Seeing Trees: Discover the Extraordinary Secrets of Everyday Trees by Nancy Ross Hugo, photography by Robert Llewellyn - Official Book, Inkling Interactive Edition Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $16.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Inkling Systems, Inc.

* iOS 7 support
* Performance and stability fixes
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Witness arboreal beauty in high-resolution glory with Seeing Trees, now rebuilt as an interactive book on Inkling with video, high-res zoomable photos, and a gorgeous layout customized for reading on iPad and iPhone.

From beeches to black cedars, maples to magnolias, author Nancy Ross Hugo guides readers through the life cycle of common American trees, while photographer Robert Llewellyn's sharp and lavish photography brings the details into microscopic clarity. Plus, on Inkling, the book springs to life with high-resolution photography and interactive figures.

Top Features:

* Interactive figures: Explore how a tree changes with the Slideline. Drag your finger along the bottom to see how an image changes.
* High-res photography: Zoom in on highly detailed and colorful photographs that were shot using software developed for taking images from microscopes. Slideshows group these photos together for compare-and-contrast access.
* Behind-the-scenes video: See how this unique book was made with the embedded bonus video called "The Making of Seeing Trees", featuring commentary from Nancy Ross Hugo and Robert Llewellyn.
* Lush layouts: Science and art go hand-in-hand with gorgeous layouts that automatically adapt for different screen sizes.
* Search: Need to find something quickly? Search the book, your notes, and even Google and Wikipedia, while barely lifting a finger.
* Personal Notebook: Highlight text and bookmark recipes with ease. It’s all saved to a notebook that lives inside your book for easy reference.

Bonus feature on iPad, iPad mini, PC & Mac:
* Notes: Make notes anywhere in the book that can even include web links. All notes are also saved to your notebook.


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