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Maui Revealed—Chosen as “New and Noteworthy” and "What's Hot" on the iTunes App Store.

Never get lost with the Maui Revealed app. This app is the perfect companion to the Maui Revealed book or eBook. Nothing beats the reading experience of a book to plan your vacation, but while you are traveling, the Maui Revealed app combines the complete guidebook with an easy to use map that is always with you on your phone or tablet. The location-aware map was created by Andrew Doughty to go with the guidebook and it can show you the locations of the all the places in the guidebook. If you are using the app on a device with a GPS, the app can also show you where you are on the map and be used to guide you to your destinations.

The app can be used to look up guidebook information on the go. It provides a location-centric interface to the guidebook. With just two taps on the Map, "Locate Me" and "What's Nearby?", the app will pull together a list of everything to do, see and eat wherever you are on the island. The text of the guidebook is searchable and lists of hotels and restaurants can be sorted by location, type, price and rating. The app has a "Smart" Table of Contents that previews guidebook ratings and shows you places you have marked as "Favorites". The Favorites list can help you plan and organize your days and make it easy to find the things you want to see and do when you are on the go.

Best-selling author and longtime Hawaii resident, Andrew Doughty, unlocks the secrets of an island so lush and diverse that many visitors never realize all that it has to offer. Explore with him as he reveals breathtaking trails, secluded beaches, pristine reefs, delicious places to eat, colorful craters, hidden waterfalls and so much more. Every restaurant, activity provider, business and resort is reviewed personally and anonymously. Every beach, trail and location has been evaluated through years of field research. This app, the book and a rental car are all you need to discover what makes Maui so exciting.

The Maui Revealed app covers it all—from the wind-swept top of Haleakala to the sparkling underwater reefs. This is the best investment you can make for your Maui vacation. Whether you're a first time visitor or a long time kama'aina, you'll find out more about Maui from this app than from any other source.

Discover the island of your dreams with Maui Revealed.

• Fast and easy to use

• Detailed, interactive, GPS-aware map that works without the need for an internet connection

• Always know where you are with the “Locate Me” button that places a blue dot on the map that tracks your current location as you move around the island (requires a device with a GPS)

• Guidebook locations have “Map It” buttons that place a red dot on the map. When the blue “Locate Me” dot is on top of the red “Map It” dot, you have reached your destination

• All map and guidebook content is stored on your device, including over 770 color photographs

• Use the app to help you plan your trip, saving your favorite places in “Favorites” so you can quickly access them when you are on the go

• The most up-to-date and accurate information available anyplace

• Frank, brutally honest reviews of restaurants, hotels and activities show you which companies really are the best…and which to avoid--no advertisements

• Driving tours let you structure your trip your way, point out sights not to be missed along the way


"Know what the locals know with Maui Revealed for iPhone"
- The iPhone app Review - 5 Stars

"Only the ticket to Maui is more important than this app"
- What's on iPhone - 5 Stars

"A Must Have Trip Guide: Maui Revealed"
- - 5 Stars

"If you're planning a trip to Maui then this is the app for you"
- The Daily App Show - Featured App

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Customer Reviews

  • GREAT APP. Please read this after reading negative reviews.

    by autnagrag

    I am in Maui now, with an iPad2 with no cellular service at all, and with an iPhone 4S from which the SIM card is removed. WiFi is off. This app clearly and exactly finds either device on the Maui map in the app. I lack the skill to determine whether it’s using GPS or GLONASS, but I know the hardware is there for either. It is hard for me to imagine the struggles of those who find the app to “need a cellular signal.” I can’t find text in the book that is not in the app, including the exact access descriptions for the beaches. As with any travel app, some entries are out of date. It is 2014 after all. Monsoon India has closed its Lahaina location, but is still at Kihei. Son’z has possibly been renamed Japengo at the Hyatt Regency Kaanapali. Waterfront Restaurant in Ma’alea has closed. Saigon Seafood is closed. Maui’s law has changed re corkage fees for restaurant guests with wine cellars who want to bring their own special bottles (and pay for that privilege). Such notes might be good additions to a future edition. Lahaina Grill & Japengo do not permit this, but Merriman’s in Kapalua does, and my Oregon pinot noir from my cellar was very good indeed. My suggestions are so esoteric in nature that THIS MUST BE A GREAT APP. IT IS A GREAT APP, AND HAS BEEN VERY WELL IMPLEMENTED. Pay no heed to the critics, and perhaps [oh, never mind].

