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Photo uploader fix for iOS 7 and sundry bug fixes.

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New features have been added to help you have an even better trip. Find low airfares, pick your ideal seat on the plane, and get real-time flight alerts with the free SeatGuru® app. We have rolled out redesigned high resolution seat maps with improved seat and amenity information. The updated seat maps also have a new photos section with seat and cabin pictures from our SeatGuru community. And now you can easily submit your own seat reviews and photos right from your phone! All from the ultimate source of advice on airplane seats, in-flight amenities and airline related information.
Whether you're at the airport or on the go, SeatGuru is the must-have travel companion for everyone who flies. Optimized for your iPhone and iPod Touch, the free SeatGuru app lets you access over 700 seat maps from approximately 100 airlines. It features advice and insights drawn from tens of thousands of passenger reviews, so you can always find the best possible seat for your flight.
The SeatGuru app allows you to find and compare low airfares from the major airlines, low-cost carriers, as well as the leading online travel agencies. You can also set up flight alerts that monitor your flight departure and arrival times and other related flight information.
Plus, with the latest app update, you can explore our redesigned seat maps for the most searched airlines, see seat photos submitted by other flyers, and upload your own seat photos and reviews. All in one easy-to-use free app!
Here are some rave reviews for SeatGuru:
"The free SeatGuru app for the iPhone [brings] the company’s ultimate guide to air travel into the palm of your hand." - MacLife
"Even if you are an infrequent traveler, SeatGuru by TripAdvisor is an important app to have in order to make your air travel as pleasant as possible." - AppPicker
"The fact that the SeatGuru app is free is just icing on the cake." -– TUAW
Named a "Best Travel App" by Fortune Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, Travel + Leisure

Named a "Best Travel App of 2012" by The Next Web

The SeatGuru app is indispensable for anyone who flies. Here's why:
1. Redesigned Airplane Seat Maps
Newly updated color-coded maps allow you to more easily see the most important information on seat and aircraft amenities. Search the Web’s widest selection of airline seat maps to help you find the best seat on your flight. SeatGuru offers travelers over 700 of the most-searched seat maps for nearly 100 different airlines. The app now has our redesigned seat maps for most of the largest domestic and international airlines, with more to be added throughout the year.
2. A superior Flight Search Engine (provided powered by TripAdvisor Flights)
Shop a wide selection of airlines and online travel agents and find the right flight and the lowest fares for your travel needs.
3. Real-Time Flight Status Alerts
Check the status of your flight and sign up for real-time alerts, so you, your loved ones, and anyone else you want can stay informed of any delays or cancellations.
4. Review Seat and Cabin Photos
Know what to expect by seeing seat photos before you fly. Browse through available pictures of seats and cabins from other SeatGuru flyers on the Seat Map page.
5. Submit Seat Photos & Reviews
Share your insights with other flyers. Add your own seat photos and reviews to SeatGuru from your phone, so other travelers can also have a great flight.
And It’s Still Free!
SeatGuru is available as a free download for the iPhone/iPod Touch in the Apple App Store and is powered by TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site. and the SeatGuru app give travelers the information they need to make better and more informed travel decisions by providing comprehensive, extensive, and trusted seat recommendations and airline advice.

Customer Reviews

  • Booking is flawed

    by RN77

    Great to see premium seats on a plane, but when booking first class tickets, it gives incorrect quotes - from 1800 to fly- redirected to another website which states that fare not available, and the fare is 6500. Needs some improvement on this.

  • Excellent travel app

    by Profkf

    What was good is now even better with the ability to find the exact flight by airline and flight number!

  • Perfect companion Up In The Air

    by 蓝明光

    Some of us fly so often that we already know about every seat on our favorite airlines' planes. For the rest, there's Seat Guru.

  • Needs a revamp

    by CelsoSC

    The app is very good if you need to do a quick check. It lacks some of the neat features from the website. It also needs support for retina devices and an iPad version would be welcome too.

  • Big help!

    by Brodie iphone

    Love this app! Have been using the website for years but nice to have it as an app as well! Prefer the website but this it will do

  • nicely portable

    by PetrusKantor

    not quite the Web site but good on the go

  • A must use

    by TravelAgent196

    As a travel agent Seat Guru helps me insure my clients have the best seats on the plane!

  • Just their website with a PhoneGap skin

    by Joshua Gruber

    And some Facebook integration in case you want to help them with their PR, I guess. Don't get me wrong, this is an awesome service, but the app is not an improvement over the site.

  • Simple App, Works Fine

    by JaxonEh

    In 2 minutes I can optimize seat selection from anywhere. What else could one ask for? Great little app.

  • An excellent tool for the experienced savvy traveler

    by LeveledOff@Cruising Altitude

    There are very few perks in air travel these days. Seat guru tool gives you the insider information to give that edge to a better seat selection ..a Sleek design with color codes to help choose a better place to sit.

  • Great tool

    by Chlmz

    Excellent tool gives revelant information the the type of seat so you can make an accurate desision when checking in

  • Great App

    by Jazzy_Traveler

    Finally an app that you can use on the go. Very easy to use.

  • I'm happy

    by Gracy49

    This answered all my questions about the seat choices. I hope it is correct, but I assume it will be.

