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* Bug fixes and updates for iOS 7

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Flight Update Pro provides timely flight status information combined with numerous convenient & powerful features every traveler requires. APP EXCLUSIVES: This is the ONLY flight app that can: search for both direct AND non-direct flights and offers fully customizable alerts to changes in your flight. This is the most comprehensive flight app available!

Chosen BEST Summer App by tuaw*** http://tinyurl.com/BestSummerApps

Chosen BEST APP for Flight Tracking in the new book "Best iPhone Apps" www.tinyurl.com/bestFlightApp

To use Flight Update, just select an airline, flight number and date of travel. Flight Update will validate each flight and then auto-fill the remaining information about your flight, regardless if the flight is one day, one month or even one year in advance. FlightUpdate works seamlessly with TripIt. Email your airline confirmation to TripIt and it will automatically appear in the app. Can also upload changes to TripIt easily from your device-exclusive to our app.

KEY features include:

• Push notifications - alerts prior to departure, schedule changes, gate changes, departure and arrival. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE- ONLY APP THAT HAS THIS FEATURE.
• Need an alternate flight? Find all available flights- direct AND non-direct. ONLY FLIGHT APP TO OFFER THIS IMPORTANT FEATURE
• TripIt Syncing - download your itinerary from TripIt and upload any changes via your device. Also, download trips shared with you by others.
• Real-time flight status for gates, delays and cancellations using FlightStats (rated #1 by WSJ)
• Calendar Mirroring with the built-in Calendar
• Access to flights from over 1400 airlines covering US & International
• Worldwide coverage of more than 3000 airports worldwide
• Large and easy to read display of flight times
• Terminal and gate information
• Baggage claim information
• Elegant and easy to use interface
• In-flight meal information (a Flight Update Pro exclusive)

ADVANCED features include:

• Airport Notes - now save notes for airports and refer to them when you revisit
• Concise display of layover times between your connecting flights.
• View current weather, forecasts and airport delays
• Display of On time Percentage and History of maximum delay times for flights
• Calendar Mirroring with the built-in Calendar
• Display key phone numbers and websites for airlines
• Quickly check a single flight using the InstaFlight feature
• Search for flights between cities to plan future flights
• View the SeatGuru seating chart of your aircraft and know which is the best seat for you
• Quickly email your itinerary and a message using the Quick Email and Quick SMS feature
• Organize your flights in “Trips” since we all want to be super organized
• Store your seat assignments
• Email your complete trip's flight itinerary (not just a flight at a time)
• Retina display support for sharp graphics with iPhone 4

FUN features include:

• ZOOMABLE MAPS track flights as they travel across the country (US flights only, outside US locations are estimated)
• Follow a flight’s altitude, direction, speed and the city it is flying over. (US flights only)
• Track the incoming aircraft to your departing gate (then watch it pull up to the gate as expected)
• Save your favorite airlines for future use


* What Accolades has Flight Update Pro received? Here's an abbreviated list of awards:

** Pro version chosen one of the best apps by Apple
** Chosen one of "50 Apps You Need" and best flight status application by Laptop Magazine
** “Flight Update is among my top 5 iPhone apps“ says tuaw.com
** "First class flight tracking with Flight Update" says ZDNet


Need an app to manage all the components of your trip? Check out our Award Winning TRAVELTRACKER PRO app. It's a full service itinerary app which organizes your hotels, car rentals, limos, dining reservations and more.

Questions/comments? Email us at support@silverwaresoftware.com

Customer Reviews

  • Essential for my travel

    by Obapple

    Pretty much as good as it gets!

  • Traveler

    by Qsvnl

    Excellent app. Can't do without it.

  • About As Good As It Gets

    by jameshervey

    I travel extensively both domestically and internationally. This app is literally indispensable. It works flawlessly and now that I have learned exactly how to keep my iPhone and iPad in sycn, I have absolutely no reservation about recommending Flight Update Pro. For the record, I did contact Silverware Support with some issues on how to sync, and I received an immediate response. Great program, great support.

  • From the Developer

    by SilverwareSoftware

    In response to a recent review by DaddyiMac: To get a Cancelled push notification, make sure the ‘Landed’ option is checked for the Push Notifications preferences. The app will push a ‘Cancelled' alert if this option is checked. Thanks to all our users who have made Flight Update Pro a top choice among travelers. We value your feedback so please email us if you have any suggestions. We ALWAYS respond to emails in a timely manner. Silverware Software

  • Great App…BUT...

    by DaddyiMac

    One main feature is missing….the ability to sync between iPhone & iPad. Once this feature is added hands down 5 stars. Also, any chance of a notification option for “cancelled”?

  • Awesome product

    by Podea

    Works perfectly.

  • Awesome product

    by Podea

    Works perfectly.

  • Good app

    by Can't create account

    Works very well except sometimes slow with Delta to show departure gates.

  • can't live without it

    by lord mts

    can't live without it

  • Syncing

    by rjspa73

    This would be a 5 star app if the ipad and iPhone versions synced with each other.

