Lyft Travel App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Lyft, Inc.
  • Updated: May, 31 2012
  • Version: 2.1.4
  • Size: 10.32 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Lyft, Inc.

Happy 2014! You can now invite friends and get free rides! Just open the menu and tap "Share the love". Each new friend that signs up and tries Lyft earns you both a free ride, up to $25 in value.

We've also been working hard to optimize location accuracy and clean up a few things under the hood. New in this version (v2.1.4):

• Share the love and earn free rides!
• Improved location accuracy
• Bug fixes
• Now available in the East Bay Area, CA

Customer Ratings

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84 Ratings
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1033 Ratings


Your friend with a car®

Lyft is a friendly, safe, and affordable transportation network. Just tap a button and in minutes you’ll be riding in the front seat with a new friend. Our Lyft community drivers have been background checked and personality screened to offer the best ride experience in the city!

Prepare for Lyft off!

Step 1. Log in with Facebook
Step 2. Set your pickup location & request a Lyft
Step 3. At your destination rate your driver for the effort

Lyft is currently available in these cities:

• Atlanta, GA
• Baltimore, MD
• Boston, MA
• Charlotte, NC
• Chicago, IL
• Dallas, TX
• Denver, CO
• East Bay Area, CA
• Indianapolis, IN
• Los Angeles, CA
• Nashville, TN
• Orange County, CA
• Phoenix, AZ
• Sacramento, CA
• San Diego, CA
• San Francisco, CA
• Seattle, WA
• Silicon Valley, CA
• St. Paul, MN
• Washington, D.C.
• Your neighborhood very soon!

Facebook login is a safety feature that helps Lyft maintain a trusted peer-to-peer community. Your privacy and safety are of utmost importance, and we'll never post ANYTHING to Facebook.

Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Lyft is awesome!!!

    by JDT625

    This app is genius. Don't ever take a cab again just get a Lyft instead!

  • Rider and driver

    by Grtish

    I Just wish we had this decade ago ... Best app.

  • Very very useful, but a few improvements could be made

    by Roz Smiley

    The only things I would change would be the ability to choose a donation instead of a set payment, the ability to check the estimates price of a ride, and sometimes it is hard to hail a car from a distance.

  • Lyft

    by dazzawikka

    Lyft rocks!

  • Love lyft!

    by Sea.Claire

    Lyft love!

  • by qxinfinity

    Lyft is off the hook, Lyft is dope. This is by far the best work ever, hell, it isn't even work. I'm having way to much fun and getting

  • Great App! Great fun!

    by SF sort of

    Always a fun and friendly ride! This is an amazing way to get around the city and get there meeting cool people! I've been lucky, and met a few really awesome drivers! The drivers are great and that makes all the difference!

  • Yeehaw!!

    by Fat Jame

    What a great concept. Love using this app on the reg! Super fun and easy!

  • 100.00 uber credit. Use code uber200

    by Autopromo123

    100.00 uber credit .. Use code: uber200 One per person. Please share with friends and family.

  • Amazing App

    by Wil_i_am10

    Couldn't ask for a better rides sharing app!!!

  • Ideal transportation app!

    by shawncothran

    I loved it so much I became a driver, and it IS awesome! I have had so many great experiences through Lyft! @DrawLyft

  • Lyft is awesome!!

    by Oscar10181988

    You MUST try it!

  • I Love Lyft! $25 Credit Code MFS936

    by mpg31

    What a great app!! Lyft is SO much better than a cab!! It's faster, safer, cheaper, more reliable, more fun, etc. New Users earn a $25 credit using the code MFS936.

  • Pgh Lyft very pleasant... but cheaper than a cab?

    by niajuna

    My ride with Ellie was awesome! This city has few cabs, they are not always reliable or punctual, and I have had unsavory this was much nicer. With a regular group of drivers offering more options, this is certainly preferable and seems more structured than cabs here, but it didn't seem any cheaper.

  • Lyft Is Awesome

    by Chadlyr

    Lyft is by far the superior rideshare app. It is easy to set up, user friendly, and every driver I have requested has been so cool! Taxis are out, Lyft is in. Ride on!

