Disney Cruise Line Navigator Travel App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Sep, 06 2013
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Size: 18.89 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Cruise with Disney in an exciting new way! Disney Cruise Line Navigator–the official cruise app from Disney–is now available for use on board Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream. The new app brings valuable Disney cruise information right to your mobile device.

To use Disney Cruise Line Navigator, download the app, and once on board, connect to the ship’s WiFi network—complimentary to app users only—and enjoy your cruise!

Explore your Disney Cruise Line ship from bow to stern with Deck Plans. Learn about the ports you’ll be visiting with Featured Articles. With Disney Cruise Line Navigator, you can carry the entire cruise schedule with you and get more out of every cruise day.

The Disney Cruise Line Navigator app is on a journey across the Disney fleet and is now available for use on Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream. Watch for new features and future releases.


•View onboard activities across your entire voyage

•Plan your day, from shows to shopping

•Review your ports of call and at-sea days

•Read details about activities you’re interested in

•Check menus before dinner–kids’ menus too

•Get daily featured spa and shopping offers

•Save favorite activities in one convenient list

•Find Disney Characters on board


•Explore your ship deck by deck, from bow to stern

•Find locations of the activities you want to do

Disney Cruise Line Navigator helps you to stay informed, navigate the ship and enjoy every cruise day to its fullest. Download the app to get started!

Customer Reviews

  • Could be better

    by Kate a bug

    I wish I could've read activity descriptions before my cruise so I could start my favorites list. App worked first day & a half but then a solitaire game I play tried to access the internet and the app then reverted back to the pre cruise mode that showed me what I could so when I got on the ship. I tried to disconnect from their wifi and restarting my phone but it would never reconnect properly. Other than that I loved being able to plan without carrying the navigator around.

  • Very Helpful!

    by Driving home in rain

    Great app to keep you informed of the latest activities and dining menus on board.

  • Just ok

    by Polishmama

    Pretty good ap while on board. Would like to have it interact with web site so plans made would already be loaded. Only negative once you select favs it doesn't sort by day of cruise or time of day. Can not coordinate activities with rest of party no way to see what everyone else in group are doing. Still a long way from park version. Waiting for more updates before my cruise in June

  • Bug

    by Jack Benoliel

    Resets my vacation clock when I end the process of the app

  • Great APP!

    by MDennis28

    I have used it many times on both the Fantasy and the Magic. It works great and refreshes every day to keep current.

  • Info at our fingertips!

    by Lovedourcruise

    We found this App very helpful in navigating the Magic (yes, it is up and running on the Magic:) and planning our days. My only suggestion is to add the "OH" icon to kids club events like you do in the paper Navigator. We got burned trying to drop our kids off for a nemo program not realizing it was during an open house time!!

  • Love it!!!

    by Teamdisneycruisefolife

    Going on a cruise on August 10 2014 and can't wait! I love the countdown. Think it's brilliant! I invited my whole soccer team! 2nd time cruiser! Love keeping track till the cruise because I practically booked the cruise. Did all the researching found the room. But I obviously didn't pay I'm to young! But anyways love this app!!!

  • So helpful

    by Jemmasunshine

    This was a great way to keep track of everything that was going on! I used it on my iPod touch, and it worked great. I really liked being able to 'favorite' the activities I didn't want to miss, and when I needed to remember what was next on the schedule, I could just open my favorites and it was all sorted in order according to time. Being able to check the hours and schedule of a venue as I passed it was very helpful too! Thank you!

  • Great and easy

    by smountcastle

    Great to have for looking up events, menus, character appearances and map of castaway cay. I kept forgetting my handout with the event times this kept me updated.

  • Loved using this app ... Has great amount of potential

    by Jeff_Pugh

    Just got home from a cruise on Disney Fantasy and used this app every day. Think it has great potential to be improved and work in your stateroom and excursion activities. Possibly add way to look at Shutters on app too.

  • Pretty helpful app

    by Mike Dayton

    This app was surprisingly useful during our Disney cruise. The wifi connection wasn't so reliable all the time, but when it was it was great. We were able to check show times for movies and plays as well as restaurants, lounges, pools, and everything else on the ship. We actually used this app more than navigator sheets the porters leave in your room.

  • Good job!

    by Kelly/Max

    I suggested this App 2 years ago. Great to see it happen. Being able to mark favorites helped me remember what I wanted to do. It was really helpful for finding characters coupled with seeing additional times ahead. It is really helpful to know the days ahead instead of wondering do I have to do it now because there won't be another opportunity. Thanks!

  • Navigator

    by McGinnis Family

    Loved using this technology. Wanted to be able to see all our "favorites" sorted by day and time but it just listed them all in alphabetical order for the whole week. Hard to see what you wanted to do for the whole week without listing favorites day to day. Overall much better to carry IPhone, which I use camera anyway, than a piece of paper!!

