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  • Updated: Apr, 10 2011
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Flying soon? Find discounted airport parking at over 100 airports across North America and the UK. Reserve your parking spot within the app for the biggest discounts and a guaranteed spot. Compare parking lot prices, locations, validated user reviews, and get driving directions to the parking lot. No paper coupon required!

This App is simple to use:

* Launch the App and choose your departure airport from the list of nearby airports.
* Choose the dates of your trip
* Review and choose the best lot based on location, services, user reviews, price
* Enter your information to book a reserved spot and save
* Get driving directions and a proof of reservation to show the lot to get your discount
* You can call us from the App and talk to live customer service to book your airport parking reservation, cancel your reservation, answer questions, etc.

When you return from your trip, you can call the parking shuttle right from the App to get on your way home faster.

Key Features:

* Complete airport parking lot profiles for over 100 airports in the USA, Canada, UK, and Ireland.
* Maps & locations
* Service description
* Shuttle frequency
* Up to date prices
* Real customer reviews and ratings
* Driving directions for GPS compatible devices
* Parking lot photos
* Choose how your vehicle is parked - Outdoor, Covered, or Valet.
* Sort airport parking by price, distance, or user ratings before booking a reservation.
* Detects your location to automatically show the closest airports
* Retrieve previous reservations
* Parking reservations available at over 50 airports, with airport parking listings for all other airports listed.
* Integration with user profile and login account on

Customer Reviews

  • Reservation fail

    by Jielder

    Each time I try to reserve parking with the app I receive a reservation fail connection error. The only way I have even able to reserve is with the main website not the app. Please fix for higher rating otherwise a great app!

  • Good app - works well. But paper copy is MUST

    by indianrediff

    I have used this to book a couple of times and it works very well. However this time the booking didn't make it to the actual parking company. And I had to produce a hard copy of the reservation to get my rate!

  • Great job!!

    by svas80

    This app is easy to use. I got a great deal on parking.

  • Great app

    by iPhone user anon

    Seamless experience -- saved time and money -- plus I was at ease knowing that my parking is reserved.

  • Great App!!

    by jonnyrocca

    Who knew you could reserve airport parking from your phone? Get this app and never worry again.

  • It's green!

    by Sleepingbelle3

    Now I don't have to scramble to find a printer while packing and rushing to make a flight. I can book in a couple minutes on the way there - and not feel bad about wasting paper!

  • Solid

    by Frequent traveler ts

    Does what it says. Essential for frequent travelers.

  • I'm Rich!

    by JasonHarbert

    I was a bit hesitant to try this out, figuring it wouldn't really save me that much if anything. But no, I was wrong! I normally pay what, like $16 a night at LAX lot C? Then I have to ride a bus and walk around a parking lot at 4am. Not anymore, now I reserve my spot at the Hilton using this app, and I pay 6 dollars! Woot!

  • Good stuff.

    by briz816

    I'm so happy to have found an app like this. I always end up driving in circles right before a flight afraid I'll be late. Now I can be as big as a slacker as I want to be! This is great!

  • So convenient!

    by TravelBug426

    I love to travel and this saves me both time and money when on my way to catch my flight. Was referred to this app by a friend who highly recommended it - I'll never go back to circling the parking lots for a spot! Intuitive, fast, and I can compare pricing right on my phone! Thank you for creating such a convenient and easy to use app!

  • Great app for parking!

    by LAtoVegas

    Really well done app. My new travel companion!

  • That was easy!

    by No Party at the Disco

    Seriously, that was so easy. Great app for any traveler today who cares about convenience and saving money!

  • Works great!

    by Loes Cramers

    Great app! Very easy to use.

  • Great time saver!!

    by dehcatspjs

    The interface was clean and easy to use & I had no trouble parking thanks to this app!

  • Amazing Application

    by Bwannon

    This app has the potential to save me thousands, let me share with you how. I'm a frequent flyer, heading from LAX to various destinations and back approximately 15 times a month. First class, of course. All of this traveling to and from the airport has required me to keep a full time driver for my Maybach under my employ. I refuse to take a taxi to the airport or any other non controlled means of transport. I had considered parking at the airport in the past, but was troubled by having to deal with the moneychangers at the various lots. With this app, I am able to reserve myself a parking lot, and I only need to show my iPhone screen to the parking lot troll. However, my preferred tactic is to print out the reservation and simply throw it at the troll as I am entering his lot. You may wish to attach your print out to a rock or other heavy item for maximum effect if you follow this approach. So there you have it. This app has saved me time AND money. It's not all roses though, as my driver is out of work. If anyone has an open position for him, please let me know. Perhaps the clever folks at AirportParking will compensate for his lost wages?

  • Peace of mind!

    by R Scott Morrow

    I am typically racing to the airport and the last thing I want to worry about is my airport parking. This app is great because it assures me a parking spot at the lot of my choice and a guaranteed low price. I will never have to circle the airport looking for parking again. Thanks for making such a helpful and intuitive app!

  • Love this!

    by EternalTraveler

    This is the best app for parking! So convenient and easy to use. Thanks About Airport Parking!

  • Easy to use, great way to save and the app is free!

    by KGWLAX

    This app is simple to use and saved me a lot of money versus parking on airport at LAX. Only a few steps to reservation, I can compare parking prices, and I don't not need a printer - just showed the reservation to the lot attendant. It is also great to get baggage assistance and be dropped right at my terminal. Highly recommended!

  • Nice app

    by gnarlton

    This app has all the right features - free download, easy interface, photos & reviews of each parking location. I can show my phone at the parking lot to scan the reservation barcode to get discounted rates. Very cool.

  • This app is a scam!!!!

    by Snowballtwo

    This company is falsely and knowingly charging customers for parking lots that have been closed for 2 years! If you book and pay, you are getting scammed. Do not do business with this app.

  • They reserve for closed parking lot!?!?

    by Freemarkit

    Johnny Park has been closed for 2 years, yet you can still reserve parking through this app??? What a scam. There were serious connection errors with this app. Also, there are not enough parking lots to choose from.

  • Needs Updating

    by markbyrn

    Considering this old app hasn’t been updated since 2011 (inc. no update for iPhone 5), I wouldn’t bother using this app except for information which may or may not be accurate.

  • Out of date

    by alföldi

    The first one I looked at (Kahului Maui) is out of date -- $10, not $9 stated here. Not very useful

  • Not Great

    by TheEvilQueen

    Used it once and liked it for SFO. Had several options, was easy to use... Not sure what happened but now for SFO, they only have 1 option for parking when I happen to know there are several options. Makes me a bit leery why all of a sudden that's changed...

  • Won't connect for me either

    by NCW2SeaTacFlyer

    App not connecting to its server; only found this out after entering all of my reservation info. Good thing I can fall back to web reservations.

  • Always says connection error

    by Trvlpro7

    I've tried to book parking with this app twice now and both times I get all the way to the end only to have it continuously say connection error! Very frustrating as the price quoted is lower than listed elsewhere. Please fix this problem!

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