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Green thumbs go digital! Sunset Magazine's unparalleled reference guide for Western gardeners springs to life for iPad, iPhone, and the web on Inkling. Learn about landscaping, square food gardening, perennials, ornamental grasses, seed catalogs, garden design, and succulent plants.

Now, dig deeper with almost 30 how-to videos, more than 100 slideshows with high-res photography, thousands of color photographs of plants and gardens, seamless navigation and search, social sharing features, and in-book gardening notes, the interactive version of your favorite gardening resource is sure to breathe new life into how you garden.

As the best-selling gardening book in the country, the New Sunset Western Garden Book is already the go-to resource for any gardener in the West. This interactive book will be your primary garden planning resource and reference for landscape design, container gardening, garden design, plant selection, garden decor, and vertical gardening.

Top Features:
► Learn to garden and landscape with how-to videos: Watch almost 30 videos to get the dirt on gardening techniques that help you create a hardier, healthier and more beautiful garden.

► Explore plants that are right for you with interactive images: Choose the right plants and trees for your regions with 15 Climate Zone Maps with tappable poptips to help with climate zone identification and key characteristics of each zone.

► Visualize your landscape with instructive slideshows: Tap through more than 100 high-res photo slideshows to learn how different plants will work together in your garden.

► Lush layouts: Browsing your book can be as colorful and delightful as wandering in your garden. Science and art go hand-in-hand with gorgeous layouts that automatically adapt for different screen sizes.

► Gardening notes: On every plant card, make notes about how that plant works in your gardens. Notes sync between devices automatically.

► Extra content: Use more plant listings, regional gardening calendars, and even a special new section on the history of the book itself.

► Search: Need to find something quickly? Search the book, your notes, and even Google and Wikipedia, while barely lifting a finger.

► Personal notebook: Highlight text and bookmark cards with ease. It’s all saved to a notebook that lives inside your book for easy reference.

Customer Reviews

  • Good things worth waiting for

    by Dianaellie

    Several reviewers commented on the long download time for this app. At over 1.5 gigs, anything will take a while to completely download! This book is well worth the wait and is an amazing resource for avid gardeners.

  • Good now

    by layoga

    I would give this app 5 stars, but it took FOREVER to install. Once installed it is really lovely and I will use it all the time.

  • Problem solved!

    by rjmedina

    After an initial problem getting this app to install on my iPhone and two iPad minis, it is now working flawlessly! This is a beautiful app and will help immensely the next time I’m at my local nursery. Photos are top notch as is commentary. Highly recommend!

  • Great - but I'm still iOS 6!

    by Davis gardener

    Very handy reference when at nurseries and gardens, or anytime I have plant questions but don't have the book nearby. I haven't had problems that some folks mention. Knock on wood!

  • Terrific resource

    by Chucky Slayer

    For the negative reviews: you can skip the login if you want. Not sure why people got so upset about that. The content is terrific, and I found it easy to use. We bought a planter box for our apartment and used this book to set it up, choose the plants, and figure out how to keep them alive. (We have a history of killing plants.) So far, it's been great. The videos are really useful. Nice to have some human explanation of how to arrange things. Helps you see how succulents can really make for a beautiful art project in your home. We also took the iPhone version with us to the garden store where we were choosing plants.

  • Incredible!

    by Riviera Girl

    I have become such the electronic book-aholic that it seems such a drag to have to buy the physical copy. I did buy a copy of this in paperback awhile ago but pick it up far less than I should so I was excited to see this and for such a great price; seems like a steal! I love the quick links and have videos in the text. The only downside is that I haven't been able to load it on my iPhone. My phone should have ample room according to the specs but I keep getting the message that there isn't enough room. It would be handy to have at the nursery so hopefully that resolves. I am assuming that we will be able to update this app periodically which would be great.

  • Great Application

    by nrodas

    I know that some people are not happy with this application. I feel otherwise, I find this Sunset App. Very useful. I can take notes, bookmark my favorite plants, highlight them and share the information. Also gives you links to useful websites.