  • Must have

    by visualjeff

    I loved this app. Found it a must have for our trip to Maui. Never got list once. I have recommended it to many friends.

  • A Must!

    by Purbear

    We love this series of books. For our last trip, we knew we needed the revised edition. I bought this app instead and could not be happier. Pretty much the entire book is on the app. It is easy to navigate, includes all the important information you want to plan your trip, a day excursion, or just a dinner, and is written in an engaging style. Highly recommended.

  • Feels a bit "phoned in".

    by Chanbarun

    I'm a big fan of the Big Island version of this app and used it extensively on a trip there. So when visiting Maui I didn't hesitate and bought this one. Unfortunately where the Big Island app is really great, honest where it needs to be and with great recommendations, the Maui version feels "phoned in" as if the editors haven't really visited many of the sites. Also some things come with glowing recommendations when reality is quite different. I do get the feeling that some vendors have sponsored this guide unfortunately. There are also glaring errors which are extremely obvious once on site, leaving me feeling as though the editors probably haven't really been everywhere, and I'm not talking about things that may have changed over time. By the way, the app does use GPS, but your iPhone in Airplane mode has it disabled. Just disable airplane mode and GPS starts working, with or without cellular signal.

  • OK, but two major flaws make the book better

    by Maui Revealed

    The Maui Revealed app is an okay supplement to the book, but it can't replace it due to two major flaws. Flaw 1: I discovered to my extreme chagrin that the maps within the app completely lack the public beach access markings contained in the book. To me, this is one of the best features of Maui Revealed. To not include them in the app is a shocking fatal flaw. I had purchased the app so that I could leave the book at home, well, I still had to carry the book wherever I went. Flaw 2: Despite being extensively promoted in the book and the App Store as "GPS aware", the app is not. You must have a cell signal for the app to locate you. This means the app is no more helpful than the book when you are in the Haleakala crater as I was. Either stop making this claim, or provide instructions on how to make the device "GPS aware" when the user lacks a cell signal. With these flaws, I can't recommend the app, either as a stand-alone, or supplement to the book. Stick with the book, you'll be much happier.

  • Love book, like app

    by Broker greg

    I own multiple versions of the books. I fins them invaluable. I've used the gps some, and like taking my iPad mini on hikes, exploring, shopping and more. Map and gps work great. Seems like the book is organized exceptionally well, app is pretty good. Wish the app sections flowed like the book, but everything is in the app. Just have to think game bit more when setting at home reading. On island? Just click on gps to find the close by stuff. Easier than hauling the book around, and love the gps.

  • Author is funny

    by Papa.whiskey

    This app is great as a sidekick to the book when the book isn't there. My nephews kept repeating his funny lines after they read it prior to taking the trip "you can watch the geckos catch bugs by the bright light you crazy party animal you".

  • This app is making our trip exponentially better

    by neuleben

    I'm on Maui right now and have been using the Maui Revealed book and app practically incessantly with great success. I mostly used the book in the planning stages, but am using the app a ton while we are on island. I love the interactive map with the Find Me feature. I could go on and on about how reliable the reviews have been, how spot-on the details are, but you will stop reading. The app has the entire book in it so if you're okay with staring at a small screen for long periods of time then just get the app. However, I'm loving having both. They're cheap and will CHANGE your trip.

  • Simply the Best

    by Papa Kimo

    We've bought the book for years; purchased a new one EVERY time the new edition came out. Invaluable! Nothing else comes close. We have lived on island and have Ohana living there now, but still use it extensively whenever we visit. We were thrilled when the app became available. Mahalo nui loa!

