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Featured on The Today Show, The New York Times, Bon Appétit, and The Next Web.

Learn how to cook, bake, and menu plan like the pros without ever leaving your kitchen table. Known as “the bible for all chefs,” and the official textbook of the famed Culinary Institute of America, The Professional Chef ebook has been built from the ground up as the richest and most all-inclusive food, cooking and baking skills resource and cookbook in your kitchen.

Mastering the skills to cook eggs, fish, poultry, grains, and meats has never been more accessible than with the book used by professional chefs. Whether you want to make pasta, pastries, and salads or learn to make soups, stocks, and base sauces, this book is your indispensable guide to go from a good cook to a great chef.

The Culinary Institute of America has trained the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Grant Achatz, Michael Symon, Anne Burrell, and many more. Now, culinary students and cooking enthusiasts alike can learn from the masters who have taught some of the world’s best and most well-known chefs.

Includes over 100 instructional videos from CIA masters
► Watch more than 100 embedded videos by CIA instructors demonstrate professional cooking and baking tips and tricks for bringing 850 restaurant-worthy recipes to the dining room table.

Beautiful and interactive learning not possible on paper
► Zoom in on nearly 750 gorgeous photos of meals, vegetables, ingredients, kitchen tools and finished dishes.
► Play with 175+ interactive enhancements that make many photos both delicious and nutritious—touch a poptip for more info, a recipe, more images, and even web links.
► Tap into the collective wisdom of cooks, amateur and professional, around the world with shared notes, discussions and commenting, right in the book.

Other Inkling ebook features included with this title
Less Search, More Find
• Search anything in your book
• Write and highlight with ease
• Notes saved in the cloud
• Scan chapter info at a glance
• Link between related ideas

Unfair Advantage
• Quizzes in every chapter
• Diagrams that let you test yourself
• Find other users' best notes
• Tap key terms for definitions

Social Learning Network
• Log in via email and Facebook
• Access Google and Wikipedia
• Share your notes and highlights
• Use the notes of friends and professors

Details on book content:
No other cooking book or resource delivers the depth instructions and lesson of The Professional Chef, with in-depth content on:
• Menus and Recipes
• The Basics of Nutrition and Food Science
• Food and Kitchen Safety
• Equipment Identification
• Meat, Poultry, and Game Identification
• Fish and Shellfish Identification
• Fruit, Vegetable, and Fresh Herb Identification
• Dairy and Egg Purchasing and Identification
• Dry Goods Identification
• Mise en Place for Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
• Stocks
• Sauces
• Soups
• Mise en Place for Meats, Poultry, Fish, and Shellfish
• Fabricating Meats, Poultry, and Fish
• Grilling, Broiling, and Roasting
• Sautéing, Pan Frying, and Deep Frying
• Steaming and Submersion Cooking
• Braising and Stewing
• Mise en Place for Vegetables and Fresh Herbs
• Cooking Vegetables, Potatoes, Grains and Legumes, and Pasta and Dumplings
• Cooking Eggs
• Salad Dressings and Salads
• Sandwiches
• Hors d’Oeuvre and Appetizers
• Charcuterie and Garde Manger
• Baking Mise en Place
• Yeast Breads
• Pastry Doughs and Batters
• Custards, Creams, and Mousses
• Fillings, Frostings, and Dessert Sauces
• Plated Desserts

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Devin Gaffney

    Great resource for people in the industry. Well executed.

  • Great app for on the go

    by Revdevsadvct

    I own the textbook this app is based on. This condensed version of the text is is a wonderful reference when trying to express ideas to my cooks- planning reviews and curriculums for training. The price is a bit demanding but I don't mind paying for the simple and straightforward interface/database.

  • The how to from a Chef's perspective

    by Darrin Sand

    This book gives you the information on how to prepare and present dishes on a professional level.

  • Great apps

    by Tyrone110

    So much info

  • Great tool for professional Chef's and Amateurs.

    by Fishandmills

    Love this app.

  • GREAT but

    by LaDanaWendy

    I can't believe the amount of information in this app!! Although I purchased it when it was on sale, its a great value! That being said, I expected EVERY recipe to be accompanied by a quality, high resolution photo but that is not the case -- that I would change!!!! Overall, this is an app I'll be using for many years!!

  • Professional textbook for professional chefs

    by Tyler Reinhard

    The title says it all; this is not a cookbook, it is a textbook for professional chefs. If you're looking for a few pro tips to spice up your home cooking, this may not be worth the money. But if you are a professional chef or serious home cook, so far this app has been a good substitute for the paper version. Nice high-resolution videos elaborating hard-to-convey techniques like breaking down primal cuts, laminating puff pastry, and making hollandaise. The app allows for comprehensive highlighting and note-taking. It's more expensive than it should be, but if you need this book in some form or other, this is a pretty slick form to have it in. The one reason I didn't give this five stars is because I think the text could be handled a little more delicately. The card system used in the app works great for studying and quizzing, but for casual reading it's a little intrusive -- I'd prefer to toggle between card and page views.

