BLUE – Greyhound Mobile Entertainment Travel App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Lufthansa Systems Americas Inc.

Changed spinner and redesigned REST services with status reports to the backend

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"Immerse yourself in a new world of on-board entertainment: with the “BLUE” app, you can enjoy Hollywood style entertainment on your smartphone or tablet during your stay at a Greyhound bus.

The app enables you to access movies, music, a trip map, destination guides as well as digital newspapers and magazines, helping make your stay experience seem shorter.

Here’s how to use “BLUE” on board:

1. Activate your smartphone or tablet.
2. Activate your Wi-Fi and and connect it to the existing wireless network.
3. Launch the “BLUE” app."

Customer Reviews

  • Must be used on a greyhound with blues

    by summd14

    Most greyhounds don't even have blue right now, especially in the US market, I think only Texas or somewhere in the Midwest has it as a beta release. Looking forward to using this on the bus from New York to Montreal in the near future. Greyhound/Lufthansa, keep expanding the service, I will use this and watch whatever ads you want to put so I can watch a movie streaming.

  • PurrFect

    by Ronco0807

    Love the kitties as they bring me the weather details in all the places I want.

  • Awesome way to spend time

    by Tk@1975

    Greyhound now has the coolest thing ever. Watch your own movie from a huge list of movies!

  • Don't bother

    by BostonStaxXx

    After 23 unsuccessful attempts to launch I am currently sitting on my 24th bus deleting this app. I take a round trip every month on a greyhound/bolt bus it never works. The only reason it's getting one star is because they won't let you post if you don't pick a star.

  • Only Works on Certain Equipped Busses

    by Red.Kayaks

    I was looking for an app to follow my son's progress on a long Greyhound bus trip through bad weather. Downloaded this to find it only works on certain specialty equipped busses. This was not included in the description.

  • Wow

    by Me198330

    You would think a kid was in charge of app design over at greyhound n

  • "There is NOT an app for Greyhound!"

    by sctyeahuknowme

    This has to be a joke. Worst app I've ever seen since the store launched. It will not show you any of the things in the screen grabs. If you're lucky, it will actually open when you click the icon. Then if you type the word Greyhound in what you would call a "search box" it'll take you to the greyhound website. It gets better, this isn't even designed for mobile access! I've seen some bad apps out there but this one takes the

  • Build a real app

    by cybler

    Your crappy hybrid app won't load the web page that you've programmed in. Hire real developers and build a real app!

  • Doesn't work...

    by Kenny Stachovich

    Every time try to use this app it doesn't work and just redirects me to their website.

  • Useless App

    by Rome_10

    Does not connect to server... Ever. This app should be removed from the App Store immediately. It does not deserve any stars.

  • Not connecting

    by Dustdevil-2169

    Well I had hoped for better. The app does not work except for the opening screen. You see the spinning wheel, and the fail message comes right behind it. 'Can't connect to Server' Good job greyhound , way to make an app. Fail from the get go.

  • I'm waiting.

    by 1107mike

    Won't connect to server.

  • Not right download

    by Jimito1969

    My download looked nothing like the screenshots in the overview. Please take a look and fix

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