Disney Hidden Worlds Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Dec, 19 2013
  • Version: 2.0.0
  • Size: 76.75 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Walt Disney

New Features:

Inkspire Theater
-Check out the Inkspire Theater for FREE limited time scenes! Play brand new scenes from Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Monsters U, and more!
-Get special rewards with every scene

Improved Mastery Star Feature
-See your partial mastery star progress in the Play menu and context menus

Bug fixes and improved performance to help you on your adventures
-Improved Community gifting
-Triton crafting bug fixed
-Many more bug fixes, tweaks, and performance improvements

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
1191 Ratings
All Versions:
4557 Ratings


Find Hidden Objects in scenes from your favorite Disney movies! Journey to a world of imagination and recreate the story worlds of Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and more classic Disney films. Meet Chrona and the Inklings, brand new Disney characters who will help you keep your Disney Kingdoms safe from a mysterious new villain and let you see your favorite Disney films in a whole new way!

Game Features
- Hidden Object scenes based on Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Aladdin, and coming next week, The Little Mermaid!
- Regular content updates to add even more classic Disney movie scenes!
- Download now and play in your choice of English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
- Find over 50 hidden objects in each timeless Disney movie moment.
- Multiple gameplay modes including Hidden Object and Find the Detail.
- Difficulty increases as you replay each scene. Use hints to find hard-to-spot objects!
- Re-live the magic of your favorite Disney Films as you restore dozens of interactive Disney Kingdoms.
- Get to know Chrona and the Inklings as you work together to defeat a brand new Disney villain!
- Connect with Facebook to share your progress across devices. Get free energy on each platform!

Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/disneyhiddenworlds for the latest news and game play tips!

This app is optimized for iOS 6.1 and above.

Customer Reviews

  • Bad update

    by $lick55

    I love playing this game but since the update it hasn't been loading up right and it is even slower then when I first started playing plzzzz fix this soon

  • I like it but...

    by Becca600

    I really like this game and the scenes are pretty...but how can I move on if I can't accept gift ink?? I click on it and it doesn't register! It is beyond frustrating. Plus it has crashed multiple times after I shelled out energy and then don't get to play the scene. Please fix these issues!

  • Not too bad

    by Tracie chase

    I love it so far.

  • Fixed the bugs

    by Coryne98

    I am enjoying playing this game but being kicked off every couple of minutes is no fun. Just went to play and new level clicked on it and I got logged out. Went back in and took my 10 energies. I want my energy back because I didn't even get to play the level. Can we fix the bugs this has been going to for like a week now . I am glad I haven't spent any money because I would be upset if this kept happening to me.

  • It's funny

    by luisenso

    Is super funny this game

  • Awesome

    by Ror1o1990

    I love this game, but where are the new challenges? I finished creating the light for Beauty & the Beast and now, I'm bored.

  • Support you

    by AuayOzone

    I like this games but it always crash many time and be slow. I want see this game in Mac, please~~~

  • Love the game but few things need to be fixed

    by Momo2680

    I just finished tangled and I need to craft the 2nd character but I need a gift ink. I tried to send friend request for it but my friends never seem to get it? They can send me paper, energy ink and imagination ink but no gift ink. And they cost a lot of gem. I hope you guys fix it I really like this game. Oh I almost forgot the daily bonus I keep getting energy ink everyday! I wish I would get gift ink everyday instead. Please fix the gift ink problem!:(

  • Great Game!

    by Insane36

    I love this game! The refuel time isn't to long and neither is the crafting time. However, to get from mission to playing the game takes a while. The game also shuts off sometimes. Like I said, it's fun especially for Disney fans!

  • Fun game but not receiving anything!

    by Vampires1994

    I'm connected to Facebook, but I don't think I'm receiving any gifts like the biggest one that I'm not getting is gift ink please fix it


    by Crazycubzn

    Please fix the crashing.. Every time I about to play it goes black and wastes my stars so I'm really unhappy. I love this game so please fix

  • Great game!

    by Badprobiemcgee

    I think the game is really awesome! I love playing all the little scenes! My only problem is that I have to play online, because I'm not always near my internet. Other than that I think it is awesome!

