nice job!

  • Maps & wait times

    by Ptb7876

    This beats the disney foldout map. Times r off but close. Ride description helps too. Must have while in parks.

  • Great app!!!

    by Crazy crew of C's

    This is a great app. We used it the entire trip for all parks. The wait times were pretty close. No complaints at all with this app!

  • Great map

    by SheepDog2048

    Wait time can be off slightly but gives you a good idea of the times. Made life easier.

  • invaluable!

    by UpNorthTC

    must have when @ Disney. helpful for noobs like me and experienced visitors, also includes wait times on map for attractions. could be improved by providing walking direction search options.

  • Amazing!

    by DisneyDudeTim

    Great new look to the app! It works terrific on my iPhone 5. I just love it!

  • Great app

    by Jaightea

    Must have app for Disney world!!

  • Accurate And Convenient!

    by V Money1

    Very user friendly, maps and drill downs are helpful for on the go use, and I found wait times to be accurate. Highly recommended!

  • Great "crowd-app"

    by Ponce de Deon

    Wait times never off by more than 10 and GPS is really accurate.

  • Great app

    by Sfa7-kwt

    :) nice

  • Great

    by Allunos

    Helps a lot. My GPS wasn't showing where I was but the wait times were close.

  • Babies first trip to Disney

    by B7B7E

    The map and wait time apps are great. More info on locations would be helpful like where the baby centers are. Animal kingdom has the best by far then Magic kingdom. Whether its your first time or not its a great app.

  • Best app ever

    by Gmmr2000

    This is great when trying to find the ride you r looking for the best places to eat for table service quick service buffet or just a quick bite to eat like ice cream or something this is the best Disney app I ever downloaded!!!!

  • Great tool!

    by Angie Althaus

    I'm a big WDW fan so it's great to check on my favorite place in the world! Also it's a great tool when you are at the parks and trying to make a plan. Although sometimes the wait times may not be as accurate, it is a great help!

  • Awsome

    by Pink¡¡¡

    This app really works good and gives you specific details on where your going and what there in your area your in

  • Must have

    by J&JCallen

    This is a must have app for anyone going to Disney World. Whether its your first time or your hundredth time.

  • Visitor

    by 1963 Ladyfish

    Poorly put together you will get lost haunted house and big thunder mountain switched and no more submarine ride ! Waste of time

  • Didn't work at Disney... So what's the use?

    by docjgr

    Worked great till I was at the Magic Kingdom. So what's the point?

  • Super app

    by Pa1944

    A great app for Disney and the parks. Use it every time I go into the park to check rides lines.

  • Excellent App

    by Mickey Freak

    Being a Disney addict I got this app about 2 years ago now and love it. Very helpful and informative. Will make Disney easy for the first time visitor as well as the Disney pro. Wait times are spot on. Helps you get around Disney with ease.

  • Great app

    by Jaherrman

    kept me on track while at animal kingdom

  • Great app

    by E. Macalfresh



    by Jennatoocute14

    Must buy it works well

  • Great app

    by Swetman1956

    Gives good info on all parks.

  • Very helpful

    by Ryan B!!

    Good and accurate.

  • Great app!

    by MDC123987

    A must have.

  • Awesome!

    by Disney dad575

    This a great app! It showed me where I was in each park on the map. I used it all the time to figure out where I needed to go. It also showed me the wait times which were pretty accurate. This app made my disney experience better because I was able to plot my route much faster than without it!

  • Great app!

    by Ael222

    Map was more helpful to us than the paper one given at the entrance. The wait times are variably reliable. They're only as good as he people reporting their actual wait times.

  • Times nearly never accurate

    by 9876545675432

    Times almost never accurate

  • Good app

    by Nicknameyzx

    More accurate than signs in park. The map is very useful!

  • Very Good App

    by MythicSkull

    Really easy to use and its a good App overall. Crashes frequently though.

  • Savior

    by Caleb Tufts

    This app is a savior especially for first time visitors. Wether looking for an attraction or rushing a child to the restroom it's all here!!! Thank You

  • Awesome App

    by :) :D ;)

    Great tool to plan your way around the park.

  • Lost Dad

    by Old bump

    Very helpful. Available to navigate around the park with ease.

  • Pretender

    by Loverofdogs101

    I love to pretend to be a tour guide and this is perfect to be our family's tour guide.

  • Best of free apps

    by Gldeagle50

    Recent trip to WDW. First time visitors for both families. I downloaded several free apps to use during our vacation. This was the one app I used constantly. By far the best app to get quick information on fly and navigate the parks. Easy to use and much quicker and more accurate than other programs. After a couple of days this was the only app I found myself using. Highly recommended. I had no time to do any prep work before our trip, had no idea about any of the rides attractions or restaurants beforehand, but quickly became the go to guy for what to do next and how to get there for the group. (And only because of this program).

  • Incredibly helpful & useful

    by Donovan421

    This app has proven to be exactly what the header line says. Makes navigating the parks and keeping tab of wait times so much easier.

  • Time saver!!!

    by Kyfyrfyter

    This app was a life and time saver for my wife and I! We even met family here from Tampa and we didn't even need the map! This app is a must!!!!

  • Great

    by Mbr950

    Accurate and more useful than the actual map flapping in the breeze

  • Great and helpful with wait times for rides

    by Limegreenrunner

    Updates of shows would be a good addition

  • I love this app!

    by Klesis

    Even if I'm not at Disney, I like to browse this and it's like I'm there!

  • Close..

    by JasKah

    There are a few bugs, like you need to click to add your family on your plans. They should default on, not default off. But this is close to being a 100% must for any Disney trip!

  • Great app

    by Mark new esl member

    Provides real time wait times and easy to navigate among parks

  • Excellent

    by Epic74

    Much easier to use than the paper map! Wait times are not 100% -- but still very useful.

  • Great!!!

    by Irinacunha

    To be perfect need some improvement in the wait info updates. Sometimes it takes a long time but other than that a must have for your Disney vacations.

  • Spectacular

    by JFLEW

    It had descriptions, pictures, you can zoom in and see more than just a layout and the map helped me plan the trip, worked better than I'd hoped

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