  • Sunset needs work

    by Mrjimmystewart

    I am an avid plant lover and over the years I have owned most if not all the revisions to the printed book. It's been my " bible", a wonderful resource. One of my previous professions was a systems administrator, and sometime software tester. While this resembles the latest book, the software has a clunky interface. Once learned, you can find things although sometimes not as easily as the book, sometimes more easily. The sign up while irritating, and certainly not required to fully access the book, does not seem that draconian. The search feature pretty seamlessly integrates with google, and especially google images which is very helpful for viewing many images of the various plants. Over time I hope the plant finders, the references, the interface and the links are all made more robust. But all in all, a nice resource to have on the iPad which is always with me. For reference I paid $9.99 for it, slightly overpriced although I paid $20 for the latest hardcopy.

  • Great App


    Very good reference for plants/gardens. Having it electronic allows you to view on iPad or even iPhone which is handy if you swing by a nursery unplanned. Saw some reviews that stated a password was required to view info.....not the case, the entire manual is viewable with no sign in.

  • The New Sunset Western Gardening Book

    by Neleh007

    OMG! How wonderful! Now I have all the gardening information at my fingertips. Couldn't be happier. Photos are beautiful, loads of information.

  • Too big to play

    by Richard009

    While this seems to be a great resource, I was unable to download it to my iPhone or iPad. This app is 1.5 gig. Maybe if I only installed this app, it would run.

  • Please fix the crashes

    by Rugfinger

    I have been a Western Gardener fan for years and was so excited when it became available as an ap. The content is wonderful and far superior than previous hard cover issues...but, it constantly crashes. Slide shows will load but as you attempt to advance the slide it crashes. I am on IOS 7. Navigating is pretty easy and finding what your looking for is simple. The crashes are a real problem so to make the user just go and find their old hard bound version. Please fix!!!!! Update... Still not fixed

  • Crash

    by awagner109

    This app crashes all the time. I am running iOS 7 I have reinstalled the app 3 time and totally shut down the iPad 3. Still crashes. Hay Other then that its ok..:-)

  • Crashing - Kicks me out of the program on my iPad

    by Haroldfy

    Downloaded this tonight and every time I moved between pictures it kicked me out of the app! Real bummer after just spending $ 9.99. Great concept but this needs to get resolved with iOS7.

  • Crashing, unusable

    by Jobebead

    Just got this but can't use it because it keeps crashing on iOS 7.

  • Oh well

    by MS91711

    This was a marginally good APP with iOS6, but it now crashes with the new iOS7.

  • Disappointing

    by OC702

    I am in the landscape business so I thought this would be useful to determine different options of plant material. The main issue I have is not enough pictures to help me visually see what they are describing.. Ridiculous and a waste of money.

  • file too large!

    by Socal driver

    Good idea but despite description saying it requires 1.1 gb it actually needs 2.4 gb of space. This is much too large to justify placing on iphone considering how clunky the interface is. An electronic kindle book would have been easier to use and less space

  • Lacking

    by Balirun

    For as expensive as this app is it is lacking. The test can not be spoken. The identification of some plants is incorrect. Not a very elegant user interface.

  • Huge waste of time - a terrible design

    by nineteenth

    If you'd like to use your hard-earned money on this app, you will have the pleasure of having to create an Inkling account and then signing in to use the app. After finishing all of that nonsense, you can flounder around within the ill-designed and frustrating interface. If you get lucky and actually manage to see a chapter, you will not find much useful information for your efforts. What exactly was the point of making this book digital? You'd be much better off lugging the heavy book version to the garden center. Unbelievably bad.

  • The new sunset garden book

    by Nicknumber5

    After spending almost $20 I cannot see anything without giving more information so they and their partners can contact me by e-mail and also contact my friends. For my money I got nothing without giving more personal and private information. None of this is mentioned in iTunes before buying the book. I wish for my money back. I like The Sunset Garden books and owned several editions going back over 40 years.

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