cheap Escape (Cheap Airfare) -- UPDATED! Travel App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: inZania LLC
  • Updated: Mar, 27 2009
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 306.58 KB

Languages: English

Seller: inZania LLC

* Fixed lots of search bugs; all airports should now work
* Improved stability

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Need a break? Tired of the daily grind? Want
to just escape... on the cheap?

cheapEscape, simply put, finds the cheapest
flights out of ANY airport. Simply put an airport
into the box, and cheapEscape tells you the
most affordable airfare from that airport. If you
don't know your airport code, simply start typing
the city it's in, and it will come up!

cheapEscape is ideal for budget travelers,
students, families and outlaws. If you want
to go somewhere, but don't know where,
simply plug in your nearest airport and
cheapEscape will tell you the cheapest places
to travel!

Currently, cheapEscape offers flight prices to
the following places:
* United States of America
* Canada
* Caribbean
* Mexico
* Central America
* South America
* Europe
* Middle East
* Africa
* Asia
* Australia
and more!

And it searches the following airlines:
* Air Canada
* Air China
* Air France
* AirTran
* Alaska
* American
* Asiana
* British Airways
* Continental
* Delta
* Finnair
* Frontier
* Japan
* Jet Airways
* Korean Air
* Mexicana
* Midwest
* Northwest
* Qatar
* Southwest
* Sun Country
* Swiss
* Tam
* United
* US Airways
and many more!

If you aren't looking to go to any
specific location, don't bother with
services like Travelocity, Orbitz, kayak
or Expedia - cheap Escape is the only
tool you need!

And remember – you can upgrade for free,
but the price is going up soon! Buy now!

** Note** cheapEscape does find many results from international departures (especially Europe). For now, we recommend that you only use cheapEscape if you are departing from within the U.S.

Customer Reviews

  • Works as advertised

    by R*Jizzle

    Quick alternative to loading Worth the $0.99 if you are a frequent traveler.

  • Good Stuff

    by jfleckband

    Solid little app. Finds cheap airfare quick and clean. Works great!

  • Great app for finding airfares!

    by iietripsii

    This is a great little app in order to find cheap airfares for your traveling needs!

  • Great app!

    by djclaywmts

    App is very simple and straightforward. I really dig it. Plus you can find some incredibly good prices on international fares if you decide you want to visit other countries on the cheap.

  • Pilot

    by mbrosch

    The thing works. Sometime better, sometime worse.

  • Still Does NOT work

    by Ieduca8

    Update did NOTHING to make this app work! It should not be sold in app store. DevelopersDO NOT respond to emails, either. Save your $$ and STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!

  • WARNING-Does literally nothing!!!!!

    by New2This

    I've never submitted a review before, but simply had to on this one. It's not that the site is just weak, or a little sub par--it actually doesn't work AT ALL!!! Have tried several major airports (did not try LAX),... But Chicago O'Hare, Midway, Atlanta, DFW, etc ....It looks forever then ALWAYS come back "nothing found". These guys should refund all monies. Disgusting.

  • Fred

    by Ffredax

    A complete and utter waste

  • Waste of money

    by Megmefmegmdm

    The app just crashes!!! Not useful!

  • Won't even open

    by Mekristo2

    Instant crash on iPhone 5. Complete waste of 99¢

  • doesnt work for me as described

    by nick1972

    everytime i search, the DFW aiport comes up as the base airport. Im trying to locate JFK. When the search does come thru(for DFW) it shoots right to a useless website. Not what i had in mind for this app. total waste of money, will delete soon.

  • Another sucker

    by Starl1ng g0n3 d4rk

    Why do they not take this app off the market? This was the only app for US planes so I purchased without looking at reviews. Ironic, Another example of corporate American control and no ethics. It seems the rest of European commercial travel doesn't mind being a part of apps - what do the American airlines fear?

  • Crashes- doesn't work

    by pancenme

    Installed 3 times. App is broken. Used to love this app-- back when it worked.

  • Doesn't work

    by Dentman4411

    Should have read the reviews. This app loads and starts but then crashes and closes. Crap app!!!

  • Bad app

    by OO_ZONE

    DO NOT PURCHASE app doesn't work when downloaded ... DO NOT PURCAHsE

  • not working

    by piztolboy

    its not working give me back my money...! xp

  • Guy

    by Samrffgfh

    Does not even open. Do not buy!!!