  • Issues have been fixed :-)

    by Mom2Taz

    The issues have been fixed. No longer running slow, & the mailbox now clears out. Thank you!!

  • Awesome

    by Kbay19210

    Love this game

  • Aggravated

    by Katz715

    I've been playing this game for sometime now and I just completed the second part of beauty and the beast and I was supposed to watch a clip of choronas memory and the game froze so I had to restart it and now it's not a task for me to watch.. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do next... Someone help

  • Please fix !!!

    by Marty603

    This game would have gotten 5 stars if it actually still worked ! I loved this game but ever since the update I cannot play any scenes without it forcing closed . Don't even bother to download because you won't be able to play it . Disappointed.

  • It's an addicting game

    by Nicole Baker

    I really enjoy this game. I do see a few glitches though. It doesn't show me all eight worlds right now, and it keeps saying that there are going to be rewards coming soon, but how long. It also tells me that some days I get gifts, and other I can't receive them.

  • Fun app!

    by calgirl8810

    I like this game a lot, but I really wish the button for purchasing crafts with gems wasn't so close to the craft/play button. I've lost count of how many times my non-toothpick-sized fingers have accidentally hit the gem button, followed by me shouting "argh!" in frustration. Perhaps an "are you sure?" button would be in order.

  • What next?

    by Superrrrr

    So I have liked this game and I have finished where you have to craft a sun for beauty and the beast. But what happens next? It doesn't give a new quest and at "chrona's house" it says 5/8 kingdoms opened. Will there be an update soon? Maybe an update with filling fuel faster, and a regular daily collection gift.

  • Overall a fun game.

    by Amber Nicole D.

    It's fun to play. Has beautiful graphics and good story line. However, it takes WAY to long to refuel and craft. I spend more time waiting than I do playing!

  • On verge of deleting!!!

    by Ajames0014

    I don't know what's going on but I don't get any requests or gifts. No matter how many times I ask for it I never get any gift ink. And what is the point of inviting friends when they never receive the invite. Getting more frustrated!! I can't unlock Brave or finish upgrades or characters in Little Mermaid. Thinking of deleting app. I have spent way too much money on this just for gift ink. Disney you have plenty of money. Quit scamming people! Please fix then I will reconsider deleting app.

  • My name is offensive???

    by Rosanna Angela Soriaga

    Stupid game won't let me use the user ID Ann_Montenegro (my name!!! for crying out loud!!!) because I'm "not allowed to use OFFENSIVE WORDS"! You small-minded people running this game better fix that.

  • Can't play solo without asking "friends" for items.

    by Coolwolve

    Playing with friends should be OPTIONAL! I don't want to have to ask people for something the game requires to progress. Or you have to purchase it. Love the Disney scenes. Just want to veg out and play solo. I don't need a new way to bug my real friends or meet people that I will never get to know. Crazy. It was decently fun before that, even though you can only play about 10 minutes at a time before your "energy" runs out. Items are very easy for an adult to find and the scenes get redundant. But it's fun in a non- stressful way and would be easy and less frustrating than some games for children.

  • Gift Ink

    by MissJu

    Okay, I love the game but gift ink is making it almost impossible to succeed! Until there are other ways to get gift ink other than buying and begging friends to join... 2 stars

  • Needs work!

    by Poljgrhvbjf

    I just downloaded it and after 3 failed attempts to play the first scene, I'm deleting. Super slow and it constantly freezes. Very disappointing.

  • Friends

    by Akimmie

    Am I the only person playing this game? For the last 2 months I have only managed to get one friend as there are never any people available in the community. I really don't want to log into Facebook or Game Center to beg people to download this game. Please fix!

  • Fix some things and I'll give it 5 stars

    by TennGal58

    Please change the way gift ink is acquired for those of us who don't use Facebook or are too young to get on it and fix the daily bonuses and I can overlook the loading times. I finished Beauty and Tangled as far as I could w/o gift ink and cannot open Aladdin. Since I can't progress any farther, I'll check back periodically to see if the gift ink situation has been rectified.

  • Annoyed now...

    by angks21

    It's a fun game but in order to craft what i need to move to different worlds i have to "ask friends" for items? Really lame. I wont be keeping this game for that reason. I refuse to pay money for gems and i hate facebook so i wont be using that to continue on either.

