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Seller: Fizz Software Ltd.

iOS5 compatibility

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The Award winning Fizz Traveller 3 is now available for your shiny new iPhone or iPodTouch.

"...Fizz Traveller for iPhone, not only storms past the Windows Mobile version, but may just be their best and most useful program yet... pretty much everything in one tidy package, featuring an incredibly intuitive interface. Plus, with features including a full implementation of Fizz Weather, clock, and appointment settings, this is a fantastic addition to any iPhone...even if you are not going further than the coffee shop." Doug Goldring - justanothermobilemonday

Packed with features. With just a touch you have access to 5 main services.

* The today section shows a single locations time and weather. At a touch the popup calendar will show you the current month and current day. Configure the look of your clock. 3 analog & 3 digital clocks supplied.
Swipe the screen to see your next city.

* At a glance you can see the time and weather for all of your favorite cities. See additional information including sunset and sunrise times, the current weather conditions & longitude/latitude. From this screen plan meetings in different time zones. Finally use our 3D world globe to view your cities locations.
Swipe the globe and it will rotate to show your next favorite location.

Fizz Weather
* Fizz Weather comes to Fizz Traveller.
Weather for over 68000 global locations includes 5 day forecast, 2 day extended forecast, current conditions, weather maps & airport delays.

* Create your new trips in the itinerary planner. Add trip notes, and select from various trip events such as Flight, Hotels, Car Hire, Trains, Cruises & Meetings.
Email your itinerary, call hotels or meeting contacts directly from within Fizz Traveller or show your hotel locations on a map.

* When you need to convert units, look no further. Conversions include :
Currency rates (updated daily), Temperature, Length, Speed, Weight, Volume, Area, Power, Torque. Children's Shoes Ladies Shoes, Ladies Skirts, Men's Suits, Men's Shoes, Men's Shirts

At a glance :

68000 Global Locations
Local Time & International Time
3 Analog & 3 Digital Clocks
Current month popup calendar
International Weather
Daylight Map also showing your favorite locations
3D World Globe
Meeting Planner
5 Day Forecast
2 Day Extended Forecast
Current Conditions
Weather Maps - Forecast, Satellite & Radar ( Radar only US )
Airport Delays
Itinerary Planner
Support for Hotels, Car Hire, Flights, Meetings, Trains and Cruises
Email Itinerary
Map locations
Conversions including : Currency - Updated Daily, Temperature, Length, Speed, Weight, Volume, Area, Power, Torque. Children's Shoes Ladies Shoes, Ladies Skirts, Men's Suits, Men's Shoes, Men's Shirts

Other languages coming soon.

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Customer Reviews

  • すごい!!

    by 落ちる..


  • I love it too

    by Raya Sou

    I don't care what say

  • I Love it

    by olfart

    Had it on an old smart phone & loved it then. But THIS version really is much better. Not only have the graphics been improved, but so has the interface & number of cool features. It took them a while to bring this out, but they got it right! Nice job

  • Finally, FIZZ Traveller is on iPhone

    by The Scotsman.

    I've used this app on my WM Pocket PC for more than a couple of years and as far as I'm concerned, it's the best of its type. The colors and graphics available on the iPhone O/S platform are fantastic and the ease of use and inputting information is great. There seems to be a limit of only 10 "favorite" cities that can be used whereas the WM version allowed many more. Hopefully the limit will be lifted or perhaps when Apple brings out the new iPhone O/S next month things will change. But this is a very minor point to the overwhelming highlights of FIZZ's wonderful application.

  • Great tools for frequent travellers

    by Hu Kenvy

    Very useful for me to make travel preparation :) BTW, it can support some Chinese as well, not just English, hope to support more!

  • why dont update?

    by elent

    weather is the newest,,,why its dont update?????

  • Fizz Traveler Beware

    by Drlbg

    I purchased this app last week. Within a day, the battery on my iPhone began discharging at a rapid rate; less than 2 hours of battery life while on standby. That phone was replaced; after restoring the new one and adding my applications, the same battery problem appeared. Since Fizz Traveler was the last app installed, I thought it was the culprit. Once this app was removed, the battery problem was solved. Avoid this app at all cost.


    by Missthepast

    Sluggish response time but main thing missing is a travel planner. The itinerary part here doesn't look anything up (like in the windows mobile Fizz app). It just stores the data after you manually enter it all - flight number , airline, seat number, etc. THAT'S A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT IN A "TRAVELLER" APP.

  • Fiz Traveler

    by rlucki

    Need to synch schedule with outlook

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