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During Prohibition, getting a stiff drink required passwords and secret passageways. Now, two of the world's top bartenders and leaders in the craft cocktail revival—Jim Meehan and Joseph Schwartz, founders of NYC's famed speakeasies PDT and Little Branch—share their secrets with video tutorials, instructional graphics, and more than 200 recipes, culled from the world's best.

“Speakeasy Cocktails” is a book made exclusively for the iPad and iPhone, and includes:
► Over 90 minutes of HD video tutorial by two world-renowned bartenders
► Unique collection of 200 recipes created by 58 leading mixologists from the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia
► Dozens of photos, slideshows, and interactive guided tours
► Tap on any ingredient, tool, or technique throughout the book for a popup definition, photo, and pro tips

► Watch the short trailer video at Betterbook.com/cocktails

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL • “This app feels like a course in craft cocktailing because it is. Any explanation you may need is always just one tap away.”

GIZMODO • “It's a cocktails recipe book app that will transform the way you see, judge and drink cocktails.”

APPADVICE • “Whether you’re looking to make your own special cocktails or want to learn more about neo-speakeasies, this is the perfect app.”

USA TODAY • “A stylish cocktail-making reference that’s a great value for the price.”

BON APPÉTIT • “Well-written and friendly, Speakeasy takes the fear and snobbery out of mixing a great cocktail.”

Also in — NY Times — LA Times — Wired — TechCrunch — NY Mag — Thrillist — Mashable — Cool Hunting — Globe & Mail — Telegraph — App Store: Best of 2011

► Mixology 101
From your favorite go-to's to rediscovered classics and exotic new concoctions, experiment with more than 200 interactive recipes gathered from 58 of the world's best bartenders.

► Master Class
Not sure whether to shake or stir, or want to make the perfect Manhattan? Watch 90 minutes of HD video tutorials with Jim Meehan and Joseph Schwartz to see how the pros do it.

► New Fashioned Book Learnin'
Learn about Prohibition and the modern bars that pay homage to that bygone time with videos, photo slideshows, and an interactive map showcasing top speakeasies around the globe.

► Cocktail Connection
Easily leap from a how-to video to sections on technique, or link to the web for purchasing gear. Want to modify a recipe? Just add a note—you can even share it with friends in the book.

► Liquids
Recommendations for more than 100 spirits, liqueurs, bitters, mixers, & sweeteners

► Tools
With shakers, strainers, spoons, and stemware, discover what the pros use and where they shop

► Ice
Learn the secret to Little Branch’s perfect large cubes of ice—essential for slowing dilution in any great cocktail

► The Mixologist: JIM MEEHAN
Jim Meehan, is one of the most celebrated figures in the world of mixology. In 2007 he founded PDT (Please Don't Tell) in Manhattan's East Village. He has earned two Rising Star awards from Cheers magazine and a Tales of the Cocktail Spirit Award for "American Bartender of the Year" in 2009.

► The Mixologist: JOSEPH SCHWARTZ
Joseph Schwartz is co-founder of the cocktail lounge Little Branch, in the NYC’s West Village. He previously served as bartender and manager at New York's pioneer craft cocktail establishment, Milk & Honey, where he was personally trained by owner Sasha Petraske. Joseph was recently named one of Food & Wine Magazine's top five bartenders in America.

► The Author: ROB WILLEY
Rob Willey is a seasoned mixology journalist who writes for Details and has contributed to Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, and The New York Times. He also authored The Better Bacon Book, for Open Air Publishing.

Customer Reviews

  • Great read

    by Deanelazab

    Great amount on info for beginners to the scene

  • Great read

    by Deanelazab

    Great amount on info for beginners to the scene

  • The smoothest Interactive Books!

    by JD Brambach

    This is app/website offers the best working and best looking interactive books. I only wish their pricing (in some cases) was lower and that their selection wider. Help me accomplish this!!!

  • App is better than 98% of mixology books!

    by la.chata

    There are books galore available on the subject, but you'll find nothing better than this app. For people who want to actually know something about booze--such as all the different types of gin, their histories, which drinks traditionally use which one, and more--it's a gem. Nothing horribly in depth, mind you; after all, it's a practical how-to app, but more than a line or two so that you'll be better able to make your own choices. That's the only way you'll be able to develop your own signature drinks once you're excellent with the classics and modern variations. It's so easy, even I can make a good drink, and that's saying something. These guys give you everything you need to build a basic wardrobe of liquors, mixers, and accessories, which can become as complex as you want it to be down the road, yet still organized.The best part is technique. Having great booze is useless if you don't know how to stir, muddle, shake, strain or double-strain, and a few other actions, all taught on short, clear, videos. It would would be cheap at twice the price, particularly for a beginning to intermediate student of the art. Buy it now. No, I'm not related to these guys. :)

  • Greg Cangemi

    by Gregory Cangemi

    I great great guide for learning the art of craft cocktails!

