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Discover the new Air France smartphone app.
We completely redesigned our app's user experience and features to make it easier for you to find what you need and receive assistance throughout your trip.
Take advantage of the new Mobile Guarantee now: lock in your reservation for a 24-hour period at no extra charge and pay later using the Air France app or website.
More innovations on the way throughout 2014!
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Get away now with the new Air France smartphone app!

Your trip at your fingertips
Purchase tickets, check in, modify your reservation, view your flight status or your Flying Blue account: organize every aspect of your trip from your mobile phone.

New user experience
Discover our new customizable app and enjoy an optimized user experience that makes it easier to find what you need.

New services
Take advantage of Mobile Guarantee to lock in your reservation for a 24-hour period at no extra charge and pay later using the Air France app or website.
Have a question about your booking? Need assistance during your trip? Our teams are available every day of the week on Twitter and Facebook to answer all your questions.

Check in from your mobile phone and receive your boarding pass directly via your Air France app and/or Passbook.

Customer Reviews

  • Greatly improved

    by Qmazhar

    The latest update vastly improves both the look and functionality of the app. It looks great now and can actually be used instead of the website (I couldn't before). Very easy and clear to see flight status, my bookings, and my frequent flyer info. I noticed a couple minor bugs, and it was slow, but at least this app is clearly being worked on. The work is appreciated.

  • Finally

    by neverclockwise

    Time to update my old review, as Air France has finally published a real native app that seems designed to be used and not to drive the user insane. My info is there, the interface is refined and seems snappy. Soon enough I'll see how it works in the wild.

  • iPad???

    by Travel'in Man

    The app is suppose to work with the iPad but it does not…. When will it work?

  • Passbook option does not show

    by ProfeAli

    During check-in the only options shown for boarding pass are to be sent by email or pickup at the airport. Passbook option is not shown.

  • Congratulations on passbook!

    by Middle aged American man

    Congratulations on passbook integration guys! That's a really fantastic feature. I was accidentally surprised when my passbook popped up today. A nice surprise it was. Now, if you would replace the web app with a native app, I'll give 5 stars instead of 4 :)

  • Finally have passbook

    by Ady208

    This app is a very hard one. Delta and British Airways have better app But finally this one have a passbook, I expected a long time a go. As a Gold member I expect more from AF

  • Passbook problem

    by navarrita18

    I cannot see my boarding pass ticket on passbook.

  • No passbook

    by Artinobil

    Not bad, but the lack of Passbook means you can't have your boarding pass saved with you in one place. Most other airline apps have Passbook.

  • Buy ticket

    by Lawandbmu

    Hello I am from Iraq how buy ticket on your app now in Iraq master card available so plz help me insert IRAQ to your country With Best Regards Band.

  • Good but needs passbook integration

    by Kashol

    Needs passbook integration as soon as possible. Also needs to display boarding pass.

  • Ok, but could be meilleur

    by 3Frenchies

    This app has a nice look but it feels more like a web app than an iPhone app. Sometimes I can seem to get at my bookings, just seems to time out. I like the new feature giving access to previous searches. Moving in the right direction. Continuez!

  • It's ok

    by JNTNYC

    Would be mch better in HD. Where is the ipad version???

  • Bug

    by Jul Gates

    Il y a un problème sur les détails des vols. Lorsque je clic sur une réservation la page affiche les détails du même numéro de vol mais le jour suivant. Cela semble aussi le faire dans la recherche. Ce fut un peu la panique lorsque mon vol du dimanche fut affiché annulé et en fait l'application avait chargé le détail du vol du lundi suivant. Problème persistant depuis plusieurs mois. Problème de gestion de timezone?

  • Functional but horrible design

    by Cypriote

    Native app please! Track luggage by tag #. More functions needed!

  • Much better!

    by BouledogueFr

    I m using this app since the beginning, and to be honest they made really good updates, this app is a must have for any air France client.

  • Still have to work on it...

    by PomSeb

    Lots of bugs. Frustrating to go through all the booking steps and get an error or not being able to pay !!

  • Problem to make flight reservations from Brazil

    by InesSHM

    Brazilian cities doesn't appear at Airports list.

