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Seller: National Geographic Society

Quick fix for a user-reported crash.

What's New in Version 1.2:
Now designed specifically for iOS7!
- Access to main menu has been simplified and differentiated from the Control Center.
- New menu stacking animation means you'll always know where you are in the app.
- Background multitasking now finishes downloading photos for you even if you leave the app.
- Swipe from the left edge to go back to the previous screen from anywhere in the app.
- Unit pickers in the conversions section are in the new style.

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Explore the best of four of the world's most vibrant cities—London, Paris, Rome, and New York—with City Guides by National Geographic. Included free with each city are local tips, current weather, fun facts, and a selection of iconic photos. Purchase the complete guides for the richest travel experience: curated point-by-point walks, customizable itineraries, city secrets, stunning photo galleries, and much more.

Here’s what you get for free:

• Practical travel information, like when to go, live weather, real-time currency exchange rates, and measurement conversion tables
• Approximately 50 short and shareable “Did You Know?” facts per city
• Favorites section where you can save items you want to remember
• A selection of beautiful and iconic photographs

Upgrade to the paid guides to unlock premium content. Our travel editors have picked only the best places, so you don’t have to wade through all the noise to find exactly what you want to do in each city. With your purchase, you’ll get:

• Walks: Explore the best of each city through mapped routes chosen by National Geographic editors.
• What to Do: We’ve compiled the ultimate do-not-miss list of places to visit, things to see, and experiences to have.
• Photos: Get city-specific tips on taking the best pictures—plus, flip through a larger gallery of stunning city shots.
• My Itineraries: Create and share custom, mapped itineraries.
• Secrets: Get a behind-the-scenes look with little known facts and hidden gems.

As you would expect from National Geographic, you’ll also find easy-to-use maps and gorgeous photography, presented in a simple and elegant interface designed and developed by Rally Interactive. Guaranteed to delight and inform every urban traveler, from the first-time visitor to the seasoned explorer.

Customer Reviews

  • .

    by okeyn

    Beatiful app with great ui implementation. Congrats!

  • Really a nice app!

    by RodneyBorton

    Nice app! The design, easy to navigate menu is just great! Very intuitive. Just Four cities though.

  • Nat Geo WIN

    by Neobeatnichic

    I never write reviews. I'm headed to NYC next week and the guides are informative and well designed. Super easy to use. It includes a short history of most sights, maps, cross street locations, subway stops and even speak easy secrets! Awesome job guys.

  • National Geographic City Guides

    by D. Hill

    While one would have to fully unlock the complete city guides to give an all encompassing review, just by seeing what is offered in the limited version gives me the idea that this application is worth having for anyone interested in visiting or learning about the offered areas. From the limited version one can glimpse the city details of the four areas that are offered. One can learn facts such as the origin and the average weather that is to be expected per year. Users can also learn the best tourist attractions and some of the more popular places to visit as well stay at. Users can also easily share information from the app with others. To finish NGCG is designed extremely well with a sleek and easy to navigate menu. The background design of the menu is befitting of National Geographic with high resolution iconic images for each city. If you plan on visiting any of the cities offered here, download today.

  • No Washington DC?

    by Noworkz

    Great app, but it could use some new locations

  • Great app!

    by jde123

    Thanks for the quick fix - this is a great app!

  • Waste of Time

    by Pktravel

    4 cities only.... Not useful and limited content.

  • For the Paisano

    by MrCleanTheMobsMachine

    What are you kidding me? Only 4 cities? 20 would be more fitting! Los Angeles, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico City, Toronto, Moscow, Rio Di Janeiro, Lima, Chicago, Philadelphia, Bangkok, Calcutta, Sicily, Ibiza, Florence, Naples, Venice, Rome, Munich, etc...etc...

  • Used for some not all


    The design is nice, but the variety is lacking. There are only 4 or 5 cities to choose from, granted its comprehensive, I still would prefer most countries of interest to be included.

  • Great

    by 14Player182

    Navigating the app is easy and clean. Great overall all

  • A must have

    by Runlittlepiggy

    This app was perfect for my recent trip to Europe. Every restaurant that was highly rated was amazing, and every attraction review and description was extremely helpful in making decisions on what to see and do. The most amazing feature was the map that works in airplane mode so you can still navigate through the city streets! Only gave it four stars because I wish it had more cities. Other than this, the app is amazing!

  • Cool app


    Cool app, and worth downloading for its great design alone.

  • Slide view

    by Peter6162

    The way it interacts is appreciable....

  • Makavali4life

    by Bromannigg

    How come there are so many updates? Not only this one, but almost all apps lol... good app btw.

  • If $5.99 USD for 10 cities or 12.99 for 30 cities then that would be fine!

    by Fabulous Person

    It's just overpriced! Each city cost over 5 bucks, that's little something. Isn't it?!

  • Amazing

    by Aubisque

    Beautiful app Love the update

  • It's okay

    by Fryrice

    The app is great but you need to purchase to gain more access. Then there is only 4 cities to choose from. Need the abilities to add more cities before I drop money on this app.

  • Awesome

    by Amirhossein1097

    This app is awesome

  • Hard to use & only 4 cities?

    by thegermanleipziger

    Even though I would call myself a tech geek, I found the app not easy and less intuitional to use. And there are guides for only those 4 cities or is this just a result from the bad handling of that app?

  • Pay for certain features

    by We Paid For This?

