Airline Seat Guide Travel App Review (iOS, $1.99)

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  • Publisher: CXI Gaming
  • Updated: Apr, 03 2009
  • Version: 3.5
  • Size: 10.08 MB

Languages: NB, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian

Seller: CXI Gaming

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You've spent your hard-earned money on an airplane ticket. Now where to sit? Don't leave it to the airline to decide because chances are you'll end up in the middle of a row that doesn't recline. Finding and selecting the best airline seat can often be confusing, and for the less frequent travelers its total nightmare. This where Airline Seat Guide coming in, it will help you find the seat that best suits your needs. Airline Seat Guide has mapped out over 100+ airlines around the world and over 1200+ aircrafts to help find the best seats and more importantly avoid the worst. You can find the best seats on the plane by factoring in your view of the in-flight movie screen, proximity to restrooms, and availability of power outlets.
Careful seat selection can make the flying experience more pleasurable.
Happy flying!

-- Major Version 3.0 Release
Now with over 100+ supported airlines and over 1200+ aircrafts

The supported airlines are now -
Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air India, Air India Express, Air Jamaica, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Air Tahiti Nui, Air Transat, AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, Alitalia, All Nippon (ANA), Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Azul, BMI British Midland, bmibaby, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Continental, Copa Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Easyjet, EgyptAir, El Al Israel Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Eva Airways, ExpressJet, Finnair, Frontier Airlines, German Wings, go! Airlines, Gulf Air, Hainan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Iberia, Icelandair, IndiGo, Island Air, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, JetBlue Airways, Jetstar Airways, Kenya, Kingfisher Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch, Korean Airlines, LAN Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, MDLR Airlines, Mexicana Airlines, MexicanaClick, Midwest Airlines, Monarch Airline, Northwest Airlines, Oman Air, OpenSkies, Philippine Airlines, Porter Airlines, Qantas Airways, Qatar Airways, Royal Brunei, Royal Jordanian, Ryanair, SAS Scandinavian, Singapore Airlines, South African Airlines, Southwest, SpiceJet, Spirit Airways, Sun Country, Swiss International, TAM Airlines, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, TUIfly, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, USA3000, V Australia, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Blue, WestJet

Airline Seat Guide supports the follow languages:
Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs more airlines

    by Selirg

    It needs the following TAM -Brasil Varig - Brasil


    by ~ Dave

    Provides hours of cool info! Only suggestion would be to include more info per plane like capacity, etc. But awesome regardless!

  • Need more planes

    by Travels From Ithaca

    Good app, but not yet complete, this app still need to add many planes, particularly regional planes such as the Dash8 and Saab340 which are flown by many airlines

  • Useful, but lacking. Needs updates!

    by badboy1035

    This app is the best out there that I have seen. However, plane data is old, missing major low cost carriers, example WizzAir. Has great potential if the developer would stay on top of this app. But it is good starting reference point, so give it 3-Stars. There website is poor, and basically no web support. If they were proactive I would have given the 4th star.

  • Update Please!

    by SJohn747

    This app could use some major updates since some airlines don't exist anymore and have added new aircraft.

  • Needs an URGENT update

    by Viking1933

    New generation planes have been delivered to several airlines, and you can't find them. f.ex.: Korean Airlines, an A 380; ANA a 787, and so on.

  • Time for update

    by Topcat913

    Good app but time for a MAJOR update.

  • Needs update but pretty good

    by AviationBuff232

    Northwest airlines is still there, they merged w/ Delta, so they need to combine NWA's with Delta

  • Alright

    by Ironmanoh

    Been pretty good since last update, but I think it's time for another one... Add more airlines and planes Like Norwegian and Indonesia

  • Seat Guide

    by travel bahamas

    Great app Ties to Seat Guru. Shows the problem seats but you can not click on the seats for the issue like in seat guru. ALL IN ALL nice

  • Bug Fixed !!

    by ThelmaH

    Great little app. There is so many more airlines after the bug fix

  • Great travel app

    by Ryan Cruse

    Here is my little review of the app. This app is great as I have all the airline I can think of in one easy spot to access. The interface is very well done and easy to use. I was surprise by the person review about missing aircraft in united as I see all the aircraft he said was missing. I have to say for the price of the app, I'm pretty happy with it. I think think upgrade is big change as they add alot of airline and aircraft.

  • Must have travel app

    by Mike 33

    This is a great travel app and is a must have for anyone who travels. Just used it for my booking on my next trip. It nothing worst than having a really bad seat on the plane. It doesn't require the internet to use which is great as you don't have to find or pay for internet to use it. The interface is easy to use and has slick graphics. I give this app two thumbs up and Highly Recommend

  • Add mores seats

    by Sierra Hotel

    Add Midwest!

  • butts in seats

    by canterbridge

    This very handy app has more than once alerted me to the need to change a seat before getting stuck with my feet wedged into the space left by an 'electronics module' under the seat in front of me. It's not exhaustive. For example, the USAirways Embraer E90 that'll take me from Philly to Indy is not to be found. But perfection is a high bar. This app is very good.

  • Not Bad

    by ddmoore66

    It's not a bad app. does have more info. However, when your Internet connection is unreliable or slow, this app works in a pinch. Like others have said, it needs more airlines including regional carriers like Southwest..... Really? The #1 regional carrier is not included???

  • It's bad

    by Deltainmiami

    It doesn't have half of the airlines it's worth 99 cents but not 2 dollors

  • Okay

    by Jay M Cee

    Not bad but please add Iberia airlines :)

  • Waste of time

    by C. Ayala

    The seat guide is out of date, frequently wrong, and missing so many plane configurations that I've stopped using it. Unless this gets a complete overhaul, don't waste your time.

