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The Washington Post created Explore D.C. to help visitors tour the nation’s capital efficiently while having the most fun and enriching experience possible. 

> The Sights section organizes popular sights into helpful categories curated by Washington Post experts. 

> Each sight has a details page with everything you need to enjoy your visit, plus funny and/or fascinating trivia with which to regale your travel companions. 
> The Events section presents the week¹s biggest and best happenings in an easy-to-browse photo deck.
> Our map section shows you what’s around and how to get there. We offer walking, driving and Metro directions. 
> The “I Need a …” feature will come in handy when you need coffee, a bank, a pharmacy, a drink or many other life necessities.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app for locals & visitors alike

    by TrippingSister

    This app allows you to learn more about DC as a local or a visitor. It's organized in sections of interest and provides relevant information for the trip. Well, I have more exploring to do, so…

  • Very good

    by cinny886666


  • Really helpful

    by PAOrangeman

    This was really helpful on our trip to DC. It gives suggestions, hours, cost, and location. You can mark favorites and use the map to plan your day.

  • Fabulous App!

    by Kwmorg

    This is a must have app when touring DC!

  • Fantastic app!

    by A supportive father

    I downloaded a bunch of DC apps before our trip, and all others paled in comparison. Thus one had every feature we could have wanted and very quick and easy to use.

  • Absolutely recommended

    by Hple

    All the tools are here for touring around DC. Get information about attractions. Pin down the favorites. Show them on map. Plan navigation. ...

  • Great app

    by Ruviolets

    But I am deleting, please allow customers to pay to get rid of ads.

  • Perfect!

    by Smithvideo

    My daughter and the grand kiddos are planning a visit to DC and I emailed this app so she could go over the options with them on her iPad. Lots of useful information including links to various websites if you want more info. Great layout and very easy to use. If you are planning a trip to DC you should have this.

  • Nice app but needs a few improvements

    by T. Rapoza

    Good details. But I found orienting myself a bit tricky. There should be an "orient compass" button to recalibrate. If your compass is off a bit you are lost. Second, the directions should actually work. They do not. Third , how about a restaurant option in addition to fast food selections ? Other than these items the app has a lot of potential. Keep improving it !!!

  • Detailed, yet simple

    by Clint_B305

    Great app, easy to navigate and very useful info.

  • Great app

    by Drumana

    I just moved here and found out about all the great things there is to do just by this app!

  • Wow--what a public service

    by Sir Sugar

    This app is amazing. Get it.

  • Very Helpful

    by Rebecca Cintron

    Using this app to help my son and I during our busy DC trip and I live it!

  • Excelente

    by gdovidio

    Aplicación excelente para visitar Wadhigton DC. Recomendada para familias con hijos de cualquier edad

  • Good

    by Rotor2

    It's 5*. All info right on the money. I wish the directions worked, though.

  • Great App

    by Diamich

    This app is very useful. We had one day in the city and this made it very easy to plan where to go. Let's you know how far you are from a point of interest.

  • Yeah!!!

    by Dibbles68

    Works perfect to plan. Awesome!!

  • Great app!

    by Chels413

    Very helpful! The only thing I would like to see added would be a "food" tab.

  • Great app I used on my trip to DC

    by Dave Greg

    Was very helpfully I enjoyed walking & biking on all monuments park, I'm really recommend this app.

  • Great app!

    by Vlovestotravel

    Reallllllllly useful!

  • Crashes on startup

    by Lawrence Snyder

    Uninstalled , installed, restarted. Still crashes on startup.

  • Crashes on startup

    by Lawrence Snyder

    Uninstalled , installed, restarted. Still crashes on startup.

  • Crashes

    by C1davis1

    I purchased this app based on the rave reviews, only it crashes every time I attempt to open. Developers, please issue update to fix this, we leave for dc in a few weeks!!