  • Unbelievably awesome encyclopedia

    by icfantv

    I must admit I originally balked at the price, but I bit the bullet and bought it and have not regretted it. The app is incredibly detailed and covers darn near anything you could realistically want to do in your kitchen. The pictures rival Williams-Sonoma in quality and detail (which are renowned). There's a reason this was rated one of the top five culinary books of the decade. If you want to learn how to cook, this book/app is hands down, the best on the market. My one caveat, the portions are somewhat larger because (IMHO) the target audience isn't Mom or Dad making dinner for a family of four on a Friday night so take this into consideration.

  • Amazing

    by Chris Dore

    Coming from someone who has the txt book and graduated from the school. The resources are endless with this book and the sideshows and videos are great. Anything you need to know about a kitchen And cooking can be found within the book, totally worth it

  • Solid

    by NCIS_FAN

    App would be FAR more useful if the videos didn't go to a black screen midway through. Until that aspect is fixed it isn't really worth the 49.99 I just spent. Maybe more like 34.99-39.99.

  • Amazing!

    by svoelkening

    The perfect interactive culinary resource way ahead of the curve.

  • The professional chef app

    by Crabaddict

    Glad this app is available. I am a home cook that briefly cooked in a restaurant when I was younger. I always want to take my cooking up a notch. Thank you. I find myself referencing it constantly. Love this app. I wish It had Chef Uwe Hestnar's 2 sheet ratio list for food!!! Would pay extra.

  • WOW

    by Zombiewade

    As a trained chef I was apprehensive about this app at first, but after checking it out I was blown away. Very easy to use. Absolutely awesome.

  • Great resource but the lack of a standard bookmark is an unfortunate oversight

    by IckleMePickleMeTickleMeToo

    I've only just started to absorb the material but, so far, the breadth and depth of the information seems quite thorough. The text is well written and the intentions of each section are well implemented. The videos are okay but the severe compression reduces the overall impression of quality. I've also noticed that the videos lag as if they were being streamed from the net but, from what I gather, they're embedded into the actual book. Even though I'm on an iPad2, I'm not sure what to make of that. It was extremely apparent in the free chapter provided by inkling but I assumed that it was due to shortcuts made for the free chapter. Apparently not? One other sore point that I would love to see fixed in a future update -- since I'm reading this as a proper text book and less as a general reference, I find it decidedly bothersome that there isn't an option for a basic bookmark feature. The book should automatically save the exact page that I'm on so that if I'm pulled away or the app is closed, I can return to where I left off. If iBooks has it, why not this? Lastly, it would be nice if there was an option for full justification of the text. From a layout point of view, it would be easier on my eyes to see each line of text use the full width instead of being left-justified and leaving jagged right edges (as seen in the above screenshots).

  • Truly Impressive

    by Ryan Parker of Food Craftsmen

    The CIA got this right. I'm a graduate of the CIA and have to say this is a resource I wish I had while there. AMAZING. great way to search, get quick refresher courses and just have fun!! THIS IS WHAT TEXT BOOKS SHOULD BE! I'm hoping they do the pastry book the same way.

  • Even better than the text book

    by Joviangiant

    I had a copy of the text book which has become my reference for all things in the kitchen and I was a first dubious about spending the money on a electronic version, but the app takes the information in the book to a whole new level. One of the frustrating things about the book (if your not a professional chef) is that it is a text book so each chapter builds upon the last. If you pick out a recipe from the middle of the book, you need to bounce back and forth to other pages before you get a complete idea of what involved in the meal. The app works the same way but since it incoprorates hyperlinks the information flow much more smoothel. So if you aren't sure how to make a velouté sauce when working through a cream soup recipe, you just tap on the word and all is explained. The videos also add an additional dimension and the ability to add your own notes to a page makes the app indispensable.

  • Wow!

    by TravelNerd

    I bought this "book" for my wife and she absolutely loves it! I was really surprised by the quality of the video content, very professional and makes the content come alive!

  • Really nice

    by AM65

    I wondered about paying that much, but after downloading it I realized that this is so much better than a lot of books I've paid that much for! Good job by the writers and developers.

  • Happy New YeAr

    by JoeNoApp

    This apps does not show you how to cook a better food. You can get better video presentation from free iTunes classes. You just waste your money to spend on this app.

  • Great for iPad; so-so for iPhone.

    by Ohiofem

    This app is very limited on the iPhone 5. Screens that might be useful in landscape mode can only be viewed in portrait, so you must scroll left and right to read charts. There is no index, and search requires exact matches. My rating is for the iPhone version, which isn't ready for prime time and is definitely not worth more than a few dollars.

  • LoveToCook

    by Chef22222

    This app is a complete waste of money. The technique videos are not as useful as ones you can find for free on the web, and the recipes are not for things most people like to eat. I was very disappointed and felt misled by other reviews. I've owned the app for about a year now and have just not found a good use for it.

  • Fantastic except

    by redron57

    This is an amazing App except that You need Internet connection or you can't use it Went to moms She has no wifi so couldn't use it I am not a chef but with this app I could be, it has everything, video, complete instructions for fine food preparation, definitions of everything, you can highlight, bookmark, i think it is even backed up in the cloud. Beautifully illustrated. A very complete information guide for anyone who fancies themselves a Chef if like me only in their dreams. Well worth the price But no Tiramisu

  • Linking? No way!!!!!!

    by Not happy4545

    I paid over $50 and now this app wants me to create an account on something called "linkling"? No way!!!!!!!!

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