    You pay for certain features on the app. Not too helpful if your looking for something quick to help navigate around a city like New York.

  • Not working!

    by jen....

    I downloaded the app and tried to buy the Paris guide but keep getting the same error - purchase cannot be confirmed. So frustrating! I even tried deleting the app & downloading again and same thing, ugh.

  • Not Useful!

    by DP.NOLA

    Only offers 4 cities of preview/sample guides. They cost $4.99 a guide (IAP)... Don't download unless you're going to Paris, Rome, London, or New York. Otherwise, this app is worthless.

  • IAP scam

    by Aj7478

    National Geographic should be embarrassed.

  • Why buy this??

    by leothedirilo

    There's no way you could use this for travel. You can only get four selected cities on that app.

  • Completely useless

    by StephenMH

    I usually love everything the NG does. But this is complete $#!¥. I would actually pay the five dollars for a city that I was traveling in, but to release this app without adding at least the top 20 city destinations is about as unprofessional as it comes. They have guide books for about every city on the planet.. and they are great! But I guess even transcribing those into digital content is impossible.

  • This is a joke.

    by Frank Daviel

    You can only view 4 cities and not much of them. This is a terrible app, don't even waste your time.

  • Wow Nat Geo.... Wow

    by 5ammy

    Terrible app. You would think a company like Nat Geo would not jump on the in-app purchase wagon but here they are. hand out bagging you for $5 for a city guide... On top of that there are only 4 cities. Although I thinks it is to high , I can't say that I wouldn't spend the money for a city I was visiting. But 4 cities??There should be hundreds of cities on here. Not 4

  • Ridiculous

    by AMB@home

    This app is half baked. The description leads you to believe you have the option to view more than the 4 cities mentioned. You do not. The developers should have either been more honest in the description or waited until the app was complete before launching.

  • Utter joke.

    by SFY

    This is really pathetic.

  • Bait & Switch

    by Baseballexpert

    Useless app unless you "buy a city" for $4.99. Without doing that everything useful is locked. A few pretty pictures are at your disposal, but that's about it.

  • Do not waste time on it

    by TimesAWasting

    bud experiment

  • Not enough

    by Jefferson Tibbs

    There is only 4 countries here. Very, very disappointing...

  • Estafa

    by Estella Caceres

    Es una estafa, no lo recomiendo para nada. Tienes que pagar extra para ver la guía completa de cada ciudad y solo hay 4.

  • Stupid

    by Reemne

    I can't believe that national Didint put many country's

  • 4 cities?

    by ダニエル79


  • Four cities ????

    by J'Amie

    Each time you click on something you get a pop up box ad to buy the full app @ $5. Come on N.G, you're better than this, or not?!

  • Not good

    by Greg_W

    Not many cities and for it to be useful you must pay money. Next time be honest with your customers

  • Not worth it

    by A beekeeper

    Not worth it unless you buy it

  • Don't judge a book by it's cover.

    by Antonio Llongueras

    I visited london for the first time last week. I purchased the London guide, and bet my chips that it would be as fantastic and beautiful as the interface. I was very disappointed. The secret tips weren't so secret (even for a first timer). I would've benefited from a stricter sense of direction from the guide.

  • Never stops installing

    by flucich

    Like the app but it stuck install mode when updates need to be install

  • Really? I expected better from NatGeo

    by UWFAuburn

    I should have read the reviews prior to downloading. They only have four cities listed, London, Paris, New York, and Rome. Since I am not planning to travel to one of those cities, I didn't delve any further into the app. If you are, then perhaps this app is slightly useful (although I didn't check it out and other users don't think so). Bottom Line: I am ashamed that my download of this horrible app can be used for a count of number of times this app was downloaded. I am only giving it one star because the App Store won't let me give it none.

  • Failed my expectations

    by Pepsipoppins

    The worst thing about this app is that it only features four destinations. You can not add a city of your choice. Waste of time!

  • Horrible

    by Sandz1572

    Not worth the $4.99! There are only 4 cities to see and you have to pay if each city separately! Thought I'd get a lot more insight of the city and things to do!!!! What a rip off!

  • Avoid.

    by SaudiLawyer


  • Rip Off

    by LDS TX

    Rip OFF Misleading

  • Seriously?

    by Not an expert, but...

    When the description says 'cities like,' then they name three and you're expecting to see multiple choices (a lot of major cities) after downloading the app, you'll be quite disappointed when there are only four cities included on this app. On top of that, the 'good stuff' that you want to know about, you have to pay for to view. Don't bother installing.

  • Worthless -Only 4 cities

    by Tac223

    Only four random cities in different countries. So much potential wasted.

  • Piece of crap

    by Mommy!!

    This app only gives you four cities and then you have to buy more. I wanted an app where you could search for a city and get information, not this crap I searched for Harrison, MI and I got nothing then I searched for Lansing MI and got nothing this is all about the big tourist traps like Rome and London and I did not want that.

  • Not worth the money

    by D23yywamm

    I expected much more.Only the VERY essential information on 4 cities,and every costs 5dollars?Even myself I can plan a much better itinerary.Good for the travel beginners perhaps,but not for me.

  • worthless

    by Dbp1234

    Only has a view cities, my pay alot for more cities

  • Only 4 cities ... This app is worthless

    by SoCal Foothill Rider

    Bad app

  • Stupid app

    by alanyaxx

    Theirs only 4 cities to choose from & you have to pay for the other stuff

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