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Traveling somewhere? Get this FREE city guide with the restaurants, attractions, hotels and reviews you love from TripAdvisor, stored in the app -- no data roaming charges!

Key reasons millions of travelers love this app:

Need we say more? Download the app now, there’s absolutely no risk, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

There is no need for a live data connection while using this app, as everything is stored on your phone, after you do an initial update. This means you won’t be charged for expensive data roaming, and the app is super fast to use. You can update user reviews periodically when you are on WiFi.

All places that are listed on in this city are included in the app.

TripAdvisor’s community of millions of worldwide travelers ensures that content is fresh, plentiful and honest. With over 50 million reviews and thousands more added daily, City Guides offer the best and most recent content.

Want to remember the places you visit? It is now easy to do this with TripAdvisor City Guides.  Simply Check In, take a photo and add a note for each location, and your journal and travel album will be created for you automatically.  You can share it with friends and family on Facebook, or just use it to remember your trip.  And, you can even Check In while you are offline and share later when you are online.

TripAdvisor members and destination experts have handpicked the best itineraries in the city for you, enabling you to explore interesting neighborhoods, famous landmarks and hidden gems. Using the phone's GPS, you can follow along and read about the interesting sights along the route.

Searching for pizza around Times Square? Coffee near the Eiffel Tower? Or do you just want to find a highly recommended place near you? With this app you can easily search any way you want, and find exactly what’s best for you and your travel companions.

Once you have selected a restaurant or attraction, this app will guide you there using the fun & useful “Point Me There” screen, which uses the phone’s GPS and Compass.

Written by TripAdvisor members and edited by professionals, City Facts articles provide helpful information for when you plan your trip, such as when to go, how to get around in the city, what neighborhoods to visit, etc.

This app leverages the GPS in the phone to show you the best restaurant, attractions etc nearby. The app also uses the compass to guide you to a place once you select it


North America
- Austin
- Boston
- Chicago
- Hawaii
- Las Vegas
- Los Angeles
- Miami & Miami Beach
- Montreal
- New Orleans
- New York City
- Orlando
- Philadelphia
- San Antonio
- San Diego
- San Francisco
- Seattle
- Toronto
- Vancouver
- Washington, D.C.

South America
- Buenos Aires
- Rio de Janeiro

- Amsterdam
- Athens
- Barcelona
- Berlin
- Budapest
- Edinburgh
- Florence
- London
- Madrid
- Manchester
- Milan
- Paris
- Prague
- Rome
- Vienna

Asia & Pacific
- Beijing
- Hong Kong
- Kuala Lumpur
- Seoul
- Singapore
- Sydney
- Taipei
- Tokyo

Middle East & Africa
- Dubai
- Istanbul
- Marrakech

Customer Reviews

  • Good idea needs improvement.

    by Whoishowie

    Used it on my trip to Rome Italy, Athens Greece, and Istanbul Turkey. It's great to use because it downloads everything and you don't have to roam for people that are concerned for data usage on their cell phones . However, it is very glitchy and the GPS has trouble locating your area sometimes. In Greece, the wording on the maps is literally angry instead of translated letters like it is in the cities. The map and Greece was pretty much useless and had to go old-school and use a paper map. This needs to be fixed ASAP. In Rome however it was very useful and was able to find a lot of historical and fun places that I would not have found otherwise.

  • Don't Leave Home Without It

    by GJB6774

    This is an amazing app that has saved me many times. The point me there feature is priceless when in a city you're not familiar with. The suggestion on top sites, itineraries, etc are well thought out and helpful. A must have for any traveler, even in your own home town.

  • Nice pocket guide for travel.

    by carpo3

    We used it in Amsterdam. Awesome app. Two thumbs up.

  • Easy to use.

    by Lapetereta

    Very handy, everything you need to know in one place.

  • I like it!!

    by Infrequenttrvlr

    Overall good app can't wait for updates to improve overall location and point me there aspects.

  • Very helpful

    by Sknskr

    Very helpful

  • Good App

    by Spgrode

    The offline map is useful and the attractions info helps in pre-planning your day.

  • Super app

    by IndiColors

    Off line maps are excellent.

  • V helpful in NOLA

    by MangaJones

    Was in town for just a few days in New Orleans for Jazz Fest. The City Guide made organizing all the must-do's super easy!

  • Great Savior for me while on travel!

    by Apollo_gy

    I like it a lot.