  • Don't waste your money!

    by UncleKimmie

    Was excited to find an app to research a family vacation in DC. App won't load and no support available. Boo Washington Post for putting your name on this app. Don't waste your money purchasing this app.

  • You pay and get ads

    by Krayzeeguy

    Nice tourism app but if I'm paying $1.99 I shouldn't have ads scrolling at the bottom!

  • Dishonest screenshots - constant ads

    by bluetoucan

    Deleted this app when I saw there are lame animated ads on every page. Dishonest screenshots all have the ads photoshopped out. :(

  • Great

    by Peter Metrinko

    A must for DC travelers.

  • Very helpful app

    by App-plenty

    Great interface with map

  • Easy to use!!

    by Wizzardofwoz

    Not my first time to DC, but this app was still helpful!! I loved the kids and family section for each place. Very helpful tips!!

  • Awesome!

    by Angrymecc

    Again, awesome.

  • Fantastic! My 'go to' app for DC

    by Sportiac

    Great app with lots of useful tools. The information and location functions are really useful. Download it- you won't be disappointed!

  • Great app

    by Zoe Kulp

    Very helpful and easy to use. Good organization and fun user interface.

  • Good for adults too

    by Mee Worm

    The app is very easy to use while traveling.

  • Loved this app!

    by MandaJane1130

    This app was wonderful for first time visitors! It gives so many suggestions for memorials and events around the area. Also the pricing for different places. The link directly to websites was cool too! Thanks for this app!!!!

  • Hippd

    by Debater2740

    Fun facts and informative. Love the part that lets you know if near a metro station.

  • Really helpful

    by Esgruber

    In DC with two kids as I write this. The app has been really helpful in making new plans on the fly (as kids get sore feet!).

  • Great directions

    by Chuckjay2000

    First time in DC without a local and this app made my stay fully informed on how and where to get around.

  • A must for those new to DC!

    by MarshallvstheMachine

    Fantastic guide to organizing your trip and knowing where to go and when. It is updated frequently with new events to visit.

  • My go-to app for our family trip

    by Kdotcdot9

    Had the best concise info on all the sites in DC as well as a direct link to the website for more details. Highly recommend!

  • Reliable place exploring

    by sruthivijayan

    Love this app. Very reliable and let's you mark favorites to go back to later.

  • Lots of great info

    by RAVmom

    I loaded this app prior to a family trip and it is so informative. There is so much info imbedded on the sites and and around the city. It's great for the whole family. I haven't used it on location yet but the mapping is working fine.

  • Very helpful

    by Mycroft7

    Helps alert you to attractions, organize your stay. The directions were clear.

  • Everything You'd Need in a Touristy App

    by Nikoled63

    It is completely awesome and reliable! So much information to tell you what you're looking at!

  • Best app for discovering D.C.

    by ACJBenson

    This app is a must have!! It was my go to tool for all of my excursions in and around D.C.! The best part was that after you select where you want to go it will give you metro directions! This app saved me tons of time because I didn't have to wander around and hunt for places. Excellent!!!!

  • New to DC

    by Charlene Riley

    I recently relocated from Atlanta GA and this app is definitely an awesome tool in helping me plan activities for myself and my six year old daughter. We have lots to see and do thanks to this wonderful app.

  • Best I've used

    by Pktco

    We constantly used this app to navigate our days in DC! The designers thought of everything. It's still a city where we had a hard time finding a good place to eat though.

  • Great for tourists!

    by 1smart1

    Awesome app when visiting for the first time. Great directions!

  • Useful and entertaining

    by Denise M. Reagan

    Well written with personality and a sense of humor but also user friendly, this app helps simplify the overwhelming to-do list of Washington, D.C. I read many of the entries out loud to my family during the car ride. The location interface is seamless, and each entry is full of helpful links such as websites and phone numbers. Nice job!

  • Informative

    by Slyhan

    Great app! Concise!! Cuts to the chase with necessary info.

  • Love it.

    by apapple

    Best travel app for DC by far. Good work by The Washington Post.

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