  • Lyft is the best!!

    by HeatherAndy

    All the drivers are super friendly and often have treats or water and an extra charger for your phone. What more could you ask for?!? Much better than calling a cab or having to wait for a bus which you might have to ride for an hour or more (if you have to transfer) to get somewhere that takes less that 20 minutes by car. Also great for times when you want to go out drinking with friends and don't want to figure out the whole designated driver dilemma. Plus parking in downtown Nashville can be expensive. From now on Lyft is my 1st choice when I need a ride somewhere and can't drive myself!

  • Get bonus credit

    by guest6981

    Use this code to get $35 bonus credit M2T2T8

  • Lyftburgh, PA

    by ItsSamDude_

    I love lyft! As a founding driver for Pittsburgh I get to meet awesome people around the city and see new places!

  • Great app

    by Sizzlebecki

    Occasionally glitches and gps can be slightly off the mark, but it's fast and efficient nonetheless. Recommend confirming your physical location when you request a ride.

  • Great service !

    by Markusseven77

    I'm grateful we have this service. Munis, buses, taxi cabs, BART, etc... Are all so unreliable and with most of them you have to find a station in town or a bus stop and then wait for a long time. Why do that when I can get a LYFT within 5 minutes from wherever I am, just by pushing a button on my phone?

  • No facebook

    by toks1997

    I have no Facebook and i don't want to make one just for one app, can there be another way to sign up in the app?? Please and thank you

  • Lyft lifted my lyf to a better place

    by Netkid_100

    Easy to use app allows for pin point location of pickup, which saves time and gas as a driver

  • Like riding with a buddy! Better than uberx

    by Youboyslikemexico

    Truely a fantastic experience every time. So inexpensive relative to competition. Drivers are great and every phone charger and music line out are a huge plus so you can DJ or share your musical taste. Used Uber X once and the driver didn't say one word to me. Lyft is like driving with a friend.

  • Beautiful.

    by mrali313

    I drive.

  • Nicely Designed!

    by Cen dj

    What a great way to get or give a Lyft!!! Optimization always on the way!!! I love it!

  • Amazing

    by ElliottRohan68

    I love Lyft so much I started driving in DC

  • The best!!!

    by Oscarsucho

    This is the best app of ride sharing, easy to use, just two minutes and ready, love lyft is the future of transportation.

  • lyft

    by jimmel2690

    such a great app and service i ended up working for them! =] #HappyLyfting !!

  • I love Lyft

    by Dragonfly42927

    Revolutionizing the transportation system and bringing people together! Love it!!!

  • $20 credit

    by mnh5065

    Use promo code "PROMO1" for $20 off for new users! Never expires

  • Love it

    by Micheainsanjose

    This is great

  • I love using Lyft!

    by BloodFidelity

    Great app, easy to use! My only suggestion is to brighten the app icon. I don't like the dull, off white color it is. Match the white color with the other iOS 7 Apple icons. Thanks!

  • Primetime in SF most of the time

    by Jayzzzzzz123

    25% tip during Primetime ! Please reconsider it

  • Facebook Login? You just lost a customer

    by joemar

    Lyft was great. I enjoyed the drivers. I enjoyed the service. Then one day I was told I needed to login via Facebook. Guess what Lyft. I don't have Facebook. I got rid of it 9 months ago. In fact, if you paid attention you would see many people are leaving in droves. That you would tie yourself to Facebook like that is a disservice to your customers and drivers alike. Many people out there want NOTHING to do with Facebook. This harms Lyft's credibility and furthers the notion that we must all become slaves to Zuckerberg. Shame on you Lyft. Just lost a customer.

  • Safe fun way to get a ride.

    by Esquashy55

    Safe way to get a ride w/ friendly drivers. Would be nice to know where to enter discount code when requesting rides. Also, would be nice to rate the driver and service separately. Over all, great service. A+.

  • Love love love lyft!!!! Get a $25 credit!

    by Niknak426

    A friend of mine showed me this app and I love it, such a great way to get around the city! Also, use the coupon code I used CY88JZ to get a $25 credit!

