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Seller: Joe Fratianni

- Bug fix where saved vacation duplicated in point tracker

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Calculate the number of Points needed for a stay at a Disney Vacation Club Resort in less than 20 seconds!

Now includes 2015 Point Values

Calculate the number of points and plan yearly point usage!

Magical features:
* Universal App - Works with both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad Devices
* All DVC Resorts - including the newest DVC Resort - Grand Floridian
* Simple, easy to use and intuitive interface
* Estimates point values for vacations extending into January 2016
* Vacation lengths from one day to 30 days
* Gives Summary point total as well as a daily point breakdown
* Email & print results results
* Key dates shown for each saved vacation (7 month, 11 month, etc)
* Contact information for each resort
* Calendar integration
* Banking deadline reminder two months in advance
* Organize and track vacation point totals by use year
* Track banked, borrowed and one time point transactions
* Read the latest DVC news courtesy of DVCNews.com
* Direct link to dvcmember.com
* Customize resort thumbnails with your own pictures

Available through in-app purchase:
* Point Maximizer - Point saving alternatives with a single touch.

Check out a video of D Point in action. Visit:

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Customer Reviews

  • Lacking

    by MrComplicated

    For 1.99 I expected to be able to see and calculate ALL options for dvc, including cruise line and other properties. Really is just another way to view the same info that's online.

  • Perfect App for all DVC Members

    by iSRS73

    This app has been a vacation planning staple of mine for a while. Allows me to not only track what I am using, but price out some what if situations quickly, and save them to go back at a later time. Definitely a five star app. Wish list for future: iOS 7 design

  • Love this App

    by Countdown queen

    This app is awesome. I can't wait for an update with the 2015 points charts.

  • App is OK

    by Stewie25

    After downloading this app and playing with it for an afternoon, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s OK. It is nice to be able to calculate the cost of a vacation quickly and see how it effects my total number of points. The major short-coming is for those of us that have multiple contracts with DVC. I have 5 contracts which include 3 different DVC resorts. I wish the app had the functionality to be able to chose which contracts and use year you are pulling the points from with each vacation. This is a necessity when booking on DVC’s website, since when booking, 3 years worth of points are potentially in play for each vacation. Especially if you want to book at 11 months vs 7 months out. If it had this ability, it would be great. Until then I’ll have to stick to the spreadsheet I have been using since we joined DVC 12 years ago.

  • very easy

    by mysons3

    Keeps my point organized, it also tells me where a cheaper place to stay at! thats great when your trying to save points to go some where else.. It gives you your 11 month & 7 month time frame also the address & tel # of the resort. great for HH and VB This apt does everything I want. Now if it can make the reservation too that would be fabulous...

  • Great!

    by Jcarcione

    Great app

  • Love it!

    by Bosred1211

    Great app! Use it as I am going to make reservations to see which resort has the lowest points. Faster than looking at the charts. Worth the money!


    by Huberpj

    I've tried several other apps for DVC tracking and such, But this is the best. I love the fact that points automatically know to transfer and account my DVC points correctly. A must have for anyone with DVC points.

  • Great App!

    by Jpmas

    Nice app to calculate points for different DVC Resorts on the go.

  • Great Planning Tool

    by DisneyNutMary

    Great little tool for trip planning. It's so easy to put together different point scenarios and save them for later comparison or for use when booking

  • Easy to use

    by Army Law Dog65

    This is a useful, easy app to keep up with DVC points.

  • Great planning tool

    by Snowdrift7

    Very helpful resource . Makes planning easy without having to go to DVC site!

  • 5 star app if you did not have to pay extra for a primary function of the app.

    by MS08-067

    The point maximizer should have been included in the app. It feels like buying shoes and having to pay the same price again for the laces.

  • Excellent app!

    by BobBird

    Love the new in app purchase! Worth the 1.99! Makes it so much easier to check other options... Thank you!

  • Great app

    by dkwils02

    Very helpful to dreaming up our families vacation plans on the go! Can't live without this app, has made planning so much more fun!

  • Great app!

    by gymbabie00

    I really like this app. Works better than the spreadsheets I have seen.

  • Love the app!

    by Michele Boone

    Easy to use. Has been very helpful in our decision of how many points to add on as we were comparing resorts and point usage. Also has been helpful in planning future DVC stays.

  • New to DVC

    by JerTerJes

    New to DVC, love the ease of use. Wish there were a few more properties & the cruise line. Hope to see them in an update. Worth the money for keeping organized.


    by ajjhere

    This is the best app EVER. So helpful and fast. Want the point maximizer too. Ajjhere

  • Great Ap

    by T7r9

    Very useful. After inputting my data it is very helpful with planning and tracking my vacation .

