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Order a taxi from Boston Metro Cab using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!! Fast, convenient, and easy to use.
Use a map to select your pick-up location, and track the location of your taxi.
Receive notification alerts about the status of your booking, and when your taxi arrives.

•Request a taxi right now, or select a future date and time for pick-up.
•Don’t know your location? – Send the taxi to your current GPS position.
•You can also tap a location on a map, or type in a pick-up address.
•Save a pick-up address as a favorite, and use it for future bookings.
•Select booking options for your taxi (wheelchair accessible, pet-friendly, etc.)
•Send additional info the driver – type a message, up to 255 characters.
•A confirmation message lets you know your booking request was accepted.
•Push notifications alert you when your taxi is on the way, and when it has arrived.

•Display the current location of your taxi on a map.
•Cancel a booking.
•Display up to three previous bookings made with your mobile device.
•Tap a button to make a phone call to Boston Metro Cab (if app is installed on an iPhone).

NOTE: If the Metro Cab app is installed on an iPad or an iPod Touch, the feature to call Boston Metro Cab is disabled.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good!

    by jester951

    Worked seamlessly. Not as functional as Uber - no payment option, no map of available cabs - but I'll definitely use this for cabs I need to book in advance (the one thing missing from Uber). Beats trying to get through to an operator on the phone.

  • A+

    by Ccxrafty

    Worked perfectly! I downloaded, requested, they verified and picked me up!

  • Great app-no problems!

    by DTX boston user

    This is a great app. Very easy to use and quick. Can showed up on time and at correct address. No problems!

  • Worked perfect for date night

    by FunMark21

    Used this last night and it worked perfect. Ordered a taxi, it was accepted in 10 seconds, tracked him the whole way, and he sent me a text right before he showed up. Wish I found this before

  • Made life easy

    by Captain Jay B Lucky

    I ordered a taxi via this app one hour prior to my desired pickup time. I was notified 10 minutes prior to pickup the taxi was on its way. I could see the taxi on the map. It arrived within 3 minutes of my pickup time. A side note: I was originally calling in the reservation, but I was able to download the app and book a taxi faster than someone answered the phone.

  • Great

    by BigpapaC

    This app works perfectly. Several tries week of 11/18. Flawless.

  • Great

    by BostonArchieStudent

    Worked the very first time. Good friendly driver

  • Worked perfectly

    by Southflo575

    Now imagine you are in Boston for the first time and need a can at 4am. I was so skeptical about using this app but it worked PERFECTLY. Cab showed early and my phone rang. Booked the cab in 4 minutes flat.

  • Great app

    by Setme25

    I've used this app 3 times in the last month and I haven't had a problem. I had booked a taxi for the "future" whether it was 15 minutes or 8 hours later. I received an alert when my cab was enroute and also received one or a phone call when my cab had arrived along with the cab number so there's no guessing if it's my cab or not. It takes maybe two tries to have the address accepted but has never been an issue. I plan on using this many times. You can also add notes such as of you need one handicap accessible or for more that 3-4 people.

  • Simple, punctual.

    by princessagummybuns

    App downloaded in under 30 seconds, I entered my info (another 30 seconds), and 5 minutes later there was a cab in front of my door. Could not have worked more perfectly.

  • Worked for me...

    by Gooseilini

    I've only used this app once and it worked perfectly. I didn't even have to type in my pick up location, the GPS handled it. I was assigned a cab and ten minutes later I got a call saying my cab had arrived. Seemed pretty cut and dry for me.

  • Work great!

    by Otro mexicano

    Used this app to book a 5 am ride to Logan airport on 4th of July. Was a bit skeptical, but the cab showed up in time, the notifications were accurate. Let's see if the service can keep up.

  • Awesome awesome awesome

    by Redbostongurl

    I have used this app for 6 am rides and 11 pm rides. It has never failed me. At 12 am no matter what there are going to be a lot of requests. So you deal. Awesome awesome app.

  • Fu€k the Haters

    by Thomas Quinn

    Called metrocab, told us there was a 30-60 minute wait. Downloaded the app and made a reservation. Walked outside and cab was waiting. Boom.

  • Good for me!

    by horvathsgirl

    I use Metro all the time and while on hold yesterday morning I heard about the app so I downloaded it. Then I used it last night for the first time. It was easy to book the cab and track it, once my job was accepted. I only wish it would give you an ETA. Other than that it worked well. I will prob continue to use it for bookings.

  • Perfect


    Great app. I use Metro all the time. Punctual. App well designed and it worked perfectly. Love the feature that notifies when the cab is assigned.

