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• Fixes an issue that some customers on iOS 5 were experiencing

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Now arriving: our first-ever Fly Delta app for iPad! Industry-leading features like destination guides and the amazing Glass Bottom Jet™ inspire you to explore the globe and experience a whole new view of the ground below. And, our new What’s Next feature takes the guesswork out of travel by making sure you know what to do and when to do it.

Be Inspired:
• Spin the globe to explore destinations and fare specials
• Browse destination guides featuring shopping, dining and recommendations from your social network
• View and plan upcoming trips with the interactive trip map

Book and Customize:
• Find, compare and book flights or rebooked canceled flights or missed connections
• View seat maps, select or change your seat, or step up to Economy Comfort™
• Never miss a beat with the What’s Next feature
• Purchase Trip Extras like in-flight Wi-Fi and Priority Boarding

Take Off:
• Explore the Glass Bottom Jet, which provides an amazing view of what you’re flying over through photos, landmark information and social content from your friends
• Find out what’s playing on board your flight and download Sky magazine and destination-related music and movies from iTunes

And of course, we covered the basics:
• Manage your profile, transactions and SkyMiles® account
• Check in for domestic and international flights up to 24 hours before departure and pay for checked bags – your eBoarding pass can be sent to your phone or email
• Get terminal and gate info and check the latest flight status
• Map flights en route with an interactive flight tracker

And remember, you can always manage your travel with the Fly Delta app and on board Delta flights via in-flight Wi-Fi for free. Visit for more information on versions for other mobile devices.

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Customer Reviews

  • Ok, but too slow...

    by themajic

    It's terribly slow regardless of internet speed. It's like a desktop version of an app running on your iPad. Too cumbersome. iPhone works much better.

  • Excellent App

    by RR Cloud

    The app is working fine for me and thank you delta for it

  • This app works fine

    by Jpereira59

    Don't know what's wrong with previous reviewer. I have had this app on my iPhone and it's been fine, so I thought maybe the problem is with the iPad version so I got it installed and it works fine, however I find it more practical to use the iPhone for check-in at the airport. There very nice features like flight tracker along with points OS interest as you fly along. Will try it on my next flight.

  • Well laid out; some glitches in functionality.

    by 3mbalmer

    The Fly Delta App is designed well visually, but something in the underlying functionality of the application is clearly off a bit.

  • Crashtastic 1.3

    by Crashy-McCrash

    Do not install this update. Hello, QA dept?

  • Great airline app

    by GaDawg94

    Big improvement over previous versions. Runs great on ios7. Once they start adding features that help me with my travels, not just my flight, I'll consider 5 stars. Airport maps, other services.

  • Works fine

    by VictorValiant

    Fast enough and all features seems to work. I am using this app on the ground, remains to be seen if it works as well on gogo inflight.

  • Great App

    by Clocked

    I am shocked at all of the negative reviews. I'm a platinum medallion flyer and have been using this app almost weekly for months. I've had no problems with it and like it a lot. I think its one of the better travel apps I use. Candidly, I have to wonder if its not other airline employes who are writing these reviews trying to degrade Delta. I can't think of one thing about it that I either don't like or has given me problems. I have no ties to Delta other than I fly them regularly and I don't think these negative reviews are legit.

  • I Want This to Work Better!

    by JimBob777

    Slow to load, annoying startup sound. I want to quickly find my next gate between landing and arriving at the gate. Takes forever to do that. If it’s better to look at the monitor in the terminal, then this app is not worth much.

  • I don't understand why there is so much hate.

    by Unh4nd13d

    I got this app on Saturday for my flight because I decided I was sick of checking in at the airport and waiting in line to print my boarding pass. This app let me do all of that on my iPhone and even let me export my boarding pass to passbook where it would be easily accessible from my lock screen :)

  • Does exactly what it's supposed to do

    by thegolfdude

    All the previous reviewers are abject morons. Pay them no attention. This app is very functional and does exactly what was designed to do. However, it's very important that you are literate and have a valid Delta account.

  • Buggy

    by Hcetigol

    A lot of good ideas. Poorly executed. Printing does not work. App crashes. After checking in, it indicates that you still need to check in … but the website shows you are checked in. I had to go back and verify everything I do on the website as I am not confident that it was done properly with the App.