  • Terrible service

    by ryanforsythe

    I was on Lyft's side for a while. I always recommended it to friends, took lyfts all over Nashville and Los Angeles, and I was even going to become a driver. Until, they managed to lose all of my respect for them. I was in Los Angeles, for an extended weekend, and with no other source of transportation, Lyft was my go to service. It lasted about a day and a half (or approximately 6 Lyfts) before I discovered some reoccurring issues, as well as a major issue that required me to contact lyft support. Some of the reoccurring issues were: the cars being old, beat up, and dirty, drivers being sketchy and unsafe, and the constant problem of never finding me where I needed to be picked up (just go to the pin!). So anyway, I had to contact support for a larger issue regarding a charge that I received which I shouldn't have. Long story short, after emailing back and fourth a few times, the support member STOPPED ANSWERING ME! What kind of company's support team completely stops answering you after multiple exchanged emails. Completely unprofessional and ridiculous, just like their drivers and cars. For the remainder of the trip I chose to stick with Uber and UberX, which was always an amazing experience and MUCH cheaper. Seriously. Uber has classy (and clean) cars, good drivers, and you wont't look like an idiot rolling up to somewhere in a car with a pink mustache on it. The one time I had an issue with one of my UberX rides, I contacted support immediately and they refunded half of my money. They are a great company, unlike Lyft.

  • SF Pedestrian

    by M6supercharged

    This is ride share concept is dangerous! People think its fun and safe but it's not. Lyft drivers are constantly fighting with cab drivers the on streets trying to snatch fares. It's becoming more dangerous, especially in SF where pedestrians and other cars are constantly getting hit over reckless lyft drivers. In addition, they have insurance issues and no background checks over drivers. Don't be fooled by the positive reviews, they're written by the drivers!!

  • Super fun

    by Eyeflap

    Lyft is such a fun, friendly, efficient and cheap ride service. It totally blows conventional taxis out of the water. All u have to do is download the app, sign up with fb, add ur credit card and then press a button and within a few minutes u get a notification that a car is outside waiting for u. You can even see a picture of the car and driver that's picking u up... Along with their name. There is no money that changes hands it's all seamless through the app. The drivers are always very nice and it's a lot cheaper and quicker than a taxi. So cool!!

  • Never touching a taxi again!

    by Mhmmsjsjhd

    It's so cheap! The drivers are so nice and chill! They always make good conversation and make it fun to get around. This is also best in the east bay since Oakland and Berkeley cabs never take debit or credit cards, so I'm getting better, faster, and cheaper rides! Just keep adding drivers to the east bay!

  • Awesome!

    by Darkwind55

    Simple app, easy to use. Lyft is an amazing concept! So much cheaper and more personable than a cab, or Uber!

  • Best drivers.


    So fun and convenient, and safe! They're always there on time :)

  • Have to change the login friendos.

    by NoFBHenry

    I love lyft, but don't use FB for a reason. Don't push me away, please, baby, change this.

  • Not happy

    by Toyota80

    Birthday field in the app does not work.

  • Fun

    by Csunnn

    I love that Lyft is encourages fun conversations between the rider and driver!

  • Not enough cars available


    The only time I've managed to get a driver, she was great. I've had this app for well over a month but there never seem to be any or enough cars in DC. I've never had this problem with uber. I'll stay with that one instead. Middle of the day on a weekend? Where are you, lyft?

  • Love being a driver!

    by Chrispyhug

    Great concept for a car sharing program. I'll never take a cab again and it's so much cheaper. Plus never have to carry cash or a card. Pay right they the app. New users get $25 with code N5M2DB. Enter before your request your first ride for it to work!

  • Forces use of Facebook

    by Spiritvale

    I deleted app immediately after opening because it will not allow you to use Lyft unless you sign in with Facebook. There is no other option available to sign in and use the service. Use Uber instead.

  • The Face book requirement is stupid

    by Top0012

    Your business model is good but the "Only for Face book users stupidity" will put this service out of the market soon. God it takes for ever to use FB to sign it. Not to mention all the unwanted ads you get for using FB.

  • Fun and easy.

    by Adfasdfasdf

    Drivers are always around and they're fun.