  • Indispensable!

    by Jordan Tucker

    This is a fantastic app to have if you are visiting (or maybe even live on) Maui. It will easily pay for itself in happiness if you take the time to read through it, learn about the island, and follow the great tips. The clickable map is a wonderful feature that I use constantly, and the GPS functionality is very helpful and might save you!

  • Great, small flaws

    by rossjudson

    This is a great application. The content seems to correspond closely to the e-book, which I also purchased. Being able to quickly locate yourself, and the activities and sites around you, is a great feature. Minor flaws include not having beach accesses on the beach diagrams, where the e-book includes those. Flipping back-and-forth between the guidebook and map can also be a bit unintuitive at times. Highly recommended.

  • Book & App together make a great pair

    by Jwudgy

    I bought the book on one of my first trips to Maui (2nd edition, I think); we've been here a dozen-plus times now. It had everything I wanted to know to make the Maui experience perfect. When the app came out I didn't hesitate, even though it seemed pricey and took up a lot of memory. I found it to be well worth the price. I have it on both my wife's iPhone and my iPad, so we always have it available when we are traveling. Since it always knows where we are it is easy to find things in the vicinity for which we might be interested. It is also helpful to show others what to see and expect on Maui. Get the app; you won't regret it. Does it replace the book? Maybe, but we always keep the book in the car. We also have the book for Kauai and found it equally helpful.

  • A Must-Have

    by Master Cylinder

    Buy the book, buy the App. This guide is indispensable for first time travelers to Maui, as well as seasoned veterans, as it is updated regularly. Honest (sometimes brutal) reviews, but allows you to spend your time in Maui on only the best, and to avoid the rest. I am making use of it as I write this review from a recommended condo in South Maui.

  • Don't leave home without this app!

    by byufann

    Maui Revealed made a great trip down to road to Hana and AMAZING trip down the road to Hana and beyond. With the help of this app my wife and I discovered several waterfall off the beaten path and enjoyed them all by ourselves. We found the pathway to paradise by following the advice of the this witty and insightful author.

  • Awesome app

    by Mamma dubs

    Bought the ebook first - great read but not very handy to find things. The app is so easy to use and has so much information and tips! Been using Maui Revealed for years - Can't wait to use this app while in Maui.

  • Awesome!

    by g.beagles

    Could not have navigated Maui without it! Led us through bamboo forests to waterfalls and helped navigate to must see sights. Honest opinions on eating greats and don't bothers. Love this! I navigated other Maui visitors with this info...worth every penny!! Mahalo!

  • Love these books and now the app!

    by Patrick802

    This is a great update to the guide books! Love all of them. Never had a bad meal or been on a bad beach thanks to this! You can also map directions to a location based off the app or search for what's near you. The best $8 you can spend on your whole trip.

  • Amazing!

    by Dude11111

    This app is fantastic and incredibly useful, even if you also own the book! We used the book to prep before the trip, and we've used the app non-stop since we've been here! Just get it.

  • Terrific Guidebook App

    by Kirkland Sparky

    We've been using the Maui Revealed guidebook when visiting Maui for years. When the App came out I got it mostly out of loyalty. However, now it has become really useful. I love the map-it feature and tracking that keeps you located and able to find beaches and sights even when beyond cellphone service limits like along the north shore of West Maui. If you plan to visit Maui or just reminisce about places you've been, I really recommend this.

  • Worth the money!

    by Ange8301

    Great app, particularly for the Road to Hana and after. It was so relaxing to have the app loaded when we lost service almost immediately. We were not disappointed, made friends along the way who had the book/app, and found a few unmissable gems we would not have seen otherwise.

  • Waste of Money

    by Egrose610

    I am a huge fan of the guidebook but agree with the other negative reviews above. I bought the app and found that I still needed the book. In fact, the app made me miss a few stops on the road to Hana. The gps listed how close stops were to my location, however the list would include stops that were behind me. Also did not take the curvy road into account and caused confusion on how far points of interest were. Buy the book and you will be fine. Maybe Wizard Publications will get their act together and make this app usable but until then stick with the book. I would even go so far as to suggest some of the positive reviews are fake.