  • Just not ready for iPad

    by LindaM.1

    Too quirky and too slow. Can't get back to where you were if you check seat availability. It's a great idea. Please fix it, Delta. You are so much better than this.

  • Good only in theory

    by Chris not happy

    Using the iPad version on a Gen3 iPad, 64G, iOS 7.0.3. Lot of good looking features but most of them either don't work or are so quirky, I just gave up. Just a couple examples: Booking flights-if you check seats available, you can't get back to the booking page. Booking flights-entering dates or other fields causes the page to jump Round and sometimes the menu bar to get stuck in e middle of the page. Looking for help-the help link works, but the help page doesn't allow you to enter any info due to page alignment issues

  • Not ready for prime time!

    by UnicoiDawg

    Like I said in the subject line.

  • Crashes.

    by Drgnburn

    Worked fine the first few times I used it. Was super useful initially. Now it just crashes every time I try and log in. No update to fix problems. Hey developers, READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL. Fix it! Junk.

  • Doesn't work on iPad

    by Emry Varhely

    Unable to make it work.

  • Unnecessary

    by Clownbox

    The iPad version has so much unnecessary garbage on it and takes much longer to load than the iPhone version. Will be deleting this and using the iPhone app instead on my iPad.

  • And iPad app w adobe?? Really?

    by Garrisoncowgirl

    What's the point of an app the requires Adobe flag player?? iPad doesn't support. Ridiculous. Not helpful for check in at all. I'm in a foreign country and can't check in. Waste

  • Doesn't even open

    by Bices

    I tried to use this app to find a flight and it is so bloated and filled with unnecessary features it couldn't even get itself to open. I got tired of waiting and will go to another app to find my flight, and it probably WON'T be a Delta flight.

  • Not yet ready for use

    by zaichick2

    Needs a lot of fixes.

  • Cumbersome and Unnecessary

    by Moonboy242

    I used to use the iphone version of this app on my ipad. Too many features and too much memory used by the ipad only version. I have google maps: I don't need Delta reinventing what works. Cumbersome to use, difficult at best if you're not sitting on a plane, and chances are if you ARE on a plane you've already checked in using your phone. Skip this app and use Flight Tracker instead.

  • Fails on Delta Flights

    by Admiral Boom

    On iPad Mini, refuses to function on Delta flights. A screen shows up asking if I want to buy WiFi, something that's already operational on the iPad ( logged in to Gogo, works fine in all other apps except Delta's which says it doesn't have WiFi when it does. Mabe test your own software on your own planes?

  • Couldn't even login

    by Rloutlaw

    Website login works fine, app login fails miserably.

  • Just crashes 100%

    by aviator

    Of he time trying to login, long time delta frequent flyer, and this is worse than United's crummy app, deleting it from my iPad today.

  • Too Slow

    by bzurbo

    Why do things take 10 times longer on this app than if I. Go to By the time the app loads, I could have done what I wanted to do on the website. Fix this...please!

  • Bottom menu bar cuts across middle of screen

    by chrisj1

    It could be a decent app. EXCEPT when I go to look up flights the bottom menu bar is not at the bottom. It cuts right across the middle of the screen. Sure, I can scroll the results and look above and below the menu bar. But it would be nice if the menu was actually at the bottom. Or on top. Or on a side. But locked in place across the middle? Not good. Needs to be fixed.

  • Delta Dub Continues

    by &$@/&$

    If it were possible to give negative stars, this would be worthy. Have installed three different versions and they all crash repeatedly and are insanely slow. Delta IT should be embarrassed to put out a product that performs this poorly.

  • 122 mb - why?

    by fprose

    The app is twice the size of anything else I've got on my iPad. Considering it's just a front end for I'd love to know why?

  • Slow & flaky

    by Icosahedron

    Takes forever to load, and crashes often. Great ideas, but poorly implemented. Too much unnecessary frou-frou detracts from the functionality and responsiveness that travelers need.

  • Unhappy With App

    by Bethstallings

    I like the idea of the app, but the update crashes and is always a step behind what is really happening with flights. Last week, it would not let me get past choosing alternate flights when my flight was cancelled - despite the fact that Delta already rebooked me. Today, I am trying to change seats on my Friday flight and it still thinks I am traveling yesterday and need flight options since my flight from yesterday was delayed. This is both on ipad and iPhone - both running iOS 6. Not a very helpful App.

