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  • Publisher: MTData LLC
  • Updated: Jun, 02 2012
  • Version: 3.0.4
  • Size: 9.1 MB

Languages: English

Seller: MTData LLC

--Minor Bug fixes

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This is the Official Metro Taxi Denver iPhone App for our customers located in the Denver Metro Area.
The Metro Taxi Denver iPhone application delivers a streamlined booking alternative for Metro Taxi customers by skipping the telephone queue when trying to call and book a cab during peak hours.
See how far away your taxi is with our LIVE Tracking feature and receive an "on approach" notification when the cab is near.
This is the perfect taxi application for booking account jobs or arranging travel for passengers other than yourself where you want to track their pick up and drop off.
Create a list of your favorite pickup locations to be used later for quick easy access.
Book a taxi using the iHail function, which uses the iPhone’s built in GPS to determine your pickup point and if required you can further fine tune the map pin location determined by iHail by using the map presented location on the screen of your iPhone.
Find the closest stand located to you while in the downtown area where our taxis are available to pick up street hails using the ‘Find Stand’ button.
Automatic dial to the Metro Taxi Denver call center is also available.

Customer Reviews

  • So far so good

    by Dohnelly

    Tried it once and no issues. That's all that matters.

  • Works well enough!

    by _bat

    Seems useful. Provides time estimates for pickup. Provides cost estimates (destination address selection could be streamlined). Supports hailing, doesn't make it easy to accidentally hail a cab. Doesn't crash.

  • Wow!

    by Xtina V.

    After reading all of the reviews I was apprehensive of using this app. But I did anyway. The guy was to my apartment in 20 minutes. No complaints whatsoever.

  • Great app!

    by 1853gus57

    I have been using this app for a few weeks and it has been the greatest things. I just booked a cab was at my house in less the 10 min. For anyone who complains about this app. You have to remember its based on what taxi is available in your area.

  • Love it!!

    by sarah christiansen

    Used it this morning to get to work, created "home" as a favorite pick up location awhile ago, and with a click of 3 buttons my cab was book and i didn't need to let arranging a ride to work become a hassle that interrupts my already hectic morning routine.

  • I

    by DenManKnowsOwnAddress

    Dude you obviously don't know your address..E colfax ain't colfax pal..the app works great I set up my address in favorites and I get to work everyday using it.App works like a charm!!

  • Great app

    by RF0323

    So convenient and easy to use. I ordered a cab ride from the restaurant without having to leave my seat. Quick service. Would definitely recommend.

  • Great app

    by LolaCroz

    I just used my app for the first time this weekend when leaving the bars. The can picked us up in two minutes. We didnt even have to wait. Definitely a good app to have for the bars.

  • Great App!

    by jclark007

    This app rocks! A few clicks and a cab magically appears. Friendly drivers, too. If you need to get around Denver, get this app.

  • Cool app, very convenient

    by Corelyon

    I was on hold when I called the 3's and heard there was an app. Great choice, I installed it, ordered a cab and it was here within two minutes! It immediately showed me that my cab 471 feet away. Very cool.

  • Denver

    by A country mile

    Finally a taxi company that makes it easy and fun to order a cab, this app is great!

  • App ok, service behind it HORRIBLE!!!

    by SnowSkiSunSea

    I downloaded the app and booked a taxi over an hour in advance for 5:15. At about 5:05 I got a message saying the taxi had been "booked" (not sure what they were doing in the meantime). Then 5 minutes later I get a message that the taxi has "cancelled" - which I did not do. Then called the operator who said it was an error with my address (house has been in the same place since 1978). And he'd dispatch a new taxi which would take another hour because none were nearby. Gave up and called Yellow Cab instead. Much better luck / help. But am now late!!!!! Grrrr!!!!

  • Never prebook with this app!

    by Kitten21388

    The app works ok if you just need to get a cab and can wait for it (don't ever trust the times on the home screen...booked a cab and I'm at 2hrs and counting when it said it should only take 15mins), but never try to schedule a cab in the future with it! I scheduled a cab for this morning with the app last night, and called 25 mins before the cab was scheduled to come to make sure everything had gone through (the woman on the phone assured me it had). About 20 mins before the cab was supposed to show up, I got a push notification that the booking was "created," even though it I did it the night before. The cab is currently 30 mins late, with no eta that the operator for metro taxi can give me, and I'm late for work. Yea, that was a fun call, "I'm going to be late because my cab hasn't shown up yet, and I have no idea when it's going to be coming to get me." I haven't had a problem when I call 1 1/2 - 2 hours in advance to schedule it, so I've got to assume that there is a major problem with the app.

  • Useless

    by DonnieV

    Search for street names doesn't work and there is no way to override so you can't book

  • Unable to register to use the app

    by Asha'man213

    I'm installing latest metro app on IPhone with latest software 7.0.4 and while I can fill in the information to register there is no next or submit buttons. Cannot continue. Update 2 uninstalled and re installed now have next option but now the app cannot register the cc. I'm connected to LTE getting 5mb down and 4mb up data speeds and the app takes 5 min to install and timed out on cc registration. App or Metro's servers are junk.

  • No cab

    by ohiconsulting

    Cab was never assigned after I booked. Kept getting message that app was using new GPS to book cab closest to me. I live downtown so know one was near. Watched one drive by. New GPS doesn't work! Please fix. Worked great prior to latest upgrade.

