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The authoritative chronicle of culture, nightlife, and fashion, and the leading non user-generated city guides, all in one app.

BlackBook exists at the intersection between underground and mainstream, neither too obscure to be esoteric, nor too widely covered to be redundant. We value style and substance in equal measure, and are tapped into the arteries of nightlife, fashion, and culture. We find the people on the verge of becoming the brightest stars of film, television, music, fashion, and art. Our stylish and sophisticated readers appreciate trends, but are reluctant to follow them. In nightlife terms, this means, sure, they'll frequent Le Bain at the Standard if MNDR is spinning, but they're just as likely to be found feeding quarters into the Frogger machine at Two Bit's on the Lower East Side. They want to know about the zeitgeist--a profile on Robert Pattinson or an essay by Lindsay Lohan--but they're especially drawn to emerging talents such as the xx, Shane Carruth, or Ryan Trecartin. As for the BlackBook City Guides, imagine that you had an entire metropolis in the palm of your hand. That kind of power can be intoxicating, so use it wisely. The BlackBook City Guides offer an intuitive, GPS-enabled, touch-and-go urban experience for people who refuse to miss out on the fun. In more than 60 cities worldwide, our guides offer a carefully curated compendium of the essential restaurants, must-hit bars, hippest hotels, coolest shops, finest salons and most blissful spas that city has to offer. We’ll give you the insider lowdown on each destination, meaning you’ll come for the cocktails, but stay for the crowd.

Download the BlackBook Magazine and City Guides app now and live like an insider in your city. Destinations include…

U.S. Cities:
Aspen, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, The Hamptons, Honolulu, Houston, Las Vegas, Louisville, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, New Orleans, Orange County, Park City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC

Outside the U.S.:
Beijing, Berlin, Bermuda, Buenos Aires, Cabo San Lucas, Caribbean (13 islands), Côte d'Azur, Dubai, Hong Kong, Ibiza & Formentera, Lima, London, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Mykonos, Paris, Riviera Maya & Cozumel, Rome, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, St. Barts, Stockholm, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver

Customer Reviews

  • Great listings.

    by lechatlisse

    I haven't come across a better listings app that can give you a good sense of the best places to go in a city. However I really, really miss the BBPicks in this new version, why did you remove them? They allowed us to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff.

  • Full Article Content!

    by Jcizzle12345

    Wow. Love that they were able to include website content! The layout is great, very useful!

  • Great insider insight

    by z_everson

    Dead-on reviews of the best places to eat, drink, sleep, and shop. A must for travelers.

  • My Go-To Guide for going out

    by KellBellz

    Has all my favorite spots and the Perks are the best!

  • Where to dine in NYC

    by Jonny Bates

    At 530pm last week my girlfriend called and wanted to dine out at a new place that we had never been to. I called my go to guy who always seems to know where the hip, cool places are. He recommended that I download the free BlackBook New York City Guide app. I must say, I was blown away with this app. Within minutes I was able to find a slew of new restaurant openings, including type of food served, venue info, and patron reviews! Even better, this particular restaurant offered an ACCESS Perk that entitled us to a free glass of wine with our meal! Sweet! BlackBook NY City Guide is by far one of the coolest apps that I have on my iPhone. Do yourself a favor and download this app today!

  • Cool and useful

    by BKluv

    When you're in an unfamiliar neighborhood, helps to find restaurants

  • Clean

    by pdalencour

    Look I'm an ad guy... And the artboard of that ad made me want to tap on it (where those ubiquitous banners don't). But free up some real estate in the header. No sense to have ONLY one location scroll due to a custom size ad. It's a bit much. Take the app store feature blocks as a guide. Give the list some room. Keep the custom size add and loose some on the header. Otherwise... A clean execution. Bravo.

  • Great app

    by eyms

    Love the access perks & discounts!

  • Lifesaver

    by Eiseley

    Best app I have by far. I use it every time I go out...

  • Don't bother update crashes

    by Toomanybarts

    Does apple bother to check this stuff. More than that, the developer is now gonna have a massive hit to their SVG rating cos they didn't bother to test properly, not good business strategy! Seems quality control is out the window! Don't bother updating, it doesn't work-useless.

  • foursquare

    by ahabulous

    Perfect combo for a guide app

  • Love the perks!

    by Lucy00000

    And it's very useful and reviews are spot-on!

  • Right on point!!

    by Sufferings

    What an efficient app. Was in NYC for the weekend with my girl, and this thing picked out 2 amazing restaurants for us and and highly dope bar.

  • Yes!

    by bsk150

    BlackBook + FourSquare = dangerously fun evenings on the horizon!

  • Great when you have no idea what to do

    by CItyDuder

    Lots of apps out there and even more restaurants/bars. Very few get to the heart of the eternal question "what should i do tonight?" like this guy. Also, just started using Foursquare, so very cool playing around with that.

  • amazing

    by jaf3211

    this app is the bomb dot com. use it everyday

  • Foursquare!

    by bkuberek

    With foursquare integration, BlackBook Guides became an indispensable app on my iPhone. Now my friends and I are always in sync and having a great time!

  • This app rages face!

    by BoofMaster5000

    Finally, I can find out where Barber gets his cheese steaks and which club has the best mahldog! This app shreds!!11!1!

  • Excellent!

    by CarlsOff

    BlackBook helps me to save a lot of time. If I don't know about any restaurants, it isn't a problem for me any more.

  • Great info but buggy

    by SlowX

    Love the info that's here, and the organization is very good, but I keep getting kicked out, or buttons and links simply don't work.

  • City

    by Djhill9

    You should try and get St. Louis on this!