  • Piece of crap!

    by trent3c

    DO NOT BUY unless you are planning to fly in and out of LAX. Does not work with ANY other airport! Worthless app. Developers out to steal money!

  • Oi

    by Shannon Romanski

    Crashes my iPod every time. Please fix.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by fantim

    Used to love this app. But it no longer works. Wish they'd fix it.


    by thomasmoore60

    Doesn't even load. free would be too much for this app

  • DO NOT BUY!!!

    by socaldvr

    total crap wouldnt even open up DO NOT BUY!!

  • DOES NOT work!

    by coastalguy

    Orlando International (MCO) not listed; waste of time and money.

  • Awful

    by Stephihallgren

    I want a refund ASAP!!!!!!!!

  • I should have listened to the reviews

    by cristalite

    This app doesn't include many major airports. I dpwnloaded with excitement only to be disappointed because chocagos major airports like midway was not found. How could that be for such a major metropolis

  • Terrible

    by joe8zbl

    Doesn't work at all. I demand a refund!

  • User

    by Walden380

    Best I can tell, this app is a scam. I have owned it for quite some time and it simply NEVER produces any results.

  • Do not buy

    by metafedora

    I bought this in 2010 and it hasn't worked for months. No results are ever found. Now there is a new version in the app store - these guys are just trying to take your money don't do it! Groupon has trips now or check travelzoo.

  • Crap

    by Dyker heights

    Doesn't work at all. Waste of time.

  • Bill from Memphis

    by Imstupid

    This app needs to be pulled so nobody else donates .99 to these crooks. It has been dead for months now.

  • CRAP

    by 563064

    DONT buy it. It doesn't work.

  • App Adict

    by Fuxated

    I should have read the reviews!! Doesn't work, period.

  • Horrible app

    by H.M...

    Horrible app, don't waste your money...every time I try to locate an airport it gives me an error message

  • Don't buy this one

    by Cricket in Malibu

    When I enter LAX it says there are no results for that airport and suggests that I try a larger airport such as LAX. Useless! I deleted it.

  • Useless!

    by sansai500

    It just doesn't work at all! No matter what city or airport is entered, the "No Results" message appears. Total waste of money.

  • No flights from anywhere?

    by ctonme

    Will not give any flights from any airport anywhere would give -stars if possible not not not worth it also emails are never responded to. I agree with others apple should pull this app off market

  • Dousint even have jfk airport

    by bunnster

    How can u make an app without jfk airport i want my money back its not fair

  • Don't buy this

    by Maturley

    This is a horrible app it doesn't work at all no matter what city It doesn't do anything I would give it no stars if I could

  • JUNK

    by SourcingDude


  • Garbage

    by R-Det

    I have searched listings for 7 airports including buffalo philadelphia and Orlando with no results. It says find the cheapest flight out of any airport but does not even include these major airports? I want my money back.

  • Waste of a dollar.

    by The Real Bogie

    Has no results for any of the busy airports I checked.

  • Not in Chicago!

    by queenvic_1

    Will not work from either Chicago airport. Waste of a dollar.

  • Total Garbage

    by Jimmy-E

    Never has any flights from Seattle; Front for a free website; absentee customer support. Apple should take this app down seeing as it does nothing.

  • DON'T DO IT - What a waste...

    by srmorris

    I have had cheap escape since November. Never anything out of Tampa or Orlando (tpa or mco). I've written once about requesting a refund... Heard nothing back. This app is a dud.

  • Doesn't work

    by divrdrew

    Can't find anything from any airport code or city I've used including major ones like LAX. How do I get a refund???

  • Same as the free ones

    by Stone Tone

    Its just another priceline.

  • Thank god it's cheap

    by Talonawd91

    Not a bad app. But I am a little dissapointed that it's only a front end for some web site you could go to for free.

  • Needs work

    by Gmakungo

    Everytime I tried to find an airport like JFK or BWI it would it me it could not locate them, the only time it worked was for LAX

  • Worthless

    by NCavillones

    This app has a bug that prevents it from finding major airports like JFK and Laguardia. I contacted the company but got no respsonse. This app should be removed, or it should be free until the bugs are fixed.

  • What a waste!

    by Pfishbowl

    Waste of a dollar!!!

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