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Are you heading to Beijing? Do you plan to use the taxi? Do you want to get your destination on time and pay the proper fare or do you want to "get taken for a ride?" Do you speak Mandarin Chinese?There are certain taxis in Beijing that will refuse your destination because the driver wants a bigger fare, and there are others that cannot refuse you. Can you recognize the difference?

Don't panic! You can rely on us to help you have a smooth trip to Beijing. With our helpful guide written by seasoned Beijing natives and expats you will be riding the taxis like the locals.

-This application calculates a reasonable fare you should pay based on the time of day and the distance you are traveling. Perhaps you do not know the distance! We have you covered!

-This application also finds your current location and calculates the distance you will need to go. The distance to frequently traveled areas in the city are included to help you gauge the cost you should be paying.

-Additionally a section of this application helps you communicate with the locals by translating destinations into Chinese for you to show the taxi driver. These are common tourist destinations, as well as subway stations. Traveling by the subway is cheaper yet less convenient than taxis. If you are very budget minded you can use this application help you take the taxi to a subway station.

-A travel tip section gives advice from locals such as: tourist destinations, which taxi to look for, which ones to avoid, and local etiquette.

Thank you in advance, for taking the time to report any bugs or request any additional features that you feel would be useful. Your feedback is important to us!

We hope you have a wonderful trip to Beijing.


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