  • Awesome, precise and succinct

    by Waleed Sokkar

    Has all the information any real cocktail bartender needs to know and the videos are short and fun to watch. A lot of nice cocktail recipes that are always nice to have on your phone in case your memory ever slips or deceives you. Great book from two great bartenders

  • Great resource

    by Griffo8675309

    Very informative and neatly formatted. Cool to have a cocktail book saved on my smartphone so I can reference it when I'm at a friend's house.

  • Fantastic Mixology App

    by Hiryu87

    Love this app. Great teachings about the core principles of making great cocktails. Includes the why as well as the what. You'll also be able to tell if a bartender knows what he or she is doing which is great I evaluating good bars for classic as well as contemporary drinks. The videos are awesome for seeing actual technique too. Highly recommended.

  • Great app

    by Klas93

    This has changed my drinking habits. You’ll spend quite a bit to stock up on all the essentials if you don’t have a well-stocked and supplied “bar” already, but it’s well worth. With just a little effort, you’ll be a hit at gatherings. If you follow the instructions specifically, you’ll be churning out great drinks.

  • I'm mildly hammered right now...

    by funkapus7

    ...thanks to this brilliant app. The focus on basics and technique is much appreciated.

  • 3 chapters in; already worth it!

    by oopie45

    Extremely thorough and helpful - care and attention to detail are evident in the production. Videos are high quality and there is a lot of "why" to support the "how" in making artisanal cocktails. Excellent find!

  • Great App

    by Peoplefixer014

    Lots of information, perhaps too much to digest on a single reading. Looking forward to the subsequent readings.

  • The best cocktail app

    by Licensed Lunacy

    Better than all the others I've tried

  • Without a doubt, the classiest app I own

    by JFL89

    I love the detailed instructions. I didn't immediately love the videos, but they've grown on me.

  • Only Bar App You Need.

    by icelusx

    Fantastic bar app that has classic drinks and new drinks a like. The layout and look of this app is simple but sharp. I navigate based on main liquor and if you need information on an ingredient there is always a link. One of the best designed apps I own.

  • Best cocktail resource out there

    by TheRealWonderboy

    This app is worth every penny. If you know nothing about cocktails, the technique descriptions and video tutorials will get you most of the way to being comfortable behind a bar. All of the most important drink recipes are here and there are some inspired recipes from master bartenders from around the country thrown in as well.

  • Awesome source and guide

    by rus_sel

    I've learned a lot from this book. It's a go to reference for cocktails whenever I am looking for something new to make at home. I've referred several friends to the app as well.

  • Tons of good info.

    by Mwr73

    Well written, great videos, and smooth layout.

  • Awesome!

    by NYC0727

    This is the best app purchase I have made in ages! Perfect for all levels of expertise and a joy to read and watch. I highly recommend.

  • A thorough guide

    by pmalos

    I've learned so much from this book/app, especially from the embedded videos showing details of bartending techniques such as properly stirring & mixing. Lots of recipes for classic cocktails and some more exotic drinks.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Doublemartini

    Without a doubt the best cocktail app there is.

  • Great teaching tool

    by KadenseNation

    I run a craft bar and I suggest this app to all my bartenders. It's a fantastic tool to learn at your own pace how to cocktail like a pro.

  • Amazing APP!

    by Club202

    I'm Very Happy. That I bought this app. Now I can get drunk with knowledge and class !!

  • Crashes on Opening

    by Chinohillsboy

    Beautiful app, but started crashing on opening. Reinstall only fixes the problem briefly. Very disappointing. Don't recommend on jailbroken iPhone 5.

  • Excellent App

    by DigiFam

    Great app from the beginning to the end!

  • Was amazing - now not working

    by Avm319

    Nothing happens with the latest update. Plus having to sign into Inkling is a huge hassle. Fix the bugs please!

  • 9.99 well spent

    by ravnwazn

    If you're wondering if it's worth the 9.99 price tag … quite simply, yes. The app is exquisitely done. It's a true learning experience, and a must-have for anyone who's looking to learn how to artfully craft serious cocktails.

  • Amazing!

    by Zap333

    Wonderful and informative app!!!

  • A good buy

    by SanFranAlex

    Highly recommended if you want to take your cocktail making skills from beginner to "my friends will think I am a pro".

