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This FREE version of the most popular flight-tracking app turns your iPhone or iPad into an air traffic radar and lets you see airplane traffic around the world in real-time. Download now to discover why millions of users already have installed Flightradar24 Free.

Flightradar24 is, or has been the number one travel app in more than 50 countries including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. We are frequently featured in the media and recent media mentions include Bild (Germany), Le Monde (France), and CNN (US).

Flightradar24 Free features include:
* Planes moving in real-time
* Airline and callsign information for individual planes

Do you want more features? Buy Flightradar24 Pro and get:
* Comprehensive information for each individual plane, including route, speed, altitude and more
* Augmented reality view – identify the planes flying overhead by simply pointing your phone’s camera to the sky
* Easy to search for a specific flight
* Filter by airline, altitude, speed and more
* Push notification alerts
* Flight trails and callsigns directly on map
* Possibility to show different aircraft icons, for different aircraft types
* See airline logos in connection with the aircraft
* Emergency squawk notifications
* Banner free

We are constantly working to expand Flightradar24’s global coverage. Below is a breakdown of our coverage as of August 2012. For the most up-to-date coverage, please visit http://www.flightradar24.com
Roughly 95% of the continent covered
Complete coverage in the US and Canada (but with 5 minute delay) thanks to FAA data. Additional real-time data in large parts of the two countries. Minor coverage in Mexico
* Rest of the World
We have coverage in parts of Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Greenland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Middle East, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and many other countries

Please note that coverage will vary.
Please note that Flightradar24 only can track aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transponder. The exception is in the US and Canada where we get radar data from the FAA and can track almost all planes, but with a five-minute delay. Visit http://www.flightradar24.com for more information about ADS-B and Flightradar24’s coverage.

Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/flightradar24 and follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/flightradar24 for the latest on Flightradar24.

Please visit the Flightradar24 forum for help and support.

The use of the information presented in Flightradar24 is strictly limited to your personal enthusiast activities (i.e. for entertainment purposes), which specifically exclude any activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others. Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or it's interpretation or it's contrary to this agreement. We reserve the right to anonymously track and report a user's activity inside of app.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by Grumbo1563

    Fun for seeing planes in our area. Tells the destination, flight number, make, altitude, speed of the aircraft. I tried the augmented reality, pointing camera at the sky when I see a plane and rarely does it work. Today a low flying southwest jet flew over my house and i aimed camera right up at it and it said no planes in sight. Radar showed the plane about 8 minutes before my house.

  • Fine for a freebie

    by WhatTheDogSaid

    The best feature on this App was to convince me to try the upgrade. It's interesting as is, but if you are an airplane geek like I am, Pro is the way to go.

  • Great app

    by FredFreeDell

    Great app

  • So cool!

    by JDL71

    Planespotting made easy. Most enjoyable.

  • Great

    by Del63bitdhk

    Now with FAA information, great at flight tracking. Better than flightaware!

  • Good!!

    by Fun.❤

    A very cool app but can drain your battery quick!


    by muygnjkiuytrfvbgtrescdfd


  • Updated

    by wesleymoran

    I used to be able to point iphone 4to the sky and see planes on radar, I can't get it to do that anymore since last update. Nothing shows up..

  • Awesome app!

    by Albortughali

    Very useful

  • Works fine.

    by DJSsude

    Does exactly what the description states.

  • Montenegro

    by xanato

    This app. works great ;)

  • Works fine...

    by LoLaMC

    ...unless one cannot read the description, where it clearly states that it covers mostly Europe. It would be nice to see the origin and destination for each flight, on top of the airline and flight number. I guess that's why there is a pro version.

  • Ok

    by Flamer32

    Its alright but it could be a little more accurate

  • Great app

    by KJ9973

    These people posting low reviews are missing the part where it says it covers 90% of EUROPE, not the US. Don't post low reviews when an app doesn't do something it doesn't claim to do in the first place.

  • Wicked cool!

    by Graigory

    Such a cool app to be able to flights coming and going in real time across Europe. This technology is awesome!

  • Fun!!

    by Wtshahajsjsdko

    This is just for fun and it work GREAT!!!

  • 5 starssss

    by moçatto

    Covers only São Paulo Terminal in Brazil but I'll give 5 stars!!!

  • Great app, BUT.....

    by N6UBO

    You folks are correct that it doesn't show much in the US, but that's not the app. It's the type of transponder in use by the aircraft and the info that's available. Another of the many differences between the States and the rest of the world.