  • Waste of money!

    by Nicetry8585

    This app is not user friendly and a big waste of money. Not sure if the other reviews are fake or not, but this app is not very good. The book is a good guide but this app is a weak accompaniment to it. Don't waste $7.99! I want my money back...

  • Uh whatever..

    by motorknuckle

    This app is ok .. This broad or old guy sounds pretty uptight to me. Not so good when describing beaches and over all disappointing .. Must have 13 friends that use the app.

  • Must have for trip to Maui

    by Madmartigan2

    Its that simple. If you are going to Maui, you need either the book or this app. It does not disappoint.

  • Essential

    by tanner208

    A must have in Maui. Easy to use. Integrated with Maps

  • Incredibly helpful!

    by Dkoers

    The book was recommended to us for our upcoming Maui trip. Instead, I purchased the app. It has EVERYTHING you need and want to know about Maui. The app lets you mark areas as Favorites so you can quickly find those areas again. I know where and what I want to eat, shop and do in Maui from this app. Plus you learn about all the hidden, non-advertised sites to see and can quickly find their location by using the interactive Map It feature. This is a must-have app...

  • THE Maui guide

    by Curt55555

    This is the best app for Maui, period. Worth every penny! Wife prefers the actual book, we have bought 4 of the 6. Loaned out a few and bought several as gifts.

  • Maui Revealed

    by Shannonherrod

    This app has been a great help on our trip! Appreciate the tips!

  • Essential Travel Resource

    by Rockycdm

    Just purchased last night for upcoming trip to Maui. After a few hours of browsing (it is quite engrossing) through app, already know this is going to be an invaluable tool to have on trip. Not only travel guide, but also GPS, weather station, and entertaining book. Being a type A personality, careful with my $, and traveling with a disabled child, I've borrowed from library every travel guide for Maui over the past 7 months of planning this trip. This app seems to provide all pertinent information needed to make Maui a worthwhile, memorable, über enjoyable vacation for my family. This is the only travel guide I will be using during our 3 wks in Maui and I'm going to use this app to entertain me during the 11 hr flight by filling up the "favorites" list included in app.

  • Already Purchased

    by SiscoKid13!!

    I purchased this app last year and it has disappeared from my apps. This is a newer version but should not have deleted my old app. Usually you just update to the new version. Any help retrieving would be appreciated.

  • Great help

    by Cocoamite

    This was a great app to have getting around the island and that is what we did, go all around the island with Maui Revealed guiding us! Loved all the features!

  • Brilliant guide

    by Mf210

    This app is so helpful! I wish we'd had it last time we were in Hawaii. Definitely worth the purchase.

  • Excellent

    by Lamusicista

    Excellent app. Accurate and helpful info. Well done!

  • Excellent app to fully experience Kauai

    by BBBB00000018

    This app is totally worth the $8. I rarely pay for an app but if you're going to Hawaii you've already spent a ton of do yourself a favor and spend another $8 and get the most out of your trip. It literally tells you everything to do in Maui and describes each stop in detail. It also makes it super easy to find attractions near you as you drive around the island.

  • Sights yes! Food, no.

    by RobShanerKnows

    Maui revealed is fantastic for sights off the beaten track where the typical tourist idiot won't venture. That is worth it to me for the $8 I spent on the app. They could be a little more descriptive when it comes to paths. 4 falls, good luck with their description(I would be better with "find the stream and hike upstream, good luck"), same with finding that lava seat that apparently leads you to the "bench" down to the Olivine pools --- "just hike down there......" However, they have no idea when it comes to food. You get what you pay for.... when it comes to restaurants. If you don't want to spend money on food then go to the Safeway in Lahaina and load up on cold cuts and condiments, otherwise get another book to base your dining decisions on. Mama's was fantastic and not a wrinkle in the service, flat out best restaurant on the island. They also leave out merrimans in kapalua, which has won extensive awards from wine spectator for its wine list and local awards for it's food, not to mention it overlooks beautiful kapalua beach and has happy hour from 3-5, to bring you back to relaxation after you are done hiking and looking at blowholes.... Overall, this book crushes a normal Loney Planet or Fromers.

