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*** travel guides earned first place in connect magazine’s test of 12 travel guides, beating the likes of Marco Polo, Merian Scout and Beeloop! ***

There are many travel guides available for the iPhone/iPad, but here is what sets guides apart from the rest:

•Designed to be used OFFLINE. All articles, events, maps and transport can be viewed without an internet connection.
•An up-to-date events guide: Update when you have an internet connection, and hundreds of upcoming events such as concerts, theatre, sporting events, festivals and more will be stored on your device. Updates occur regularly so your guide will never be behind.
•Fully zoomable, offline maps that shows your location and points of interest around you (your location is shown on the map). If a travel guide doesn’t have a map, it’s as good as useless.
•Professionally written content by locals who know the city well, and not just content taken from Wikipedia like so many other guides.
•All major transport lines and stations are stored in the guide. You can view the lines/stations on a map, or find the nearest station to you or any attractions with just a few taps.
•Hundreds of points of interest (all searchable) detailing attractions, museums, hotels, bars and cafes, nightlife and more with opening hours, pictures and prices.
•Live hotel booking that compares multiple hotel providers to ensure that you always get the best deal.
•Full iPad compatibility as well as iPhone and iPod Touch.
•English, Czech, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Dutch and Chinese languages are supported (event section is mostly in English).

Read below for more information:

The Barcelona travel guide is the perfect companion during your time in the city. It is designed to be used offline so you can avoid expensive roaming fees.

Our guides are professionally written and have a huge amount of information about everything this city has to offer. Using your device’s location services, you can also always see what points of interest are around you at any time.

The events guide includes hundreds of upcoming events, and is regularly updated. Just click the update button when you have an internet connection, and the events will be stored on your device for offline use.

Not only do we have information on hundreds of hotels, but you can check availability and even book online if you haven’t yet found accommodation (internet connection required). The travel guide scours the internet and compares multiple providers of hotels to ensure that you always get the best price.

The most important thing to figure out when you arrive in a new city is the transport system. That’s why we’ve included information on all major transport points and lines. These are all viewable on a map, and the "Nearby stations" feature makes it easy to determine where the closest transport is to your current location.

Other features include the built in currency converter (converts 45 of the world’s top currencies), a "Want to visit" list where you can mark the attractions you want to see, and a review/notes section. Travel Guides are also available for Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Dresden, Hamburg, Athens, Budapest, Milan, Naples, Rome, Oslo, Valencia, Stockholm, Zurich, Cologne and Salzburg.

Customer Reviews

  • Well thought out

    by Doctor Jimmie

    Being able to use map and gps without Internet connection is great and worth the price alone.

  • Good, not great

    by Kerry Mac

    We used this app and the Paris version for a recent trip. It was very useful for navigating and finding cafés, etc, especially since we did not have Internet access while touring. Searching on the main map screen could be better designed. Otherwise, it is a very good use of a few dollars.

  • De utilidad

    by Villapalma

    Es una buena guia que muestra los puntos de interes mas importantes de la ciudad.

  • Very helpful

    by Weebs64

    My wife and I are Barcelona right now and are really finding this useful! It's ability to show us interesting spots and then show them on the map with references to metro lines and other points of interest is really proving helpful. This was a good purchase.

  • useless

    by Robert Anderson

    i wanted to see a list of Gaudi buildings, so I typed "Gaudi" and got one hit, the Gaudi Theatre. Useless for the serious tourist. Avoid.

  • Useless

    by Petey_110

    The app is a waste. Good idea but poorly executed. The regular map feature on the iPhone was more helpful.

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