  • Excellent!

    by JimC3139

    Excellent in all ways!

  • Very helpful!

    by Irish Tenors

    I've been using this app for a couple years now and it really helps me keep organized with my flights. Sometimes the updates come in a bit delayed, but this has never been problematic. Definitely worth downloading!

  • A great app for frequent airline travelers!

    by Donutmaker

    If you travel a lot on airplanes, this is your app. Gate information, layover times between flights, route options, delay info, airline info, weather snapshot of your airports, etc.

  • The most reliable

    by SuperTac

    Been using it since it first became available many years ago. Consistently has best and correct updates that even airline site is giving incorrect or different information. Have many travel apps that don't list flights that obviously are available. No site is 100% perfect but this comes the closest of all being so.

  • Excellent

    by Aliquis

    Performs as promised

  • Very Helpful

    by Ligon Duncan

    I use it every time I fly, and in between. Essential travel app.

  • Works like a champ

    by sartek7

    I know gate and terminal, usually before I get to the airport. It alerts delays before the announcement at the gate, typically. Connects with TripIt data. I rely on it!

  • A suggestion

    by Bullet 5055

    Simply the best in its own right.

  • excellent and syncs perfectly with Tripit!

    by presenceman

    I travel often and the app I used previously to sync with Tripit is dropping this feature in the newest version of their app. I searched and found this app which syncs perfectly. Has the features I need as a constant traveller…. other available flights, pushed alerts, etc. Also, had a question and emailed the developer and got an instant response. I’m very pleased!

  • Great travel aid

    by David C-T

    This app is great. I usually get flight changes before they announce them in the terminal.

  • Slow to update with accurate flight information

    by Jenny10000000000

    Flights cancel and delay well before being updated in app.

  • Poor reliability

    by Stefan BURKEY

    Did not find flights are up to date.

  • Cross Device Syncing Needed

    by JM47

    I've been using this App since it first became available years ago. It's a great app. But it needs cross iOS device syncing. The time has come and gone for apps that don't sync info across devices. Two years ago this was a five star app, now now it's becoming dated... And soon I will be switching to one of the other travel apps that offers this feature if the developer doesn't invest in keeping this app up to date.

  • Great App!!!!!

    by BrownWhite

    This is a great app. It is fun to watch your loved ones flying by using the map. This is especially good when they are flying overseas. I use this all the time for knowing what gate the flight is and if it is on time. Buy this one - you will love it.

  • awesome

    by moose the goose

    really good app. always works and has reliable information. really pleasant whether you're traveling yourself or tracking a family members flight because you get updates if the gates change or if the flight is delayed or when it lands and more. highly recommended.

  • My Travel Organizer

    by Hotelhermit4u

    I travel almost every week and I rely on this app to keep it all organized for me. Probably the most used app on my iPhone. I wouldn't want to live without it.

  • A must for frequent travelers

    by Rob-DC

    Have been using this app for a long time and recommended to many colleagues. One price, no subscription for great features -- "today's alternates" is fantastic, and instant push notifications on gate changes. TripIt integration works like a charm and is definitely worth the extra $. Add to this outstanding customer support with instant response. Highly recommended!

  • My go to site for flight info

    by Jpsgirl96

    Long time user. Find it easy to use an generally up to date for flight status. Recommend Pro for linking to calendars and other features that help me keep track if my own and various family travel. Very stable.

  • Not accurate

    by Hernan Pinzon Jr.

    Good app. Old style interface not too accurate

  • On the verge of success

    by Skipper Doc

    This app does a lot now that it works. One huge drawback is the non-direct route request. I am a commuting airline pilot and I've tried just about every app out there. I'm always fighting for a better route to and from work. If I only use the direct screen, this app works about as well as any. What I really need is a way to find multiple routes that may involve multiple legs and sometimes even multiple airlines. This app is woefully short with either. As an example I tried to get from SLC to CLT. The app had a few connections through DEN and IAH. But one airline that is a major and has several routes through one of their hubs was not even on the list. This leads me to believe there are many more routes that are not listed and in my case may mean another night paying for a hotel instead of being home. Overall, not a bad app considering, but many more do the same thing in a slightly friendlier user interface. The $9.99 was a waste, and my fault for listening to reviewers. It's a glitch in the apple system that stabs you and leaves you to bleed with no recourse. $.99 is one thing, but $10.00 is robbery of the only slightly legal kind.

  • Great app

    by Mark100

    I use it all the time. Works great.

  • If you travel for a living you need this app!!

    by Greg Davis

    I love that it will tell me about flight delays, gate information and status updates. I couldn't travel as much a I do without this app to keep my plans straight.

  • Perfect

    by Kid cabo

    This app does what is expected. That is all one can say except that it is outstanding

  • Does as advertised

    by Jonny_beck

    Flight tracker info is very accurate. Arriving / departing gate information is not always available, which can be critical when trying to make a tight connection.