  • Fix please

    by Mom0424

    Keeps locking up and kicking me out!

  • Great game!

    by Shellhead84

    2/10/14 - it won't even update anymore. Used to be a great game but they really need to get the whole update and the issues it caused figured out. Don't even bother downloading, you won't be able to play. I really like this game, but it takes way too long to get more fuel. I would like to earn it somehow, I can't buy it with real money. Other than that the game is very fun :)

  • Broken

    by tikiwildchild

    All it does is load, load, and crash

  • app user

    by touch only user

    it won’t down load for the touch. So so weird.

  • Cool game not

    by 111111111kora

    I hate the game DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

  • Glitches drive me bananas!

    by Mohop1014

    I absolutely love this games. However, the problems with invites and gifts are enough to make me quit playing. Can't continue without gift ink, and every time someone sends it to me, I get 'xp' instead. Frustrating!

  • I keep losing gems!

    by Pollywog19

    Please make a way to confirm after clicking "collect now" because I keep hitting it on accident. I mean it's right below the craft button and I'm trying to collect enough gems for another workshop but I keep losing them to the "collect now" button that I accidentally hit. I don't want to collect now! I want to save my gems for a workshop!

  • Love hate Relationship

    by Emoji fever

    I agree with Lydialgnotus but I going to add one more thing to that list. It's pissing me off that I have a lot of people add and I can't ask them for gift ink or sun ink. It only lets me ask one person. WHAT THE HELL!!!! What's the point in adding people to send u some ink when u can't freakin ask them!! I only reason why I haven't delete this app is because I love hidden object games.

  • Awesome!

    by Jenna012486

    I love this game! You just need to add Sleeping beauties world.

  • Getting ready to delete

    by Joynt23

    Since the last update my game has been crashing almost every other button I push!!! Now, this morning I can get on my game and then I push a link to play and I am immediately crashed out of the game and cannot play at all!!!! This is so annoying!!! I really enjoy this game but now I cannot play and I am considering deleting instead of dealing with the trouble!!! On top of it I can barely give gifts or ask for help!! Fix this NOW or I will delete and tell others not to bother!!!!!

  • Awesome game

    by Roofiesworld:)

    Amazing game! Only problem with it is the gems I was up to 25 and because I accedently hit the Finish craft button I'm done to 1 now wish it had a are you sure button but other than that game is great on other problems

  • Gift ink

    by KGerm30

    I really do enjoy playing this game, but within the last few days it doesn't allow me to request gift ink. I can't progress any farther!! It makes it unplayable at this point! This needs to be fixed right away!

  • Please fix glitch

    by sunviolets

    I can no longer ask friends for gift ink. It lets me select friends but the send button has been removed. This is preventing me from moving forward in the game. Please fix ASAP!

  • Fun but frustrating

    by ABM1622

    My 5 year old son and I enjoy playing this together. He likes to craft and open worlds. I like that it is teaching him to read without feeling like an instructional tool. HOWEVER, it is very frustrating at times. On multiple occasions when I have tapped a scene to play the App has shut off and and the screen went blank. I have to reload the App and more importantly I've lost the energy that I used toward that scene that I didn't get to play. I would like for there to be more energy as the level of 45 doesn't go far with respect to the amount used per scene. Would like for the App to be tweaked so we can continue to enjoy the game together.

  • Love it, but....

    by Plungers

    The game is great, especially for Disney lovers, but the length of time it takes to load is ridiculous. Sometimes it takes longer to load then to play the scene. Fix that, and you'll definitely get five stars from me.

  • Tangled Glitch

    by TabithaWatson

    I was having the same issues as everyone else, but some of the glitches seem to have been fixed like my message center doesn't show I have 250 messages anymore. The complaint I now have is the Tangled glitch, it says I only have 39/40 of the mastery stars, but if you go to Inkspire it says I have 40/40 mastery stars. I would have given 5 stars if this glitch was fixed.