  • Pure junk

    by Mitch-9999

    The same review as several others. I can logon and the app just shuts down on its own. I agree, just use the website or call your travel agent.

  • No longer will open

    by Clouddancer409

    This past update makes it so the app won't open. It will bring you to the login screen, let you sign in, open the bottom toolbar, then crash... No matter what you do or how many time. Do not update if you currently have the app working. So much for using the app to check in for my weekly flight.

  • Terrible App

    by dwmaster

    I have an iPad Mini and this crashes all the time!!!!

  • Crashes.

    by P.T. Barmun's sucker

    Enter your credentials = instant crash.

  • The update failed

    by 3KOE

    I have an original iPad, the app worked well until the update last week. Now it crashes and is useless :-(

  • iPad upgrade crashes; Don't upgrade yet!

    by TrevD77

    As a Diamond Medallion Delta flyer, I use the Delta App quite frequently. But, this upgrade has bugs - a major one - and I would not recommend upgrading at present. Exactly like the previous review here, the system crashes immediately after entering your Delta credentials. If you enter as a "guest" the App seems to work fine although there is no apparent mechanism to then transfer from "guest" to Delta user. (you have to reboot your iPad). I have three iPads, and now two of them do not permit me to see any of my Delta data. I'm NOT upgrading on the third iPad - that's for sure. From the "guest" splash page, which works, it seems Delta is leading the way (as usual) in mobile airline app. This one just has bugs that need fixin'

  • Crash and burn

    by jakepapwp

    Immediately after installing, I tried the My Delta button within the app. App stopped. I tried this 4 more times with the same result. Don't they test this?!

  • Can I rate ZERO stars

    by Amrica

    An airline that has three hour hold times for phone support should develop an app that allows customers to be self service and resolve issues, re-book, or cancel flights electronically.

  • Update crashes!

    by GiveMeABreakIV

    Updated with the latest and now I cannot sign in. What? No QA?

  • Development Monkeys

    by Lord Crashing-ton

    Can we get the group of monkeys that write Shakespeare to develop this app? I'm sure that they would do better than the current team. CRASH. CRASH. CRASH

  • Yikes crash city

    by MangoJohn

    Same as the other users. I have a first generation iPad - every time I go to my delta option the app crashes. Bad way to start the new year.

  • Update stinks

    by allenone1

    Great job on the update. I have a 1st gen I-pad and now the app crashes every time I try to start it. Way to go Delta. Thanks from a Platinum Sky Miles member.

  • I'm glad their planes don't crash as much as their app

    by Movaka

    It's much quicker to just call Delta for information. Their customer support is great in comparison.

  • Not an upgrade

    by Delta Downer

    I have the IPad 1 and updated the Delta App yesterday. It crashes each time I try to log in. Turning off the IPad doesn't help at all. The updated app is totally useless. The prior version was great. What did you do. Help!!

  • Horrible interface, just use the website

    by pbtm

    Anti-consumer garbage. Sleazy treatment for people trying to price a trip. No reason to use this "app". It is just with a worse login and "deals". Functionality is the close to the same as the site, but because of the additional buttons on the screen wrap and how it handles seat selection, it's more likely you'll close the trip you are trying to book and when you try to rebook, ticket prices are suddenly $200-400 more. I'm sure Delta has a B.S. explanation. They do the same thing on their website. Look at prices for a trip and if you don't book, but go back and look at the exact flight, prices will change.

  • Jan 2014 update crashes

    by Raggedhand

    I have a first gen IPad. The Delta app worked fine and I use it to keep track of my flights. I updated tonight (1/1/2014) and now it crashes on the first page. I can log in and it opens past the splash page and crashes immediately on the first working page. I've restarted my Ipad and closed open apps (which shouldn't make any difference but I did anyway). I can't reinstall because I'm in the middle of a trip and will be flying back on Friday....without my App to use to check-in. (big time sad face). thanks for the de-provement, Delta app guys!

  • Worst App Ever

    by OneLongDuck

    Seriously Delta? You paid for this junk? Thanks for wasting my time downloading this garbage.

  • It's a waste

    by Lukanicus

    Many issues: - that annoying welcome tune stops my music - can only be in landscape mode - slow, slow, and very slow - clumsy and bad design It's a waste of disk space and time to use this app. Use the directly and save your time and headache. What a bad app!!!

