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Beach TV is just what it sounds like… a television station dedicated to the beach and beach lifestyle. Beautiful, warm, colorful, playful, always fun and occasionally, awe-inspiring, Beach TV is part of the Destination Network - a unique group of Visitor Information stations, providing visitors with facts and insider info they need to make the most of their beach vacations, and serving as a trusted advisor to locals on leisure time indulgences. Live 24/7 with award-winning restaurant reviews, special event updates, nightlife and entertainment reviews, sports, arts, culture and rare insider information on up and coming trends. Beach TV is 100% Good News – no other station offers this kind of hyper-local insight to Myrtle Beach, Pawleys Island & the Grand Strand beaches… all in high definition, produced by some of the most talented producers in the field. Beach TV is filled with gorgeous visuals, colorful and witty reporting by real people who actually live and play on the beach! On-demand video coming soon to the Beach TV App!

For more Beach TV, you can watch live and on-demand at

The Beach TV App is AirPlay Compatible.

Customer Reviews

  • THE app for Myrtle Beach information

    by TRSolo

    This app looks great and works wonderfully. All the best places to dine and visit right at your fingertips. I love it! An absolute must have!

  • Kayla's dad

    by Kaylas dad

    Incredible. I downloaded this app to see if television could really look good in a phone and I was overjoyed at the look And content if this channel. It makes me want to pack a suitcase and go there right now. Beach TV is great.

  • I can see the BEACH anytime I want on my iphone!

    by jlsingletary

    Wow! Now I can plan my entire vacation and get all the latest info on Myrtle Beach straight from my iphone! How convenient, I have to admit, seeing the beautiful beach from my office makes me want to visit more often! This helps me plan where to go and what to do in advance!

  • Sweet App!

    by JustinGreatWhite

    Seamless streaming with great content! Awesome job, look's amazing!!!

  • Spring Break

    by Spexis

    Thanks for letting me know where to go to eat and drink, what to see, and where to shop. Gotta love Beach TV!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Shawn Horton

    LOVE this app! when i can't decide where to eat or grab a tasty beverage, Beach TV points me to the perfect place everytime!!!

  • Myrtle beach on my I pad

    by Kim works

    Very cool way to study up on my way to my vacation Great way to see Myrtle beach

  • Great Resource

    by Fredakins

    I was planning a trip to New Orleans and found several Apps for the Destination Network - Great Channels to watch if u r planning a trip to Myrtle Beach or any of the other destinations

  • This is great!

    by lulu72155

    I have not been to Myrtle Beach for a very long time, but watching BeachTV on my iPhone makes me want to pack a bag and catch the next flight!

  • Good app

    by Liquatic

    This app has helped me get excited for my upcoming beach trip however it seems to always cut off after a set amount of time, forcing me to restart the application to restart the stream. Could be my connection but its annoying nonetheless. Otherwise a great app!

  • Incredible quality!

    by Fifisealey

    Can't believe how GREAT Beach TV looks on my iPhone! So much fun to watch!

  • Awesome!

    by Seacaptain123

    I love watching tv on my phone. Great myrtle beach info

  • Great app

    by F Swartz

    It just makes sense to check it out. Awesome ads great articles. All the who, what, when and where you need on Myrtle Beach.

  • It's so fun to watch!

    by K. Fox

    Sitting on the deck of my friends house in Pawleys Island. Saw that Beach TV had an App. Fun to watch and figure out what we will do tonight.

  • Best Beach App..!

    by JimSchlick

    If you love the beach, golf and great restaurants this is a must have App..!

  • HD content looks awesome...

    by ToniaDavis

    Hyperlocal fabulosity!

  • Myrtle beach on my iPad

    by swn5363

    Love watching this tv station on my iPad. If u visit myrtle beach, the shows on this tv station will tell u where to eat, shop, party,etc. great app. Great video and audio quality.

  • This is great!

    by ssamac

    This app is terrific. Great picture, great sound, great information about Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand.

  • Beach TV

    by Boomer Sooner#1

    Beach TV has it going on for sure. Great programming about the area and now you can access it ALL from your iPad and iPhone. Thank you, Beach TV!

  • Beach TV in my pocket

    by imageeast

    This app is so cool!!! I love being able to tune in anytime, anywhere!!! The quality is awesome.

  • No Volume!

    by Tonyftony716

    App looks great on my iPad but I do not have any volume?

  • Hubbell843

    by DougHubb

    A very useful app for a former Myrtle Beach local that now lives in Atlanta. We always use this app when we visit our home away from home. My wife uses it to watch in the car and we decide where we are going to eat before we even get to the beach. I thought I knew every good restaurant and club on the strand but this app helped us find some new hot-spots and rediscover some old favorites. Sea Captains we come!


    by Tammypatton

    So cool to watch whats going on in Myrtle beach while I am in Panama City. This app has a very clear picture on my iphone!!!

  • Good stuff!

    by CD850

    I'm like a walking tour guide now that I have this app! I keep up to date with where to go and what to do and I love it!

  • Awesome App

    by Akcapps

    I love this app! I'm flying to Myrtle Beach next month and now I already have a long list of cool places I really want to check out!

  • Planning a vacation

    by Milebo

    I'm planning on visiting Myrtle Beach in the near future. I think I just found my travel guide! Great information! I can plan my trip from home!

  • DO the South Carolina Coast with Beach TV!

    by G.R.B

    This amazing tourist information station provides big time Atlantic coastline HD to boot! Where to go, what to do and where to see it plus the all-important, "HOW to do it!" all things for all people including Local News, events and festivals and nightlife with a Capital N..everything from the Shag to the best beach handouts and all the super clubs. Watch Beach TV and your vacation will be changed forever! Elohim!

  • Fun year round!

    by Rcvella

    What a great way to see what fun is Going on in Myrtle Beach! Great videos and it let's me know what's new in town! Can't wait to go back It always makes me happy to pretend I am on vacation in the middle of the day!

  • mobile tour guide

    by kdavis2637

    Amazing quality . . great to be able to cruise through restaurants and bars on my phone.

  • General Sales Manager

    by Simplysayinghi

    I love Myrtle Beach. The people are so friendly and the beach has so much to offer. Beautiful beaches, awesome restaurants and attractions and good old southern hospitality. I love that we can escape via my iPhone until I'm there in person again. Can't be soon enough! Feet in the sand! Feet in the sand!

  • Its amazing

    by Hagakehxhshe

    Its amazing

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