  • Changes

    by Skinnek

    I really don't understand who they are marketing this game to. Both of my children play this game on their iPads. They are 6 and 8. So why do you now need to long into Facebook to ask for gift ink? Kids under 13 aren't supposed to have Facebook accounts. Why can't we just continue to ask through Game Center? I know at least 5 people who will not be playing this game any longer unless this goes back the way it was. Disappointed

  • Too many glitches :(

    by MILM7

    Nice game,but I'm experiencing too many glitches. The game kicks me out when I select to play a scene and it takes the energy that I did not use. When you touch the screen, it does not acknowledge your selection... And a few more :( Will check it again after the next upgrade. Good luck!

  • Addicted to game however

    by Bris1974

    I can not get my gift ink that I know my friend is sending me and I know she is not getting the gift ink that I'm sending her which has been going on for a week now.

  • Could be fun

    by Nikkhi

    This game could be fun but it is constantly freezing up, loading and reloading.

  • Great game, but needs improvement

    by MP2173

    I really enjoy playing this game! I actually like the fact that some of the crafts takes time to make and the fuel to refuel. I think it's a way of telling the player to take a break from the game and come back to again later. And believe it or not, the stuff it asks you to find gets harder to find as you advance in the mastery if each picture (it'll ask for finer, more minute details). The only thing I don't like is when the player can't advance to the next kingdom unless they get a certain ink from Facebook friends. It's either that or pay your way to the next level. I wish they will stop doing this. It's really putting a damper to the game.

  • Big problems but fun game

    by Articberry

    It's really fun game until you come to a point. My issue so far is gift ink (please Disney, fix this). There is No way to receive gift ink. Daily logging gift (day4) never gets to inventory and I'm too young to have Facebook page and friends. (The age limit to FAcebook is 13). AndI can't buy it. So after beauty and beast I can't get to Alladdin. Makes me sad. Please Disney make this for kids!

  • Too many bugs

    by angks21

    I would love to continue playing but the game won't open. It constantly freezes at start up...please fix. Also, quests need to cost less energy points. You only get 45 to start with and the cheapest one cost 7 to play. I only end up playing for a few minutes because im soon out of energy...very frustrating and annoying

  • Impossible to play

    by Rafa1989v2

    The game starts and gets frozen in the Disney banner, it's difficult to play this way, nothing more than a static image. Please fix it.

  • Freeze

    by Apostolicgirlconcerned

    This is a really great game, but it takes forever to load so you can hardly do anything. I can barely accomplish anything because it loads the scene so slow. Please fix the problem so we can all have adequate game play.

  • Needs a fix

    by Hennabal81

    The messages keep coming up the same and won't go away when you refresh. I can't help but feel that I'm missing messages and not receiving the gift inks I need to move on to the next part. Also the delays loading has coat me crystals in crafting unnecessarily, I'd click it twice and then all the sudden it just goes. There should be a way to connect to other people that already play to friend them to help send gift inks. Not just the one person I know. Please fix! Now I'm not able to ask for gift inks from friends. It just lets you ask you to invite new peeps on the computer and in the phone app it'll show you your friends that play but you can't send your requests to them. Fail!

  • Issues

    by Robin1997abc

    The game looks fun but I haven't been able to play it starts then the game closes

  • Issues with Gift Ink!!!

    by Christina Rosa-Robinson

    I really like this game. I enjoy playing it throughout my day BUT it is very hard to progress in this game! Along with many of the other issues written in reviews (crashing, runs very slowly, takes to long to charge up energy and energy doesn't last very long) requiring gift ink for everything is very unfair (to make characters, to progress to different worlds, to craft and even upgrade locations). If you are going to require gift ink for almost everything in this game, at least give the opportunity to win it (and often). It gets to the point that the further you progress in the game the harder it is to continue because you need gift ink to do. PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Crash

    by JNFR

    I would have enjoyed the game but it would freeze all the time. Everytime I would open it after using it one time it would take forever to load! Because it would freeze I couldn't click on anything. In other words, didn't get to play really

  • Glitches but Great

    by Viufhidjkvt

    I love this game because I am OBSESSED with Disney. However, sometimes it can be very slow.