  • The best

    by Criticadordelmundo

    It helps me a lot to choose my seat when I m doing my check in online

  • Infrequent traveler

    by HMudd

    Very helpful

  • Great tool

    by Sparko44

    Easier than website and works great.

  • Very helpful

    by Pan cho

    Especially on my non-preferred airlines, this app lets me know what to expect.

  • Great

    by aiyagari


  • Never travel without

    by Chanelnumfive

    Love this app! I always used the site on my computer and was thrilled to see it as an iphone app! Would have given it 5 stars but the screen with the plane seating is too big so there's alot of scrolling involved.

  • Great for business travelers!

    by Amb8390

    For people who fly for a living, a must have for upgrading and bookings!

  • Website is better

    by juandows

    Slow and clunky. Not great offline. Searching by flight # never gets the right version. Hard to browse by airline.

  • App not as good as Website

    by cltglsrfx

    Maps on your website are the best! The App is not very good compared to website. It is very clunky and extremely slow. You cannot see the color codes next to the key definitions, it does not show seat details when you touch the seat on the map.

  • Helpful

    by Torrancemiller64

    This app allows me to evaluate my seat choices and available amenities at each seat.

  • Great Website; so-so app...


    Lots of good content on the site and the app reflects this, but little has been done to take advantage of the iPhone's ubiquity/portability. Also no version for the iPad yet? Really? Seems like someone in Seattle is resting on their laurels....

  • Great app

    by Pneuma6

    Very helpful

  • Love this app!

    by D-MacG

    Saves a lot of pain on long flights.

  • iOS7 and iPad

    by Susan Gandy

    Doesn't want to run on my iPad after updating to iOS7. :(

  • What Using Facebook Logon?!

    by BL on iPhone

    I'm a fan of TripAdvisor, but I really hate FaceBook! SeatGuru is a great app, it should offer users the option to either use Facebook login or the TripAdvisor login. Or allow the user to create a seatguru account. About two years ago, iHeartRadio forced its users to sign in using FaceBook account and the lost a lot of customer. A few months later, it added the option to sign up an iHeartRadio account so many user started using the. App again. Seatguru should think about this.

  • Outstanding

    by Slim sole

    Simply accurate

  • Invaluable, never pick a seat without it

    by Lkkjhhgytresd


  • Awful app - seating maps are NEVER right

    by Kimbo272

    I thought seatguru was great until it was wrong every time I searched for a seating plan. It's a great idea and if the seating plans were correct it would be very useful but it has caused me to think my seat was wrong and change it to a worse seat on almost every flight I take. Do not use this app to figure out your seat on a flight - it is not reliable!!

  • Great app!

    by bmelo820

    Use it all of the time when flying a new airline or aircraft. Ty

  • Great app

    by MikeSret

    Very easy to use an tells me the seat location before I book.

  • Great App!

    by seanthemanthomas

    Very useful, great features!

  • Pretty much useless..,

    by Yankee ICUDoc

    Tried tapping on a seat to find out what kind of seat it was - in business - angled lie flat or full flat seat. Does not show the info. Does not compare to Internet version as far as what is available. Please fix...,

  • Nice but must account for international departure times

    by TJ-SteelerDodgerLakerFan

    Just a Bug Report: In Flight Status, I couldn't enter a prior day departure from Australia arriving in Los Angeles. Perhaps you can allow selecting between departure and arrival status instead/also. Otherwise I'm a big fan or Seat Guru and I use it often.

  • Glitchy

    by Cowman999

    Not as smooth as the website

  • Love SeatGuru!!

    by Allison Jones

    Love that there's now a mobile app. The airline seat guides have insured my comfort on all length flights for years.

  • Poor

    by RAMJD

    Trying to do too much and accomplishing nothing! Just want to find seat information and get a run-around instead. Go back to the original version!

  • Mike J

    by Leonq

    Great App - nice complement to many airline apps out there to find good/avoid bad seats.

  • Finds the best price, hands down!

    by Weezy hack

    I have searched for airline prices on my own and then let this app search and seat guru always finds the best price!

  • muy buena app

    by MarduK Seele

    Tiene las mismas funcionalidades de la página web, de manera cómoda.

  • Great travel tool

    by parkerpr

    Great for the road warrior to the casual vacationer planning a flight. Checkout the seats on here before booking!

  • Well done.

    by Ccccchgfdjffyddgh

    About time, but well done.

  • Airline app

    by Newtravel

    Excellent, easy to use app.

  • Great Travel Tool

    by Title Town Bud

    This app has saved me from many dreadful flights abroad. Knowing which to select can make or break your entire trip. Using it on 17 hour trips to Singapore or to Jordan has really become a part of my travel preparation. Thanks a million

  • Great app

    by SLCOZ

    I use this app all the time. Very useful.

  • Works every time

    by AndreasSF

    I've used the app to check seats on many airlines and the advice has been spot on every time

  • Heed the Guru

    by BubbaTYrone

    Seat Guru is an essential travel app. Use it. Know it. Heed the Guru.

  • Seat view off screen

    by John_B

    The seat view screen shows the seats off to the right of the screen. Did you even bother to test this on an iPhone?

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