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Seller: EarthCam, Inc.

- Enhanced stability of application

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Live 24 hour footage from the world’s most famous recording studios webcam, Abbey Road Studios. The studios webcam points to the iconic zebra crossing outside the studios, as featured on the cover of The Beatles 1969 best-selling album ‘Abbey Road’.

This app lets you enjoy live streaming of the popular London landmark from Abbey Road Studios and EarthCam. Also providing local London time and weather you can watch thousands of music fans, from all over the world, recreate the album cover on the crossing.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs Update

    by MrGoodFood

    Great App. Needs to be updated for New iPhone IOS 7 .

  • Landscape view

    by skubrats

    Doesn't seem to work in landscape view with iOS 7? Anybody else having this problem?

  • Uh fined

    by Denis hu


  • LOVE this app

    by SisKiddo

    Very entertaining watching all the people recreating the iconic Abbey Road album cover. I end up watching for hours at a time. Can't wait to go there myself and do the same. This is a must have app for all Beatles fans!

  • Entertaining

    by spaceye7

    I could watch the tourists take their stupid cliche pictures for hours.

  • Love this app

    by Jumpinggirly8

    This app is so much fun, to see people reacting the Beatles cover. This morning I got waved at, the must have known the video camera was there. It was hilarious, I LOVE this app!

  • A great entertaining and scary app

    by Rick R........

    It's amazing more people aren't killed. Great watching especially on weekends. The risks these people take are scary. Give it a few seconds for the picture to clear up. One of my more enjoyable apps.

  • Best App!!!

    by Ally New York

    Love this - so cool....

  • Watch kooky tourists, gray skies

    by SourpussX

    A pretty cool app, camera on Abby Road, shot from the recording building, people walk in the street, stop, take pictures then trot out of the way of oncoming traffic. I take a peek every night before I go to sleep. Why don't we do it in the road?

  • Like this app

    by Hattie Cross

    This is a really good app. Picture quality and sound is great! Watching people trying to get pictures in the middle of the road with cars zooming by. Looks a bit dangerous , but they don't seen to mind.

  • Well...

    by @mlgbunny

    For those who dont know Abbey Road is a famous recording studio in London. This app is so amazing!!

  • Very cool

    by Dragonace172

    You can see people clearly and in full color, not to mention, you can hear them as well! It's so funny that even to this day, people there walk across the street mimicking the BEATLES as they walked across the street on their album cover! Awesome app!! 9 stars!!

  • Pure Excellence !!!

    by WriteGuy1960

    Live Color Photography 24/7 With Very Good Imagery & Sound.

  • Love this app

    by Dsadlik

    Best app. Love watching these crazy people in this busy famous crosswalk. It's addictive and it's free. I even like it when it's dark. It's relaxing to watch. Love the sound also.

  • Unbelievable !!!

    by lolmedo

    I love this app. Abbey Road studios please never take this camera down

  • Great Video

    by renmor789

    Plays very smooth and clearly, turn it on and watch tourists recreate the Beatles famous album cover over and over. Somebody is going get hit, I'm telling you. These guys are driving on the wrong side of the road!!! Jk


    by that girl I saw yesterday


  • Get it now!

    by Danadeedees

    This is perfect! Get it, it's free and amazing!!!!

  • Every time I go on the app It won't do HD

    by Stephen Bell

    There might be a bug on the app. But is awesome


    by sweetiepotpie

    Total abbey road cover amazing!!!! Get this app!!!!!


    by RockSolid29

    This used to be a great app until about a month ago. Image resolution used to be consistently good, but now it is unwatchable 85% of the time and indecipherable. I don't know if the studio is having server issue or where the problem lies, but the app is worthless now. Very disappointed.

  • Awesome!

    by Greenhawk

    This app works great and it's free. Get it if you are a Beatles fan :)

  • Amusing

    by Pu12

    It's pretty hilarious to watch tourists trying to recreate the iconic album cover on an incredibly busy street. (Having done it myself I can assure you it's no easy feat.). But you have to remember to tap the app early in the day to allow for the 5 hour time difference (between NY and London).

  • Amazing app!!!

    by Chantal Taylor

    As a Beatles Fan, this App is incredible!!!!! Abbey Road in Real Time?! Pure insanity. It has sound, it's crystal clear - I can sit and watch for HOURS. Makes me long to go back. Awesome App!!!!!!!!!

  • Beatles are awesome

    by Mike G (beatles are awesome)

    It is so cool to see a historical landmark on a round clock webcam,awesome

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