  • ❤️❤️❤️Amazing❗️❤️❤️❤️

    by bre bre* #1

    I love this game! It's so awesome!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

  • Fun but....

    by Alicatrules87

    I can select friends to ask for gift ink, but then send button has stopped showing up to actually send the request

  • Fun and whimsical

    by Piddles940

    Good app. Freezes a bunch though. All in all a good game. Wish there was more energy instead of playing ten min at a time though. I won't do in app purchases.

  • Fuel is a pain

    by Bemer1215

    I love this app and would have given it a five star if it wasn't for the fuel it isn't enough and goes away way too fast I literally only can play the game for five minutes every half hour or so it's driving me nuts.

  • Continue storyline.

    by Akuroku813

    Just finished bringing light to beauty and the beast. Waiting for next quest to continue story, but so far nothing. Please update soon.

  • Until Fix, don't waste your time.

    by SuperOgre

    It is extremely slow loading. My gifts are not received in my inventory after accepted from my friends. And the worst is, it doesn't recognize that you are tapping the object. And will freeze your game or pause it telling you to slow down which makes no sense since you want to find all the objects in a timely manner for a higher score. Game has been frozen for last day & if not fixed will probably delete it & not download again. Cute game idea & the kids have fun trying to play it but it's just not worth it with all the issues.

  • Thank you!

    by Hols222

    Only complaint is the fact that new gifts do not reflect in inventory since the upgrade. Seems like a bug that should be fixed if these items are required to proceed in the game. Great graphics, fun challenges, and wonderful game overall... Once the bugs are fixed. 2.7.14 update: thank you for fixing everything!!! No complaints!

  • Lots of fun, but really annoying, too

    by FrankieK82

    I really do love this game, which is why it's so frustrating that they've made it so I can't advance without 'gift' ink but there's no way to earn gift ink except by asking friends. I loathe getting tons of Facebook requests from 'friends' I barely talk to trying to get me to play their games. I refuse to do that to other people. Some games on my phone I play to interact with people. This is NOT one of them. It's just a stupid ploy by Disney to force you to help them get more users. I'm going to get as far as I can in the game with the weekly gift ink from the bonus items, but if Disney doesn't update this app soon with a way to earn gift ink (without spending ridiculous amounts of money on gems to buy it), then I'm out. I've got plenty of other games I can play. And most of them load and work way faster than this one anyway.

  • Overall pretty good game.

    by Addmeplzz

    I enjoy this game and Disney aspects of it, my only complaint is adding friends is difficult, the community option does work. Add me community Id: tutzie

  • Loading.... Loading... Crash

    by Bammma

    I just got this game and i was excited for it but all it does is load and load then the screen goes black and crashes then I go back to try again and it loads again for another minute or so and then I get to the home screen and then it has to load like three more times to even get me to the level which then I played one level, the first one after 20 minutes to try and get it to load and not crash on me. I gave up after the fourth time. Definitely needs to be fixed immediately.

  • Ups and Downs

    by StephanieMae0909

    As a fan of Disney, it's hard to say I'm ever disappointed, and despite the few flaws I'm still going strong in this game. As a consumer of this product, I have my doubts here they are: 1. Yes, the game lags. Sometimes longer than you wish. This has caused me to tap the screen in various places and on more than one occasion loose those precious gems. Or worse it stalls and your meters are drained both energy and gems. This upsets me, there should be at least 30 gems but I have 2. 2. Craft times and wait times should not go more than an hour. It's discouraging to not get enough game time, where I have to come back. 3. Energy is at 45 on my phone, but 55 on my desktop? I'm confused. The energy bar should rise by ten every time you level up if you wish to make times longer. Or at least have a max of 100. 4. The worlds are nice, but they take too long to complete at 100%. The difficulty of the game is fair and has on many occasions left me stumped. 5. You need more things to do in Chronas Island. There is always a pop up saying Looking For More? However, there is never more to do. 6. I'm a Disney fan, through and through. I would love to see more classics such as Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty (Maleficint Release May 30, 2014 *Hint Hint*), and 101 Dalmations. Eventually create worlds for every princess and movie. You open yourselves to a world of possibilities. Thank you for your time. This is truly a remarkable game, with a little more effort and another software update, it could begin a top grossing game for the Disney corporation. Sincerely, Mae

  • Long-time glitches

    by krp9891

    I STILL cannot scroll through my inventory or supplies and it's preventing me from completing certain tasks in the game. This has been going on since I downloaded the app. If this gets fixed, I would definitely rate the game as 4 or 5 stars. Please fix this glitch! Thank you!

