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Languages: English

Seller: ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited

- Sound alert for booking notification
- OTP for new user/modification of mobile number
- Destination for current booking
- Display of driver's mobile number for advance booking
- Fixes to support iOS 7

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ComfortDelGro iPhone Taxi booking is the ideal taxi booking application for individuals on the go. This user-friendly application offers convenience to both registered and non-registered users by allowing them to book a taxi with their current location, determined by their phone GPS.

Bookmark your favourite addresses to launch at startup and experience an accelerated access for your future taxi bookings.

What’s more? As an existing registered user of web booking, you may login with your user-id and password to view your latest last 3 pick-up locations. Let’s talk about convenience at your fingertips!

Why wait? Sign up now at to experience the ease of convenience!

iPhone Booking Functionalities

New Booking
-Booking of current and advance jobs are available.
-Auto population of user’s current location into the pickup address.

Last Booking
–This feature is only available for user who login. User can book using the address of his / her past bookings. Application will capture addresses of user’s past bookings using web, mobile and iPhone up to a maximum of 3 addresses.
–Pick up address and point will be captured based on your last booking.

–User can mark his or her frequent pickup address as Favourites and use this address for future bookings.
–Bookmark favourite addresses from status tab.
–Storage of maximum 20 favourite addresses.
–Personalised description for each favourite address.

Booking Status
–Added in-app push notification for all taxi bookings.
To enable this feature, please turn on “Notifications” from Settings.
SMS confirmation will no longer be sent.
–Location tracking for confirmed taxi booking (immediate tracking available for current bookings and tracking available 10mins before pickup time for advance bookings)
–Check the status or cancel taxi bookings regardless of the channels.
For example, user may book a taxi using SMS channel and subsequently check the status of this booking using iPhone booking application.

–We value your feedback. You may share your taxi experience with our Customer Service team via feedback feature.

System Requirements
We do not recommend downloading ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking application unless your phone is running on OS4.0 and above.

UDID of Device will be capture, to prevent duplicate/unwanted bookings from customer to accidentally flow thru.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by MAkeelM1

    Used it 3 times and works efficiently and accurately. One suggestion is store the notification with reference until deleted by the user.

  • Maps

    by Var-d

    All key functions working again so I'd say this was 3 stars. Two tweaks in the interface are a bit odd - should consider rolling back: 1. New booking screen does not fit into iPhone 4 screen. One has to scroll down a bit to hit the submit button 2. Booking status screen shows each successive booking failed attempts below older entries. It should show newer ones above the older ones and make it easier to track. 3. Taxi location map keeps resizing screen if you've zoomed in. It should just use the zoom level user has set. Except that - works really well.

  • Poor map integration

    by Kev's Opinion

    Personally, the taxi location has been the most important part of this app. In previous versions, it has been easy to quickly see taxi's location in reference to my location. The new OneMap integration failed in both ability to easily tell taxi's location in reference to mine and most of the time the map does not load properly or take unusually long to get partial map display. I did notice few areas of improvement, but the new OneMap was poorly implemented and need to be fixed to restore the utility of this app.

  • It books a taxi; wish I could see the map

    by scidoc666

    The booking part is robust, but the new map is a MAJOR step backwards. Slow load, erratic, it works in some parts of town but not others.

  • Maps are worse in latest version

    by Mike Albert

    I like this app and have used since beginning however this latest version with the new maps has seriously downgraded the usefulness of the taxi and your location. Please bring back the old maps or urgently fix the new maps - simple testing would show how ineffective the new maps currently are. Lost one star for poor maps view.

  • Finally Working (Ver. 4.1)

    by 1Deadpixel

    So far it's worked 10 times out of 10, no timeouts no crashes. I've finally stopped using the dial-in/operator assisted numbers.

  • Great app!

    by rle99

    I use this app a lot! I love the Locate Taxi feature. Works well, easier than calling to book a cab.

  • Works well, but has one major flaw for iPhone

    by Keep going Hans

    When trying to make an advance booking, it is not possible to scroll down to the BOOK button, so the result is no advance booking is possible with the iPhone (iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1). However, using the iPad 2 with same iOS works well. How can such a major flaw be ignored for months? Don't the developers use taxi bookings? The pick of address using GPS is sometimes inaccurate, but these may be map issues.

  • How to fix notification problem/errors

    by Tykoh

    It didn't work for me initially, and I had the same problem as most people even after accepting notifications at the beginning. Managed to fixed it by going into settings and notifications, then make sure the taxi is in the list. Then select it and put the alert style to alert instead of banner. That should do the trick... Did for me and everyone who had the problem arnd me. Hope it helps

  • Settings

    by Wendywendyy

    For those who have problems with notification setting, it's not enough to turn notification on. You also need to change the alert style from "none" to "banners" or "alerts". Worked for me on ios5

  • Cool

    by gigondas

    -User friendly -Able to locate taxi - links my mobile number to manual system.