  • Poor app

    by d.d89

    A past reservation is showing as current and the app does not allow me to request a new ride. Canceling the already past reservation doesn't work either, so I am stuck. As a consequence I switched to Uber and Lyft. Their apps work!

  • Did not work at all

    by Karthik M

    Did not work at all

  • No show

    by Yetkinoz

    No show

  • Used more than 10 times - unreliable!

    by Bill.A.Bong

    I travel a lot so used this app to get rides to airport. A few months ago worked quite well - 3 orders resulted in 3 taxis on time. More recently reliability has been much worse. The last 3 orders resulted in no taxis arriving at all. Calling dispatch is no help. They seem to not care in the least that the app does not work. Cannot rely on this app. Should be zero stars...

  • Don't bother

    by St-dog

    Begrudgingly downloaded the app because no one picks their phones anymore it seems. Made an appt and got a call saying it arrived 10 minutes late...and they never appeared. Tried to call Metrocab to tell them but got put on hold for 10 minutes.

  • Useless

    by Mish_1313

    Completely useless. Used it twice and both times - no cab! Use uber.

  • Sucky!

    by adcgeb

    I called Metro Cab first. There was a lot of noise when someone finally answered. I said I wanted a taxi and they hung up ok me. I decided to download the app since the "hold" music was telling me to. Did it, when I got out on the sidewalk, the booking said complete! I booked another one. No cab in sight until many minutes later. No one came until after I had hoped to the train platform, seeing that a train was coming sooner than a cab. Really bad app only reflecting a really bad cab system in Boston.

  • AWFUL!!

    by Amflc

    Never comes and after a few minutes you will see on the tracking that the cab just stops moving all together. Absolutely awful! Shouldn't even be allowed on the App Store!

  • Only works 2 out of 5 times

    by BostonSarah

    Ugh. I want so badly for this to work, my cab has been "coming" so many times and then all of a sudden the ride is shown as complete. And I'm still standing on the sidewalk waiting. So frustrating.

  • Why?

    by John "hates metro cab"

    Absolutely terrible app! Made my reservation using a " convenient" app only to find that my cabbie, #244, wound up picking somebody else up! Thanks for making me an hour late for work Metro Cab! Not only did I book Six in advance but YOU had me wait another 30min before "my" can arrived... Thanks again

  • Great when it works

    by Mikeyp709

    This app worked great for me until recently. The last 3 times I've tried to use it I've gotten an error message saying I need to call in for bookings. I called in and made my reservation - asked the operator if they are aware of app problems and he said I don't use the app I'm an operator I would never trust the app...Maybe it's job security? Or maybe he had lots of calls about the app? Either way the app needs fixed. Loved metro cab for the app originally .. Now they are no more user friendly than the competition - don't know if it's the iOS update or what but please fix the app!!

  • So bad it's amazing

    by matt gardner

    Words can't begin to describe how horrible this service is. Just get Über.

  • This app doesn't actually seem to work.

    by Minlest

    Every time I order a taxi, I get no confirmation and no taxi ever comes. Is it just a terrible app, or a decoy?

  • Horrendous service

    by What happened? Too bad

    They start the meter the second they call. Uber is worth the $1charge. The driver was rude. Didn't know Boston at all.

  • Avoid!

    by Ooblefooble

    Avoid at all costs. Half an hour of my life wasted on these unreliable liars.

  • Terrible App or Service, does it matter?

    by Tracy Upshaw

    I used it when I got stranded and the taxi said it arrived (half an hour after booking) but no show! So I called and the dispatcher said he was "sending him back around". Untrue! Booked again and third time was a charm. So after dinner, I used it to get back to my hotel but after 10 mins he was further 20 he was even further! This booking BLOWS.

  • Only works sometimes

    by Ftdyuff

    I have used this ap many times and it used to be good. Recently, they have been alerting me that my cab has arrived and it never shows. When I call the company, they try and blame it on me for putting the wrong address etc. Still they tell me they have sent another cab and again a no show

  • Officially the worst service ever

    by AJ Big J

    The cab driver pulled up to my friends and I, we turned to grab our stuff, and when we were approaching the van the driver proceeded to wave his hand, say "No" and drive away. There we were left standing, and the best part is the app said trip complete. SMH

  • METRO CAB way off fighting UBER

    by taihei51

    You are better off using UBER especially UBER X; service is better and the fare is cheaper.