  • Great game but.....

    by Lollipop509

    There are just a few issues with this game that make everything frustrating. Glitches, slow response/click time, force closing, losing progress made are just a few. An update to fix these issues would be fantastic otherwise I will be uninstalling this game and I don't want it to come to that.

  • Wish they would fix all the bugs

    by Lestainia Dyce-Nettles

    I love playing this game, just wish they would fix all the bugs

  • Fix it!!

    by SuperOgre

    It is extremely slow loading. My gifts are not received in my inventory after accepted from my friends. And the worst is, it doesn't recognize that you are tapping the object. And will freeze your game or pause it telling you to slow down which makes no sense since you want to find all the objects in a timely manner for a higher score. Cute game idea & the kids have fun trying to play it but it's just not worth it with all the issues.

  • Good game

    by Alannnnn10

    It's really fun to play! The only problem I've had is that it's very slow. It takes a long time to load, there's a lag when I click on things in the game, sometimes up to thirty seconds. It's frozen quite a bit and then has had to reload the game. Other than those problems, I love this game. So fun! Please fix soon!! I can't stand it!

  • Keeps freezing

    by KryssyBlake

    Keeps freezing when I finish a scene. So I lose energy & ink!! Fix this & y'all need an email for support.

  • Please Fix

    by jfkelley555

    This is a very fun game but while the game was loading it shut off and all of my gems went back to zero very sad. They should of been full not sure what happened. Please fix this.

  • Super slow

    by Cskutie07

    This game is super super slow. It takes for ever to load and while playing the game everything is slow too. The message center is completely screwed up, it keeps saying I have messages but it is the same ones from last time I opened the game. It also takes way to long to earn stars. Also adding friends from the community is also now unavailable since the last update. You should be able to increase your max energy level with each level up. 45 is just not enough when most levels are costing 8-10.

  • Fixes required

    by iakineka

    I love this game, BUT there are clearly a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. The latest... appears the notifications have been fixed, but is it because we can't even send out requests now? I mainly play this on my phone but now I'm stuck cos I can't craft anything without gift ink that I can't even request for. And limiting the number of friends one can add each day just undermines the whole social element of this game. More thought needs to be put into the updates please!

  • Good game too slow

    by Jarskyry

    It is so slow that I just give up..... What's going on?

  • Love this game, but the update blows.

    by ML7253

    I love this game especially when me and my daughter play together. However, the update messed A LOT of things up. First, it's so incredibly slow. Second, I will advance to the next level and it tells me I get my "fuel" refilled and it never does. Third, I never get my imagination ink that people send me. Please fix!!

  • Love it!

    by Karthhh

    I guess they finally fixed the bugs. Today my messages were all cleared up and the game is pretty fast. I thought I would give a good rating the day I know they fixed the bugs. So this is my review. I love this game and its so addictive. I wish they increased the energy level to 60 or something instead of 45.

  • It's alright

    by TabbaBCS

    It is ok but you have to work so hard to unlock things.

  • Cool game.

    by Mileydis Martin

    Very entertaining casual game. I love playing it throughout the day whenever I want without being forces to catch up to things going on in the game. I play when I want and it's always fun.

  • Fix please!

    by Lilly Mouse

    Please add a confirmation screen before you purchase items with gems. I've twice lost gems because I pushed the wrong button. And gems are VERY difficult to get. It's a shame. It's a very fun and entertaining game but so frustrating to lose gems because of a mistake. Would love to see a confirmation button added before such purchases.

  • Great, fun game; but...

    by Stuvwxyzzzz

    This is a great game! It really is a lot of fun and the graphics are beautiful. The storyline of this game is also fun to follow. There are, however, a few glitches and game quirks that drive me crazy. First, there are some objects that are very hard to click on. Even if you reposition your finger, sometimes the game just will not register that it is being clicked on, and then you begin to loose your combo bonus. Second, the energy you need to play the levels takes F O R E V E R to recharge, so it can take quite a while to craft your objects so that you can move on in the game. Lastly, some characters require "gift ink" that can only be obtained by joining a social network and asking all your friends for it. I don't want to ask my friends a thousand times a day to send me what I need to craft a character. Personally, I'd rather be able to craft things without having my Facebook feed look like a Disney advertisement.

