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Spy&Fly is unique in its approach and different from all other ticket apps. Spy&Fly is specialized in point-to-point low-cost airlines. Spy & Fly thinks like you, so like a traveller and considers other airports, departure dates and the possibility that a price may drop soon and charges no commission or transaction costs.

Spy&Fly helps you to find the cheapest flight by using four search options: check all nearby airports, check all available dates, find a cheap flight in the near future, and find the cheapest flight in a certain period.

Save money by waiting to book a ticket untill the price of a ticket drops. Prices of tickets go up and down, you can see this for yourself by clicking anywhere in the app on the details of a ticket, which reveals the history of the price. After that you can decide yourself whether it makes sense to wait. If you click on 'SPY' the ticket will be added to the spy list and you will receive automatically a message as soon as the price drops.
Spy&Fly charges NO COMMISSION AND NO TRANSACTION COSTS. Spy&Fly simply finds the best flight for you and redirects you directly to the appropriate order page. A cheaper way to order a ticket is not possible.
Spy&Fly offers you 4 easy ways to find the best ticket. The opportunities differ on the following flight conditions:

1. Cheapest airport:
Check all airports in your neighborhood and in the neighborhood of your destination to find the cheapest combination. Use your current location and your final destination as input, instead of the airports that you think you need.

2. Cheapest date:
Checks all surrounding dates for your trip. If you want to go for e.g. a weekend, Spy&Fly will give you all weekends in the requested month so you can easily choose the cheapest one.

3. Cheapest short break:
Based on your preference for your break (beach, shopping, etc) and the forecasted weather you will find the cheapest way to enjoy exactly what you want.

4. Cheapest flight:
Unable to find the flights as offered in the advertisements? Spy&Fly knows all lowest fares.
Since Spy & FLy shows only direct flights and only uses low-cost airlines, not all destinations are supported:
1. Thomascook (Europe)
2. Wizzair (Europe)
3. Southwest (USA)
4. GermanWings (Europe, Russia, Israël)
5. Transavia (Europe, Middle East)
6. Air-Baltic (Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Russia, Asia)
7. Airberlin (Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Russia, Asia)
8. Austrian (World)
9. Vueling (Europe, Russia, Israël)
10. Hawaiian (USA, Australia, Asia)
11. Airtran (USA, Caribbean)
12. Flybe (Europe)
More low-cost airlines will be added in the future.

Customer Reviews

  • Is this a joke?

    by SpiffarinoGreg

    This app does nothing. Deleted five minutes after installing.

  • Great idea, doesn't work!

    by WarriorKitty

    I couldn't get the app to return ANY flights for North America no matter how broad or narrow I set the criteria. I even tried European city pairs-still nada. The cities are listed, but I never could get ANY flight data. "There are no low cost carriers between A and B.". Deleted the app.

  • Can't see any flights

    by Schechter22

    Don't waste your time

  • .

    by Ashmaads

    You have to pay to view any details of any flights. That is if you can even get this dumb app to work. Extremely frustrating and non user friendly at all.

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