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  • Updated: Mar, 27 2009
  • Version: 1.3.1
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Airport Wifi is a complete database of over 10,000+ airports all over the world which tells you which airport has FREE wifi. You can quickly search the airports by the IATA code or by the name of the airport. The search is smart that if you are unsure of the name, it will filter out the list to help you find what you are looking for.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice travel app

    by douglasL84

    I travel alot and this app does come in handy find wifi in different airports.

  • Good for travelling

    by irene ng

    This app certainly comes in handy when I am travelling with my ipod touch. Thanks for making this app!

  • Not worth it

    by Anthony_F

    It lists a lot of airports, however if I was in a country, say Italy, there is no way for me to look up just Italian airports. I tried to type in airport codes, have never been able to do so, I type the first letter, then it hangs up, I have decided to take it off my iPod touch. The purpose is for you to find airports with Wifi, I don't see the point in listing all the airports that don't have Wifi, all it does is slows the App. If it was organized by country, the list would be shorter, and it might work better.

  • iairport wifi

    by Julzal

    This program is very slow and freezes up. I have to turn the ipod touch off/on to get the ipod to work again. Doesn't look like many airports have free wifi if I am reading correctly. Also, I don't understand what the little numbers mean on the right of the airport.

  • Airport wifi

    by Yogi Jen

    What a disappointment!!! This app is useless! At least tell me where in the airport I can find free wifi access - if there is such a thing.

  • Ripcord

    by The iBug

    This app is a real disappointment for me. When airports can occupy 30+ square miles and have many different concourses and lobby areas, telling me that there is wifi somewhere at the airport is a joke. I really do feel ripped off.

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