  • It used to be great

    by jakeh28

    This was definitely a 4 or 5 star app prior to the update. Then they changed everything and now it is absolutely terrible. Cabs are taking on average about 10-15 minutes longer than they were before. Also you cannot accurately track a cab like you used to.

  • Use uber instead

    by Dal$

    This is a poor attempt at mimicking Uber. Just use Uber. The cars are nicer and the drivers won't take you in circles.

  • Not guaranteed

    by Don't Doit

    That's what I was told when I called to check on my cab that was 20 mins late. No cab was coming even tho I had scheduled three hours prior via this app. Trying to get from park meadows to the Pepsi center. I wouldn't think these areas were so inconvenient, especially given that it would've been a 45 dollar fare and a generous tip. I'm late and I'm angry and metro will now be my last to call. they could have notified me that no one wanted to pick up and I would've made other arrangements.


    by Jim Berry

    Don't use this app!

  • Do not use!

    by ajlange

    This app and the company cost me $200 in airport parking fees because the taxi never showed up. Call 303-444-4444 for the other taxi company in Denver!

  • Awful

    by Joshyy98

    This app could be helpful but is not. It couldn't find the pickup address or the drop off address. Ended up calling the company instead. The fare estimator is a nice feature despite the other shortcomings.

  • Terrible App

    by monsterinbsmt

    Every time I used the app it took over an hour for a can to show up. Frequently had to call to get the correct information for a pick up location. This is the worst app I've ever used, if you need to get somewhere you're better off walking.

  • Garbage

    by JohnnyBattery

    I can't even log in. It tells me unrecognized leading character. I guess P is too hard to recognize.

  • I don't want a van!!

    by Gstone99

    Every time I call a cab with this app, it sends a van even though the app setting is set on "any cab." This results in longer wait times as the closest cab is not usually a van. C'mon, metro taxi, get with the times and pay a software developer to develop a decent app that is easy to use. Also, until I figured out the app works it was not clear to me that I had actually effectively called a cab. Despite its problems the app prevents me from sitting on hold which is nice.

  • Worst service ever

    by CF caveman

    Booked with the app the night before and we are still waiting for the taxi....over 25min late to catch a flight to DIA. No concept of when booking to show up on time. Do not use this service. Spend the extra money and hire a limo.

  • As Dissappointing As Their Customer Service

    by Mr. Sunny Side

    The app also could not find my address, nor does it give rates. Would rate 0 otherwise.

  • Total waste

    by Thanks to Logos

    After 27 minutes, still "pending" - either the app is useless or the service is. Either way, don't waste your time.

  • Total junk - cab never came

    by Jarbsalot

    Doesn't work. Cab never came. Makes you create an account. Why? Just scammy. Call a cab from a different company. Don't use this POS app or really Metro taxi at all. Unless you want to wait around like a dork waiting for a cab that will never come.


    by DavidMTN

    It turns out if you request a taxi at a time then that means within an hour of your requested time, maybe even longer. This all occurred during off-peak hours. If you then call the service to see if someone is coming to pick you up (when they are already late), expect to be treated badly by a rude dispatcher who will explain that even though they are already late, your cab has not even been dispatched yet and that your expectation that somebody would show up only 5 or 10 minutes late is unrealistic. What you need to do is book the cab much earlier. Basically they have this smart phone App that leads you to believe that you are booking a cab to show up at whatever time you requested. Then Metro cab will take care of getting a cab when & where you requested it. DO NOT TRUST METRO CAB. I would have missed my flight if I had relied on them & didn't take my own car to Denver International. Metro cab is totally worthless.

  • Mr.

    by Jrfyffgfg

    This app couldn't even find my street (21st ave, Denver).

  • password

    by Johnnhb

    this app sounded like a great idea. i was really excited to use it. i work in a bar so i have to call for a cab several times a night. when i put my password in it kept telling me invalid password. there is no " forgot password" to press no contact info or anything ...oh well , it sounded like a good idea.

  • Cab Never Showed

    by Mrchillis

    Ordered a cab and waited an hour and a half for cab to show up. After the wait, the app showed my cab request as cancelled. Apparently it decides rather or not you need a cab!

  • Cab Drivers Don't Show Up

    by Bummed by Tap Tap

    I thought it was working as I stood outside in 30 degree temps. But apparently, my cab accepted my booking and completed it, all from miles away according to the map I was trying to follow. Ordered the cab 1.5 hours ahead of time. Sat outside for 15 minutes waiting. Ended up driving myself because no one accepted my second attempt at booking. The app might work but the drivers aren't on board to actually follow through with what could have been a good idea.

  • Garbage. Broken garbage

    by OneAdamTwelve

    Wow, how do you mess this up this badly? My street isn't found, I live on one of the main streets in central Denver. Colfax? Not found. Wasted more time than being on hold. These other good reviews are from their marketing agency, you can tell. App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not downloadApp does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download App does not work! Do not download

  • Broken, do not use

    by Avalot

    Wasted 30 minutes waiting for a taxi. Called and they had the address wrong (though I entered it correctly). They didn't apologize, blamed me for it instead. The app is clearly broken, but don't expect a fix. Don't use this app: You'll get there faster on foot.

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