  • No passbook support

    by Stephedi

    App not very user friendly and contrary to what was advertised, I couldn't get my boarding pass on Passbook.

  • Doesn't do the job and UX terrible

    by deemorino

    I am traveling with Air France around 13 times (or more) a year on internationals flight. Mobility is a must for me: update, seat, register... I am busy and need a reliable flight app that save me time. Please invest in this solution. The team that is managing this project is not qualified for the job.

  • Needs a lot of work

    by Martin SF

    Very slow. Crashes on a fairly regular basis. Poor ergonomics and average design. Gets the job done if you have enough time, but you would expect way better from Air France.

  • On a par with the website

    by PareeDave

    Still pretty buggy, it's hit or miss whether a mobile boarding pass appears in the app after you checked in (there's no option for this form of delivery, but it randomly can occur). When it does happen, you can now save to passbook. AF still offers the clunkiest online services of any airline of its stature. This app is worth having if you regularly fly with them, but offers no advantage over using web.

  • Slow and almost useless

    by Bob G914

    App is so slow. I tried to check using app and hit error after error. Other airlines really make these guys look silly.

  • No mobile boarding pass for New York-Paris

    by constanttraveller77

    I still had to print the boarding pass. A very clunky and unreliable app. By comparison, the French Railroad app [SNCF] is a breeze, with effortless Passbook interactivity

  • Passbook

    by H.adi

    It says that it supports Passbook, I can't really see that… Anybody, any suggestions how does that work here?

  • Typical

    by Zeena's Gymnastic Comedians

    Typical air France. Its web interface is full of bugs, and so is this app. Does anyone at airfrance care about customer service? Apparently not; try this: download this app and try contact us. Spend your valuable time phrasing a question, and then receive an answer,"this service is currently non-functional" No kidding: airfrance fails to credit about half of my flights to my flying blue account. My advice is to avoid accumulating miles on airfrance. The service on board is great, but something is seriously wrong with administrative execution. The employees don't deserve such shoddy management!

  • Modify itinerary doesn't work

    by Mikeclarkusa

    On iPhone 5 Tried to change dates of my return flights, but programming error prevents this.

  • Worst airline app ever

    by Naotifosi

    I don't understand why this application exists, everything is wrong I cannot do nothing, you should compare with another airlines app

  • Passbook!!

    by Yvan Franusic

    No passbook integration!!!

  • Horrible

    by NMS10

    Errors while trying to check in. No passbook option

  • No functions no real features...

    by Another Platinum flyer

    No real boarding pass capabilities!! Try Passbook .... Make it efficient!!! Does customer service and taking input mean anything????

  • Not reliable

    by ericsiegel

    This app was unable to retrieve my flight info by either means ... reservation code or ticket number ... although the AF website found it instantly. Flight status does not show departure gate ... essential for airports like CDG, notorious for lack of monitors and broken kiosks

  • Última versión no sirve

    by Carlos Dopazo

    Arreglen la última versión. No deja conectarse.

  • The worst app

    by Shoreseattle

    One star is me being very generous about this French app. The app is absolutely not link to the online data .... And you won't be able to search for flights using the app, it tells you that you have to select the class that never loads in the first place ... A waste of time ... French people!!!! JUST STICK TO WINE AND CHEESE, leave technology to the experts ....

  • Do not waste your time

    by Eb83125

    Unable to check in for my flight. If App Store allowed 0 stars, that's how I would rate.

  • Ne marche pas

    by France Junkie

    Does not find or bring up any booking data no matter what data I use to access the data. Deleted and reinstalled; will take me to my account info-- thanks-- but NO way to get to booking/flight/ticket info. So it's essentially useless. Using v . 4.3.3 on iPhone 4.

  • no passbook

    by Gfkkfrdxnusc

    bad app i have a cancelled flight that is still showing as active! there is no passbook and the app takes for ever please redesign!