  • Great.

    by Iain Grant

    Info when you need it. Great for reroutes

  • Great!

    by Jarod McNeill

    I work in the airline industry and LOVE this app. Totally worth the $$$

  • Best App of the Category

    by Upperleft

    It seems like everyone is making an app like this one. I generally hate to pay for "pro" versions. This app is worth it. Being able to see where your incoming flight is can bs priceless. When there are issues with the app, I email the company and they get back to me immediately. Well worth the money!!

  • What a disappointment

    by TheCrazyParrot

    Just a gate departure / arrival app! I rarely write reviews, but I am SO disappointed with Flight Update Pro - Live Flight Status, Alerts + Trip Sync, v5.51 A $9.99 plus tax app that ONLY tells me about my flight's departure gate and arrival date. I used it with my Tripit Pro account and Flight Update Pro messed up all my plans, combining some trips so I had to delete all my trips in Tripit Pro and resend the itinerary information to TripIt Pro again just to get my data correct. Does not not include my hotel & car rental in the trip sync. It is not really a TRIP sync like TripIt Pro, but FLIGHT sync. This does nothing more than tell me my flight info, including gate and arrival. I could not get Today's alternatives to work telling me the number of available seats and what class of service. This is NOT worth $10.


    by Jammers7

    As a DELTA FLIoGHT ATTENDANT I HIGHLY recommend this 100 STAR APP called "Flight Updater Pro"... especially to all who work in the Airlines..It's pretty amazing technology... and VERY accurate. One thing that sets-this/apart from other Apps is that you can easily view all INCOMING FLIGHTS that are coming INTO your gate..(ie if you are waiting for your aircraft) and you can easily look on the MAP of where that Aircraft-is-in-the-Air AND see what City & State your next plane is ... See your incoming-plane where it is flying over..AND even see How fast the Aircraft is going..AND even know How High the plane is in the Air..AND What the Configuration is of the Aircraft). / It also shows if you will be serving a Meal in First Class (great to know what to expect!).. Or will it just be a Beverage only. If you are a commuter you can click on InstaFlight and see the various Flights (Route) that are going out that day to a certain destination of your choice...you can search by looking at one airline (Delta) or all airlines. At first when I got this I didn't know quite what to do.. Then I messed-around-with-it awhile & found out how EXTREMELY EASY it is to punch all my Trips & Flights #s in. It all switches for you automatically (gate info). It can notify you of how long your layovers are.. & give you alerts that you will be departing in 2 or 1 hours. Love this App!! You can Email your whole Trip to yourself, & Family & Friends. GREAT APP... And one of the best apps out there! :)

  • Great App

    by Teton Listener

    This is a solid travel app that serves its purpose perfectly.

  • Great app but lately gate info late

    by phoenixwtc

    I've been using this app for years and have always relied on it for my airline travel. Recently though I've noticed gate info has become very slow to show. I'm currently sitting at a gate for a connecting flight but the app is not showing the gate assignment.

  • Great App

    by 67Cherokee

    I travel extensively for business and use this app all the time. It has all the features I need and is the most reliable app I have. Well worth the cost.

  • This App is my best friend

    by TOnFRO

    I have used this app from my first iPhone on for over 6yrs. I love it! I tried a few airline app but this one is all I need it is the BEST! And it continues to keep getting more BETTER:)

  • Great App

    by OhCapt

    For my needs as an airline pilot this is a Great App! I have used it for years. Things that set it above similar apps are the easy flight data entry and the "incoming to your gate" feature. I have not seen this feature in any other apps and it is truly useful for seeing if your flight is really onetime.

  • Remains the Top Air Travel App!!!

    by Marksman735

    I have used this app for years and travelled extensively internationally as well as weekly domestic. This app updates me with everything, gates, delay, flight status of planes coming into my gate so I know wether I will delayed. I can check alternates and add or edit flights as needed. I could travel as much as I do without this app!

  • My number one app

    by sydeslip

    As an airline pilot I guess you could say I'm a frequent flyer. I live out of base and need to rely on updated flight information extensively for traveling to and from work as well as when actually working a trip. Flight Update Pro has proven invaluable to me time and time again and is by far my most used and most reliable app. The ability to track an inbound flight and obtain updated gate status when having unscheduled aircraft changes or when commuting to and from work is of particular value. Customer support is second to none. In short, if you fly, you need this app. Well worth the money.

  • Great!

    by Jfp737

    Really useful app! I don't like to spend $$ on apps, but this one is worth it! The map of incoming flights to your gate is extremely useful. Highly recommend!

  • The best!

    by MinnesotaMichael

    I travel a lot and have used this app religiously for three years - it is by far the best.

  • The best there is!

    by ~Johnny Cool~

    This app is easily the most useful travel tool that I have. It has saved me many times, landing at a hub and alerting me that my connection is cancelled. A quick call to travel desk and an email to tripit and the problem is solved... Before I even get off the plane! Any tool that gets me home to see my family gets 5 stars and this is no exception.

  • Flightupdate pro

    by Ronnymaster1

    Flight update pro is the best app ever

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