  • My Favorite App.

    by anthony.m.terronez

    This is the best app I own. It is indispensable if you want to learn how to mix amazing drinks for yourself and your friends. It's also useful when you're at a great cocktail bar and don't know what to order. I've learned a lot from this app. There are so many recipes and specialty liquors to track down that I know I will continue to use it for a long time.

  • Fantastic app!

    by Slashalemon

    An excellent app for any bartender, either in training or just looking to up their game. A great resource and terrific, user-friendly layout makes this a no-brainer.

  • No Regrets

    by Dinosaurus_Rex

    Beautifully executed. A must have for the aspiring bartender.

  • Great!

    by Joseph Mann

    This app is one of the most comprehensive collections of classic drinks that I have ever come across. For the would-be mixologist it is a must buy.

  • Yes, but ...

    by ForensicCPA

    Very nice videos. Entertaining and educational. I can't figure out how they omitted cosmos.

  • Good times

    by Nomnomnomnomnom

    Loving the app, keep up the good work!

  • Chefboyrme

    by Barbara Lehmann

    Easy to use. Videos are an excellent edition. The explanations and suggestions in all areas of the app are just an inspiration to a party to be had.

  • Excellent

    by Fordtsho

    I appreciate the use of short videos, detailed pictures, and quality writing to teach.

  • So thorough!

    by RyanwMark

    This app pretty much covers everything! From how to make great cocktails on up to where to find them.

  • Great app!

    by Beck.in.NV

    This app is so great. I love to go out for cocktails, but whenever I find one I like I want to go home and make one. The search function is great and the recipes are spot on. The videos are really helpful using this app has improved my confidence and efficiency as a home bartender.

  • It is the best of what an App CAN be, with a few bruises ;)

    by Bhavana01123

    This is a terrific app; informative, compellingly presented, easily replicable advice (nice) and generally well organized.

  • Excellent nuts and bolts classics

    by SCHsch

    I'm convinced cocktail apps are like reference manuals to wild mushrooms -you'll need more than one to truly cover every topic. This resource covers classic and contemporary recipes, in depth information on liquors and bar tools, enjoyable videos, links to websites to purchase the bar tools and accessories. I reference this app frequently. If you like quality and not just cheap mix recipes you'll enjoy this app.

  • The best app I've bought in a long time!

    by perkinsb1024

    Update for iPhone edition: the iPhone version is way better than I had expected. It's a really nice addition, thanks OAP! -------------- Wow - I can't believe how good this app is. Both the interface and the content just blew me away. I'm only a few chapters in, but I've already learned more than I ever thought I would from this app! I would highly recommend this app/book to anyone. As far as the interface goes, I saw one review that said you couldn't AirPlay the videos, but I was able to by turning on AirPlay in the app switcher (double click the home button). Also, I know it's a small thing, but the way they modified the circle style page indicators to expand to show scrolling is just brilliant (look on the left side of all the screenshots). I know it's beautiful on the iPad, but I wish they would release a pocket edition for iPhone. I wouldn't mind if it was abridged, but I would like to have the recipes with me without needing to carry the iPad.

  • Love it

    by Boakes

    This app is fantastic! Lots of great recipes for classic, as well as contemporary cocktails. However, be aware that this app will make you want to buy tons of exotic liquors and other spirits to make all the fantastic cocktails, at some harm to your wallet. The best cocktail app available!

  • Transformed me into the most popular host

    by John Galt PA

    This app is FULL of amazing information and knowledge. Not only does it provide great recipes, but it teaches the technique to be a great bartender. My friends and family love coming to our house for cocktails.

  • Indispensable Cocktail Guides

    by JSullivan03

    If you have any interstate in cocktail-making, Speakeasy Cocktails is well worth its purchase price. It has numerous worthwhile drink recipes - yet doesn't have so many that one gets overwhelmed by the number of choices - along with helpful videos on how drinks are made. Tutorials on many techniques are also included, which are quite helpful.

  • Solid

    by Stevie_715

    Very good app. I'm a bartender and I use this app to keep my fundamentals sharp. It's a great tool for increasing your knowledge on liquors and techniques.

  • A wonderful resource

    by Shpbk45213

    I'm a home hobbyist, and I found this app to be invaluable. I've tried about 40 of the drinks so far, most requiring a trip to the liquor store for a bottle you won't usually find on a home bar. For example: Herbsaint. Who has that?!? Now I do, and I'm adding more bottle of obscure liqueurs each week. I strongly recommend this app.

  • Fantastic

    by Nostalgic and Clueless

    again, fantastic. Love the history

  • Excellent reference

    by Belindafrog

    I love this book, and the features within.

  • Addicting and Educational

    by Roarkh9

    One of my favorite downloads. Well designed, informative, and fun. Highly recommend!

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