Airfare Pro - the Cheapest Flights, the Most Search Options Travel App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: inZania LLC
  • Updated: Sep, 21 2009
  • Version: 4.1
  • Size: 1.34 MB

Languages: English

Seller: inZania LLC

* Added more search options
* Fixed a couple small bugs

Customer Ratings

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13 Ratings
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370 Ratings


Now with PRICE ALERTS and PRICE FORECAST! Get push notifications when the price of a search drops, and predictions if a price will drop!

If you can find a cheaper price for the same flight using a booking website, we will refund the ENTIRE price of this application - PLUS 10%!

Airfare Pro searches nearly 10,000 airports, hundreds of airlines and over 200 travel sites around the world to find you the cheapest flights possible. Unlike all other apps, Airfare doesn't just search one site, but searches almost ALL of them at the same time, so you see all the options, in one convenient package!

Airfare Pro supports:
* International Flights
* Use your own currency!
* Specific search options (time, airline, etc)
* Call airline directly to book, or book online!
* Email the flight details for later use!
* Much, much more!

Search Options
* Choose Departure / Return Airports
* Use calendar to select dates
* One-way or Round Trip
* Select Class (Economy, Business, First)
* Select time of day for flight
* Select specific airline for flight
* Ability to 'Prefer Non-Stop Flights'

Sort Options
* Price
* Total length of flight
* Number of stops
* Departure Time
* Arrival Time

Booking Options
* Book online through Airfare Pro
* Email flight to yourself or someone else
* Call airline directly to book (iPhone only)
* Price (all prices include tax!)

Customer Reviews

  • Cheap prices

    by EmEmEm555

    Woks really well

  • Excellent

    by Scrappykop

    Great deal-finder

  • Excellent

    by IanP05

    Found a really cheap flight with the price alert.

  • Find great prices!

    by am.a.reader

    Fast! I like the price alert feature.

  • Love it!

    by dOppi0

    Finally a great way to sort out a big list of flights found. Love the intuitive bar that shows the flight time during the day.

  • UI stands out

    by Steve yspelian

    The price predictor and push notifications are nice, but the UI is what really sticks out. For example, you can skim flights easily because the takeoff/landing time are represented with tiny cloud graphics that are much easier to visually parse than numbers and text. It takes a moment to understand, but then it's pure simple genius.

  • Top Notch

    by y.francis

    This has changed the way I travel, super freakin awesome app!

  • Best feature set available

    by NeonNinja

    The price prediction is very accurate, and the price drop push notifications are extremely useful.

  • Best Airfare App I've used

    by Hollandale

    Best way to find to find and receive alerts on airfare with a mobile device! Interface is so much simpler than HipMunk!

  • Solid functionality, works really well!

    by ckrames1234

    The app is simple to use and the searches are very quick. I use it all the time to do a quick price check. I also get daily price alerts, and found a nice, cheap flight that way! Perfect app for frequent travelers like myself.

  • Works great!

    by Validatorian

    Really fast search, I'm impressed. The results are easily sortable, which makes it much easier to find the flights I need, and the design is really clean and uncluttered!

  • I want my money back

    by Nope2014

    Does not work.

  • Best Air-Fare Application!!

    by Tony Corrao

    Have used this 5-6 times and EVERY time it gave me the best fare and yes, I booked each one. Great job!!

  • Add Southwest Airlines

    by BLW642

    Would be 5 stars, except you need to add Southwest to get the full picture in Chicago. The app helped save $ going one way, but not the return flight because it didn't use Southwest. Please fix.

  • Doesn't work

    by Kooky1pizza

    Haven't got this app to search even once- but got charged of course :(


    by MoreFlares

    This app does not do as advertised. Everyone who purchased this app deserve a refund. Each time this app is run / open / started it crashes around 10 sec after opening it. DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO THROW AWAY $1.29!

  • iPhone 5 - App Crashes

    by Shawn3391

    Buyer beware. The app crashes every time with iPhone 5.

  • Bad App

    by StuckinKY

    Bummed! Crashes every time I tap 'Search'-I want my $1.99 back!!!!!!

  • Crash Pro!!!

    by DonsStar

    Worthless app... Crashes (closes) on every search try. DO NOT BUY!!!

  • Do not buy

    by Nicole Fisher

    I am so mad! I just bought this app and it doesn't work. I want my money back from this fraudulent app!

  • Fix the crash

    by Theorganist92

    Bought this thinking I might get something worth using-Turns out the app crashes every time i tap "search". Fix the app now or I want a refund please. Thank you.

  • Worst App ever don't buy

    by DONT X DOIT

    thought it would be a good buy and it doesn't even work . Dont waste your time people it crashes every time

  • Customer

    by 35!

    Sure glad I didn't sink money into this app as it froze up as soon as I tried to use it....

  • It is not working at allllllllll

    by S.C1205

    This app it horrible and waste of money. Anyway to get the $4 refund back? Even though it is just a small money, I feel like that I got tricked......

  • Mr. D

    by SLIME96

    This no longer works. No search results period.

  • $10 in the toilet

    by robgulin

    Never gives any results. Don't know why all the positive reviews from 4 years ago show up first.. it is a disservice to anyone considering purchasing this app. This is complete and utter garbage.

