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  • Updated: May, 25 2009
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Airport Code is a complete database of over 10,000+ airports all over the world. You can quickly search the airports by the IATA code or by the name of the airport. The search is smart that if you are unsure of the name, it will filter out the list to help you find what you are looking for. No Internet connection required. Try Airport Code today !!

Customer Reviews

  • Nice Travel App

    by douglasL84

    This is very nice app for people who travel alot and need to know airport codes. The search is quick and easy to read in a nice interface.

  • What city please ?

    by Tchado1

    Nice that the country flags are posted but would be much better if it listed the city and state as well. ie. Msy= Louis Armstrong international airport. United states. (new Orleans). It would also be nice to search for a city and have it show the corresponding airport.

  • Needs improvement

    by bkgoulding

    This app is OK. But as an international pilot and traveler, I want to see two improvements: 1. Add city names next to the code. For example, GIG is Rio de Janeiro. The app only tells you the airport name, Galeao-Antonio, which is good but less important. 2. Add the ICAO codes in small letters next to the IATA code. For example, GIG is also SBGL.

  • 3.0.01 has slowed this app.

    by Brit_in_LA

    This app does what it says, which is useful when trying to book flights on expedia on the iphone whist out on the go. It seems that the new iphone update has made this app slow right down. I tried to enter an airport code and the app froze for about ten second each time I entered a character, which was so frustrating that I gave up and opened a web page to search instead. I'm keeping the app for now in the hope that an update fixes this problem soon, but am seriously thinking about deleting it. Also a useful addition for future updates would be to have a search by country (or State /region) for large countries such as the USA, as sometimes the international airport code is completely different to the city name and makes no sense. If you could say enter California the app could list all airports in California along with the nearest city)- just a thought.

  • ...lot to be desired...

    by Int'l. Air Freight Pro

    The app's initial interface is nice and quite attractive with the country flags. However, this app leaves a lot to be desired. First, I agree with the other reviewers that it needs to list the city names in the country where each of the individual airports is found. Second, give some detail about each airport (maps would be nice, too). Third, I mentioned the interface at the beginning of my review. It is great, but I want to be able to drill down under each entry to gather more information about each airport. There are two other products the developers should look at for ideas on how to improve theirs: VersaEdge's Airport Codes and Procrasty's WorldAiport. Both have features I would love to see incorporated into this app, Airport Code by CXI Gaming, but this one piqued my interest over the others merely because of its aesthetics. It's only $0.99, that's true, but I only want to have to purchase one airport code app--not three...or even two. Please, CXI Gaming, take heed, and listen to these reviews and make these necessary changes/improvements to your app. They really are very, very, very much needed. Thanks in advance!

  • Mr

    by rangeaire

    One of the 1st apps I loaded on my Touch, gives codes quickly, but, does not list city!

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