  • boo!

    by mjoaquin

    just eleven listings for paris?! enough said.

  • Okay app

    by Tvxq123

    Some of the rec'd places were dated. I wish they update it more often to add more of the hip joints.

  • Old News Is No News

    by Kixq

    This used to be a great App, like a year and a half ago. Now it's just out of date, lots of SF bars and restaurants that closed a long time ago. I finally deleted it from my phone.

  • Could be great

    by annemarie626

    I love the black book website & when this app worked I liked it, but now it can't detect my Internet connection so I'm shut out.

  • Useless

    by Sam Urdank

    This app has so many bugs it has been problematic from the beginning. It never remembers my bookmarks and now it can't even determine an Internet connection which it now seems to require. So frustrating. Get it together guys, make this thing work.

  • Weird

    by Shane in Utah

    I bet this is a great little app for NYC or San Francisco. But I'm visiting Boca Raton, and the app is recommending restaurants in the Bahamas. Not very helpful...

  • Useless

    by Prairie Dunes

    Utterly useless. Period. End of discussion.

  • Weak

    by Sid Richison

    Some apps just aren't worth the price - this is free and this is one of them. It seems obvious that the only places listed in search results are those that paid to be there. Are all the good restaurants in Vegas actually in the suburb of Summerlin? Not.

  • Hard to use!

    by TreyRapz

    The first thing that loads is a huge ad that covers almost the whole screen and everything else takes a long time to load. Confusing interface as well.

  • Ruined the featured listings screen

    by IPG888

    They ruined the featured listings screen, which is the first screen you see. I'm using an iPhone 3G, and the majority of that screen is taken by a big ugly ad that you can't get rid, leaving you space for only one featured listing down the bottom, and you have to scroll which is a pain. Haven't the developer of this App tested this, before they claim UI improvements??!!! And even worse, when I loaded the App the first time, it took such a long time that the iOS has to shut it down. Why? Because the first thing it does is load the Ad first, then it tries to load the content that the user cares about in the first place. Well, couldn't you at least have reversed the order rather than irritating your user base and embarassing yourselves like that?! I hate it when App developers adopt that silly order for loading content.

  • Too Few Cities.

    by Bills ad infinitum

    Ok App; however, it only has 20 total cities from around the globe. So, it's pretty much useless.

  • worst application ever

    by pntball727

    apparently the app thinks phoenix dosent exsist and only listing 4 places in vegas? really? poor design...maybe concider expanding cities.

  • Utterly useless!

    by MalaSuerte

    Austin but no phoenix! 6-7 places in LA? Please! This is such a worthless app!

  • The BlackBook From the Original.

    by SoundBroker

    This is an very good app. It is designed to be user friendly. I love the perk aspect of the app, but it will be even better when they get more perks to insert. The price is Free and that works for me.

  • Come on!

    by tammyagnt

    The reviews of this app sound just a bit too much like the same person. Need to instigate positive reviews do ya?

  • Philly....

    by swizzle69

    this app needs to have philadelphia in there citys.. how's the app not have this????who cares about new york!

  • obsessed

    by williamgates

    living for this new version!

  • almost perfect.

    by StraightEyeForQueerGuy

    needs to be a little faster, but reviews are funny as hell and spot on. perks actually work.

  • Yay! It works now!

    by Tony2k79

    It works, and the additions are great but now the app is sloppy. It's not as streamlined as it used to be. For an app that professes to locate the trendiest places, it is pretty unrefined itself. I bumped up the rating with two more stars, but this app is not as "finished" as it was originally.

  • The 100th review & I hope it counts

    by The Stylisticrat

    Ok, I'm a huge Esquire Magazine fan! Been a loyal reader for yrs. This is like the mag with some exceptions. Lots of things men like aren't on here. Where are the scotch bars, the local cigar shops in Atlanta like Highland Cigar. There needs to be a way to input locations and such. Overall it's a good app but could be much better.

  • New Update Crashes

    by lost-philosopher

    Most recent update (Aug 2009) fails to load, and crashes on iPhone 3GS

  • Info needs updating

    by shouldjustbemonster

    Like everyone else has already stated, the new interface is much nicer. My only issue is I question how current the information in the app is. When I did a bars/clubs search in San Francisco, one of the recommended establishments had gone out of business, but you didn't know unless you clicked on the bar's URL. And yet, BlackBook had placed its "BB" marker next to it (not entirely sure what that means; I assume it's their own stamp of approval). Another establishment, also in bars/clubs, redirected to a Japanese website when you clicked on its URL. I'm giving the app 3 stars, despite the aforementioned problems, simply because it's a free app. And for a free app, it exceeds my pre-placed low expectations.

  • Impressed!

    by Lal4500

    Needed to delete the old app before I could install the new one--- but wow!! the upgrade is sweet. thanks!

  • Reset database

    by Fred NYC

    Yeah, mine kept crashing, I was going to delete it, but I said let me check the reviews and see if it is just me. One post said to reset the database option in the iPhone setting menu for the blackbook. I did it and it works fine. A note the the programmers, you should make that clear when you do an update, because I was seconds away from deleting this app.

  • Nope

    by Aguerrero

    What a waste!!!!

  • Turned into crap

    by NordicAwe

    Was fine before last update. Crashes at startup now. Test before release....

  • Crashes

    by crazycentaur

    Since the update it crashes and doesn't open at all.

  • Will not load

    by Jordan Millar

    Crashes on startup screen. iPhone 3GS.

  • Update sinks app

    by The Cockroach of Del Monte

    This version crashes soon after launch, eventually resulting in a negative review and rating loss after repeated futile attempts to run.

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