  • Imposible conectar a FlyingBlue

    by Luchoxxx88

    Esta app no sirve, no se puede acceder a los datos de FlyingBlue por lo cual no vale la pena utilizar la app... Es mejor usar el web site

  • Not to standard

    by Nathan Morehouse

    Having booked. Flight directly through AF online and calling to secure my seats due to a technical issue 3-weeks prior, one Wouk think that a reservation could then be accessed. No. In fact upon trying to check in no reservation was available or a history of it in their mobile app. Why is the online app not a direct correlation to the mobile app?

  • Backward app !!!

    by Benklopf

    Unfortunately you have to give at least one star, this app is worthless ! There are so many wrong things about it already explain in previous posts. When you compare it to the delta airlines App you can tell how backward this application is. It's 2013 guys common !!!! No passbook support, just a stupid email with a picture attached for the scan code ? You have to do better than that. But you know what ? It might be something to do with French arrogance ... Cheers

  • Timezone!!!!! Unbelievable

    by j.mig

    I could talk about the slow, the poor UI/UX, and the non iPhone5 support... But there is something way more important Did you at least launch and test your own app? You have the biggest timezone problem sever. I set up my birthday a few years ago while I was in France. When I launch the app in the US my birthday is one day before because of timezone... Oups you look like idiots. And also some of the informations in the app are using the current timezone of the phone but not everything. For example, I have a flight leaving SFO at 6:35 PST, arriving in Paris at 2pm (GMT+1) I have a connection at 3:50 pm (GMT+1) to another French airport. I'm in NY right now so my timezone is EST (PST + 3hours). The app tell me that my plane leaves at 9:35 (but doesn't precise this is EST) and arrive a 5pm (which is just wrong!) Then the app tell me to take my connection at 3:50pm. You guys invented the time travel machine??? So to conclude, if someone doesn't have automatic timezone support turn on and is not on the same timezone than the airport, the hour of departure of his flight will be wrong. Oups! I guess your engineers aren't good enough to find and fix this so you can just tell them... Come on Air France you're supposed to be the number 1 French Airline. Oh also, passbook support...

  • Unable to view all flights

    by Lczee

    Departing from Amman, Jordan...but that's not available on this app. Really?

  • You're kidding, right?

    by ChopinBlues

    You released an update, and still not full screen on iPhone 5 ??? FAIL !!!

  • Terrible app, it's just like their airline

    by SKYFLYR

    I'm a Diamond Medallion member on Delta Airlines and a Lufthansa Senator, I fly a lot and increasingly rely upon Tripit and airline apps to check-in or look up a flight status. The Air France app is utterly useless and reflective of the terrible condition of this once-proud air carrier. They claim to be a part of Sky Team but won't allow mobile or online check-in unless you use a Flying Blue number, then the flight miles are switched away from your choice (Delta in my case) to AF. I get the worst seats and terrible service on their flights and have to contend with possibly the worst airport in the world (CDG) just for the pleasure of flying aboard their aging fleet :-( Recommendation: Don't download this app or fly Air France altogether!!

  • Featureless!!!

    by Platinum for life

    One of the worst travel apps! They should learn from BA and Lufthansa! They force me to travel with others due to the inability of the software with no ease of use!

  • Worst app EVER same bugs for over 1 year

    by thedizz

    Can't check in with this app. Asks for info on who you are but no where to enter the info. Same bug for over 1 year. Air France thinks its some time in the mid 90s. USELESS

  • Horrible

    by Johninitaly

    This app is poorly designed and barely functions. It is fitting that it works so poorly, as it is a good reflection of the terrible Air France website. It's a pity that such a nice airline should have a such a negative impact on line and on this thing they call an app. So far I am unable to check my bookings. I am dubious of its functionality while I am in transit.

  • Okay, but...

    by Mekus

    Needs a real-time status of flights. The times stated on this app are quite different from the website whenever I check the status from my computer. An ability to track flights by flight # will be awesome.

  • How long for an ipad full screen app??

    by Mathieu Lecomte

    Still not a full ipad app, really???

  • Far from great

    by Fv10024

    Doesn't give real time information on flight status... Impossible to get the boarding pass... Useful to get a reservation details but that's all.

  • Not all that

    by Jordan Wilson

    il n'ya pas de traduction française (s'il y est, le rendre plus visible)

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