  • Very disappointed.

    by Rheuwjwndjjd

    This app is not ready for prime time. It is slow, crazy orientation of screens and just does not look good or work well. It should be pulled until ready. Use the iPhone version until then.

  • Fire Delta's CIO

    by co18863

    This site must have been designed by the incompetents who brought us How a leading airline could go so wrong, so consistently in its web strategy is astounding. This app is slow, counter-intuitive and filled with bugs. Despite consistently horrible customer reviews, it hasn't improved. Despite having some 5 million miles on Delta, I've become so frustrated in trying unsuccessfully to book a flight that I've booked with a Delta competitor - now more than once. Is Delta's board asleep?

  • You don't listen!

    by sdauggie

    For as many emails Delta sends to survey the on-board service, I can really tell they don't give a hoot about our opinion on this... Otherwise they would have already done something. It really looks like Richard Anderson's grandson did this for a high school project and just cuz his gramps is Delta's CEO, they have left the app as bloody crappy as it still is. That or the email that gets all this feedback has been busted for the past year and they think the app is awesome and perfect. Sorry about the sarcasm, rudeness, meanness of the comment, but you guys need to understand! This app is awful, lame, and USELESS!!!! I'm diamond with delta and I much rather buy tickets using my iPhone than using this piece! Change the bloody app!!!!!!!! Please, that is....

  • Epic fail

    by JRaterdude

    Bias alert: I'm develop mobile apps for a living, but at the same time am a huge fan of Delta. I'm a DM 1MM and spend a lot time on the road. Echo the comments of other reviewers that the app has to first master the basics of providing rapid (relevant) information before attempting the flash bang with graphics and slick UI. Very slow, takes far too long to load, need to remember password (stop with the paranoia of forcing logouts; we're big boys and girls and can manage our security), push notifications only work 50% of the time. One more thing, associate a photo with our profiles so I can stop showing my ID at the Sky Club.

  • Extra fluff and slow

    by Daniel301

    I don't understand the point of this app. It's too big, too slow, and off target. To search for flights or check my existing reservations, the normal Delta website is faster on the iPad. Get rid of all the extra animations and focus on the key functions similar to the iPhone version.

  • Bloated and Useless, 1.1

    by PetrusKantor

    Reinstalled for the "contest" but it's just too bloated. It's gone from my iPad. It's a pretty thing to look at, but ends up pretty useless. Still bloated. I really don't fault the people responsible for developing this app, but rather it has Delta bloated management fingerprints and DNA all over it. 1) open it during a flight and half the time it pimps the monopoly that is the overpriced wifi 2) occupies too much space, all the video and other worthless baggage takes up well over 300Mb, can we charge Delta for all that excess baggage? I thought not 3) little more than a front for the DL Web site, which deserves a separate negative review all its own My advice: install the iPhone app on your iPad and use the browser of your choice for anything more, you'll save yourself a lot of time trouble, save nearly a third of a gigabyte of your iPad memory, and save having monopolistic rates for the overpriced GoGo wifi pushed on you every half minute or so. For example, make a selection and rather than take you there you are interrupted with a window asking if you'd like the expensive paid WiFi even if it's not necessary to access the selection. Decline it, and soon it will be back again, "Would you like expensive, unnecessary paid WiFi with that?" No thanks, Delta, but thanks for interrupting my session yet again with your advertising. At least they don't make you watch a Richard Anderson video at the start of every session. But it sure is pretty to look at. Too bad it's not remotely useful. By the way, are these reviews a gaming of the app store system of reviews? or do these people actually have versions of the app that really work and don't soak up enormous amounts of memory? Nah, it's gaming the system.

  • Terrible!!!

    by Bujuman

    This has to be the worst app ever! Slow and slower! Can't get past the login screen!

  • Worse than A Flight to Madison, WI

    by OK Leh

    The app is junk. I have to enter my password each time I load and then the app never delivers my account data. Turbo-prop fail!

  • No

    by Chusv

    Stinks. Need to know more?

  • deleted app its very confusing use mobile app version

    by Spacedog123

    mobile app version is way better

  • Terrible!

    by themajic

    Constant crashing, cannot select seats at time of payment, and many other issues. Unless app

  • Worst Airline App In The App Store

    by AAIGH

    This app is way too slow and clunky. I've never seen an app so bad. I deleted it. The actual web site is just fine on an iPad.