  • Doesn't do zip.

    by Nwcool

    This app is a waste of money. It just takes SOME of the info from, which they got for free and doesn't put in info like number of seats, IFE, or anything. Complete waste of money. Go to if you want GOOD seat maps.

  • Rip off!!

    by Yorokobi-Assaiki

    This app simply delivers info from seatguru using an outdated front end. Go to and you can get a FREE app to do this. Wish I could give it NO stars.

  • Im traveling to Australia! Please add!

    by Daisy Jane (DJ)

    Please add "Virgin Blue" and "Jetstar" - Then I will change the review to 5 stars. Pretty useless to me until then :(

  • Update Update Update

    by Scneller

    Do you ever read what the customer is asking : UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE.

  • Worst app

    by Heman263

    I eco others views this app is terrible and a waste of money. Buying it showed be considered theft on the part of the designer.

  • Needs update!

    by 7e7

    Some airlines such as NWA and Midwest no longer exist. Waste of money for something so outdated.


    by Tylernol97

    Needs a major update please!!!!!

  • Absolute rubbish

    by Traveller 1000

    Save your, as the app describes it, hard earned money and just add seatguru to your home screen. The app doesn't have many of the planes in it, especially airlines from the one work alliance. Do something more is full with your 99c and buy some better quality toilet roll instead

  • VERY disappointing - worthless

    by Always Expects Things To Work!

    Don't waste your time or money on this way out of date & worthless app. The first airline I looked up - Continental - only shows Airbus. This is the first of nearly 150 apps that I would rate 0 stars if I could.

  • Not The Greatest

    by AAIGH

    Unfortunately, you have to know what kind of aircraft your flight will be using before this app can help you. With Seat Guru, all you do is plug in your flight number and Seat Guru finds the aircraft and puts up the seat map.

  • What happened?

    by Andrew726

    The app worked for a while, then all of a sudden everything got mixed up. Southwest for example shows everything but the 737's which are all they fly.

  • Save your mony

    by Ahmed - United Arab Emirates

    This app very very very bad . Emirates airlines have the boyeng 777 but in this bad app I see only airbus Plz don't bay

  • Obsolete data

    by MLCappy

    First two seat maps I tried were out of date. Didn't even show the Premium Voyager class on the map which was added over a year ago. Save your money.

  • Don't buy

    by Yadu

    Missing too many airlines

  • Fail

    by Law_Vol

    Favorites list doesn't work, adds everything as Aer Lingus. Coverage for most airline is abysmal, including only airbus metal. Description implies that seatmaps are available offline, but they aren't. This is a total ripoff.

  • Airline seat guide

    by Analyst 1946

    Only limited value.Has for instance no Airbus models for Lufthansa and only a fraction of planes for many other airlines.

  • More airlines

    by Shmendrik

    Add more planes to current airlines

  • Too few a airplanes

    by Skbadrock

    I always fly USAir and there are only 4 planes listed and USAir has at least 10 different types of planes. They only have the larger planes on the app and most people that fly a lot know there are times they will have to fly a smaller plane. For me, a complete waste of money.

  • Waste of money

    by Mogulskiir

    This app does not work. I want my $$ back. It gives the wrong seat maps for all of the airlines. In fact some of the planes listed for certain airlines are not even planes that the airlines flies. -5 stars. The worst app I have purchased.

  • Useless don't buy it.

    by Brentdsm

    The other comments here sum it up.

  • No ind airlines with bugs

    by Jeff10hus

    No indonesian airlines! Too many bugs! Check again with better versions

  • Useless

    by Wmntex

    Button work poorly. Gliches: essentially do not sit by lavatory, galley,doors

  • Poor Attempt. Try Again...

    by Solarian64

    This app is bug filled. Certainly not worth money at this time. The Favorite list is useless unless your favorite airline is Airlingus which is the only airline that is placed in the list if the search returns one airline, so for Delta forget it.

  • Great, when it works

    by JPSJ

    This app is great when it works, but now it hasn't been working for weeks---always gives the same four airline seat configurations for each airline. Just came out with an update yesterday saying it would fix the bug---didn't work. This is the second time since I bought this app that this has happened. It is too bad.

  • V3.1 still POS

    by grc101

    After seeing the problem with 3.0, I waited for 3.1 to come out. Just got it today. VERY disappointed to see that only FOUR types of planes are listed for United Airlines, all Airbus. No Boeing aircraft... no 747, 757, 777... nothing!!! This is UNACCEPTABLE to have these kinds of problems on a "released" app, that is a PAID app. This shouldn't be released for money, just be free POS. I will now file complaint with Apple and seek refund. I rate it "U" for UNACCEPTABLE... too bad there's not a ZERO star rating.

  • It's stuck

    by Jjua

    The new airlines added in the newest release don't work. All new airline planes are stuck on Air Jamaica A321???? What!!?!

  • Could be a good app

    by jaymjoe

    This could be a good app if the designers took the time to be accurate and include omitted airlines. Not worth the money as is!

  • Airline Seat Guide

    by sfoview

    This could be a great app but unfortunately it is lacking in accuracy and content. Hopefully they will be doing updates to correct these problems.

  • Rip off - not accurate.

    by SkrewdbyMelk

    This is a total waste - every Airbus and most of the Boeing a/c maps are wrong for US Airways. A321 with 28 first class seats?? These aren't from seat guru. Don't waste your money.

  • where all the planes ???

    by miketower21

    WDF like Korean Air you got only 747-400 ver 1 what about 777 for kinds 747 three more kinks 737 three kinds and so is your going to take money for this s**t then get if FING right

  • Missing Midwest airlines

    by Midwest traveler

    They need to update this app with all the airlines. Maybe make a US version and an international version if data size is an issue.

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