  • Turn Off Notification Center

    by FantasticNatSimplyAmazing

    Works great. Much better than before. For those on iOS5 getting error about notifications go into notification settings for the app and turn off notification center. It does not seem to recognize it right now. Push alerts for this app will still pop up directly. :)

  • convenient

    by daryl.rose

    works well for me & is much easier than calling a cab, especially during peak hours & networks are busy

  • OK

    by Louis Kennedy

    Seems to be very much the same as the last 2.x version, but if anything it's less reliable. Seems to fail to update the status more often, and often fails to contact the server.

  • Lots of room for improvement

    by jam9999

    It still has a name field when making bookings. May occasionally be useful when making a booking for someone else but if you're logged in, it really ought to auto populate that field with your own name and can then give you the option to change it. Now there is also a field to change your mobile number for a booking. It's a solution in search of a problem. There is also one too many lines for the iPhone 5 screen, forcing users to scroll in order to make a booking. Removing the name field would of course fix this. Removing the field to choose the number of taxis you want to book would fix it, too, since unlike prior versions, it seems I can only choose one taxi anyway making the function entirely useless.

  • Still frustrating

    by Wandl

    On top of a limit of number of reservations you can make (failed or successful), map is still inaccurate and app is still buggy. Now this version deleted all My previous favorites and forces a "destination" designation, which doesn't include CBD areas like "city hall" or "Suntec". Great job, thanks for nothing...

  • Terrible...

    by Rhaegar82

    After the upgrade to the new version all my favorites were gone...

  • Initially ok... Presently useless....

    by NathanDanielG

    When this app first appeared it wS tremendously successful at retrieving a taxi within a few minutes... Currently and over the past 6-8 months, the app has become mostly useless, with repeated attempts up to your ten try maximum, the app rarely if ever produces a taxi for you. It would be easier to jump up and down and wave your arms.

  • When it doesn't work should explain why

    by Viess

    The app kept telling me service is unavailable and there was no explanation on what it meant. Called on the phone and got the taxi straightaway.

  • Lousy app

    by Sargon22222

    Great idea. The problem is that taxis tend not to show up, or not be available, and cannot be telephoned from this app.

  • Needs fixing!

    by Princey03

    App keeps crashing, doesn't fit iPhone5 screen properly, keeps saying 'service is unavailable'. Unreliable.

  • Maps

    by Sgstermn

    I have been so frustrated with this app ever since they switched from using google maps to one map. I hesitated to upgrade but hoped that they were finally going to fix the map problems . Wrong!! It is completely useless now. The map now shows you where the taxi was about 30 minutes earlier...before they took your call!!!! Please fix this app! Otherwise is there a way to downgrade to an older version? ( I would have given it zero stars but was required to give it at least 1!)

  • Doesn't even merrit negative stars

    by Tsubasa99

    What a horrible app. Constantly crashing and double books cabs. The service is always overloaded during peak hours so there isn't any cabs. Since switching away from google maps the accuracy of the locate function is completely useless. Comfort should be ashamed to put something this bad to market...

  • This app doesn't work. Call instead.

    by Sgp35

    Whoever designed this app should be fired. It simply doesn't work. The location finder places you in the wrong place. The map is terrible. If you request a cab it just "thinks" and nothing happens. Don't bother downloading, it's worthless junk.

  • Update has destroyed a good app

    by Hotirishmonkey

    One map has made this an inferior app

  • One Map doesn't work

    by Vao53

    One Map doesn't work. All I see are icons - no roads, no landmarks. Even when I can see roads and landmarks, the images are fuzzy and take a long time to load, by which time the information is outdated. Please go back to Google Maps.

  • Lousy app and false taxi arrivals

    by shamit

    The app makes you wait 10 mins for the taxi stating it's on the way and then shows you as a no show each time without even sending a cab. It's a farce

  • Lousy map

    by DrenZ

    Title says it all

  • Maps in v4.2 do not work

    by Mac Buzz

    The OneMap used in version 4.2 does not work: OneMap is not able to properly load and render the map. For example, when using "Locate Taxi" for a booked taxi, the map just shows me a blank screen for where the taxi I'd booked is located. And this happens regardless of whether my iPhone is using 2G, 3G or LTE cellular data, or even if it's connected to a WIFI network with high-speed internet broadband. As I book & ride in ComfortDelGro taxis very frequently, I rely on and am very dependent on this taxi booking app. Thus, I had to downgrade to version 4.1 of the app in order to be able to use the app fully: version 4.1's use of iOS's built-in map system still works very well (Google Maps-based system for iOS 5 & earlier, Apple's new mapping system for iOS 6). I had feedback to ComfortDelGro (using the Info/Feedback feature within the app). However, I have only received an apology and that their IT Department will be informed. Note that based on an SMS text message I'd recently received from ComfortDelGro, all versions of the app before 4.2 will cease to be usable from Dec 20, 2012. If this really happens and I am no longer able to use version 4.1, I'll have no choice but to go back to using version 4.2 with the non-working maps.