  • whys the ads

    by Al3XA1974

    I like playing this game I would've given more stars but they added pop up Ads to it- I don't remember it having any before

  • Good

    by cbtjeeper

    It's a great app for 8+ and its so fun with all the princess's in it, but I don't have a Facebook and I can't up grade stuff so I half to weight 1 week to up grade some thing and some stuff is 2 present inks, pleas fix, it would be a lot more fun

  • Won't Work

    by nicole227

    Every time I go on on my fifth day, it says that I collected my Gift Ink. But when I go on to craft using the gift ink it says that I don't have the gift ink and that i need to ask my friends for more gift ink. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!

  • Yes and no

    by Hyfr8

    I really like what the game consists of. I like you don't have infinite energy so it's not an addiction. The scenes are amazing and there's a lot of work behind of it. But it takes forever to open and the message center doesn't work properly. Also, when I try to connect with Facebook it's seems to work but then, it restarts and it's not connected. That needs to be fixed. I can not create new worlds because there's a lot of magic ink in the game, too much from my point of view.

  • Love but slow

    by Shm10

    The slow loading is extremely irritating. I can't get a high score sometimes because the multiplier goes down while the scene is loading my finds.

  • Fun

    by ShannRenee

    I just started playing about a week or two ago. It's super fun and addicting, but there are SO many glitches. Which is really annoying.

  • Fix Now!

    by Animula28

    Since this last update, there has been numerous issues. Such as gifts requested/sent are not cleared nor actually showing up in our inventory. Also, the game at times freezes or does not evem let me see the status of my friends. And lately I am being told I do not have an internet connection which is impossible since I am playing via my iphone. Please fix these issues.

  • fun

    by Ghshicxd

    Great game but lately it's been working very slowly on iPod 5 :/ Hope it's fixed soon

  • Fun and addicting. MAJOR PERFORMANCE ISSUES.

    by JN Savage

    Love the game but the bugs and the wait time is unbelievable. If you want to download this game I would until the next update, hopefully it will improve the game.

  • Brave is unbearable

    by T1111111111

    I was enjoying the game until I got to Brave. I have been waiting for several days for the gifts, which have grown from about 30 to 120, to be credited to my account. I accept all messages/gifts, but the app does not credit the items to my account. The time durations to build items in Brave have doubled or tripled the build times in all other Worlds. Its impossible to build anything without gift ink. With the current glitch, I can not receive the gift ink from my friends. Hence, my only option is to purchase the gift ink. I have purchased gems only to see a single purchases charged 2-4 times to my bank account. Hence, I refuse to purchase any more gems. I was really enjoying playing and competing with my family and friends until I arrived at Brave. With the nuisances presented in this world, I will not recommend to any new users.

  • Issues!

    by AmyC72

    I really love this game but it is so buggy! It lags terribly and I don't know what's going on in the message center but I will accept all in my gifts and it turns right around and says I still have them all. This game is so great when it plays well but it gets so leggy that I just end up giving up.

  • Great!

    by Sly max

    I just started playing it but I can't stop!

  • Great game ruined by update

    by Dcbsrc

    This game is seriously addictive! However, since the update a few weeks ago it has been almost near impossible to progress in the game. Messages never clear out or register that anything was received...especially gift ink! My sister and I have been trying constantly to send it to each other and it never is received. We are both now at the point between Tangled and Aladdin and cannot move on all because of gift ink! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! I miss playing this game!!!!

  • Fan no more

    by GoPacers

    I loved this game until the upgrade and now it is ruined. When I start into a world the game crashes ( but still takes my energy). Fix this issue or unlock the energy.

  • Nice, but...

    by Electric bubbles :)

    Nice, but you can't advance without gift ink. Their community feature doesn't seem to work and I won't link with Facebook so I am done.

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