  • Great app

    by samuil

    I love the offline capabilities

  • Wonderful App!

    by BioSurplus

    Have used it for two loong trips to Europe, where my cell service doesn't work. So helpful! Made my trips a breeze, with so many recommendations, pictures and reviews. Maybe a little buggy here and there but not enough to even take a star. Awesome sauce

  • TripAdvisor City Guide for Singapore

    by Jeanlorent

    The good thing is you can download it through wifi such as from your hotel and then when you are on the go you don't have to use your cellphone international data roaming MB. After running a long forest trail we just hoped in the first bus regardless of its direction, then turned on the map and monitored until we got close to an MR T metro station, as easy ad that. The bad thing is that there are not as many attractions listed as on the on line Trip Advisors, e.g the Night Safari.

  • Love it!

    by Ann e body

    Used this app extensively on three overseas trips and am quite happy with it. The offline map is extremely handy if you want to conserve your expensive roaming data plan. Only annoyance so far has been the constant nagging to rate.

  • Sync problems

    by Superstarzzzzzz

    Love everything but won't sync my saves!!!! Help! Please fix!

  • Very useful, a few bugs

    by Midwestravelers

    Loved being able to use this offline as we were walking around Rome! The "point me there" feature worked great in my phone, but my husband couldn't get it to work on his. Also, maps are not very detailed so you can't zoom in to see names of smaller streets. As mentioned in other reviews, we did have a few issues with trying to see where we are now. When these issues are resolved, this will be the only travel app/tool I need but right now another map or app to use with this is still necessary. I would like to mention that the suggested walking tours were very good and being able to access the reviews offline is also very helpful. Finally, the app keeps prompting me to rate it, but won't bring me there even when I click ok. I got here by going through my App Store, hopefully the app will stop prompting me now!!

  • Nice app

    by Mirage162

    I like the app, but it would be nicer if u can download any city instead of just certain ones. It is really helpful to plan your trip.

  • Reliable ol Tripadvisor

    by Nickib983

    Just as useful as, if not more useful than, the Tripadvisor app. Great interface, easy to use, and accurate, this application contains helpful tips in a format that works for exploring by city.

  • Great travel resource

    by samircastillo

    This is a great travel tool, I've used it in several countries when I don't have an active data connection. I've found several sights, attractions and restaurants which I wouldn't have found without this. Highly recommend.

  • Let me choose to not download hotels

    by Kyle Mason

    You should be able choose the info you want to download

  • Irritating app

    by k9education

    Downloading new cities takes forever since the connection to the server consistently drops out. If that wasn't irritating enough, you are prompted to rate the app EVERY time you open it.

  • Good app

    by Leo263

    I it's a good app! I gave a 1 star out of spite. It keeps bugging me to rate the app so I have. Now stop asking and go back to work.

  • Good app, but they asked for it...

    by SillyMacBoy

    Literally. The splash screen asking for a rating every time you open the app needs to go. I would otherwise rate the app 4 stars. As to the app itself, it's got some great features, if overall it's a bit unattractive. A great feature is that when you select a city, it downloads that city's file to the phone, so it's accessible off-line, including maps. This has helped me several times when I've been out of the USA in areas with spotty cellular service. I do wish that the suggested itineraries had a little more transparency as to why the sites they include were selected.

  • Very useful

    by Sutuzyhguhxuukh

    Used the app in Rome and Florence. Really like the point me there option to find my way to a close restaurant. Doesn't use up data plan. Would highly recommend.

  • Very good but crashes a lot

    by Zurion

    Saved my trip to Europe, but crashes often. Fresh reviews, points the right way, just lovely.

  • Great when in a large city

    by Hockeyaddict27

    I love this app and it helps me find restaurants and attractions whenever I travel to larger cities. It is also great for when you travel out of country and don't have cellular connection.

  • Good for the offline map

    by Bruno Daniele

    The main use I do for this app is the ability to use the offline maps, the rest still really needs improvements.

  • very helpful

    by phanob

    the app provides comprehensive guides with many helpful features which make it a must-have app for any traveller and backpacker

  • Excellent! Really offline!

    by litmajor

    A truly brilliant app and a must-have for European travel. The offline functions work perfectly (though it would be nice if there was a section for hours/dress code in the offline setting). Basically, this app is one of the best travel apps I've downloaded yet - very useful when you don't want to spend a fortune using cellular data!!

