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- minor bug fixes

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"The BEST travel app for the iPhone." -


BookMe is the iPhone app brought to you by With BookMe, you can easily search the best travel sites for flights, hotels and car rentals in every country in the world.

- BookMe saves you time. The concept is simple. Enter your travel search criteria just one time, and search only the sites you want. Stop wasting your time visiting multiple sites and entering your search info over and over again.

- BookMe save you money. With BookMe, you will be able to search the most reputable travel companies on the net, compare them side by side, and find the best deals available online.

- BookMe leaves you in control. With BookMe, you'll only view deals from the providers you select. Other aggregators only show you the results they want you to see. BookMe gives you the results directly from the sources themselves so that you know you are getting the best deals available.

- BookMe is FREE to use. Enough said!

BookMe is the first place to come when beginning your travel search. We don't claim to have invented the wheel. We just claim to be able to save you a bunch of time and money in a very simple way directly from your iPhone.


What's new with the BookMe Travel Search app?
- view search results in landscape view
- search using your current location
- upgraded calendar with days of week displayed
- upgraded UI
- multiple bug fixes
- no more crashing!

Customer Reviews

  • Greatness

    by Gliderissue

    Had to book a flight 2 days before my departure date was really on a budget....found this app like no joke found me the cheapest flight n trust me I looked everywhere directed me to travelation btw..good website

  • Great app!!

    by Munky23

    I can see a lot of work has been put into this app as I have stuck with it from the beginning. The improvements done over time have made this my favorite travel app! It's easy, convenient and gives the best deals at the time. I use this app to book all of my flights/hotels/car rentals. Thanks BookMe!

  • Awesome

    by Aymanose

    Gr8 app

  • Bstewie

    by Bstewie

    Love it! It does exactly what it says and is a great spot to compare a few travel sites in a few seconds. No problems with crashing for me.

  • BookMe

    by M612

    A very convenient app

  • Great communication

    by SRaie

    I sent a message to ask to add weekdays so that I wouldn't have to go out of the app to get a date. They responded immediately and stated several updates are coming. So far this is the best in app application. Expedia makes you go through safari. Ugh! Love this app!! And it allows you to compare sites inside the app.

  • What the heck?!?

    by catlover65616

    I should have read the reviews better. I am shopping for cruises and since it was listed as a category on the sample, I thought it would actually be a choice. But not so! Dumb!

  • Where are the cruises

    by Cameron Mack 88

    In the App Store it appears on the example screen but not on the app. BS

  • Not good

    by Pascky1

    It doesn't work

  • Not working

    by Kuw13

    Bad URL

  • Garbage

    by TCS113

    To search for a cruise it asks you for the exact date instead of just the month - no other search engine works like that. I had to search for days and after searching almost 2 weeks one day at a time there was not one result found. I don't think it even works. What a waste. Seems nice at first but isn't very useful at all! Also it only searches for major cities for car rentals. If your city is not on their list you can't use the app.

  • Useless

    by Mountainshaker

    I put in dates and destinations, then click on a search site. Next, I get a popup telling me to "upgrade my browser." Then, after finally clicking the minuscule x , I end up at the search site having to input my dates and destination again!!!

  • Waste

    by Dmo-Salem

    The app would only get results maybe 1/3 of the time. Some of the tab results wouldn't even load. The rest of the time I was given all these ads for places I didn't want to go.

  • Waste

    by Alassiter

    Wouldn't load info for my trips. Kept directing me to the travel websites, which I can easily do myself without this app.

  • BS

    by Matattood

    Waste of battery

  • Не работает бронь авиабилетов

    by SuperStalker

    Ничего не находит и не бронирует. Пытался заказать билет из Киева в Нью Йорка - ничего не нашла программа вообще. Х..ня полная.

  • Awful

    by Jhambrock1062

    The dates I entered were always remembered as one day off and none of the search engines worked. The app just kept closing itself. I deleted it and am just going to use safari. Waste of time.

  • No good yet

    by Ferefefe

    Date spinner moves strangely and crashed when adding 4th tab, and I have followed the instructions =)

  • Didn't work

    by benwitz

    The select date feature selects on day off from what you actually select. After it selected web sites to choose from, it took me to Expedia, but just took me to the mobile home didn't pass on the city and date selection.

  • Craptastic

    by alx512

    Horrible design. Doesn't work.

  • Jpc

    by Juan on

    No sirve en iPhone 4 basura

  • Keeps crashing

    by taylorvika

    Keeps crashing and you have to keep re-entering your info all over. Just because it's free, it shouldn't be crap!

  • Useless


    Crashed every single time I tried running it. After 5 attempts, I'm done.

  • Poor design

    by copter47

    No field for rental car drop off location. From the App you cannot choose another location to drop off your car. Fix this issue... You get 4 stars.

  • App stinks

    by Bubba503

    Never could use it because I crashed every time. Glad it was free!

  • Terrible App

    by dknehans

    I have used this app only once to find a good price on a ticket from NYC to Cincinnati OH. The interface is clumsy and the airport listing would not recognize LGA but rather one had to put in New York and then select La Guardia (LGA) - frustrating. THEN, the app only re-directs you to a bunch of websites. More trouble than it is worth!

  • Pointless waste of time

    by Shelltamy

    Almost impossible to imput cities, after travel info is entered it then loads forever just to get to a page where you start all over one travel site at a time. Why not just go to those sites directly?

  • Poor searching

    by tea2001

    I was out to dinner last night with friends. While showing my iPhone, they asked it I could book hotel rooms from it. Of course I answered 'Yes' and brought up Book It to show then how easy it was. Then the problems occurred. Then wanted to go to Portland Maine - I picked that city as my destination and set the dates and searched. All of my results were for Portland Oregon! (Same results with, Orbitz, Kayak and Hotwire searches with this app). Not real helpful. I finally just went to the hotel's web site (They knew the name of where they wanted to stay) via Safari and book the room for them. This morning while playing with this app, I found the the Travelocity search actually gave me the option to pick the correct Portland but why should I need to pick it twice? While this could be a useful app, somebody needs to fix this very major problem. Tim

  • Don't waste your time

    by Lou76

    ONLY refers you to other sites, does not search anything

  • Rubbish

    by zippy314

    Crashes all the time. Even the one star rating is being generous.

  • Piece of junk

    by Vidopliasov

    Keeps crashing, stupid motto. Get the Kayak app, that's the best. Moonlava LLC, go book yourself!

  • Doesn't work!!

    by Ncjwl04

    Waste of time. When you press the search button, it crashes EVERYTIME!!

  • Pretty frustrating

    by The Poker Stud

    Seems like I'm constantly inputting my dates and destinations. The app is tedious to use.

  • Totally vulgar subtitle

    by adamkynaston

    These creators shouldn't have chosen that kind of subtitle.

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