Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher Food & Drink App Review (iOS, $12.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Inkling Systems, Inc.

* iOS 7 support
* Performance and stability fixes

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Learn about what’s on tap, with just a tap! Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC & Mac is now on Inkling. As a universal app, you pay one price to get the book on all of these devices.

In addition to all of the history, info on beer types and photography from the print edition of this bestselling resource, the Inkling version makes it easier and more fun than ever to become a brewmaster. This insider’s guide to the wide world of beer includes features such as interactive images and instant glossary definitions. You can even keep track of what beers you’ve tried with Tasting Records that sync between all devices.

Top features on iPad, iPhone, PC & Mac:
* Keep a Tasting Record: Just tried a great brew? Capture every detail in the Tasting Record for that beer type. Your Tasting Record syncs between devices, so what you write on your iPhone shows up on your iPad.
* Interactive Figures: Tap through interactive images in Slideshows and Slidelines of everything and anything related to beer, from vintage beer labels to types of glassware or hops.
* Enhanced Photos: Anything that looks tappable, is. Tap on blue poptips to get more info about what you're seeing, such as the anatomy of a beer stein.
* Glossary: There's no tasting without talking. Learn names, labels, and terms with instant glossary definitions, and be able to talk shop like a pro.
* Search: Need to find something quickly? Search anything, and Inkling looks through the whole book—as well as Google and Wikipedia.
* Notebook for bookmarks and highlights: Make highlights, and bookmark anything, including recipes. It’s all saved to your notebook that lives inside your book for easy reference.

Bonus feature on iPad, iPad mini, PC & Mac:
* Notes: It’s easy to make notes anywhere in the book that can even include web links. All notes are also saved to your guide’s searchable and personalized notebook.

Remember, taste respectably and taste responsibly.


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