  • Really came in handy

    by Altucher

    I used the Montreal guide and it was wonderful. It helped me find places to eat around wherever we were, without using a phone (my phone doesn't work in Canada) or WIFI. I could read up on the places that sounded interesting in advance and save them on my map, and then find them later on. It worked great to find, say, the nearest Ethiopian or pastry place. It puts all of the Trip Advisor reviews together in a useful format.

  • Stellar

    by Allycat32416

    Been traveling around Europe for nearly a week now and it's been tremendously helpful!

  • Great except for the annoying "Rate Me" button

    by Alialialialiababa

    Very useful if you have your phone on airplane mode but still want info on certain sights. Make sure to preload it before you leave your cell service. Also, please remove the rate me alert- we can't rate you if we are offline and it's just a nuisance.

  • Great offline functionality, power hungry

    by Grumpy iPad 2 user

    This was a fantastic way to get around Seoul. I just wish it would use less battery. My phone got physically hot while using it.

  • Overall Helpful in new places

    by Kjsea

    We used it now in Munich, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, around the Netherlands and Barcelona. Did not have one for Hamburg unfortunately, so they need to work on getting more cities. It has helped us find some great places to go see and eat! If you can get wifi, the 'nearby me' option is SO handy. Otherwise you can just look on the offline maps if you have a frame of reference and that's also nice! A couple places we visited were flops, but I blame the reviewers on that, and differing tastes of course. We did some of the recommended walking tours and it gives pretty good info and has a few different routes and areas to discover in each city so that was cool! We didn't have to pay for a tour or guide. For me they could also do better by listing more actual activities, things to DO and also more off-the-beaten-path, kinda kitchy local stuff, but again, that might be a 'taste' thing and will likely get better as other people who use the app update it and add things. Overall it has been helpful in Europe for general info and tips on what to see and do with some basic history. Down side - many places around are not listed in the guide (restaurants), and the wait time when you do try to add a listing seems long. I submitted a new business almost a month ago and am not sure they added it yet.

  • I like it

    by bobo_frm_ clt

    Even though the downloads can be problematic, I love the offline maps and the "point me there" button.

  • Barcelona

    by Larfjr

    Fantastic to be able to save metro maps, walking tours and access them off line. Really great

  • Excelente

    by Adrian Gamboa

    App imprescindible para cualquier turista

  • Great app but...

    by kaderu

    Definitely it's a great app, I tried a couple of times with out data and works great, one of the things that I love is the walked tours but when you try to make the tour you need data to get the directions, maybe if you can save each spot of the tour you can reach it with the "point me there" function, that will be great.

  • Great offline maps.

    by Habadeath

    The feature I like the most is the offline maps. This means not paying exorbitant roaming data charges. Only drawback is that sometimes there are places missing and there is no way to search my address, but you can't have everything. So far has worked well in Asia, Europe and South America.

  • Great app!

    by Radioheta

    One of the best apps for travelling.

  • Add more cities

    by Andorini

    Pleas add more cities and some additional info not just user reviews

  • Very useful!

    by pgorrindo

    Offline capability is wonderfully helpful, enabling you to carry all the great tripadvisor knowledge with you in your pocket.

  • Great concept ... A little too buggy

    by David Kohl

    We used Beijing and Shanghai guides extensively on our two week family vacation. Having local attractions offline was amazingly helpful. For this, TA gets all the stars. But there are far too many small but annoying issues that prompted me to lower my rating. First, one of the great values of this app is the ability to "point" someone to the attraction. I found that these pointers were almost 100% wrong. GPS signal was spot on, and when using Google maps, directions were perfect. But TA's internal directions almost always pointed not quite in the right direction, and sometimes totally off. Even after spinning is circles to orient the phone, we had no improvement. Another complaint is the lack of a "here I am" icon on every map page. Sometimes the blue dot appeared, and sometimes it didn't. Again, it wasn't for lack of gps coverage ... This had to do with which version of the map I was looking it ... From a search vs general map view Another pain was that when finishing reading about an attraction, the "back" button returned you to the home screen, erasing the attraction listings. One would have to start all over again looking at the attractions list to find your spot. Bottom line ... This is a half-baked app with many loose ends that need to be addressed. Once TA does that, this will be incredibly useful for the foreign traveler who wants to hold down his or her international cellular costs.

  • Traveler

    by I kool

    Good stuff

  • What a great app!

    by Yelladogs

    A friend recommended this city guide app and it was such a huge help while in Eastern Europe! No need to carry cumbersome books and the map and point me there options were awesome!!! Highly recommend this app!