  • Love it

    by Micheainsanjose

    This is great

  • Awesome app

    by Crisiz42

    Been a driver for a little while now and I've met some great people and made some good money at the same time

  • Amazing !!!!!!

    by caligirlnfla

    Tap request and ride is on the way. Simple, easy and safe !!! Thanks

  • Not an app. A community

    by TheITSystem

    And a great one at that. Thanks Lyft and Lyfters. Thank you so much.

  • I love Lyft!

    by YTlovesapps

    Easy to use. Friendly drivers!

  • How erase credit information

    by cempamuk

    I love lyft but I'm not passenger. First time I wrote my credit card info later a few times I erased lyft but this app saved my credit card information this is not good.

  • Love this

    by Steve "The Boss" Vasquez

    Love the ability to work and ride!!

  • Absolutely Awesome

    by Louis Riley

    I love the concept and adore the execution. Bravo Lyft!!!

  • Great

    by SpEcTrAbLuE

    Easy to use

  • Lyft has changed my life!

    by CAFR82

    I love driving. I love technology. I love cars. I love being a Lyft driver. Come join the fun guys:)

  • Driver and passenger

    by klkjjlkjkljlkjsdl

    The passenger side is an excellent experience its much cheaper than a cab and ill never set foot in one again because of that. For the drivers side however i have one negative thing to say and that is the fact that even as a driver if you have overwhemlingly pisitive reviews your rating can still suffer if just a few passengers rate you 4 stars which i have to say needs to be fixed on the companies side! Other than that though i have made alot of $$ working for lyft and will comtinue to do so till i finish college.

  • Love the ride, HATE the sign in.

    by Monteberto

    You have to sign in via Facebook. Awful. I had to create FB account to sign up. Then it didn't work and there is no one to call/talk to in order to fix it. Love the drivers and the rides but very hard signing in and logging on. Every time.

  • Ultimate Rideshare app. 5 star fistbump.

    by cmeidia

    Good overall

  • Awesome

    by toydude

    The best thing ever! Rides on demand and business opportunity.

  • Wow

    by Doge2.bark

    Such car. Very stache. Much pink. So drive. Wow

  • Amazingly easy!

    by Creestooone

    Fist bumps and fuzzy mustaches are the way to go! Way cheaper than a cab or uber. And the easiest platform to use! Love love love it!!!

  • Amazin App

    by Marcius Brito

    Very helpful and no bugs so far.

  • Awesome

    by Capi2012

    Driving for lyft have been a great experience, passengers and drivers are so cool.

  • Love it!!!

    by Sharktyger

    For a limited time, use Code LTB55S for $25 in Lyft credit.

  • Mustache rides

    by TJ N

    Awesome service and community

  • I love Lyft!

    by The Mad Max

    It's true. One of my favorite apps.

  • Lyft is awesome!

    by D Tobs

    #fistbumps all around ❤️

  • $25 Credit! I Love Lyft Lots!

    by Theyaddayadda

    New Users: I love @lyft! Get friendly rides at the tap of a button. Use the code X5J8RX for $25 towards your first ride:

  • Wish some things were different

    by Adrian Michel

    Things to suggest; imagine if you can choose either a regular car or a truck or SUV. You never know how many people carry baggage and children .It would be cool if it accessed your contacts so you can easily send lyft info. Also hours as a lyft driver needs to be more reliable.

  • Makes you regain faith in humanity

    by Holland,Michael

    Lyft is awesome and such a great solution to over priced taxis. Download this app and avoid the DUI and have fun doing it.

  • Five #Fistbump App! The experience is even better!

    by Puddinhead

    "Puddin's Lyft Lounge lets us jam live music?" There's a "Mom Lyft?". "There's an Indie Artist Lyft??"...."So there's a Lyft where I can ride around Nashville, TN, and literally have a country crooner perform live, while we are riding?? "Wow, you guys literally got here in 2 minutes!" Love LYFT! Say bye bye to cabs, say hello to awesomeness! Fist Bump!