  • Dvc lover

    by Hersheythecat

    Loved the app but it recently quit working. It won't even open.

  • Awesome

    by DVCkev

    All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Cool app

    by Mattyv215

    Great for figuring out how many points you'll use in a trip

  • D Point

    by Irish Jedi

    There are many great features to like about how this app works. One feature that needs to be added is iCloud support, so that I can link my entries between iPad and iPhone. Thanks.

  • Very intuitive

    by Chaoticcelt

    Love the app. Shows all the information necessary for each contract and automatically accounts for weekend and season changes. Simple and accurate. Love the quick link to DVC member page and news as well!

  • Good app!

    by Stacielc

    Super helpful when out and about and thinking obsessively like we DVC members do. I just wish the future points that were borrowed could be mapped properly at the time of booking. I know the charts can only get out so fast, but booking cruises way out makes it harder to put in here.

  • Great tool

    by Lordvader3000

    Takes some time to set up but then its outstanding. Wish they would add the cruise line as well.

  • Great app

    by Rpl47

    Easy to navigate, but need to add DCL points

  • Great app needs meal plan and reservation tracker

    by Joshua Morgan

    Great app wish it has calculator for the different meal plans available, also wished it sync across my iPhone and ipad

  • Very useful

    by Mommy_to_2

    Great app, just need to include Disney Cruise Line & it would be perfect.

  • Amazing!!

    by LJ1803

    This app is soooo helpfull for DVC owners keep the updates coming !

  • Very useful

    by Sammy31

    Great appt, up to date and easy to use

  • DVC members dream!

    by Missiehillie

    Get this app. NOW!

  • Best ever app

    by David Curry

    Love it use it all the time :)

  • Love it

    by npshinn

    Great planning and dreaming tool!

  • D point

    by Pincast


  • Great DVC app

    by McFluffie

    This app is a mist for DVC members. Easy to use, quick and accurate!

  • Awesome for DVC members

    by ShuffleLove

    Thus app is awesome. You can keep track of used, borrowed, banked, and current points totals. The vacation pints being used is a great tool to know your pints totals. The app is so easy to use. I would suggest getting this app and making your points management easy. Good luck, have fun and as they say "Welcome Home".

  • Great!

    by Laurence Hallas

    Took a while to get the points on the right place and all lined up. But that isn't a development problem. That's just trying to understand DVC point system and this app helps there

  • Limited feature set

    by Curtisjs

    Annoying that you can't see point chart all at one glance. No Aulani for 2013. No calendar function. No way to choose which resorts will minimize points for any set of dates.

  • Update bugs!

    by aokHenry

    I love being able to keep track of vacations and points but my 2012 vacations keep being replaced by my 2013 vacations despite correcting it over and over again! Please fix!!

  • Points are not correct

    by Ekwit

    When I compare this to the Disney site the points are off by like 3 to 10 points. The point of this app for me is to be able to check the points. The place where you save your points banked, borrowed, use, etc...does not add the numbers up accurately either. Please go back to the drawing board.

  • Excellent App.

    by Patialex

    Very accurate!!!

  • 2013?

    by Billybob.123

    Awesome app....please add 2013 points to keep it at the five star level.

  • Great App for a new DVC Member

    by tigers2727

    Very useful app for comparing points required at different resorts or times of year. Please add the 2013 point charts that are now posted on the DVC Member Site. That will make it easy to plan my next vacation.

  • Great app.

    by John Stowers III

    I love this app.

  • Disney vacation club

    by none1952

    Love this site, especially on my phone.... I can get fast info for me and my familys vacation planning!!!

  • Really good app

    by Doc-Dubb

    Overall a great app. You can't blame the developer for not having 2013 points when Disney hasn't published them... A few things would make this a 5 star app: a calendar that lets you know how far out you could make a reservation (11 months for home resorts/7 for all others) and a transaction history notes. The second one is minor considering you can write in reservation numbers in the note section of individual reservations, but a separate section for noting point banking/transfers would be helpful. Great customer support, too!!! Emailed a question and had a response within 15 minutes!

  • Only tracks Disney resorts

    by Change this nickname

    This is great if you only vacation to Disney resorts but the app does not include Disney Cruise Lines or any other hotel/resorts that are in the DVC catalogue.

  • Saves time!

    by Kelly32675

    Just got this app today and so far, I'm impressed....easy to use! Only thing better would be if it could show availability.

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