  • This is my first review

    by Dwaine Taylor

    This app is does not work gives you a error every time for $5 it's horrible do not buy doesn't work

  • Terrible app

    by Irate before the flight

    This app does not work. Don't waste your money.

  • Poor

    by drdobro

    Just does not work

  • Airfare pro BS

    by Deegs99

    This app is a joke!!! EVERY FLIGHT you select is unavailable or your search has timed out. Even if you click on a flight the second it shows up!! What a waste!!! I want my $$$$ back NOW!!! This app is a rip off and a joke!!! Apple should do something about this and refund the money!!!!!!!!

  • App

    by DantheMan1414

    Absolute waste of money, don't bother!

  • Truly useless app. Don't waste your money.

    by K broo

    This app is a total waste of money. Totally disregards your entries- business class comes up as economy ( which you only find out when you start clicking details).

  • Finds flights that are no longer available

    by rollo999

    I like the UI. It suggests a simple, straightforward experience. Unfortunately, you find a flight at a great price, you go as far as entering your card information, you're excited, then, then.., disappointment. The flight is no longer available. Choose another option, it says. I tried this three times, same thing, went somewhere else. No good.

  • USELESS!!!!!!!!

    by djfreerider

    Absolutely a piece of crap! I want my money back. I guessing that the money back offer is a scam........ Apple should be ashamed to still support this app! I would not have given it one star but had to to put this review up.

  • Terrible App

    by Ronnie Mendoza

    The worst airfare search tool I've come across. You are better off doing your own search.

  • Not cheaper

    by 39ry

    The first flight I search I found a cheaper flight on trip advisor. There is no where to get the refund plus 10% it's a scam

  • The multiple city function is not working

    by PigTree

    Hate this app since it cannot find the lowest price and multiple city function won't work either. Don't buy it'

  • Beware

    by Be More Cynical

    You think it works great. But then you check the details. It offers you a choice of class: Economy, Business, or First. I'm tall. For long flights I spring for Business class. I had priced them online, and found fares for around $3500. Imagine my glee when my new app found a fare for under $1000! Except, when I was confirming the details, it was Economy class. Airfare Pro neglected to highlight that they had disregarded my preference. Waste of money. But I might have wated a LOT more if I hadn't been careful.

  • Dont Purchase!

    by Alan_L

    This product does not work very well. It very rarely finds any flights let alone the cheapest ones. I have sent the company 3 requests for refunds and have never received a response.

  • Bad. Bad. Bad.

    by Simisimisimisimisimisimi

    Found a cheaper flight. Emailed the address that they provided. Email bounced back. What can I say.

  • DON'T WASTE YOUR $$$$$

    by Omezi

    You can find the lower prices on cheaptickets. This thing is a joke.

  • Don't buy it,not ready

    by Experienced user

    This is my first review, after about 200 apps installed and used, where a quarter of them paid apps. This is the worst purchase yet (wolfram alpha second). Interface is clean, but that is the only thing good about it. Multiple segments involving oversea flights will give you no results, where any web will give u dozens at least. For example, if you search from MSY to TLS and back, you get about 12 results (webs like expedia or sidestep will give around 80). If you use msy to tis, then CDG to msy, you got nothing. These are not no name airports, all major (cog is Paris). The scroll works, but u have to remove the buggy airport bar first. Also, you cannot zoom on fonts and change iPad orientation leaves keyboard stay portrait. All in all, this is pathetic piece of apps you should avoid. By the way, how did this app get 3+ rating where all feedback/reviews are one star??? This is not even an useful app if it was free, let alone five dollars.

  • Why can't I scroll through search results???

    by Dr. Bombay

    Simple, clean, concise, but I can't scroll. Did this not get tested? Fix bug, and I will change rating.

  • Int'l doesn't work

    by FRA traveler

    I purchased this app hoping it would help me find my complete itenerary for my international vacation - five cities. I wasn't terribly surprised to see that it only handled four segments (although I don't recall seeing that limitation in the app description). However, I then tried searching three segments, just like I had done on Expedia minutes before (and found) and it came up with something like, "Whoops, no flights found." huh?!? I didn't try other flight scenarios because I was too irritated that I had just wasted $5 plus time that I could have been solving my flight booking (plus this time outletting my frustration in a review). On a positive note, I did like the simplistic layout - free from website clutter - but clearly the functionality issue needs to be solved. Maybe this app is for you IF you have simple iteneraries and you don't like website clutter. But maybe just save your 5-spot and go on to the website to book your simple, cheap flights.

  • Not good

    by Ja2dared

    Usually doesn't even come up with any results..and when it does, I almost always find cheaper flights elsewhere. This app needs a serious update.

  • Waste of money

    by Kaenja

    The app won't let me book online. Just gives me a white screen. What's up with that? Disappointing!!!!!

  • Useless waste

    by Pissedoffbyer

    Dallas to Vegas expedia wins least it has results. 2 passenegers round trip morning flight. This pos says no matches over and over. Waste of 5$!

  • Don't buy it!!!!

    by TITAN8009

    I got a ticket from expedia!!! Not here

  • ???

    by NEW iPhone

    Flight says 1 stop but DOES NOT say where the layover is!!!!!


    by Soundtrip

    I check airfare from Chicago to Manila and there is a $400 different from expedia, mainly because it doesnt include some airline particularly Asiana Airline, Lowest Price Guarantee is a lie, check it somewhere else before you book.

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