German - Talking English to German Translator and Phrasebook Travel App Review (iOS, $7.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Robert Ellis

* Most of the original base content will now have images. And we continue to add more images daily, until all the base content have images. Images help to significantly improve the memorization process.
* Stability improvements

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With it's language memorization features, this talking translator and phrasebook teaches you German as it is really spoken by German people. It is German as it is really spoken among friends and acquaintances. It’s the German language they don’t teach you in school. Most of the phrases you will never learn in any class room or textbook.


• More than 45 categories, including 6 travel sections, falling in and out of love, arguing, small talk and many others
• More than 2,600 total phrases
• Unlock thousands more additional content from within the app. Including vocabulary with picture.
• Memorization mode lets you memorize the phrases while engaged in other activities such as, jogging, working out, working on the job, reading, etc.
• Memorization mode also works when the software is running in the foreground and in the background. So you can use most other software, including games while you continue to listen to and memorize phrases.
• Listen to music in the background while using memorization mode, making the memorization an entertaining experience
• Listen to and control your music without leaving the product
• Add your own topics
• Add, edit, delete your own phrases
• Record audio for any existing phrase and phrases you add or edit.
• Post translations to Facebook wall without leaving the app
• Upload photos with translations to Facebook
• Tag friends and locations with translations you post to Facebook
• Send one or more phrases to anyone via email, Line, SMS
• Text to speech used for voices that do not have recorded audio
• Record your own voice (or your friend’s) for any existing phrase or phrases you add yourself
• Please note that while running in the background, the operating system may stop the audio if it needs to do so for any reason. If that happens, simply go back to the app and it will continue playing automatically again.

This translator and phrasebook will grow with you as you learn and expand your vocabulary.


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