  • Go back to Google Maps!

    by Mrhappee

    I've always been a big fan of this taxi booking app. There was nothing better than showing this off to my friends visiting from overseas. No more! OneMap is a joke! I know people really hated Apple maps but OneMap is even worse (if that's possible). This app was awesome! Go back to Google maps before it's too late!

  • Bad mapping

    by ylisa

    One Map is frankly awful. It doesn't load properly so all you can see is the taxi icon. You have to zoom out to see where the taxi is in relation to your location and worse still, the mapping of taxi and location isn't the most accurate. I hope with the new Google maps app, they can replace it with that. The rest of the booking function is fine but I noticed that the app sometimes adds a minute to the booking time. Whether it's a clever way to fool frustrated passengers into thinking they waited one minute less or a bug, I leave that to users to decide.

  • Cheap map ruined the app

    by Zil48

    Please restore google maps asap the new map is useless and only has one working zoom level. Terrible decision.

  • Bad changes!

    by Panda KFP

    Slower and one map doesn't load up all the time.

  • Garbage

    by Happybutannoyed

    Still has constant crashes and servers that cant handle pick times, but the latest, this One Map hook up is awful! It is much slower and does a very bad job showing the relation of the taxi to your current location.

  • new map not working

    by heygum

    i love this app but the new map is horrible. doesn't load the taxi location. fix it please.

  • New maps is horrible

    by Jeffrey Lim

    Older version with google maps worked great; newer one never loads. Don't update until this is fixed!

  • Too many bugs

    by cmdunn1972

    * Constantly getting error message "Service is currently experiencing slow traffic" while taxi response is pending or viewing map, with no option to refresh; * App takes excessive time to show "confirmed" status, even if confirmed on website, this is not reflected in the app; * Map does not update taxi location hardly at all when in map mode; * When taxi location is updated, the map automatically zooms so far onto the taxi that the user location is not shown; * Often when changing from map mode to status text mode, status erroneously reverts to "Pending" status rather than "Confirmed", then crashes. These issues are new to this version, and did not exist in the previous version.

  • Map function is awful

    by ewh2868

    The new map function is terrible. The old version was great. Why mess with it? Don't download until they fix this.

  • Totally useless during peak periods

    by tchynpls

    Tried at least three times on separate occasions to book a cab, but each time it says there are no cabs available and that I should wait 10min and try again. Who has 10mim to wait? Each time, I gave up and walked to the curb to hail hailed one instead. Plenty of available CDG taxis available at the time. Deleting. Wish I could get back the time I wasted trying this!

  • One map is broken

    by Hawyee

    Newest version using SLA's one map is very broken. Hold off on the update.

  • Great idea. Poorly programmed

    by Helios2012

    The concept is great but whenever there is high traffic times it becomes too slow and unusable. Map search also doesn't work so well.

  • Upgrade to new version

    by komatinenis

    Weird enough it says I must upgrade to the new version 4 before I can book a taxi. Surprise I am using the same version.. Good functionality but need a major makeover..

  • Boycot comfort

    by Orico

    I am deleting this app right after leaving the review. I am boycotting comfort for their constant price raising. In the lat 5 years fares have almost tripled. I am no booking from this thieves any more.

  • Doesn't work at all

    by Justdanz

    Whether notifications turn on or off still doesnt work. Complete waste of time. 1st time I come across an app that can't even open.

  • Don't use

    by Unhappy - very bad

    Program doesn't work at all. Says you need to turn on notifications but after doing so it still won't open. 0 stars

  • handy but unstable

    by BuddhahatNYC

    when this app works it is great. when it crashes over and over it is a pain in the neck. This app seriously needs some bug fixing.

  • Crap

    by Dereth

    Super unresponsive.

  • Useless

    by Maletoth

    I thot this app was suppose to get cab faster??? Whats the bloody point if during peak hour your server keeps showing experiencing slow traffic? There is no advantage then so either take it offline or improve the bandwidth!!

  • It's better not to use this until they fix

    by user number 1000

    My friends and I encounter so much problems!!! App would double book cabs or provide the wrong taxi car plate number.. Worst still cab driver always misunderstood and think its our fault. Please don't use this.

  • Version 2 worked better

    by phyllisa

    Unresponsive, it put through a booking i made on someone else's behalf that I thought was unsuccessful, because the app kept telling me that the server is busy and slow to respond (thank you, captain obvious). So I made another booking on the phone and ended up having to turn away one of the poor drivers. When you design such an app, you have to make sure it works really well because the reality is that it impacts directly on people's livelihood.

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