Above France Travel App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Fotonauts Inc

- Minor bug fixes
- New format for stories on iPhone: scroll through the story, explore the map and pinch on photos to zoom in
- New themes for stories on iPad: now you can experience stories the same way as in the Fotopedia app.
- New action button on photos and stories


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Take the grand tour of France on your iPhone or iPad.

National Geographic Traveler and Fotopedia present a unique perspective of France’s extraordinary beauty: the bird’s view.

If you think that France is beautiful, wait until you see this app. It’s a love letter written with a camera and a helicopter.

From l'Aiguille du Midi to the Chateau d'Yquem, discover thousands of well-kept secrets and breathtaking sights, many of which are remote and inaccessible.

Nobody, not even French people could see them all in a lifetime. Unless perhaps they spend their life in the air. Well, that’s exactly what Frank Mulliez does and now he shares his extraordinary adventures with us.

See the most spectacular abbeys, beaches, bridges, castles, cliffs, fortifications, geometric landscapes, harbors, islands, lakes, lighthouses, mountains, rivers, quaint villages, waterfalls, windmills,… An endless collection of awe-inspiring vistas.

With more than 2,000 professional aerial photos, interactive maps, social media sharing, beautiful slideshows and wallpapers. There is even a Trip Builder to help you create the trip of your dreams.

From Fotopedia, the creator of Hall of Fame app Fotopedia Heritage, in partnership with National Geographic Traveler.

This app requires an internet connection, wifi recommended.

Customer Reviews

  • Attractive Content to Explore

    by iApp4

    The app is exciting to explore.

  • Absolutely fantastic!

    by Karen3311

    Spectacular photos! I highly recommend this app!

  • Great App

    by rah711

    Very nice app with absolutely gorgeous photos. All that and made available at no cost. To the Devs: THANK YOU

  • Good

    by Selamandr


  • Where's the zoom?

    by Seugenes

    Lot's of great photos. Great price. Beautiful. Integrated map. So what's to complain about? The first thing you want to do is zoom in. No can do!

  • Very cool

    by Herc1010

    I want to go to frenchland now!!!

  • Pretty Cool!

    by Jsb123ubetcha

    This app is amazing. Nuff said. You could also make one that's called Above Rome.

  • France

    by D L Fitz

    Hope we getting others that are FREE!!!!!!

  • Nice photos

    by Geo_

    Nice photos

  • Очень красиво

    by Purke


  • A fascinating approach

    by Graciela5b

    I found fascinating to have a totally different view of many places I know and to be challenged to visit others for the first time .

  • Another wonderful land

    by neowym

    Those pictures are beautiful and wonderful. Please enable to view them when no internet connection.

  • cool

    by Yue Long


  • Not worth the price.

    by Qwertsbggggfhrhrdbvj

    While the photos are stunning, it is not worth $2.99. I found it free, but wouldn't have paid regular price for it.

  • Great App / Beautiful Photos

    by NG5000

    Great app; beautiful photos. Definitely worth downloading if you're curious to learn more about France. I love how there is a write-up on each site. I do agree with the other reviewer though... why not provide the ability to zoom?

  • WOW

    by Mr. Pro Semer

    just one word: WOW!!!!!!!! EPIC photos, but it would be much-much greater if i could use: 1. a pinch gesture to zoom in/out, 2. an optional DL button to download a hi-res photo from server (not all, but what i want) 3. access to this app without the Internet 4. another DL button, to download full collection of low-res photos to enhance no.3 or at least photos from my trip (favs).

  • Please add bookmark

    by iMacloy

    I have all the fotopedia apps and they are all great!

  • Great collection.

    by Sinsapaugh

    App is a great collection of photos, well worth the money I plunked down for it.

  • Wow, stunning views of France from above. Great app!

    by oldmonkey

    Highly recommended :)

  • Zoom

    by Nuttybunny

    Said same about Paris app - why can't the user zoom into the pictures. Too bad. Could be great - is just average.

  • Above France does not install

    by Aesop31

    The latest "update" will not install, has been trying for two days and does not even begin to install. The app is useless as is. I would give Minus 3 stars if I could.


    by This space intentionally left blank.

    I love when developers write 'minor bugs fixed' when the reality is that they actually changed their apps & now have advertising. That's what the developers did here, even if it is subtle. Hey, here's an idea - why not just be honest for a change and tell people what you really did? Is that so difficult? People might respect you more if you're honest.

  • Terrible

    by Daov

    It takes forever to load

  • Not that good.

    by hiruko27

    The content is really not worth the price. I know it's cheap but compared to some other apps that offer a lot more this one is just poor.

  • Great

    by Evil mind

    Great photos as always, but I agree, let us DL full collection without further need of internet connection.

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