  • Dream

    by Captain Lone Seal

    Just got of the Disney Dream it worked well ....wifi was weak in some spots but for most part worked well

  • Magical!

    by Tatabatata167

    Just came back from a cruise on the Disney Dream and the Navigator App was great! The biggest thing for me was being able to find the dinner menus in advance (I am on a restricted diet) and plan accordingly, instead of having to wait till dinner time to find out. Also, being able to look at the day's activities and select the ones I wanted in advance was a plus. That way I knew what was coming next without having to carry the "paper Navigator". Overall: stable, useful and fun (as expected from Disney!)

  • So convenient!

    by Gizbballfan

    Loved this app! So convenient and easier to refer to than the paper navigators when you are onboard.

  • Loved it!

    by Drewbenmom

    Great app! Loved knowing activity schedule and dinner menu each day of our cruise.

  • Good start

    by maddie3260

    On our recent Bahamas cruise on the Dream, the shipboard wifi was spotty but the app worked fine overall. It really needs a customizable calendar feature that allows users to plan each day's events (including excursions and dining as well as shipboard activities) and set alerts rather than just mark favorite activities in a list that you have to search each time. For now, it's a step in the right direction and I'm looking forward to improvements to the app and wifi service to make this even more useful.

  • Cool app!

    by rdogg125

    Enjoyed using the app on our cruise this week. It helped inform me of where events were. Just had to close and reopen app for it to open

  • Awesome!!

    by josephe814

    Great app. Worked great and much easier than the paper. Seems people who have trouble don't know how to connect their wifi correctly.

  • Clock - Bugs

    by Ing ATL

    Clock needs to be reset each time. Would also like to be able to choose my cruise by date to see daily ports, etc.

  • You killed the App...

    by mak1961

    What ever was done to this App during the last update the result is you killed the App. My ios7 iPhone perpetually try's to load the app. It never fully opens & updates correctly. Boo...

  • Will trade stars for squished bugs

    by mkeating

    The newest version takes a long time to load. Not fixed by reinstall. Still looking forward to trying this on our next cruise.

  • No longer saves the sailing date

    by camyoshi123

    The "bug fix" update introduced new bugs.

  • No longer saves the sailing date

    by camyoshi123

    The "bug fix" update introduced new bugs.

  • No longer saves the sailing date

    by camyoshi123

    The "bug fix" update introduced new bugs.

  • No longer saves the sailing date

    by camyoshi123

    The "bug fix" update introduced new bugs.

  • Terrible Update

    by Esch Family

    Clock countdown needs to be reset every time I go into the app! That's the whole excitement of looking at the app until we cruise. Please fix it now!!!

  • bug

    by cptngreybeard

    after the latest update, the vacation clock freezes when u close the app and after 20 min of being closed you have to put your cruise date back in to start the clock again

  • Update has added new bugs

    by sahteach

    Countdown clock freezes when closed and reopened, also now I have to keep resetting my clock each day, kind of defeats the whole purpose of being able to check days left until my next cruise, please undo the update or fix these new bugs!

  • Problem

    by What???115532

    Every time I close the app it resets my countdown timer.

  • Eh

    by sierra, cj for short

    Okay I hate to say this about a Disney app but today I got back from the Disney fantasy boat on January 21st 2014 and I own an iPhone 3GS and it is updated as far as it can go and it did not work for me once i was on the boat the only thing that worked was the vacation timer thingy for me but as for on the boat it did absolutely nothing! But you didn't really need it at all! Cause all the information gets delivered to you at night every night so I was upset but at the same time I did not care at all!

  • Worked pretty well

    by M&D too

    The app worked pretty well onboard the Fantasy. It was nice to see the menus for each day. The app was obviously written just for the iPhone. It "worked" for the iPad, but some additional attention would help. For example - initially only half of the screen for writing this review was visible on the screen - and there is no support for viewing the app in Landscape orientation.

  • Will be five when all ships are enabled

    by su_A_ve

    Would have thought that with the new Magic this app would have been updated to support it - not yet...

  • Things that need to be fixed

    by Hiii me

    Great app, but Navigator is not laid out like paper one. I could not find everything I was trying to find. There's no place to add your own scheduled events, e.g. My times for my excursions

  • On board

    by Danielle Gardos

    I really enjoyed the app. Great in the mornings when group together to figure what we all want to do. I little hard to figure out how to start using the app. Once I did super easy.

  • Great App

    by LeoMApp

    Great App - just used it on our Disney Cruise & no longer needed to carry the paper navigator everywhere. One caveat - you need to connect to 'DCL-guest' so if you are using your iPhone on the Internet you need to keep swapping WiFi networks.