  • Fantastic

    by mfr111

    Fantastic and accurate app!

  • Good Software

    by David Lexicon

    This app is fantastic and works very accurately. Well done.

  • RadarBox24 is better

    by Dirkou

    This app is extremely basic. I prefer RadarBox24

  • Pretty useless

    by Brucebaird

    Shows a TINY minority of the flights in Minneapolis

  • Lame

    by Biggytupac

    No radar for PBI and missing SLM airlines. Useless to me.

  • Bad

    by Docj

    It's really is a waste of space and a waste of a app.

  • Useless

    by Wweg

    Not worth to drain your battery. Hundreds of planes with call signs only

  • by Yayman555

    This app is completely worthless. Once you tap a plane, the only thing that shows up is the flight #. Go to the website!!!!!!!

  • Almost no functionality.

    by Gregg Hill

    I downloaded this after being impressed with the web version, and this was quite the disappointment. I'll just stick with the website from now on.

  • Ms.

    by SPJms

    As said, only displays flight number. Useless.

  • Waste of space

    by R3trop

    Website is beautiful with detail and even cockpit view. This app is a waste.

  • Trash

    by Danielles7

    As said.

  • FlightRadar Free version is featureless

    by golden-berg

    just a battery drain - no functionality except to provide the call letters of lfights you see on a map

  • Flightradar24

    by Old timer in Tenn

    Will NOT LOAD updates.

  • Garbage

    by tsb3

    2.5 years later this app is still garbage, Miami Int'l Airport with frozen planes all around.

  • Nice to play with but limited utility

    by frecklesdog

    I wanted to follow in real time specific flights. I picked up the flight on takeoff but it had the wrong flight tag. If I went to another app and came back the tag was not there and often I could not find the flight again. I could not determine if I had been assigned another incorrect tag or what happened. Using another app I was able to follow the flight.

  • disclaimer

    by T S Eliot

    the App DOES tell you it gives info on different flights through the country . . . . . . not ALL . . . . . I find it hard to believe there were no flights over the Twin Cities when I looked . . . . .

  • by Faisal Al Balushi

    We got two airports only in our country and both does not exist in your app

  • Kidding me?

    by Bluecry

    What is this mess?

  • Pathetic!!!

    by Grillmaster2399

    Oddly this app seems to think that the only US flights that are worth following are out of either NY, LA, Miami, or Seattle.

  • Good idea but...

    by starses

    ...no US coverage!?

  • Disappointing

    by MrMonteFL

    While displaying where the flight is from is a nice feature, I can't overlook the mere fact that some flights in-route do not show up and there's no refresh button.

  • Bad ap

    by Tjjr96

    I live near a airport and thar wher no planes on this thing and i go out side and thar is like 100 planes

  • Aaaaaaaaaaugh

    by RCPlaneGuy44

    Needs US coverage, not just 90% of Europe. Only a few places in the US work, and there should be more!

  • "some weird error"

    by AJREID

    zero functionality, cannot locate airplanes over KATL

  • Limited value

    by Davejjjj

    Looks like there is some more data in Europe, but USA interior is useless

  • Flightradar24 Free

    by princess55

    This needs to also include the us, otherwise it is not worth the money.

  • Very few Planes on map

    by Praetorian269

    Only shows a few American cities. Only saw about 10 jets around California. Now very useful.

  • This is a joke

    by Musselman1109

    Wow.. This app is telling me there are no planes over Indianapolis right now? FedEx and KIND have arrivals and departures like crazy right now. This app is a joke. Flight Aware is incredibly more accurate.

  • Seems pretty worthless for USA

    by iiScott

    Says there are six planes over Seattle and ten over LA. I would expect both to be much busier. And the rest of the country is blank. Europe seems to have a lot more activity. Interface is lacking. Shows google map zoomed out to entire world with some yellow planes on it. Asked to use location and put a blue dot on my city, but didn't zoom in. Thanks, but I do know how to find my house on a world map. Manual zoom was ok, but no planes over USA. I'm suprised Apple approved this. You get manual pinch zoom and a banner across the bottom to buy the full app. No other controls.

  • Update is much better

    by Chichiyaku

    This app is now getting somewhere. It would be cool if you could have different aircraft images depending on the type of plane and in matching airline colours. Showing altitude, origin in, destination and number of passengers would be nice as well.

  • muuito boa a iniciativa

    by Luzinhozszs321

    mas acho que falta muita coisa, como as informações das aeronaves e outros tipos de textura para o mapa

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