English to Mandarin Chinese Audio Phrasebook by Odyssey Translator - Offline Travel Phrases with Voice for Visiting China, Taiwan and Singapore (Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei) Travel App Review (iOS, $4.99)


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An offline audio phrasebook designed just for travelers! Visiting China and don’t speak the language? Odyssey Translator is a “trip saver” that gets you around China like a pro even if you don’t speak Mandarin Chinese. Join more than 4 million people who have downloaded Odyssey Translator. By the time you download Odyssey Translator, you will have the ability to start conversations with the locals - and they will enjoy your enthusiasm!

Named “Best Overall” by Budget Travel, Odyssey Translator is perfect for travelers who want a robust phrasebook that works offline and is full of useful travel phrases with voice.


• It works offline! Use the app anywhere without the stress of expensive internet fees.

• It speaks the phrases for you! Hear clear translations recorded by a native Mandarin Chinese speaker while looking at the written words. Voice translations will guide you through each sentence. Our spoken translations are easy to understand and recorded at a pace that the New York Times says makes us a better learning tool than the Lonely Planet series of apps.

• Sound like a person, not a computer! Unlike our competitors, our audio files are recorded by real, professional native speakers so you can pronounce phrases right the first time.

• Phrases you’ll actually use during a visit to another country! Odyssey Translator covers everything you need to get around in the most common travel situations from getting the menu to asking for the receipt.

• Easy to use and not like most apps! It’s a new way of speaking a language without feeling like you’re “learning” or studying for the SAT. It’s unique because it breaks down travel phrases into parts and you can create your own sentences instead of being stuck with a static vocabulary. Tap out sentences one step at a time such as “I would like/a glass of/sparkling water/with/lemon” and the English words will translate into Mandarin Chinese.

• Prepare for any interaction ahead of time and never scramble in the moment! Save any phrase as favorites and reorganize them in chronological order to plan your interactions ahead of time.

• No in-app purchases and no ads!


“Of the apps I tested in the low-price category, I liked the Odyssey Translator iPhone series the most.” - The New York Times

“Of the apps I tested in the low-price category, I liked the Odyssey Translator iPhone series features the most.” - The New York Times

“When you're done, it actually speaks the phrase for you, so there’s no fear of asking for glue, when what you really want is gum.” - Cool Mom Tech


Can we sit in a non-smoking area?
Can I have the menu?
I am ready to order dinner.
Can you cook it more?
I would like a croissant.
I am allergic to nuts.
Do you have desserts?
What kind of beer do you have?
May I see the wine list?
I would like a glass of red wine.
Can you take a photo?
What is your name?
Would you like to go for a drink?
I am looking for the opera house.
Where can I find a nice restaurant?
Do you have a tour guide?
Where is the toilet?
Can you call a taxi?
I would like to rent a bicycle.
Where can I find a hotel?
Do you have the internet?
I need an ATM machine.
Can I have the receipt?
What time is boarding?
Do you have something for allergies?
Where can I find a toothbrush?
Can I see a doctor?
I have a sore throat.
I am allergic to antibiotics.
Where is the embassy?
I lost my passport.


After you download, we are here to help if you have any questions. Email us at support@odysseytranslator.com or visit us at www.odysseytranslator.com.

Follow us on twitter.com/translatorapps or like us on www.facebook.com/odysseytranslator for promo codes and updates on new language apps.

Odyssey Translators are available on the App Store in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean, and Russian. Language not listed? Share with us what you’d like to see next at hello@odysseytranslator.com.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app - used on trip to Beijing

    by Bryan in Illinois

    This app saved me several times when I visited Beijing in April of 2013. A major positive is the fact you do not need to be connected to the Internet to use it. I was able to find a preset phrase for almost every situation I was in. Well worth the price. One down side, it does not display translated phrases in the Mandarin picture-character set. It shows the Romanized spellings of words. The folks in China did not understand what I was showing them. But the app also verbalizes the phrases which worked most everything except in noisy areas. Well worth the money if you find yourself going to China!

  • Great

    by FireworkDude

    Really helpful App. I travel a Lot and use this quite frequently. Big help!

  • Its does a simple task...well

    by JohnMLTX

    I used this app on a recent trip to China. It works as advertised. During dinner I wanted a cocktail and "I" "would like" "a vodka" "with tonic" seemed to convey the message well. I got what I wanted. After dinner "can i have" "a receipt" gave me what I needed. And always the ever popular "i do not understand" worked very well. For $4.99 it gave me what i needed...a slight edge!

  • Too basic

    by Kineras

    Far too basic and simplistic. A child's toy.

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