  • Unreliable

    by CaribbeanCruisers

    This app is useful when it connects and updates, but for us most of the time it did not connect, either to a brand-new iPhone 5 or an updated iPhone 4s. It was so unreliable we stopped using it after the 2nd day. It did not work at all for the first 24 hours, from multiple locations around the ship. We followed the directions exactly - airplane mode, select the proper wifi network, relaunch the app- and finally just as we were headed to Guest Relations to ask about it, it started working on one phone. At dinner the second phone started working. The next morning the app wasn't working again. Then one phone connected, then the other, then disconnected. That was the story for the rest of the cruise. Since it didn't work consistently, we stopped using it.

  • 1st Time User and Crusier

    by LVE11

    I loved having this app on board the Disney Dream last week in the Bahamas. Getting the initial wifi connection a little tough at first....depended where you were on the ship or maybe I'm not patient enough ;) which is more likely. But the app worked great on my iPhone. Would highly recommend.

  • Excellent app!

    by Mr Belvedere II

    We used the app every day onboard - much easier to track times/locations of all events over the paper navigator. The deck plans within the app make finding things early in the cruise easy. Marking favorite events was a nice addition. The only disappointment was it does not integrate with the calendar/alarms for the iPhone (it would be nice to be able to set a reminder through the app).

  • Its a very good app. very helpful on the ship.

    by Neha Dhanuka

    Need more features like adding events to calendar, remainder facility of events, notifications etc But the best app on ship.

  • Functional

    by A cruising must have

    The Navigator app made it very easy to find our way around the ship and plan our day around the many, many onboard activities! It helped us to make the most of our voyage and we enjoyed every minute of it!

  • Great app withe greater potential

    by iSRS73

    Just got back from a cruise on the Fantasy. I loved having this app available and accessible. The dedicated wifi is helpful. One minor point, but I was getting iOS notifications from news apps, Facebook, etc. every time I went in the app. I was concerned at first that I was going to get charged 75¢ a minute, but never did. I checked on it regularly, as I never logged in, but it was a bit concerning at first. It wasn't until someone at Guest Services explained to me that the guest internet access point is different than the one for the app. After that was pointed out, I felt better. Back to the app. Pulling up menus, etc. from wherever I was was the best thing, as was the limited weather info for each port. I would like to see the weather section beefed up, but other than that, worked like a charm!

  • Good app

    by GracieGirl0901

    The app is a good way to keep track of what is going on and the dinning room menus. If you don't like carrying around the paper navigator this is a great alternative. The wifi did drop multiple times and it never worked on my balcony which is why I can't give it 5 stars.

  • Like a dream!

    by OdellHol

    I just used this app on the Disney Dream and it worked very well. We started using it almost as soon as we boarded the ship. It was easy to connect to the ship's wi-fi. It was much more convenient than using the paper navigator. In fact this was the first time I carried my phone every day I Watson the cruise. Usually I put my iPhone away until we get home. The app was too useful for me to leave the iPhone in my state room.

  • Unnecessary

    by Elizabeth1332

    Given the dial-up like speed of shipboard internet, the paper Navigator is faster and easier to use. This is a completely unnecessary app. Do we really need mobile phone addicted zombies wandering the ship?

  • Needs improvement

    by happybells

    confusing to sign up for. Wanted me to sign up for a wifi package on the ship before we left port and wasn't sure if i was going to be charged while using the app on ship. I didn't want to put in my ship info. When I tried to move forward it kept crashing too. So I never ended up using it on the ship. :(

  • Worked Great!

    by Jasper7788

    Just got off the Eastern Caribbean Disney Cruise on the Fantasy. The app worked great on my iPhone. The internet connection can be a little sketchy at times where it doesn't reconnect but to me that is a minor issue. Just open wifi and connect. Hope new features are added in the future. Maybe a way to connect with people in your party to keep in touch (a locator would be awesome), reminder alerts for activities you want to do, view your reservation and port adventures, maybe even a way to give props to those crew members that go above and beyond.

  • Enjoyed the new DCL app!

    by KPBluvsStarbucks

    For a first run still in beta testing, Disney Cruise Line did a great job on their app! The Wi-Fi connection was easy onboard and had excellent reliability/stability throughout the cruise. It was also wonderful to see future days Navigators, menus & activities in advance so you could plan ahead. We hope they add some of the My Disney Experience capabilities into future versions of the app... especially for Castaway Club members so we can save & reference favorites!

  • Didn't work onboard...

    by Adjelo

    This app is a great idea as I actually participated last year in testing it onboard. When I received an email this year before our cruise I immediately downloaded and used the countdown calendar with no problem. So as we boarded The Fantasy last week I followed the steps to connect and use the app but it never worked on my iPhone! I saw others using but I couldn't so in asking someone they said apparently it worked on droids but not iPhones. Whether this was true or not I'm not sure, regardless very disappointed I couldn't use it as it would have been so much more helpful than carrying around the paper navigators :(

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