  • It's really useful

    by Catiche_M

    It is very easy to plan a trip with this app. I could find everything I needed^^

  • Great app

    by Min Ray

    Easy to use, expect more cities on the app

  • Phenomenal

    by Games80

    I don't know what we would have done without this app on a recent trip to Europe. No exaggeration, we probably used it more than a hundred times to look up reviews for restaurants and tourist attractions. The "point me in the right direction" feature served as an offline guide (you don't have to use data, just GPS) and the app was generally responsible for us finding dozens of good places to eat (and helping us avoid bad ones). Thank you TripAdvisor!

  • Excellent

    by eawfg35gr2q

    Excellent app, basically is all you need to travel a new city and cuts out a lot of the prework of travel

  • Helpful tool for travelers

    by Pheora

    Great reviews and city tour.

  • Great companion on travel

    by Subbu.a

    This is must have app for touring some of the world's top destinations. Offline guides, reviews and maps are quite handy. We managed to tour several without local maps.

  • I love it

    by Alisos11

    We have been traveling in Germany and Prague and it has been very very helpful. Before getting to our next destination thanks to this app we have an idea of the place and we can organize the activities . Extremely helpful. We arrived in Berlin by train from Prague for the first time . We were able to get the right metro and arrive at our hotel without a problem and it is very confusing especially in German


    by Theocanada

    I posted my original thoughts below. I've modified rating to 1 star because the app asks me to review EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I open it. Please fix this. Very cool app. All of tripadvisor for a certain city in offline format. Includes maps and everything. Would like: 1) more cities (though the current list is quite good) 2) more itineraries. I.e. start here, spend an hour, head here next. Food places to eat along the way. 3) fix the Bogota guide title. Its misformatted as Bogotá currently.

  • Hard to download

    by Bruce457654332

    It was a nightmare to download the internal guide. And please do NOT keep asking me to rate you. Very noisy!!

  • Great app

    by Hydrurga Leptonyx

    Offline is great for traveling in a foreign country especially you don't have a phone card

  • Very helpful

    by Leto12

    A good listing of everything to do in any city.

  • Satisfying!

    by NesFest

    That' a great app for people who want things to be planned ahead. It helps you to plan your day meticulously, making you spend your time efficiently.

  • Stop it

    by Caitkant

    If I don't want to review the app, don't make me by opening to the request every time. I was very happy until you did that

  • Used to love this but now crashes on startup

    by RadioFanInCa

    The title says it all- just updated and it now won't start up. Very disappointing.

  • Useful app when traveling with no wifi

    by MushroomSF

    Used this so far in Seville, Marrakech and Barcelona and it's really useful. One annoying thing is sometimes I have no idea how to get back to the list after selecting something from a list. Also the maps function is not very good, for e.g. when you are searching for restaurants by rating and you click map, it shows you all restaurants so you can't filter. Also my phone freezes when I try to upload photos. Very very annoying so I might stop trying to upload photos.

  • Very good, useful not perfect though

    by ChoppdeBroccoli

    Pretty good interface , and killer feature of offline maps and and city info. The various pois on the map seem to show and disappear randomly forcing me to reload the map quite a bit. Need more cities and map should extend quite a bit further than just the city area so one has an idea where they are if they are traveling outside the city

  • Very useful offline info but also limited

    by Snoozewillz

    Awesome to have a working map without Internet and ability to select restaurants nearby current location. Makes traveling without crazy over-planning a breeze. Map jumps around a lot when walking though so it can get confusing, still better than nothing though! Great to be able to read reviews about things and get info without Internet. Bottom line this is so helpful even if the city downloads are annoying and restart if your phone goes to sleep in the middle of it or if you click away to another app, it's worth the help! Would be nice to have more cities, so far just has the big ones.

  • Stop asking me for review!!!

    by tbiyss

    Every time I open the app it asks for review...

  • nice, tidy interface, offline guide

    by nos.kaoru

    Well designed user interface, downloadable guide for offline usage.

  • Good

    by Joeturdlyfe

    I liked this app when I travelled to Taipei and Hong Kong. The guides had a lot of stuff. Over 4,000 restaurants listed for Hong Kong! It is organized pretty nicely. Two things that bugged me. The using the map was sort I annoying. It would have been easier if it was more like google maps. Also, I frequently was rerouted back to the intro page when all I meant to do was go back (not back to the beginning and have to research stuff) Still found this app very useful when traveling. The nearby search option is smart.

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