  • Just use Uber

    by flight fan duh

    Serious waste of time. @Uber_BOS #FTW

  • No Show

    by mountainwaves

    Metrocab is consistently on-time in the early morning hours when I travel to the airport. The app is simplistic, but I like that I can track the taxi once it accepted my booking. However, today, I used the app to get a cab at 3:25pm on a Friday. I'll give them that it's Labor Day weekend so I may have to wait a little extra. But, I was pleasantly surprised that my booking was accepted and cab was on its way within 5 minutes. Until, it wasn't. The app has no means of explaining why the cab did not arrive and from what I can tell, the app doesn't automatically re-book a new car. When I called MetroCab directly I was on hold listening to a recording about using the app, then disconnected. I headed out to hail my own cab and cancelled my MetroCab booking.

  • Great idea! Poor execution.

    by Aracecara

    Sometimes cabs were mysteriously cancelled (without an alert), and when a booking did hold, multiple cabs came to get me. And the time of pick up was not always followed.

  • Bad

    by ashwameth

    The booking made thru the app had no response. When called, after 30mins they apologize and then make the booking. It's better to call n book.

  • Dr

    by Biiremployee

    It is terrible, the cab did not show up as scheduled. I called and a lady told that the driver was enroute, but no idea how soon. After waiting another 10 min, I called the same lady simply asked me "do you want to wait or cancel it?" due to this delay I had to reschedule my trip that cost much more money than normal. Just cross fingers If you are going to use this application, and it may or may not work, be sure you have a back up plan

  • Extremely bad service. Unreliable!

    by Onili

    Don't bother! No real tracking available, bad service, late, and more than all they lie to you. Never going to use them again

  • Don't waste your time

    by Southendgrl

    Cab was dispatched and still hadnt arrived after 15 minutes past requested time App is not used friendly

  • Useless

    by fmatbos

    Error error error. Could not get to work once. Waste of time. Use another service.

  • The key to customer service is consistency..

    by Michael Leszczynski

    I was so excited when this app came out because it seems like a no-brainier for customers and the company. So I thought, FINALLY! Book a cab in an app. No more waiting on the phone in queue and then dealing with dispatch who can never hear you or gets an address wrong. No more customer service dispatch people hanging up on you. I used the app twice on off-times and had a good experience but the past two times the app has been worse than useless. A great thing about the app is that it alerts you when a driver near you accepts your booking. Meaning, the driver is on the way to pick you up. Unbelievably, the drivers can accept and then pick someone up on the street and release your request. So I got a notification that my cab was in route and down the street. Dropped. Someone else picked it up. Dropped. After playing this game for half an hour and watching drivers not care: I gave up and canceled and walked to a cab stand. Word of advice for Metro Cab: you have an awesome tool that you clearly spent a lot of money on. You're ahead of the curve and have an edge that would grant you a loyalist consumer base. You need to keep consistent customer service or your efforts might be in vain. I'd love to see this be the app that no Bostonian can be without but listen to your customers. When a ride is booked and confirmed. It should stay that way.

  • Should be called Frustration Cab

    by Briceosborn

    Everything looks fine until the cab is almost to your location at which time they switch cabs on you and the game starts over. This happened every time I tried the app. Good in theory. Bad execution.

  • Terrible!

    by KJW3349

    The locator would not allow me to change my address from "Boston" to "South Boston," (automatic default on the GPS) causing confusion to the driver. When I called Metro Cab to have it sorted out, they were very unhelpful and tried to tell me I put in the wrong address. Not my fault if the app has a glitch! They just said "hopefully they'll show up." Needless to say, they didn't and I was late for a flight. Stick with Hailo or Über.

  • Worthless

    by MeAnCo

    It's as if I got lower priority for a pick up because I used this awful app. You get no feedback on how long it will take for you to get a cab. They lied about completing the pick up twice. I waited for over 1.5 hours. I never got picked up. I could actually watch cabs agree to pick me up and then cancel on me. I hate this app. It was infuriating. I never want to use metro cab again.

  • Horrible

    by Purik

    I ordered a cab in the app it transferred from Booked to Confirmed and was on the way. I followed it through the tracking option. After about 20 mins nothing happened, and it went from confirmed to Booked again, I called the company and they said it doesn't work and I should always phone call them. Terrible experience.

  • Disappointed

    by Jtondorf

    I use metro cab all the time and they are pretty good. I kept hearing about this app in their operating system so I figured I'd give it a try. Tonight was my fifth time trying it and it has once again been a complete failure. It keeps going from in progress to complete when in fact I have never once received a cab through the app. However, it is a great idea so I hope they figure it out.

  • Painful

    by hollykesten

    I use metro can often enough but this was absurd. Every time you call you get the hold advertisement for the app. The app however always gives me an error unable to connect to metro cab system please call xxx. So not worth the download.

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