  • Fantastic App!

    by Lizzie Janell

    I have used the books for years and bought the Maui and Kaui apps for a trip last year. It was awesome having the "blue book" in my pocket on my iPhone. It's very well done and I love it. I'd happily pay for updated versions as they come out

  • Wow!

    by Dan Denman

    This app has everything you want or need and more! Very well put together!

  • Super Helpful

    by Coach Eye

    I most appreciated the honest (sometimes brutal) assessments of ALL the points of interest on Maui, from volcanoes to banana bread. This is a BOOK of information and it's like talking to a trusted friend who can show you ALL the ropes. A tad expensive for an app, but WELL worth it.

  • A bargain at twice the price

    by LSommerer

    Absolutely wonderful. This app make my 14 days in Maui so much more enjoyable. The map interface is good and that is the part of the app that I used most of the time. Tap anywhere on the map to fine out what interesting locations are close to you, and the GPS lets you know where you are on the map. This is actual information and not just advertisements. Even the little hole in the wall greasy spoon restaurant that my friend who lives on Maui took us to was in here. If you are into hiking, you get helpful information about when to stay on (and when to get off) the main trail. In all honesty, the interface for the app seems a little dated, but it worked and you're really paying for the information here. I was a little scared of the price, but I'm glad I paid it. It was only after I bought the app that I realized that the author also wrote a travel guide to Maui. I would have paid more for the book and not had the interactive map.


    by Recman11

    Don't go to Maui without this App. Used this on the road to Hana... GPS worked great. Perfect instructions. Found great places to eat, dive, sit in the sand! Tks for a great app!

  • Awesome!

    by JoesGirl07

    This app was so awesome and helpful for my trip to Maui! The map always knew where we were, which was a huge help when we didn't have signal (i.e. road to Hana). I loved being able to easily search for restaurants and beaches and get reviews to go with them! Speaking of the reviews, my husband and I were thoroughly entertained by Andrew's candid writing! Loved this app and can't wait to go back to Maui!

  • Must have app

    by G.Doyle

    This just isn't an is the whole book. A MUST have if you are a newcomer to Maui or a seasoned visitor. Well worth the price!

  • Locals called it the Bible!!!

    by JeremyLesch

    This app is informative, easy to navigate and hilariously written! We used it every day during our trip and it did not disappoint! Excellent job, guys!!!

  • A must have!

    by kpb-Cali

    A friend of mine told me about this app. Worth every penny and more. It was the only source of info we had on our trip and we saw more than we could have ever found at any brochure stand. Several times we zoomed in and found trails to beaches that we would have otherwise not found. Can't say enough good things about this app other than make sure to bring a car charger with you. You'll use it more than you think! Enjoy!

  • Awesome App!

    by johnredford

    I used this app every day on my vacation. The reviews are spot on! I especially love the direction feature that GPS guides you to attraction smoothly. I seriously love this app and recommend. Aloha!

  • Excellent App - A lifesaver

    by BradyBear233

    We didn't pre-plan any activities when going to Maui and relied on this App to show us the way. We found it extremely helpful and did not feel like we were behind in planning since the app always had our backs. We agreed with all of the advice and had an amazing trip. This app is 100% worth the price!

  • Priceless!

    by Angrygirl2011

    The app is extremely useful and precise. I used it along with the book but really didn't need both. Made my vacation easy to manage from finding routes to landmarks to food. Would NOT travel to Maui without it.

  • Best mobile Maui guide ever

    by KE08

    This app has it all. Detailed maps, awesome suggestions and plenty of insider info. I would not travel anywhere in Hawaii without this!

  • Great app

    by Waimanolo Paniolo

    If you are going to Maui, you have to get this app! We've been going to Hawaii for over a decade and have been using Andrew's books/apps each trip. You are a doofus if you don't invest in their products! !

  • Tubular

    by Dantinez

    This app is very user friendly. Every sight you want to see is noted. The detailed reviews are very helpful. Nice humor is used that makes it feel personal. One thing I wish it had is an option where the user could add notes about a specific spot. Even if you're only going to Maui once, this app is well worth the cost. Thanks!

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