  • Really Poor App

    by EasyGoingZZ

    Slow to load, takes forever to update, crashes frequently, do not show all info correctly. What else could be wrong?

  • Poor quality

    by JRPUSC

    As a diamond medallion member, I cannot believe how you have wasted my time with this app. It is unfortunate that Delta has released such a poor quality product. Slow, inconsistent, and terrible user experience. The iPhone app runs better on the ipad than this ipad app.

  • I'll review once the app is downloaded.

    by Blakboy98

    This apps first impression is wow! Why is it so big over 100mb? Still waiting for it to download on my LTE connect. Keep the traveler in mind since that's who the app is for. Internet connections will vary.

  • not the worst app ever

    by bigT-ATL21

    but wow, it's close. sooooooo, sllooooooow, toooooo, loooooaaad. Really Delta, we can fly to all those pretty place whose picture you show, faster than they load on 5G.

  • Frustrating

    by Ptejhe71

    Does some things ok, but.... The password issue starts it off. Especially when they put the new rules in a year ago making the requirements more complicated than my banks. "Remember me" doesn't work. The rest of it is hit and miss and ends up being a frustrating waste of time. The websites about the same. Obviously need some new tech leadership.

  • Needs a thorough trimming

    by All the good nicknames were already taken

    Basically, this app is an attempt to slavishly replicate the experience of the Delta website (itself a model of packing too much eye candy into a space) plus a bunch of splash screens and videos and such. A side effect of this is that very little data gets saved to your iPad, and if you're not connected to the internet the app becomes essentially worthless, and it won't even tell you that that's the problem. That wouldn't all be such a problem if it didn't result in the entire thing being so dreadfully slow, or if it had some added value. Unfortunately, it is terribly slow even when the internet connection is working well, and the added value is so minimal as to be effectively nonexistent. tl;dr: Not even remotely worth its large size. Maybe Delta will get the message in time for its next update, but I'm not holding out much hope for that. Update 9 Dec 2013: They claim it's smaller, but it's still essentially bloatware. No change in my 2-star rating.

  • Awful, awful, awful worst possible app

    by wagoss5674

    Wish I could give a zero rating. It deserves a negative 10 This is one of the worst apps I have ever seen. OK, maybe it's pretty to look at, but virtually useless. It takes forever to load, confusing to find what you want and doesn't remember previous settings. When I want to find the status of a flight, I don't want it to take 4-5 minutes. Give us something fast and functional!!!

  • Stuck on loading

    by deeece85

    Dear Delta Mobile Product Team, Why was this app released into the wild? Do you get paid in money or peanuts. If it is the latter, I hope you don't have an allergy. Only that would explain this 100+ MB bloated joke of an app.

  • So slow

    by am6262

    Slow to load even with the best of connection. The main things I use the app for just open an embedded browser for the regular site. Faster to just use

  • Can't open the app...

    by Lulululubella

    It is still "loading content" after 10 minutes...

  • Extremely Slow

    by TNBUC

    Have to agree, app takes forever to login into. Responds slowly when moving from screen to screen. Disappointing, but that's been my experience with all DELTA online platforms lately. Many issues accessing Delta website via PC at work or at home or traveling via iPad.

  • Won't even let me log in.

    by DM-Minneapolis

    Worthless if I can't even log in.

  • Really????

    by Singofffan

    After God knows how many bad reviews about slowness, size, crashing, a new release comes out and now the latest is that it now tells you that you can't check-in as the app requires Adobe Flash Player!!!! Who is in charge?? Really sad!

  • Not terrible...but not useful

    by beanzgirl

    While the app works fine for me on iPad 4th gen running 7.0.4, I prefer the iPhone version running on my iPad because the fact I can actually access my boarding passes on it unlike the iPad app. It maybe a "simpler" app however, it is far more useful to me than the pretty iPad app.

  • Where is PORTRAIT mode???

    by Prof_biz

    This app works fine — but: What is so special about an airline app that it should only work in landscape and not in portrait mode?? It is annoying — particularly since I normally keep my rotation lock in portrait. If 99% of apps can function in either landscape or portrait mode, why can't Delta's app. PLEASE FIX THIS! Update 2013-11-28: Recent changes still don't fix the key problems: limited portrait mode support, useless splash screens, no password storage. DO YOU LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS?

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