  • Sometimes wonky but overall good

    by BrandonMaxwell

    My app sometimes doesn't work the way it's supposed to by not letting me make any calls from the app and not letting me swipe to end the ride while I'm in driver mode due to "poor connectivity"

  • Great service!

    by Mlchen85

    I like Lyft!

  • It's cool

    by Ladysoal

    Lyft is great. Now that they have more drivers the quality has gone down a bit. I would still use it. Just not as often

  • Worst service ever

    by R. Rosen

    My experience is two-fold. I first attempted to order a lyft and the driver somehow got lost, forcing my friend to order us an Uber for an event we were now running late to. My second issue came with an email receipt I received around 2am on a Sunday. Someone used my credit card with their lyft app. And when I explained to lyft that I was not in the vehicle, I was sleeping, they gave me the run around. Uber is way more professional. Go with your gut, go with Uber.

  • Login

    by hamsat

    I don't want to use my Facebook for login. Hence goes the one star.

  • Great app

    by Big Drew 724

    Cool company great app.

  • Awesome rides and so much cheaper then a cab.

    by CableGuyJeff

    Fun, cheap and always around. :)

  • Love Lyft

    by Deedle0365

    Best ever!

  • #LyftLove

    by Pytsteph

    Lyft is amazing. Easy, simple and seamless rideshare app - no cash and friendly, safe and responsible drivers! My driver had Mexican candy and cold water for me! She even let me charge my iPhone and play my workout playlist.

  • Awesome app

    by Dobyoby

    Bringing people together with innovation :)

  • $20 credit for new users!

    by JD5q

    Use COLLEGE20 for $20 credit! Enjoy :) Never expires

  • Lyft4ever

    by Lyfts J

    Get an extra $25 on your first Lyft for new passenger only. Go to payments then enter in Lyft code: 4TFZL3

  • $20 credit

    by mnh5065

    Use promo code COLLEGE20 for $20 off for new users! Never expires

  • Great service!

    by mac78251

    I love Lyft!

  • Lyft screw all DRIVERS !!! Be carful !!!

    by NotVeryGoodForDrivers

    As a Lyft driver it is very bad experience! After considering gas and interior cleaning expenses (some Lyft passengers are drunk and have "accidents") I loose on most of my rides because Lyft takes huge part of each donation away! DRIVERS BE CAREFUL !!!

  • Awesome service!!!

    by Olga Vorobyeva

    Nashville lyft rocks! Very nice people!


    by Candyman60647

    **********************************FOR A LIMITED TIME THIS CODE IS WORTH $25.00 IN LYFT CREDIT! ********************************** I love Lyft. If you are a new to Lyft use MMY2J3!!! All you have to do is download the Lyft App and enter code MMY2J3!

  • Groundbreaking!

    by Jacob Jeffries

    Lyft is one of the most groundbreaking apps to come out of this era. The idea behind a “social payment” system is unheard of and highly effective. People respond well to a friendly atmosphere and Lyft provides a win-win situation for drivers and passengers. The app functions well and is easy to use. Sometimes pushing a payment through is a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it it is fantastic. I enjoyed meeting the drivers and I felt more inclined to pay more and tip because I was not forced by a meter, merely suggested by a friend. This app is killer, keep it up Lyft!

  • Stupid

    by 5starboiler

    Scam. Stick to yellow cab.


    by Nakedninjaz

    I loved driving with Crystal! Awesome service! I love @lyft! Get friendly rides at the tap of a button. Use the code KF7W78 for $25 towards your first ride:

  • Get bonus credit

    by guest6981

    Use this code to get $25 bonus credit M2T2T8

  • Lyft is great when they come to pick me up

    by musicjunkie(:

    Lyft is great when they come to pick me up. Rates are super low. However I always pay drivers suggested amount and still have a hard time getting picked up on my college campus, Atlanta University Consortium. Lyft also does not pick up from the airport.

  • Quick, efficient, reliable, safe

    by ohsurvive

    Rideshare is the way of the future and the future is now.

  • Do you even Lyft, bro?

    by Taekwonlibra

    Great company. Good app. Fun passengers. Interesting rides. 'Nuff said. Seriously though, Lyft is great. Much cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable than any other out there. Promo codes always available for new passengers.

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